Will My Perm Get Curlier After I Wash It? Complete Guide

Hey buddies! I have found many women asking the same question after they get their curly hair. The question is “Will my perm get curlier after I wash it?” Women are lacking in knowledge about getting a perm and how will it be managed. I know that the air is changing thoroughly. People are inclining towards curls and perms. They want to change their styles and looks.

The Answer is No, Your perm will not get curlier after you wash it. But they don’t know what they have to care about before and after their perms so that it would not get curlier again. It just acquires its original and natural shape a little bit.

They are afraid of getting their perm unsettled and reshaped. Sometimes the women try to sit as passively as a statue only to not get their hair shape back. Instead, they don’t know that mere moving or shaking their head will not change the shape of their hair. They must know how and when they should wash their perms to maintain their volume and waves.

If every one of us cares for the first wash of their newly permed hair, then no problem will occur. Their newly perm hair will not get curlier if they care about some specific rules.

Will My Perm get Curlier after I Wash It within 48 Hours?

Whether the hairstylists are aware their clients that their perm will not get curlier if they don’t wash it before 48 hours. But there is still an atmosphere of confusion among all those women who get a perm that their hair will get curlier after they wash it. Such women possess strange nature that can be the cause of the problem for them. When they are requested to not wash their hair within 48 hours, they go against it and wash their hair. The chemical solution that needs to settle down for some time, gets disturbed badly.

Any procedure which requires some heat, infrared light, curling irons, wrappers, and chemicals to give hair a pact volume and definition, needs time to settle. We need to be careful about its specific routine. Instead, we start caring about not moving our heads or not moving even our full body.

It will not even bring a 0% change in the hair structure and shape. The change in shape is done with the change in the internal structure of your hair shaft. If you control all the things that may disturb your mane newly build type, it will result in your curlier hair. All you have to do is to follow the instructions that your stylist recommends you; Otherwise, it will be useless to cry over split milk.

How and When Should I Wash My Curly Perm Hair?

How and When Should I Wash My Curly Perm Hair?

The basic thing one should know is the dealing and handling of your perm-treated hair. It is easy for you to get your hair perm, but to tackle its technicalities before and after is an actual issue. We have to

  • Wash your hair before getting it to perm treated in a good way so that there remains no dirt.
  • When the treatment has finished, you should wait for your hair to wash for a minimum of 48 hours. These first 48 hours are too crucial to decide the exact shape and volume of your hair.
  • If you feel your hair is oily and greasy, it is because of the perm solution that is used to control the hair structure. You can use a good-quality shampoo to cut the oil out thoroughly.
  • If you use a shampoo specially made for chemically treated hair, it will help your hair not become frizzy and dry.
  • Don’t put shampoo on a small area instead try to spread and distribute it all over your scalp. It will not harm the perm hair structure to make it curlier. Putting shampoo on a small spot can damage the hair shaft and the result will be losing your perms.
  • Never forget to condition your hair with the best conditioner to minimize the risk of frizz and lack of moisture.

Things to Do After Getting a Perm to Avoid Curlier Hair

It is quite a breath-taking experience to reshape your hair into a brand new look. Perming, that people considered an 80’s old and worn out hair styling technique, now has overwhelmed all ladies’ minds. We can see every other woman getting their hair curled or perm with beautiful waves and bounces. Along with this thrill, women are afraid of getting their curls back due to any hair activity as washing or moving them. We indeed have to follow some restrictions to sustain our perms not to get curlier hair after wash. But it is altogether wrong not to move your neck or head so that your hair may leave the perms.

We should do all these described steps to avoid the loss of getting our hair curlier. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Limit your Hair Wash

If you are willing to have your curly hair a wavy perm, you have to do efforts for it. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to avoid washing your hair almost for 48 hours minimum. It is the time when all the chemicals and reactants are trying to establish their new hair structure. If we start washing our hair, it will destroy our mane’s changed type. It is also recommended that you have to limit your hair washing as it can make your hair curlier again.

Keep Your Hair Open or Loose Tied

Another piece of advice that will prove quite fruitful for you is not to tie your hair too tightly. The best thing you can do is to keep your hair open every time. But we know that we can’t keep our hair open all the time. So it is better to tie them loosely. We should not braid permed hair in a way that its structure is not affected and damaged.

Do not Use Any Styling Pins and Ponies

Do not Use Any Styling Pins and Ponies

If we are sure that we can keep our hair perm for told time, then we should try this venture. If we want that our hair remains the same wavy and carry full definition and still we do styling, it is wrong. Hairstyling needs many pins, ponies, and styling catchers. They are too tightly fixed in your hair to disturb the chemically based hair shafts. All the efforts you had put in to make your curly hair wavy will go in vain. The hair strands are too soft and porous because of the chemical use that it is very easy to damage it. So avoid doing this at all.

Avoid Use of Heating and Styling Gadgets

One thing everyone should keep in mind before getting her hair perm is that she has to avoid many of her longings and wishes. Similarly, the use of hair styling tools like straightening iron, curler, drier, and blow drier is not right at all. All these heating tools not only destroy your hair structure but also damage your hair badly.

Avoid Touching Your Scalp Again and Again

Many of us have a habit to touch our hair when we are free. It happens especially when we are thoughtful or watching T.V. But this habit will prove risky for us when we have taken a perm process. It will snatch the hair’s new structure and will add dirt, sweat, and other oily things. It is better to abstain from touching your hair for some time to maintain your hair waves.

Things to Do After Getting Your Perm Hair Its First Wash

Things to Do After Getting Your Perm Hair Its First Wash

One of the top priorities of getting your curly hair perm is to look after it well. If you are not that one who pampers her hair in a good way, then you should stay away from this perm style. When you give your hair its first wash, you must know how to deal with the washed hair. It’s the first wash, you must know how to deal with the washed hair. You should

  • Not use a hair drier to dry your hair instead let them air dry
  • Not pull your hair that it will destroy the hair waves
  • Use a towel on your hair ends in upward motion that will help you maintain hair volume
  • Squeeze your hair with hands gently in a way that your waves will become more strong and prominent
  • Don’t rub the towel on your hair otherwise, it will damage them badly
  • Not use any hair spray or gels to style your hair as perm has its styling and bounce. These chemicals can ruin the setting
  • Use your fingers to detangle your hair instead of using a comb. If it is difficult to comb with fingers, use a large-toothed brush and gently comb it.
  • Try not to sleep with your hair under your back otherwise, it can get stretched and pulled and the perm curls can be destroyed with this pull
  • Use soft silken pillows that may not rub your hair shaft to lose volume
  • Apply anti-frizz products that are mostly made with raw and virgin oils to avoid hair breakage

Can I Put Mousse in My Hair the Day After a Perm?

Many of the women think that they can instantly get ready for getting their permed curls style anyway. I listen to them ever asking “can I use mousse in my hair after a perm?” The answer is “yes” but not within 48 hours minimum. We have to avoid any chemical activity before and after getting our hair perm within 48 hours. It will be destructive for the chemical solution and the thorough set-up made to establish wavy perm with some bounce and volume.

But if it is your utmost desire to go for it, then take the perming appointment when you don’t have any plans to go out with friends or to attend some event for at least two days. After that, you are free to use a mousse or gel to style your hair. But make sure that the mousse you are going to use must not have alcohol and ammonia. It must be non-drying and non-alcoholic. A renowned brand with clearly mentioned ingredients will prove less harmful. And again I will advise you to keep your hair moisturized as much as possible which will help you save your hair health to some extent.

What Should a Perm Look Like the Day After?

What Should a Perm Look Like the Day After?

If you have done your hair a perm and are crazy to know about the results of your perm after a day, be confident have brilliant results. If you have done your perms with a specialist hairstylist, the results will be superb. But be sure that only a day is not enough to get the results of your permed hair.

We know it is not only a chemical process but many kinds of heat and infrared energies are used to reshape your hair. They take their time to change the structure of your hair have developed many internal shuffling.

Your hair starts to give an amazing wavy look with bouncy and defined exposure instantly after getting a perm. But there is some softness and oily feel in your hair for almost two days. If you start touching and styling your mane, it will not bring your expected waves. We settle down for some time and make the perm solution work it’s better to get a breath-taking personality with your bouncy curls.

Things you Need to Know to Maintain your Perm

Another thing that is quite obvious to know to every girl or woman who is getting her hair a wavy perm is that they must abstain from chemically treated shampoos, and conditioners that contain parabens, sulfates, and silicones. Almost every hair product contains these harmful chemicals that may destroy your perm curly hair. Can you Perm Curly Hair to Make it Wavy? If you are interested to know about it, just click on the link.

Sulfates are having dryness, itching, and dandruff because of their nature. It is used to preserve conditioners and shampoos. When you try some popular product just because of its name, you feel happy that its ingredients will be helpful to provide more moisture to your dry perms. On the contrary, the sulfates that make your conditioners oily snatch the moisture off your scalp badly, let me share with you a video from youtube.

It starts to react with the perm solution chemicals and becomes the cause of itching and soreness. Sometimes the result is more severe in the shape of bad allergies and even infections. People with sensitive skis can suffer from eczema that may become worse if you don’t instantly contact your doctor. Sometimes the bad effects of these chemicals may cause skin cancer due to these sulfates.

Similarly, parabens are other harmful chemicals that are too dangerous for your hair and skin because of their harshness. If you are using a conditioner in a normal routine, it will be harmful too if used repeatedly.

But getting a perm is a quite sensitive case. It already involves much harder things that we usually don’t like to use. With that, if we don’t notice that our hair care routine carries some harsh chemicals like parabens, it will have much negative impact on our hair health. It may even prove toxic for our skin and damage it badly.

So the shampoos, the conditioners we are going to start just after getting our curly hair perm, must be chemicals-free. Otherwise, the things we are trying to use to compensate for the loss of oils and moisture can be disastrous for it. And your fantastic dream to move into the world like Mariah Carey can change into a nightmare.


Well, ladies! I think much of the information is here to clear you every point about your perms. You need not worry about whether my perm will get curlier after I wash it or not? It is only the natural look it may get after its first wash. You must have to keep your hair like an infant and pamper it fully. It is the only way you can retain your curly perms much defined and bouncy.

Many things you have to do before and after getting a perm session. Your hair is your asset, you must care for it. Many stylists strictly prohibit getting a perm because it instantly starts breaking your hair and weakening your roots. And the people with low hair health must not play with their hair. But a tough hair care schedule including masking, deep conditioning after every week, conditioning at every wash, and moisturizing with raw oils can lessen the catastrophe.

Bring all those moisturizing and conditioning products that may not have any sulfated and parabens in them. They will not only snatch the waves of your perm soon but also cause severe health concerns. As your perm will stay from a minimum of 6 months to many years, your hair needs a car that much longer.

As far as perm is a total change in hair structure and form, it is a thorough change in your personality. It can enhance your confidence level to a great extent. This change may also occur in your hair care routine. If you do some touch-ups and have some trimming, it will add more beauty to your hair’s volume and definition

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