Will Brown Hair Dye Cover Red? Yes!

The answer to your question is, will brown hair dye cover red? Yes, it can do that!

If you think that red shade looks boring and you want to change it, then it is better to cover it with a brown pigment. Just choose the right brownish shade and you are good to go.

The answer is Yes! You can cover and wrap your red hair with a brownish shade, All you need to remove the red color with green dye, green shampoo, clarifying shampoo, bleach washing technique. Once you have prepared your hair, you can now apply the brownish dye to them.

The whole process of covering your strands from reddish to brown is no longer a mystery and challenge.

Pick the dye that is one level darker so that none of the reddish stripes are visible. For covering the red, it is recommended to go with the dark brown tone.

You can go through the details of this guide and see how can you wrap up and fully cover the reddish tint with a brown tone. We know that both of the shades are in trend but for some people, a reddish hue is the favorite and for some people, a brownish tint is their top pick.

So, if you do not want to become the part of redhead gang, you can take off this shade and replace it with brown pigment. For removing the existing reddish tint, it is recommended to bleach wash your strands or you can use color remover, clarifying shampoo, green shampoo, or green-based dye for neutralizing the reddish tint. After that, you can smoothly apply the brownish shade of your choice.

Feel free to let us know if you have ever covered your strands with red to brown dye and what results you got! Hopefully, this guide will educate you extensively regarding which points to keep in mind when covering the reddish hue with the brown pigment:

The Traditional Method of Covering Red

If you want to cover this reddish hair color of yours, you can go on following the traditional method. Simply wash your strands with hot water and that shade will be eliminated. It is generally believed that hot water opens up the pores and cuticles of the hair and on rinsing them with hot water, the shade will fade away.

This one is the quick, basic and traditional method that you can be pursuing. So, to all girls who want to get rid of the red tint present on their hair, they can simply take it off by rinsing it with hot water.

What Shade to Dye Your Brown Hair for Covering the Red?

What Shade to Dye Your Brown Hair for Covering the Red?

Moving on, for covering the red pigment, you need to decide which tone of brown color to choose so that none of the reddish strands gets to be visible on your hair! Here we can give you the answer to this question. According to experts from countries like England, it is always advised to carefully choose the brown tone so that no red tint is visible at all. There are various tones of brown color that do not effectively color the reddish tone, do choose very carefully and sensibly.

Generally, you can go with the dark or light brown shade for covering red. In addition, choose the brownish tone that matches your reddish tone of yours. That is how you can color correct your hair as well. Pick up the darker shade so that eliminating the already existing color may not become a big hassle. Besides, choosing the darker brownish shade will help you neutralize the reddish tone quickly and speedily.

Most importantly, brownish color is made and generally composed of primary colors. You can conveniently use it as color correct for your hair. To all those girls who thought that removing reddish shade seems to be impossible, they were wrong. You can now eliminate and remove this shade by covering it with a brown color.

Try to choose the brownish shade that comes with ash and cold tones. With such a selection, you can effortlessly wrap and layer your reddish hair color of yours. All in all, get your hands on the darker dye for ensuring better and ideal coverage. That is the only way for eliminating and neutralizing the reddish tone.

Tips to Prepare Your Hair Before Coloring

It is important for you to prepare your hair properly before coloring them so that eliminating the reddish shade gets easier and hassle-free. So, coloring them with brown dye here goes this whole process. We hope that this process will also be valuable for celebs like Mila Kunis.

  • The very first step is that you have to choose the brownish tone carefully. Do not hurry in this step. Choosing the right brownish tone will effectively and perfectly cover the reddish dye.
  • Next, you have to prepare your hair.  By this, we mean that your strands should look hydrated and nourished and 100% ready to get colored. In addition, they should not have split ends and should not at all look weaker and dull, and rough looking.
  • Before coloring them, it is recommended to moisturize and oil them at least one week beforehand. You can use coconut oil because this oil will bring immense strength to your strands.
  • All in all, you have to improve the condition and health of your strands before coloring them. Improve and enhance their texture so that they can withstand the chemical bleaching process without showing any damage.
  • You should also apply extra virgin olive oil. Every day, massage your hair and make them look as nourished as you can. Like, if you have planned to go for coloring on 01-03-2022, then prepare your hair and moisturize it, oil them one to two weeks beforehand.
  • On the day of the application of new color, you should not be washing your hair. Instead, wash them one to two days beforehand. Opting for this practice, you will be able to protect that new hair color and the dye will remain intact in your strands.

Step by Step to Change the Color from Red to Brown Tone

Step by Step to Change the Color from Red to Brown Tone

Now, you can see the step-by-step guide that will tell you how to change the color from red to brown shade. In case of any questions, you can ask us any time:

Materials Needed!

First of all, you have to gather the necessary materials. Like, you need an ash brown shade or any shade that seems suitable to get matched with your hair. Get an old t-shirt, plastic bowl, gloves, and clips.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Take gloves and put them on your hands. Start preparing the mixture. It should come out in the right consistency.
  2. Take a plastic bowl and prepare the dye mixture in it. Make sure that you go through the instructions written on the coloring kit box so that you may not make any mistakes while preparing the mixture.
  3. Make sections of your hair and start applying the mixture.
  4. Start from the middle and evenly apply the dye from the roots to the ends.
  5. Now, cover them with the shower cap and leave for 30 minutes.
  6. Rinse them with warm water, that is all!
  7. The last step is to apply the conditioner that comes with the coloring kit box.

Results you Get When you Apply Brown Color Over Red

Results you Get When you Apply Brown Color Over Red

When you apply brownish color over red, you can get noticeable results.  The results also depend on how light and dark your red color was! If the shade was already too dark, it means reddish tones will still be visible after the first application of brown dye. To cover those red pigments, it is recommended to apply the brown color two times.

There is another interesting point that reddish pigments remain to be smaller in size than brownish pigments. They take longer to get washed and neutralized, so remain patient if you have decided to remove this shade from your hair and feel like covering it with a brown color. In addition, the processing of dye does not work and functions like paint. Alongside, not all shades of brown can cover the reddish pigments, so choose the brownish shade wisely and sensibly.

Tips to Fade the Red Dye Naturally

Below you can see the details of a few of the tips that tell you how to remove this dye naturally from your strands:

  • First of all, you can use a dye remover. Or you can use bleach in this case! Lots of dye removers are available in the market, choose any one of them. Make a mixture of bleach according to the darkness or lightness scale of your red hair shade.
  • You can even use a clarifying shampoo for covering the reddish tint on your strands. It is one of the best lighting products that you can go for.
  • For fading these reddish pigments, you can give a bleach wash to your hair. This practice is going to fade the tint from 1 to 2 levels. No doubt, it is a great option that will definitely work for you.
  • In addition, exposing your hair to direct sunlight will fade the pigment as well. Washing your strands with hot water or using heat styling appliances eliminates the color too!
  • The application of alcohol-based products fades and removes the red tint as well. You can make a mixture of baking soda into shampoo and apply it. This hack will neutralize the red pigment right away.

Which Color Cancels Out the Reddish Pigment?

Which Color Cancels Out the Reddish Pigment?

For canceling out this respective color, green is the best and most suitable option that you can go for! Both green and reddish tones are complimentary colors. So, for neutralizing and eliminating this shade, you can use a green shampoo or a greenish tinted dye. Moreover, ash dyes cancel this tint as well. If you will follow these tips, you will be in the position to effortlessly apply the brown dye to your strands. Thus, green dye is the only solution for canceling out this pigment and seamlessly applying a new color to it.

Which Factors to Consider When Changing the Red Shade to Brown Hair Color?

You should keep in mind all of these several factors if you have planned to change the color of your strands from reddish to brown tone. See the details and if you have any questions, feel free to ask:

  • If you wish to get a lighter hue of brown on your strands, then make sure to remove the reddish tint first of all by using a color remover. You can apply the bleach too if the remover does not give satisfactory results. When reddish strands are covered with light brown color, their red pigments are still visible, that is why use a color remover and then apply the light brownish colored dye.
  • You should be stripping all reddish pigments from your strands. In addition, try using gentle bleach so that no damage comes to your hair.
  • Bleached hair is more porous and absorbs more dye. So, keep in mind this important point that your brow shade should be one level lighter.
  • If you wish to cover your reddish strands with a darker brown hue, you can do that as well! Just apply the desired dye and counteract and also instantly cancel out the red pigments.
  • You should be applying that brownish shade that is one level darker than your present hair shade. As an example, if you have got fire engine shaded red hair, then it is not recommended to cover them with a light brown hue.
  • If you will go with warm shades of a brownish hue, they will come out to be more auburn-looking. So, pick the cool tones. The cooler brownish shades will counteract and neutralize the reddish tint in the best manner.
  • Some prefer maintaining the same level of intensity, in this concern; we have a great piece of advice for you. First of all, remove the red tint, choose the brownish shade and apply it evenly on your strands.
  • For correcting the red tone, you can use a green-based dye. Green is the only color that tones down this shade, so go with this solution. The application of ash dyes can help you as well. Ash dyes are composed of green pigments that help you cover the reddish strands of yours
  • If your strands have been dyed around level 3 to 5, it is suggested to cover and wrap them with the light brown shade or dark brown dyes.

Which Dye Removal Method Seems to Look Most Damaging?

We like to advise you that you should not fully bleach your strands for removing the red dye. This beliefs to be the most damaging color removal process and you should not at all opt for it. If you do so, your strands will get damaged extensively.

In addition, you can bleach wash them as an alternative, this dye removal process is less damaging. Or you can use the dye remover for taking temporary or permanent dyes. It is believed that if you have got the ideal and best color intensity, then coloring your strands in a darker tone will not bring any further damage. Besides, you can remove the dye by using clarifying shampoos and high-quality tones because they bring minimal damage.


You can give us your feedback on the question; will brown hair dye cover red? Yes, it is completely possible to cover and wrap your red-tinted strands with a brownish shade. Follow the above-mentioned guide and complete this process like a pro.

To give you a basic idea, you need to remove the red color first of all with green dye, green shampoo, clarifying shampoo, bleach washing technique, or trying out the natural hacks. Once you have prepared your hair, you can now apply the brownish dye to them.

The whole process of covering your strands from reddish to brown is no longer a mystery and challenge. With the help of this quick guide, you can effortlessly and conveniently transform your hair shade of yours.

Besides, choose the brown hue that matches the hair color intensity. If the reddish shade is already too much darker and you choose to apply the light brown dye on it, then uneven results will come out. Thus, that is all about covering red hair with brown.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep reading more interesting articles like Does color oops work on red hair dye.

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