Will 40 Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself? Expert Guide

Do you really believe in this fact, will 40 volume developer lighten hair by itself! Yes, it does lighten up your strands. Now, if you want to lift your shade, you can use developers of 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume, the choice is up to you. In addition, bleaches can also lighten your strands. Some like using baking soda, lemon juice for lifting their hair color. In this post, you will get complete information on this topic.

The primary and main purpose of using a developer is to bring light effect into your strands. This technique is less damaging instead of using bleach. What you need to do is to use the right developer based on the shade of your hair.

Like, the 10 volume developer is composed of 3% of peroxide. It will lighten up your strands to 1 level. On the other hand, 20 volume is packed with 6% of peroxide and it is going to lift the color of your strands by 1 to 2 levels. Then we have 30 volume that is composed and injected with 9% of peroxide and it lifts the shade up to 3 levels.

You need to now understand that this product is possessed with lightning properties. Stop using bleach because desired results will not come out. This one is the safest way that we have suggested to you. Below you can see more information and know the correct guide for lightening your hair color:

What is a Developer and What is its Main Purpose?

Developers come in the form of creamy substances. In addition, they contain hydrogen peroxide. People mix it with bleach for the sake of lightening or lifting their strand color. At times, it is given the name of activator because it activates the shade. It is all because of the presence of hydrogen peroxide that the shade injected in your cuticles gets lifted up.

The higher the level of the developer, it means that it will be able to lift more color. Developers generally and usually come in the ranges of 10, 20 and also 30, and 40 volume. These volumes contain different concentrations and ratios of hydrogen peroxide.

Some people are of this view that it is better to mix the developer with bleach; using it separately will give you messy results and you will just get the brassy shade. When coloring your hair, you should know the exact developer to dye ratio. If the ratio gets mismatched, then the correct color will not come out.

Can 20 Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself?

Can 20 Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself?

It is a common question that is asked by many celebs including Natalie Portman! If you use developers, they will definitely and certainly lighten your strands. While opting for this method, there is no need to add bleach to it. This volume is enough to lift your shade. If you do not want to damage your strand by applying bleach, it is the safest method that you can pursue.

Bleach makes your strands dry and more vulnerable to breakage but developers do not do so. It has a higher and more intense concentration of hydrogen peroxide in it and this respective ability is going to live the pigmentation. Thus, the answer to your question, will developer lighten hair without bleach, so our stance is yes! It will bring the desired lifting effect on your hair.

Does the Developer Harm your Hair?

To some extent, developers do harm your strands, so make sure that you make the minimum use of them. Loads of audience from countries like England have complained that its application has made their hair a lot more damaged. That is why it is advised to make the least use of it! Though it lifts the shade of your cuticles but brings damage as well. Note down that the highest the volume of the developer, the more damaging it will be!


It is recommended from the side of professional colorists to make use of the lowest volume developer so that the least damage comes on your strands. If you use developers containing up to 40 volumes or above, they will certainly and indeed bring chemical burns to your scalp. Just to give you a pro and smart tip, it is advisable to apply coconut oil on your strands before you use a developer of bleach. By doing so, minimum harm will be there!

How to Bleach Hair with Just the Use of a Developer?

How to Bleach Hair with Just the Use of a Developer?

Will the developer lighten hair without bleach? If you have planned to bleach your hair on 20-01-2022, and you want to use a developer, then follow the below-mentioned guide. We hope that you get the resulting color according to your expectations. Developer alone cannot perform this job perfectly, that is why using bleach is a must for you. It is suggested to use 20 volumes because 30 and 40 will turn out to be damaging for your strands.

Items you Need

You need a developer, conditioner, plastic gloves, clips, bowl, and brush. Make sure to keep all the items at your side so that the whole process can be carried out with ease. In addition, wear an old t-shirt while bleaching your strands.

Step by Step Guide

  • The first step is to make your hair damp.
  • After that, you have to make sections and start applying to the developer.
  • Start with the lengths and make sure that the whole application reaches the end and also to the roots.
  • Next, cover your strands with the help of a shower cap. Let them like this for 30 minutes and finally rinse your hair.

How to Lighten Hair with Developer and Shampoo?

How to Lighten Hair with Developer and Shampoo?

Do you know that it is also possible to lighten your strands with the use of developer and shampoo? Yes, it is true! Here you can see the details. Mix 2 tablespoons of volume 10 with shampoo. Wet your hair, they have to be slightly damp and apply the mixture. Cover your strands, leave them for 30 minutes duration and finally rinse them with warm water.

This is how you can lighten hair with developer alone live the color of your strands by following this smart hack. You can go with the high volume if you think that the strand color is dark you can even use 40 volume developer on dark hair. We like to remind you that 20 volumes lighten your strands by 1 or 2 levels. On the other hand, 30 volumes lift the color by 2 to 4 levels. And 40 volume lifts the shade by 4 to 8 levels. Now, the decision is up to you on which volume range you want to go for!

Most importantly, a few of the readers have asked this question, can you use a 40 volume developer with hair color! Yes, you can do that. If you are using a permanent shade and wish to lift its color, then it is recommended to use the 40 volume.

You will see that the shade will get lifted by 3 to 4 levels and more power and texture will come on your hair. Moreover, if you want to go for open-air processing and wish to get balayage, then go with the 40 volume developer. This much volume brings maximum lifting effect on your color.

Is it Possible to Lighten your Hair by Preparing a Mixture of Developer and Baking Soda?

If you will try out this combination, you will get successfully lift or lighten up the shade of your strands. It is proven that the combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is an effective and one of the smartest methods for ensuring lightening strand color.

What you need to do is to take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and mix it with 1 ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste and apply! Let the paste remain on your strands for 30 minutes and after you can wash it off. With the follow-up of this method, the lightning effect will come out and the color will get lifted by one or two levels.

This tip will not irritate your scalp. Note down that baking soda comes with high alkalinity so, there is a chance that your strands will become dry, frizzy. In addition, rinse your strands with a deep conditioner so that moisture can be restored as quickly as possible.

Other Ways to Lighten your Shade

Below you can see more of the ways to lighten your strands. Apart from using bleach and developers, we hope that the below-mentioned tips will also work for you:

  • Most importantly, a lightening shampoo and conditioner will work for you. These kinds of products slowly and gradually lift the color of your strands and no damage is done. Besides, you will not get results the first time. Try using the shampoo 3 to 4 times and then see the visible results.
  • You can use other kinds of products as well that ensure to lift the color and bring subtle effect.
  • When talking about the home hacks, some like using lemon juice for lifting their shade.
  • Beyond, some prefer using chamomile tea and honey for lightening their

We know that these hacks and tips will not bring the desired lifting effect, but you can try them out if you do not feel like applying developer or bleach. It is somewhat guaranteed that these tips will manage to bring a subtle and light hint of blonde on your strand without damaging them at all. It is time to lift your shade naturally and that can be possibly done if you try out these damage-free hacks.

What Happens if you Put the Developer in your Hair by Itself?

What Happens if you Put the Developer in your Hair by Itself?

We have already told you that if you put developer, then the shade of your strands will get lifted up. A range of developers is available in the market. It is advisable to choose 20 volumes because it is the least damaging. Simply make its paste and apply it. Likewise, you apply bleach; the same and exact process has to be followed by you. In addition, use a brush while applying so that desired lifting effect is given out.

You can have developers either in the liquid peroxide form or in the cream peroxide form. It is suggested to use the creme version because of many reasons. Like, the crème version both lighten and also moisturizes your strands. Such crème formulated developers are available in aloe vera, silk, and also in keratin versions. Besides, such developers are easy and quick enough to apply.

When applying it, there is an important thing that you should remember. Apply it two inches away from your roots.

In doing so, a natural look will come out. Developers should be applied on dry strands and let the content remain there on your strands for 20 to 30 minutes. Now, if anyone asks from you, can you lighten your hair with 10 developers, so the answer is yes!

You may be interested to know more about Can 20 Volume Developer Lighten Hair By Itself? Just go with the link and explore more information.

Tips to Take Care of your Hair After Using a Developer

Whenever you use bleaches and developers, you have to take care of your hair. Below we have mentioned a few of the tips that will help you out further to take care of your color:

  • It is important for you to moisturize your colored strands. Opt for this practice regularly if you often use developers or bleaches. It does not matter which volume you use, you have to moisturize your strands. Try out the hacks and never and ever allow your strands to look less moisturized. If they look dry and rough after the developer application, it means you have to moisturize them again and again.
  • Moreover, make it a practice to apply keratin masks. Their usage and regular application will keep your colored strands hydrated and nourished. It is once a week that you should be applying this keratin mask. Choose a good-quality keratin mask and never skip following this practice at all. Developers do make your strands look dry and rough, so in this case, the application of keratin masks can help you out for getting nourished, hydrated, and moisturized
  • Most noteworthy, it is recommended to apply coconut oil, argan oil. You can use silk oil; this practice will help you to strengthen your strands. Developers’ applications give the vibe as if you have rough strands, so to sort out this problem, you should regularly apply.
  • If you are using normal shampoo, make sure to replace it with the option that has keratin in it. It is seen that shampoos and conditioners having keratin bring more moisture and hydration to your hair fibers.


All in all, developers do have lightning properties and they possess the ability to lift your color with ease. However, minimum use is recommended if applying developers because they will make your strands dry and prone to breakage. For those who regularly use developers, it is suggested to take extra care of your hair. It depends on your color which volume developer you need, so keep in the mind the shade of your strands and then pick the volume accordingly.

Developers give you a platinum blonde look and that is guaranteed for sure. This strategy does work if you have planned to use developers for the sake of lifting the color of your strands. They possess the utmost power to lighten your strands and you can try using them for sure now.

We again like to tell you that you should regularly moisturize your strands, apply keratin masks once a week and use keratin-based shampoos and conditioners if you frequently use developers. They carry out the lighting and lifting process with ease and desired results will come in front of you.

You can share with us what kind of developers you prefer using and how you lift your strands shade. There is more to come about shades, developers, and bleaches, so stay tuned with us.

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