Why Won’t My Hair Hold a Curl Anymore? Expert Solution

Yeah! I know you girls are also among the ladies asking about the painful question why won’t my hair hold a curl anymore? All the ladies are crazy about getting some appealing and stunning hair with eye-catching curls. The urge to get shining and grasping locks of curl has made girls ask this question and find its answer.

The answer is your hair won’t hold curl anymore because If moisture in the hair still exists when you use a curling iron, it will not curl anymore and your curl will going to be drop out. Please make sure your hair must be fully dry before you going to curl it.

There are many reasons why you can’t hold your curls even instantly after just crossing your home door. They lose their tangles and start to become straight. People in general and women in common are having this concern.

The problem that our hair doesn’t hold curls has made many women feel jealous of the women with natural curls. There are still many girls and women who have enough preventative curly strands. They are a role model for many of us but a source of pain for a lot.

It will be wrong to say that all you are doing to hold some curls is wrong. But something is missing that we can’t reach yet. There are some very common practices we are doing that are proving a big hurdle in the way of getting perfect curls.

Facts That Hinder My Hair Hold the Curl

my natural hair wont curl

We must consider all those elements which don’t let us our curl enjoy for some moments. Why we always feel embarrassed while going to hang out with friends or attend an event. Let’s have a look at all those factors involving the hair not curling.

The Deep Conditioning Habit

When we are aware of the silk of our hair that is naturally awarded, then why we use conditioners. It is not a good habit to condition ours so deeply that they become smooth enough not to get curl.

If we want to get our hair that adjustable to get super-attractive curls, then we should make our hair rough enough to get positive results. Another technique to get better results is to use a rough shampoo. In the market, many brands care for oily hair. Use that shampoo and have good results.

The Dryers Are Unnecessary

Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomes are the inspiration for many of us. Their curly strands waves in our hearts. We wish to get such elegant curls but don’t care for little things that don’t allow us to maintain our curls for a while.

One such habit is trying to dry our hair early. We remain in a hurry every time and try to do everything quickly. The use of blow dry or dryer is not a bad thing but when you are too busy to wait. But if there is a case of styling and proving yourself a quite changed personality, you must have to wait for the drying of your hair.

The hairs that are dry with natural air are super ready to do the treatment. The already iron-treated hair is soft and loses the strength to get curled.

Hair are not Properly Sectioned

If you have healthy and heavy hair, you need to do them sectioned. It is observed that women don’t pay attention to the sectioning of their hair and do curling procedures in two or three revisions. It may not cover every strand of your hair.

Sometimes your curler iron has a small barrel that can’t cover heavy locks. It will restrict your wish of having great curls for some event.

We don’t prepare well for getting curl

Alas! It is true that we want dancing curls but doesn’t work for that. The product we choose for styling our hair may not be of good quality. Maybe the selection of gels or hair spray we do is not perfect, Instead of helping us out, these products can stick to our hair too much to make them flatter or lay down.

Similarly, we don’t try to use extensions when trying to style our hair out. Adding an extension can prove an essential accessory to your hair with lots of charm.

Healthy hair is difficult to get curl

Unfortunately, hair’s plus point becomes a minus point when it comes to curling capacity. It is quite strange that good healthy hair possesses softness and silk but they are not good friends to curls. Good silky hair is very easy to clean and this is another problem, here I also have 1 video to share with you from youtube:

The hair strands don’t easily tangle the dirt or other environmental particles and remain clean not to accept any styling change. The hair strands of a healthy scalp need some roughness to tend themselves to get a new ringlet style.

Combing instantly after washing hair is pathetic

Oh! Never think of combing with a brush or finger instantly after taking shower. It will make your hair straight and lay down. It is unreasonable to comb your hair when there is moisture within them Don’t even blow them dry. Just you need to check the moisture of hair with your fingers and after getting them almost 100% dry, start their comb.

High temperature is an enemy to curls

A general theology about the curling iron is to heat it too high to get stunning curls. But alas! The situation is reversed. When we use our iron up to 400F, it flattens the hair strands that deny accepting a tangling change.

The greater the temperature of your iron, the lower is the chances of a hair bend.

There is a moist environment in your home or salon

A humidor suffocated room is never a good choice for crafting twirl in your hair. The moisture of that area will never let your hair get crisp and ultimately get a good curl. It will make your hair soft and adhesive to the skin.

The women living in humid areas face this issue. If they get themselves a good curl but it never holds longer.

You are used to straightening Your Hair

If you are used to straightening your hair and did it just two or three days before you want to curl them, you will certainly fail to do so. This is because of the heat you provide your hair with.

If you have blow-dried your hair and then want to have a ringlet style, your effort will prove fruitless. Hair treatments of all kinds matter a lot before or after you curl your hair.

 Honestly, you are Impatient!

After spending hours of our precious schedule o doing a hair curl, we instantly set off for some venture. We start to set them again and again. We start to change our dress or doing any other activity while they still heat up. This causes our newly styled hair de-style again. A little wait and patience are I think a good idea.

Excess Use Of Hair Products

It is also proven research that women who use an excess of hair product to style and nourish them, face styling failure. The gels, conditioners, and custards make their hair soft and silky so much that it becomes a herculean task for them to create some curls in them.

If they succeed to do so, they become fail to maintain them for some time, because hair with such products loses strength and roughness to stand and get styled.

We don’t Care For Gadgets

All we do, all we spend and all we apply for hair is for hair’s sake. If we use bad quality gadgets as iron or dryer, they may be damaging for our air.

Similarly when we use low-quality iron that doesn’t have super-special ceramic plates. This type of iron will not help style your hair into a curl. This type of iron will only heat your hair and will damage them.

Hey There! All these reasons can prove a hindrance in a way to get a good curl. We need to focus on all the above-described reasons. By giving some more attention, we can achieve our goal of some fine hair curls.

We can extend our fashion desire to the level of satisfaction by getting elegant curls if we understand the roots of the issue. Hundreds of our celebrities do curls according to their wish. The hairstylists who treat them also ensure certain steps to follow so that their curls may not lose hold afterward.

But don’t be too depressed! Where there are problems, there are solutions. A little care can bring fruition for us. There are certain strategies and steps that we can act upon and let our hair do something different.

Main heading

Things We Can Do To Get Our Hair Hold A Curl

damaged hair wont hold curl

Guys! Nothing is impossible in this world. By taking certain steps, we can get what w call a perfect curl. Let’s have a look at all these things we can do.

Don’t Try To Use Any Conditioning Products

It is a plan that what we are going to do the very next week. When we have already a plan to attend some party, event or have dinner with our boyfriend, we should be well-prepared.

If we want some crazy ringlets with our hair, we should stop conditioning 3 to 4 days before our decided day. It will make our hair rough and somewhat thick. This trick will certainly work to get our desired results.

The conditioners we use for hair to soften them work as an anti-curling agent because of their smoothness. It makes our hair fell flat and not get any shape.

Avoid Machines

The fruit of patience is always sweet. Be patient while trying to dry your hair! Using a blow dryer or dryer is not a bad thing but if your cause is big, you have to sacrifice it.

The reason behind this is very simple. While we use blow dryers, we make our hair soft and tender because of the use of intense heat. It causes our hair to become too soft to accept any new styling position. They never respond positively.

This is why avoid using dryers and learns to wait to get expected results.

Do Sectioning First

Whether you are in an intense hurry, you must do sectioning off your hair if you want curls that last for at least some hours. Your hair doesn’t need to be healthy or thin. Just go for it!

When you do sectioning of your hair and then start curling, it will provide the proper heat and care to your hair. Every air will get heated properly and you will see its positive results.

By sectioning, you have a chance to keenly look at the strands that are missed and are not treated with a curler. There is a chance to correct your mistakes. You can say that sectioning is one of the most important keys for good curls.

Prepping is better than getting nothing

So here we are! We crave big curls. We long for healthy ringlets that jump when we move and dance. But what we don’t do is the preparation.

There are thousands of products including sprays, gels, and salt spays that can support the purpose of getting curls. We should have all these with us. Try not to buy products that may adhere to the hair instead of making them rough and tough.

The use of heap and unknown brands still can damage your hair. You also use some hair extensions. This will be a very pleasant impact on your personality. The well-sprayed curly hair when set with some extensions, will do the magic.

So be well prepared when you want to look like a stylish and up-to-date girl.

Try Avoid Washing If You Have Healthy Silk Hair

Yet another thing to ponder! Yes, it’s your hair itself. Sometimes good things work against you dude! You have healthy smooth hair that becomes silky with just one wash. This hair will not let you curl your hair.

So, If you have a plan to curl your hair the next two or three days after. Don’t wash your hair. And if it is necessary to wash your hair then use the shampoo that is designed especially for oily hair.  That type of shampoo can help to make your hair rough and frizzy. You can achieve the desired results.

Don’t Comb Instantly After Washing your Hair

Alas! We don’t care about the brushing habit with our hair. We don’t wait to get our hair dry themselves. It is a very bad thing that we start to brush or comb our when they are wet. Doing our hair comb makes our hair straight and it resists the process of curling.

If you are unaware of the fact that combing your hair when they are wet is very dangerous for our hair roots. It can effects the cuticles of hair too. The other thing is that doing natural dry offers you a perfect frizz and roughness that can help an amazing curl styling.

Turn the Device Temperature Onto a little Low

It is common thinking that the high temperature of your iron can help you achieve good results. It is quite right but when you are straightening your hair or blowing dry. But when it comes to the matter of getting some curls, you need to lessen the temperature of the iron. A lithe low temperature will set your hair in a better way as compared to a higher one.

You can have a chance to mold your hair in your way. You can give them two or three revisions to get perfection. But if you see that doing so has not a good impact on your hair, slowly raise the temperature of your iron.

Do does not Straighten Your Hair

You have some loose curl or have wavy hair. You don’t want them like that and use conditioner and straighteners for a silky smooth look. It is a normal routine part.

But suddenly you become fed up and want to try something different. You want to go for curls. You start to look like some celebrity like Tylor Swift or Sarah Jessica Parker with great tangling hair.

These waving and dancing curls can only be maintained if your hair is a little frizzy and rough. But if you are used to straightening your hair and use iron routinely, you will fail, to get the curls.

The straightening habit makes you use conditioners and irons that are enough to make them lay down and flatten. And eventually, the result is the same as your hair won’t hold the curl.

Give You Hair Sometime after Curling

After the long and hectic task of giving your hair a curl styling, you need to wait for some time patiently. You should even put your hand under your curled hair and don’t let them move. During this time, the heat-up hair will get the normal temperature and also will get a shape.

We spend much time styling our hair but don’t spend a little more waiting. It can cause our hair to lose the ringlets.

Welcome the good Products

You need to choose good hair styling products. Marketers will show you thousands of products with cheap and attractive packages. Don’t get impressed by them. Just use the hair sprays or gels that are having very good repute.

Dry salt spray is more appreciated than liquid gel.  Using a little mousse is also a good option. All these products will play the role of a service provider to set your hair curl and hold them for some time at least.

Try Quality Irons

Quality products are as important as the choice of a different style. If we don’t use good quality iron, it can badly damage our hair and will not prove fruitful.

We should buy the iron that must have extremely fine barrels with the best ceramic plates. If the barrels of iron are big, they are a good omen to achieve high standard curls.

All these above-described tips and tricks will help you a lot to hold your curl for some time. The better you act upon the basic tips, the sooner you will be in a way to achieve perfect curls.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Question: Why is my hair suddenly not holding a curl?

Answer: If you were successfully getting a hold on your curl style and suddenly they start to lose their hold, you must think about it. There are many reasons for it. You may have not cut your hair down for a long time. It can also happen due to a change like the hair. They can need some protein or keratin treatment. Age factor is also involved to make your hair lose its original curl. With time, your hair’s rare part can get straight. Extensive use of irons or straighteners can damage the original texture and type of hair with time.

Question: How do I get my hair to hold a curl?

Answer: Getting some curls to your hair is not a big deal. You can have them by applying some good quality hair sprays, gels, or even some mousse. All the products will help the hair maintain a good ringlets shape and will keep them for some time. You can confidently do so by using some pins and catchers to set your curl in a typical manner. All these things will play an important role to hold your curl.

Question: Why is my hair losing curl?

Answer: You are not giving proper time and care to your hair and wish them to maintain the curl, it is not right. You use excessive hair products and irons and complain about losing your hair curl. Keratin and protein are damaged with chemical shampoos. These are all the reasons to make your hair lose its curl. If you want to keep your curl, avoid using excessive products. It will help you a lot to enjoy the tangled hair for a long period.

Question: Does hair get less curly with age?

Answer: The answer to this question is “yes”. With growing age, the hair cuticles become weak and the roots start to loosen the surface. This is why they get less nutrition from the blood. We can say that with age, all our body parts weaken and so is with hair. The tight and tangled curls become less and loose. Their original texture and type changes and their vigor also lessen with time.

Question: How do I get my straight hair to hold a curl?

Answer: It is not necessary that every time only the wavy girls can enjoy curly hair. The straight-haired girl can also get their hair ringlets. You need just to treat them carefully. Do sectioning of your hair and let them iron for some time. When you feel that there are some curls in result, keep them in your hand for some time. When your hair gets cooled, free them and enjoy the best curls.


After a long and meaningful discussion, we can understand the nature and treatment of hair to make them hold a curl. We may perform a little less than we should. By acting upon certain steps and eliminating some bad practices, we can acquire good results.

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Jasmin Peterson is an expert certified beautician. She is also a truly metal expert and she will share some information you are looking for.

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