Why Was Agree Shampoo Discontinued? – Top 5 Reasons

You might be wondering why was Agree shampoo discontinued, here you can check out some of the main reasons. We know that Agree brand is one of the popular brands for so many years. They have been known for making shampoos and hair treatment masks. It was because of some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances that Agree brand had to stop its operations.

Most importantly, Agree brand was born in California, and later on, it got evolved in Japan. This brand is known and popular enough in making high-end shampoos and also hair treatment masks. It is for over and more than a quarter-century time period that Agrees brand has been delivering high-quality shampoo-related products.

The evolving phase of the Agree brand happened in the time of 1994. For the information, it was this Dep Corporation that took over the shares of this company and made its comeback in Japan. Right after this takeover phase, the Agree brand witnessed an extensive range of product renewal process at its end. In addition, the company made a lot of changes in its product packaging and designing part. They bring an enormous number of changes in their product capacity line.

Now, here you can see and check out some of the main reasons concerning why Agreeshampoo was discontinued, we hope that this piece of information will remove all your queries.

Why Was Agree Shampoo Discontinued? Top Reasons

Why Was Agree Shampoo Discontinued

Here we have mentioned so far the top five reasons that might give you a little bit of idea on why Agree shampoo stopped its operations! You might have seen and watched the Agree Shampoo advertisement right from the time of the 80s featuring the stunning Belinda Carlisle. Though this brand was immensely popular in the earlier years, it did witness its downfall as well. As soon as Dep Company took over the shares of Agree, this brand managed to make a strong comeback.

Reason # 1

One of the topmost reasons regarding why Agree shampoo was discontinued! Here you can check out the details. This brand faced and witnessed the crisis of extinction because of the occurrence of takeover bids that took place in the USA. The process of takeover bids happened again and again and this was the main reason that Agrees shampoo had to discontinue and stop manufacturing its products. Once it got discontinued in the USA, then after some years, this brand made a comeback in Japan and launched a new line of products. It was Japan who rescued this brand. If Japan was not there, then Agree shampoo brand might get extinct for good.

Reason # 2

The other reason that discontinued the operations and manufacturing phase of Agree shampoo! The brand failed to come up with an extensive product line and that was one of the primary reasons that this brand had to disappear for some time. But in the current times and upon making a grand comeback, we have seen that the Agree brand has launched a maximum number of products at its end. Their product line is no longer limited at all!

Apart from introducing and launching a wide number of shampoo ranges, they have come up with hair treatment masks made of argan oil and protein keratin. All of their products regardless of the fact you have tried out their Agree shampoo or hair mask will get the desired results. Their shampoos and hair masks are known to repair, restore and also fortify your hair. You might have also heard about their new Agree proline and this bottle is currently available in the range of 12.5oz and 32oz bottles.

Reason # 3

Reason # 3

The reason and cause of Agree shampoo discontinued operations happens because that brand did not follow some strong and sound marketing strategy. In other words, their advertising strategy was not that amazing and impressive. In addition, that brand failed to highlight how their products are unique and competitive from the rest of the products. But in the present time, the Agree brand has come up with strong marketing tactics.

They have now clearly highlighted how their products are unique. From their advertising strategies, it is now believed that Agree on shampoo and the rest of the products are 99.75% oil-free as well as pH balanced. All of their hair treatment masks are made of natural essential oils, and Vitamin E, and even show traces of Aloe.

By looking at their advertisements, you will come to know how endless and limitless benefits are offered by the Agree brand. In their upcoming marketing and advertising tactics, we have seen and noticed a strong level of commitment from the Agree company side. They now make these strong claims and promises that their products are safe and cruelty-free.

Reason # 4

The Agree shampoo was discontinued because the fragrance of their products was not that much traditional. It was one of the primary and major reasons that this company has to stop its manufacturing operations. On the other hand, upon making a comeback in Japan, we have evidently seen that the fragrance of Agree has got much more improved. If you will check out the official site of Agree, then you will see that it is clearly written on their site they have now reformulated their fragrances.

It is all due to this lack of reformulation and traditional fragrance part that Agree shampoo failed to capture a suitable number of customers. But now we have seen and felt a lot of improvement in this regard! They have worked immensely in re-designing their shampoo bottles and formulating the fragrance part. Furthermore, the fragrance and scent of Agree shampoos are surrounded by a heritage vibe in the latest and upcoming versions.

The minute you will smell the Agree shampoos, you will spot that nostalgic feel in your head and all of these elements were missing in the older versions of Agree shampoos that discontinued the operations of this brand for some time! This challenge is now tackled and well-managed and we hope and pray that Agree brand will now no longer discontinue its operations.

In most of their shampoos, you will spot the presence of soothing scents of top notes, mid notes, and also bottom notes. The top notes consist of ocean breeze and lemon scent. On the other hand, the mid notes comprise the scent of basil and spearmint. The bottom notes contain the scent and fragrance of patchouli.

Reason # 5

Reason # 5

The last reason that pushed this brand to discontinue its operations is all due to the lack of value addition element! In the earlier and previous times, the Agree shampoo brand did not bring any value to their products. In addition, users failed to spot the unique selling point, value addition, and competitive edge in their products. But the situation has become improved! All of the Agree products including shampoos and hair treatment masks have brought a lot of value for their customers. Furthermore, this brand has launched new interesting items like hair fragrance and body soap and also hand cream. We can that this brand has heard and listened to the Agree Lover’s voice, that is why they even plan to launch eau de cologne.

We can truly and genuinely say that this brand is working extremely dedicatedly to regain the love and attention that they used to experience back in the old times. Besides, they have become the most popular and total fragrance cosmetics brand. All those reasons and challenges that discontinued the operations of Agree shampoo have now been sorted out.

Their launch in Japan has proven to be a good decision! Though their shampoos and hand creams are packed with traditional fragrances, all of the current versions are loved by the present time audience. If you have bought Agree shampoo just recently on 01-10-2021, then do let us know how much you liked its fragrance, packaging, capacity, and overall design.

All About Agree Brand- Their Journey From California to Japan

You should also know about the complete details regarding the Agree brand made their journey starting from the community of California and ending up in the community of Japan. In California, this company was not making that much progress and success. We have highlighted the above-mentioned important reasons that pushed the company of Agree to sell its shares to Dep Corporation and it was from here that Agree made a comeback in Japan.

Do you know that Agree hair care series that got started in California, made its launching into the Japanese market, yes it is true! This was the time of 1987. The official launch was done by SC Johnson. Most importantly, at that time, Ohyama was only a sales agent that worked for Agree.

Then in the time of 1994, the Dep Corporation relaunched all of the Agree products in Japan and it was from that moment, this brand became one of the popular haircare brands. The launching and arrival in Japan proved to be one of the wise decisions. The comeback made serious changes in the product lineup phase of Agree. Like, the products got renewed and improvements took place in the package designing part and also in the fragrance reformulation side.

Ohyama- The Only Sales Agent of Agree

Ohyama- The Only Sales Agent of Agree

The sales agency working at that time for Agree was only Ohyama and they were given the task to create and come up with a new category that will be linked to the fragrance hair care category. In addition, the prices were again reset and activities related to the store promotion were carried out. The current hair care lines by Agree have met all the standards and we are quite confident that any of the Agree products will now not be discontinued.

Under their category of hair care cosmetics, they made a wide and extensive range of shampoos and conditioners. In addition, the team of Agree is trying their level best to come up with more of the innovative haircare range. They have been trying to bring a lot of emphasis and attention to their marketing and advertising strategies. Thus, their current shampoos and conditions have placed a major amount of emphasis on personal use.

Japan Rescued the Agree Shampoos From the Emergency Phase of Discontinue

We have already told you this important information that Japan was the one that rescued the brand of Agree from the emergency of discontinue! This company was on the verge of extinction but Japan saved it. All of the “Agree Lovers” in Japan, are the sole and exclusive power that rescued this company and its operations. Lots of emails and messages were conveyed by the Japanese community that made this desire to relaunch the products of Agree. Thus, the miracle happens and the Agree brand made its official comeback.

The Relaunch of Agree Shampoo Hair Care Line

You might be interested in knowing about the relaunching phase of Agree hair care line. Here you can check out the complete details:

  • The Agree current hairline of products work and function on the innovative frame of mind. Their hair care products consisting of shampoos and conditioners are made in a way to naturally improve hair health. Besides, their shampoos are now made of the natural blend and fusion of essential oils and also natural oils.
  • This hair care company has now diversified its brand portfolio. If you want to restore and also hydrate your tresses, then using Agree shampoo can be the best choice for you. By looking at their latest and upcoming hair care line, we have noticed that their shampoos and conditioners have now become 75% free of oil. In addition, their shampoos have become pH balanced and made of natural essential oils.
  • Their recent product lines include this New Agree Line 18-oz. Shampoo. Most importantly, this shampoo and conditioner are made of argan oil, keratin as well as olive oil options. They have currently formulated their products and that is why this brand has regained its repute and fame status for one more time!
  • You can also try out their New Agree Line 8-oz. Hair Treatments. These hair treatment masks are made of argan oil, keratin, and 100% olive oil varieties. If you think that you have dry and damaged hair, it means you should try out the hair masks made by Their products are even suitable to be used on transitioning hair.
  • Lastly, we have this Agree on Pro Line! Lots of salon experts have praised and loved using Agree hair care products. This recent hair care line is made of natural essential oils combination. We hope that Agree shampoos will give you a lot of improved performance and control.


Now, you have come to know the reasons why was Agree shampoo discontinued! If you have used this shampoo or plan to try it out, then do let us know. This brand made its official entry in California and then it faced a major setback and crisis time. It was Japan who relaunched this brand and now all of the Agree shampoos and conditioners are facing massive success these days.

The previous product reformulation, product packaging, and designing, fragrance part was not up to the mark. These were some of the important reasons that discontinued the operations of Agree brand. But now they have worked on these weaknesses and the comeback of Agree has turned out to be a success!

Their current shampoos are known and claim to be paraben-free and made of real botanicals. In addition, their products are color-safe to use. If you want to nourish, detox, and also rejuvenate your hair, then do try out Agree shampoos. Their shampoos help you cleanse and moisturize your hair as well. You can give us your feedback on the crisis faced by the Agree brand and what else you want to suggest to them! Keep tuned to have more updates.

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