Why Is Revlon Colorsilk So Cheap?(11 Hidden Secret)

Do you want to know why is Revlon color silk so cheap?  Simply check out the details and get the exact answer. Its price tag is so budget-friendly and that we why we have so many die-hard fans and loyal customers of this hair coloring brand.

In addition, they demand low prices because they do not invest much in their marketing, advertising, research, and development campaigns. This company spends a minimum on their packaging and kit presentations, that is why their price tags are low and do not charge high from their customers. Though their prices are low, you will get super fine quality from their dyes.

Most importantly, their color palettes run on the 3D gel technology, do not damage your hair, and instead make them shiny and well moisturized. If you do not want to spend money while buying expensive dying and coloring kits, we recommend you have Revlon color silk. No doubt, their dyes give you long-lasting gray coverage.

All of their dues are keratin enriched, look nourishing, and remain to be ammonia-free. You get rich and natural-looking results by paying such a cheap price which is so amazing. Their dyes give your strands a multidimensional color and bring a kind of shine that lasts.

The range of shades is there starting from black, brown, to blonde, red. All in all, they make your hair look glossy, shiny, and also in better condition. You should not get negatively influenced by looking at their price factor.

The price is low but you get excellent quality and that is for sure. Now, you can see other details that we have mentioned in the form of the top 11 reasons why this hair coloring brand charges so less from their customers:

Reason 01: Revlon Color Silk Has to Compete with Big Brands

One of the foremost reasons why this hair dye brand is so much cheap! They have to compete with big brands just to make their product noticeable; they have kept the price tag low so that more and more people buy their items.

Being a less globally recognized brand, they have to compete massively with lots of small-scale and high-end brands. And the only practice that they can initiate to make their mark is offering a low price, Let me also share your video from youtube:

We know that this company has years of reputation and experience but still, it is cheap and low-priced because it has not reached the scale as attained by Garnier and L’Oreal Paris. Thus, that is an excellent initiative taken by Revlon. Offering their products at low prices will increase their sales and make them noticeable globally and worldwide as well.

Big brands like Garnier and L’Oreal Paris have been dominating the hair dye industry for years and years and this smart move taken by Revlon looks great and epic. It is because of this move that this company has collected lots of loyal and dedicated customers from countries like India.

Reason 02: They Do not Invest in Marketing and Advertising Programs

Reason 02: They Do not Invest in Marketing and Advertising Programs

This company does not invest that much in its marketing and advertising campaigns and that is another reason why its products are cheap and reasonably priced. Big and high brand hair coloring brands like Garnier invest and capitalize a lot on their advertising campaigns and Revlon does not do so!

Lots of people believe that if a hair dye price is cheap, then its quality will be cheap as well, but that is not the case. This reviewed brand demands a low price but offers high-quality results. Their competitive price factor makes them prominent and distinguished in the hair coloring industry.

You will be happy to know that many celebs like Jennifer Lopez have suggested her fans try out such coloring brands because they are cheaper and offer the same results as Garnier dyes give.

We believe that this brand will become the most popular and high-end brand if it will work in its marketing and advertising areas as well. And yes we are super confident it will give tough competition if it will up its game of distribution and production.

Reason 03: They Do Not Invest Money in Packaging and Kit Presentation

Their products are accompanied by low price tags because they do not invest much or massively in their packaging and kit presentation areas. You might have seen a drastic difference in the packaging and kit presentation of high-end dye brands and Revlon color silk dyes. In addition, their boxes are of smaller size as compared to other brands.

Thus, they have maintained their low price factor because their kits and packaging do not meet the standards of giant brands and the loyal customers of Revlon color silk reviews are ok with this practice. Their honest and dedicated customers do not have an issue if the packaging and kits do not look appealing and impressive.

We have noticed that their loyal customers only demand low prices and that is what this company offers! Their users are least concerned and bothered about the packaging and kit design.

Reason 04: Gloves of Revlon Color Silk Kit are Cheaper and Made of Nylon

No doubt, the dyes manufactured by this company are cheap and economical priced. The gloves that come along with the kit, look cheaper and are made of nylon. Besides, they are a bit uncomfortable to wear.

Lots of customers have advised the team of Revlon that the gloves should be made of latex so that a comfortable wearing experience can be assured while applying the dye.  It is because of the usage of nylon gloves that the company has kept the price low for their products.

Reason 05: The Post-Coloring Kit is Available in Sachet

The post-coloring kit of Revlon is available in sachet and that is another primary and main factor concerning why their dyes are low-priced! In the past, this kit used to be available in a bottle and now it is packaged in a sachet form.

We know that heaps of people have been die-hard fans of this brand and they do not show any annoyance regarding why their kits are available in sachets and not in bottles! It is largely because of the reduced costs, cheaper price tags that users disregard the rest of the issues.

Reason 06: Revlon Color Silk Has a Smaller Color Palette

Reason 06: Revlon Color Silk Has a Smaller Color Palette

The smaller color palette introduced by Revlon is the next reason that tells us why their prices are cheap and not so high! The high-end coloring brands have introduced palettes consisting of more than 40 shades but Revlon only has 29 shades.

The limited color palette range does not allow this company to increase its prices. If they plan to expand their palette range in the near future time, then it can be expected that they will increase the price of their kits. There is this general rule that the more number of shades, the more money is needed but the reviewed company does not fall in this bracket.

Reason 07: Low Price Help Revlon Color Silk Collect Thousands of New Customers in Less Time

Low price tags always attract customers and that is the smartest and wisest strategy that is opted by this company. They offer premium and high-quality results but kept the prices low and reasonable looking. In addition, they are known for making hair dyes of semi-permanent range.

They make temporary hair colors and shades for root cover-up but the price tags of all of their products are low and much minimum. The cost-friendly nature of this company has managed to collect and retain heaps of customers in less time.

Reason 08: Revlon Color Silk is not a Permanent Color Range

Reason 08: Revlon Color Silk is not a Permanent Color Range

This brand has kept the price on budget-friendly terms because their dyes are not of permanent range and instead work on the semi or demi-permanent terms. Their color lasts for one month on your hair and after that, you have to apply again. That is why this brand does not charge much and is high for their customers.

Moreover, you should not believe that being the low-priced brand, low-quality will be delivered, that does not happen and instead, Revlon dyes offer triple protection. They ensure gray coverage, protect your strands from harsh coloring effects and retain the color for the longest time.  The formulation of their dyes and coloring kits seals replenishes as well as conditions your hair. You end up getting 100 percent gray coverage and instantly get rid of stubborn grays.

Reason 09: Being a Small Company, They have Limited Operations

According to experts, their dyes are low-priced because they have a limited best hair color for damaged hair range, small palette, and limited operations. This company does not look that much massive as compared to Garnier and L’Oreal Paris brands. Their small-scale operations have convinced the company to keep the prices minimum and focus on increasing its customer base.

Regardless of the fact that their products are of low-price nature, carry a small color palette range excellent quality is offered at their end. This brand has shown extensive commitment to quality and high-end results. In addition, they claim to protect and guard your hair irrespective of the fact you dye them multiple times.

Thus, Revlon is known for offering long-lasting rich Revlon colorsilk colors, promises to offer 100 percent gray coverage and you end up getting a gorgeous and amazing root-to-tip color application process. We think that this company will continue to offer low-price products because its current mission is to grab heaps of customers, and not to focus on the high-priced hair dye range.

Reason 10: Revlon Color Silk does not Do Much R&D

Reason 10: Revlon Color Silk does not Do Much R&D

They do not do that much extensive research and development while making hair dyes and coloring kits. Their less interest in R&D areas has kept the prices of their products low. But despite this shortcoming, their audiences and loyal customers are happy with their product line. Their less investment in research and development areas has not decreased their customer base.

However, new customers should not assume that lack of research makes their products of low-quality, that is not the case. Revlon claims and ensures making high-end coloring kits and dyes and no quality comes from their end. Their dyes are ammonia-free, give an immense amount of grey coverage, and have long-lasting rich results, Let me also share with you Revlon color silk hair color chart below

revlon colorsilk hair color chart

We know that other worldwide recognized brands like Garnier and L’Oreal Paris spend a lot in their R&D area but such a practice is not showcased by this brand. Still, they manage to give serious competition to high-scale brands.

The only technology on which this company is working is this 3D Color Gel Technology and customers are happy to see that! Through this technology, your hair gets a multi-tonal effect, they look shiny and natural and their dimension gets boosted at the same time. If you have used the Revlon hair dye on 05-01-2022, you can share with us your results how it treated you differently as compared to other hair coloring kits.

Reason 11: Revlon Color Silk do not Go for Hi-Fi Celebrity Endorsement

The last reason that clearly explains to us why this company charges less for their products! This happens because they do not spend heaps of money on doing celebrity endorsements. Their advertising and endorsement games are not much hi-fi and that is why the price tags of their products lines are kept low.

Globally recognized companies spend a lot on endorsement and in return, they increase the price of their products. But this practice is not embraced by Revlon! Right now, they are working on the mission to make their dyes and coloring kits accessible and easy to afford by every single audience. So, if you love coloring your hair and you could not expensive kits, we suggest you choose this brand because here you will get the cheap price and high-quality.


That is the end of the discussion on the question, why is Revlon color silk so cheap! You can think of more reasons and feel free to share with us regarding why this coloring brand charges less from their customer.

To wrap up the discussion, their prices are low because they invest negligible in their marketing and advertising campaigns. This company does not capitalize their money while improving their kit presentation and packaging and that is why their prices are low.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that they do demand low prices but the quality and results offered at their end are exceptional. It is one of the reputed hair coloring brands and successfully brings the desired color to your hair. In addition, their dying formulation ensures triple protection and gives super-rich care to your hair.

Most of their dyes are packed with Ceramide, and Pro-Keratine Complex, as well as collagen, so that the perfect color comes on your strands. We think that there is no wrong thing in buying cheap dyes and you should certainly consider going with the Revlon brand.

If you have tried out their dyes, feel free to let us know your feedback. Their dyes offer 100% Gray Coverage, bringing rich and radiant color to your strands. It is only on a few things that this brand should work out! And that is to bring improvement in their packaging, kit presentation and to work a little bit on marketing and research and development areas.

It is high time to give great color to your hair at a low and cheap price and that seems possible to achieve if you prefer choosing brands like we have Revlon. Stay tuned to have more updates. Also Read: 10 Best Burgundy Hair Dye for Every Type of Hair. 

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