Why is My Hair Curly Underneath and Straight on Top?

Today I will try to convey the answers and at the same time solutions to the issue of many girls having curly hair underneath and straight on top. I have found many girls complaining the same thing “why is my hair curly underneath but straight on the top?” The answer is It’s not very rare to have a mix of curl forms on the same head of hair. It usually depends on your genetics. Let me tell you that, the gene for curly hair is not fully dominant in real. It can continue inactive until activated and then it changes the form of the hair follicle which definitely changes the hair that grows from it.

They feel it quite irritating not to have a uniform hair structure. Although their parents are sure to claim that when they were born, they had a full curly mane, over time it changed into something mixed.

These girls even notice their hair change with time. They feel embarrassed that what shape it should adopt. Another thing that is disturbing for such girls with combination hair is that a wave of curly hair has come across the globe. Girls with super silky and straight hair are adopting curly and wavy styles. This makes these double-stranded girls confused that what they should do.

Understanding “Why is My Hair Curly Underneath But Straight on Top”

If you are not ready to accept the double-stranded scalp, then you must understand what made it like that. It will enable you not to get frustrated and to find the solution to your issues.

We know our curly hair is not a dominant gene type. It normally remains sleeping until a strong gene supports it to show itself thoroughly. That’s why curly hair may have four prominent types.

  • Curly
  • Kinky
  • Loose Curl
  • Tight Curl

But still, they are included in curls. The combination hair with curly underneath but straight on the top is normally not acceptable. Girls normally think that it would be due to frizz that may make their hair straight on top. But when they use more conditioners and give them a cut to define them curly thoroughly, it disappoints them. The mixing of curls and straight becomes clearer. It is a time of worry for them. They must have either full curl to style them accordingly or full straight with obvious silk.

Ladies! We must have an understanding first that many factors involve making your hair a combination hair. If we study these factors in detail we can easily solve the riddle.

Factors Contributing to Form Curl and Straight Hair Equally

Factors Contributing to Form Curl and Straight Hair Equally

Hey buddies! Let’s have a look at all the factors that involve in making your hair curly underneath but straight on the top. It is good information and a remedy too to tackle this type of hair.

Genetic Make-Up

Genetics plays the most important role in making our hair strands type double. When hair genes start working, curl DNA doesn’t work actively. It normally remains dormant and sleepy at the very start. As a result, we find babies’ hair too silky at first. But when a baby grows in age, the sleeping DNA activates and tries to be dominant. On the other hand, straight hair DNA works its best to remain dominant. As a result of this battle, both of the genes share the trait and the resultant hair is curly and straight hair mixed alike.


Heredity is too important to control the genetic makeup of your hair. Sometimes it happens that you have parents a parent with curly hair and a parent with straight, as a result of this your hair picks both traits equally. It has no remedy to make your hair type change to any one of them thoroughly. Only perming or permanent straightening will give you a positive response.


Lifestyle has a strong impact on your combination hair. The environment in which you move has toxins that damaged the follicles of upper hair strands. Pollution and bad weather with a smoky atmosphere continue to destroy your hair strands. Sometimes the area in which we live is too busy and populated that its air carries lots of toxic particles that have disastrous results on changing the type of your upper layer of hair to straight and even lifeless.

Unhealthy Diet

One of the strongest opponents of your hair genetic makeup is an unhealthy diet. If you continuously intake junk and canned food, it will surely have negative impacts on your hair strands. The hair that has close contact with roots will remain the same, for example, curly and the top part start changing its shape.

A healthy diet contains all ingredients including proteins, minerals, fatty acids, and omega 3 that are essential to hair wellness.

Hydration and Moisture

Normally we don’t take care of water intake daily. Sometimes it happens that we spend all day only on one glass of water, especially in the winter season. It doesn’t impact our health but inwardly it starts affecting each part of our body, especially hair. The hair loses moisture and starts to become brittle and frizzy. This frizz changes the upper layers of our hair gradually from curly to straight or sometimes straight to curly too. We must increase water intake minimum from 8 to 9 glasses daily.

Lack of Exercise and Workout

When I tell women that exercise and workouts will have a positive change in their hair routine and will make them strong and healthy, they don’t believe. But when they find their hair structure changing, then they have to believe it. But it is too late now. Their scalp has become double-stranded and lacking definition.

If we exercise daily, walk and spend time on our physical health, it increases blood circulation. It has a great result with growing healthy and equally stranded scalp.

Stress and Depression

Although we are developing in every field of life, we can’t help releasing tension and stress. It is increasing day by day that has worst most impacts on our health especially hair health. Stress weakens our immunity system and snatches our sleep. It directly affects our hair genetics and changes its type not fully but partially. That’s why our hair gains combination type.

Health Hazards

I see many women suffering from thyroid issues and it has changed their personalities badly. Thyroid and some other diseases like diabetes change our hormonal routine and create a hormonal imbalance. It can have a bad effect on our hair structure. The hair that once was very strong and curly, starts changing its shape from curly to straight and strong to weak. So we should control our illness first to control hair change.

Hair Rubbing with Pillows and Rough Surfaces During Sleep

When we don’t care to sleep with soft pillows made with silken clothes, our hair gets contacted with them and is damaged. Similarly, some hard materials like pins, ponies, and catchers make your hair scratched during your sleep as it is your unconscious state. Sometimes your hair is rubbed under your back and gets scratched. All these elements involve in changing the structure of the top of your hair from curly to straight.

Exposure to Sun

I know sunlight is too good to take to get much positive energy. But excess of everything is bad. If we expose our hair to the sun and have to face the sun too much, it will change our hair’s upper layer. The curl gradually lessens to straight.

Exposure to Harsh Chemicals

It looks too trivial yet important as all other factors that our upper layer of hair faces chemicals of hair product more than the roots. When we use gels, serums, sprays, or mousses, it has a direct effect on our topmost strands. The roots or hair underneath remain somewhat safe from their harshness. That’s why the top layers of curly hair are straighter than the layers underneath.

Hair Weight

With the increase in size, the weight of our hair increases. The uppermost layers carry more weight due to their exposure. It is another reason for the top layers of our curly hair to become straight.

Things to Do If I Have Curly Hair Underneath But Straight on Top

Things to Do If I Have Curly Hair Underneath But Straight on Top

Hurrah! You need not worry my dears if you are facing the same issue of curly hair underneath and straight on top. I know it is much depressing to see your proper curly hair shifting to straight. But we can solve this issue. In the age of technology, nothing is impossible. Let’s discuss the devices through which we can control the issue of combination hair.

Keep your Hair Moisturized

If you find a shift of the upper layer of hair from curly to straight, its reason may also be frizz. You should try to keep your hair moisturized that much to provide moisture to the upper layers. It will enable your hair to get maintained a little bit to its old curly pattern.

Try Root Lifter and Curl Activator

If you want to make your hair equal from underneath and top, you should use root lifters. It will enable your hair to support the full mane including the upper layer. It will control the straightness of the upper layer and will make an amazing hair volume with high definition. Similarly market is full of many hair products like curl activators. You can use curl activators to uplift our curl brilliantly. It will help your curly hair get an elegant look and full waves.

Use Heating Gadgets

If you face the same issue of getting your curly hair straight, you can use irons to settle the dispute. It is your choice if you want to make your hair fully curly, then use a curling iron. But if you want to make your hair straight, use a good quality straightener to get a perfect hairstyle.

Apply Good Quality Hair Products

One of the best remedies to get rid of straight hair is to use good-quality hair products. Most hair products contain silicone and sulfates. Both are the enemy of moisturizers. Use sulfate and silicon-free hair products. If you are using products with sulfates, it will dry the upper hair layer dry out and consequently, our hair may become straight and lifeless.

Cutting Hair is Great

If you cut your hair to define your curly hair, it will help you greatly. When curly hair is long, becomes too heavy to make the upper layer of hair straight. When you cut it, the heaviness finishes and makes your hair equally curly.

Another way of making your hair curly is to cut your hair in a way that all the upper straight hair may disappear and the curls become prominent. But this type of haircut is done by some expert hairstylist. You cannot do it at home to destroy your hair.

Use Curling Gels

Gels are again an amazing option to set your curly hair in a better way. By using gels, you not only can set your curly hair better but also can curl the straight upper layer to give your hair more bounce and definition.

Pinning your Wet Curls

On washing your hair, you can pin your hair while fully wet. Pins must be too tight to get a definite volume and bounce when dries up. Don’t open the pins before the hair fully dries. It will help your hair look equally curled.

What is Combination Hair and Are My Double-Stranded Hair Called Combination Hair?

What is Combination Hair and Are My Double-Stranded Hair Called Combination Hair?

Have you ever heard the term “combination hair”? If not, then you must be afraid of observing your hair undergoing a shift from curl to straight on the upper layers. When our hair adopts a change in which the top layer of our hair gets straight due to some genetic or environmental factors, it is combination hair. It is a hybrid change. It looks gross and disarranged. Our hair can’t set in a certain pattern.

We have to use artificial devices to keep our hair look equally curly. We can make the equally straight too but the wave of curly hair trends has made us adopt the same. We can lessen the issue but not give it an end completely.

Haircuts and Styles that May Suit My Combination Hair

We should not consider our combination hair problematic enough to stress us a lot. Many trendy hairstyles and haircuts can properly present our curls underneath and straight on top. Let’s have a look at them

Pixie Hairstyle

A pixie haircut is too good to define your hair brilliantly. It is a type of chopped pixie hairstyle to give your hair volume and bounce. This is one of the latest and trendy haircuts that showcases your hair in a good way with long and short bangs. This type of haircut will surely hide your unmanaged hair very well and will make it a part of style in a better way.

Bob Hair Cut

Gemma Chan looks stylish and trendy with her bobs. You can also adopt this hairstyle. It will easily hide your combination hair greatly. Bob’s haircut is too short hair and covers the lengths equally. The straight hair will be cut too short that it will be mixed with curls because of the dominance of curls. That’s why bob is getting popular too speedily.

Curly or Wavy Hairstyle

If we are not satisfied with our combination hair, we can adopt a curly hairstyle. It will enable us to look stylish as well as hide the issue of an upper straight layer of hair. Curly hair is getting fame rapidly so it will be a part of the trend too to curl your hair thoroughly.

By adopting all three haircuts and styles we can overcome our unequal hair layers.

Why is My hair Curly Underneath and Frizzy on Top?

Why is My hair Curly Underneath and Frizzy on Top?

The hair which is near the roots is more nourished and healthy. It is because of the food and blood it gets from the skin directly. Even the moisture of oils and other treatments easily reach these underneath curly hair.

On the other hand, the upper layer of hair is deprived of all these moisturizing and nourishing elements. That’s why the upper layer is frizzy and dry. The curl pattern is too tight that chemicals you apply mostly act upper layer and can’t reach underneath that much. This is another reason for creating frizz for this hair type.


The discussion shows that the people who have curly hair underneath but straight on top are not satisfied with their hair type, They are always seeking ways and remedies to change their hair altogether. Although it is impossible to change their hair structure thoroughly, it can be changed for some time.

Similarly, there are many devices and ways that can help you maintain your curly hair a bit. If you care for your hair properly and provide it with full nourishment, it is possible to develop a positive change in your upper hair strands. That change will be sufficient to boost your confidence greatly.

Curly hair is a current surge of craze these days and everyone is trying to adopt curls who don’t have with the help of perms or by temporary methods with curling irons. It makes women with combination hair do something that will curl their hair completely. Many adaptable haircuts and styles change the personality exposure greatly like bobs and pixies. But still, I will advise you to please take very much care of your hair to get healthy hair not just curls or straight.

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