Why is My Curly Hair Going Straight at the Ends? (Hidden Truth)

There is this major and messy trouble faced by all curly hair girls out there. It is that their curly hair gets straight at the ends? Why does this happen and what are the main reasons for it? why is my curly hair going straight at the ends? If you are floating in the same boat and experiencing the same problem, then check out this post.

Here we will tell you why your curly hair gets straight and how to manage them properly. Furthermore, we are going to guide how many curly hair types are there and how to maintain them while they are wet. So, let us have a look at the details.

You may have seen lots of girls who have got curly roots and straight ends. If your hair is crimped right there on the roots and pinned in a straight form on the end, then it is time to get worried. Moreover, The best answer is your Curly Hair Going Straight at the Ends because it is proven that as your age, you will eventually lose your curls. In addition, over-styling, thyroid problems, hormonal changes, and lack of hair protein treatment let your hair lose its curls it is a normal phenomenon,  the curl pattern was made by a high condensation procedure, so after a long-time, if you wash and deep condition your hair properly then the curl pattern will go away as per his own.

Though curly hair looks great and fabulous enough but maintaining them is a tough job to do. Only those curly hairs look amazing and impressive if they are tightly locked from roots to ends.

So, what kind of curly hair do you have? Or do you have got a hair type that is curly from roots and straight at the ends, do let us know as well?

 We hope that this piece of writing will give a lot of useful information and you can then better track out why your hair is losing its curls. Have a look at this curling hair mystery and share your own thoughts, opinions, and experiences too: 

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How to Determine Curly Hair Type?

How to Determine Curly Hair Type

You need to grab this proper and thorough understanding concerning what determines a curly hair type. Each individual should know and be able to comprehend which hair clues in their genes determine a curly hair type.

In addition, which elements shape their hair, and does hormones and genes play any kind of role:

Search for Hair Clues and Hintsin Your Genes

Most importantly, you can only know about your hair texture and hair type if you properly search for hair cues and hints right there in your genes. It is believed and speculated by lots of professional geneticists that most people’s hair does not get change at all from straight to curly or from curly to straight.

b if your mom and dad have curly hair, then you will also get curly hair.

Moreover, if both of your parents have the straight hair version, then you will end up getting straight hair. However, if your mom has curly hair and your dad has straight hair, then there is a chance that you will have a combination hair type.

How to shape your curly hair?

You might be wondering what shapes your hair; here we are going to tell you! Like, we have told you that lots of people experience a great amount of hair transformation. Their hair usually gets curly from the roots and straight at the ends. Most noteworthy, curly hair type has got a different shape as compared to straight hair type. Your hair shape is largely and extensively dependent on the shape of your hair follicle.

It is this tiny structure that instructs your hair fiber to grow in a specific shape. Furthermore, the inside structure of the tube actually and specifically determines whether your hair is going to grow in curly form or in straight form. It is seen that oval tubes give out curly hair and these circular tubes give out straight hair.

Hence, if your hair texture is changing right from curly to straight, it means your follicles are changing.

Does curly hair get influenced by hormones?

The hair texture and the overall pattern get changed when one gets enters adolescence or in the pregnancy phase. These are some major and primary events that change our hair texture and one of them is the hormonal changes taking place in our body.

In other words, the connection between hormones and hair goes very much stronger and intense enough. If your hormonal balance is fluctuating, it means your hair type will change as well. Individuals have to understand that the hair that you have got on your head at the age of 2 will not be the same hair that you have got on your head at the age of 12. And the same hair type will not be the same when you proceed to age 50!

If new hair follicles are growing, it is understood that your new hair shape and texture will be different.

Hair Care determines your Hair Texture

Lastly, a hair-care routine both from inside and outside determines your hair texture. If you follow a good and recommended hair care routine, then your hair texture will remain healthy enough. You can improve your hair texture and shape upon following a proper caring routine on your hair and this fact is supported by lots of hairstyling experts and industry professionals.

Furthermore, you should take your hair-care routine beyond perming and ironing and this tip is extensively supported and backed by the cosmetics industry experts.

Different Curly Hair Types

different curly hair types

Before we jump on the actual topic of why your curly hair is going straight, you need to kn0w how many curly hair types are there! In this category, no one-size-fits-all approach on anyone, like some have wavy hair, curly hair and some have kinky coil hair.

Moreover, when you cut curly hair of yours, then their texture, curl pattern, as well as their thickness and density gets changed as well. So, you can either have wavy, curly hair or kinky-oily hair or you can have a crazy combination of them. Now, let us have a look at the description of curly hair types:

Wavy Hair

First, we have this wavy hair type and this hair type remains to stay super flexible. In addition, wavy hair type is linked and associated with bendable strands and it comes in the shape of an S-shape pattern. You can either have loose wavy hair or defined wavy hair at your end.

Curly Hair

Next, we have curly hair type! In this category, you may have loose curls or bouncy ringlets. Besides, some girls have tight spirals or springy spirals. We think that Cardy B falls in this curly hair type category because she has got these tights curls and looks wow and amazing for sure while flaunting this style.

Kinky-Coily Hair

The third curly hair type is this kinky-coily one! Most importantly, in this hairstyle, you get small coil strands or they are either appearing in the form of zig-zags. Moreover, your hair is packed very much tightly together and thus becomes prone to shrinkage as well.

Why is my hair curly at the ends and straight on top? (18 Reasons)

why is my hair curly at the ends and straight on top

There are lots of reasons that explain to us that why curly hair goes straights at the ends. This is a common problem faced by lots of girls. The below-mentioned explanation will tell you why curly hair texture gets changes and why they eventually become straight at the ends.

Those curls look impressive only if they are bouncing enough from top to bottom. If you have a combination curly hair type, then they do not look impressive.

There is no point in flaunting the hairstyle that is curly from the roots and straight at the ends. To retain and maintain this curl pattern, you have to understand why this situation appears. If you know the cause that why your curl pattern is changing, it will be easy for you to hunt for the solutions:

Over-cleansing and over-washing Your Hair

One of the foremost reasons that why your curly hair is going straight at the ends is because of over-cleansing your hair! If you over-cleanse your curly hair, it will lose its texture and automatically get straight at the ends. Besides, if your hair is purely wavy and curly or present in coils form, you should avoid washing and over-cleansing your hair every day.

Such a textured hair type needs a minimum washing routine and they require their very own natural oils to retain their curly texture. If you shampoo your curly hair often and frequently, it means you are making them dry and rough.

It is recommended to wash and cleanse your curly hair twice a week and that is enough. Curly hair type is extremely delicate and fragile and they should not be washed each day.

Blow-Drying Your Curly Hair Improperly

Secondly, your curly hair is getting straight at the ends and losing its curls because you blow-dry them improperly. It is suggested to air-dry your curls and not use any of the styling elements. For popping curls, avoid going for blow-drying technique and prefer going for air-drying technique. However, if you are running out of time and want to dry your curly hair, it is suggested to make use of a hood dryer that comes with a diffuser attachment.

Such devices circulate and distribute the air evenly in your curly hair. Upon shooting hot air directly and right there onto your curly hair, it means you are drastically damaging your curly strands and you will lose curls as well from the ends.

Skipping and Avoiding Conditioner

Your curly hair needs conditioner and if you skip conditioner application, then there is a high chance that your curly hair pattern will get straight at the ends. So, never make it a habit of skipping and avoiding conditioner. Most importantly, texture hair like that of the curly and wavy pattern needs a regular amount of conditioning. They may become dry, dull as well as frizzy if you do not condition them.

Curly hair needs moisture so that it can come out in its best form. Your curls can remain bouncy and sheen enough from roots till ends if you condition and moisturize them regularly. Hence, with curls, you need to bring more of the hydration elements on them and you can do that by using a high-quality conditioner and moisturizers. Moreover, for retaining curls on your ends, you should use coconut oil and shea butter, and also argan oil.

Using Terrycloth Towels Damage your Curls

If you use terrycloth towels, then there is the highest chance that your curly hair pattern will get straight from their end. You may have seen that terrycloth has tiny nubs. This kind of cloth fluffs up your hair cuticles and makes your curly hair lose its original shape and texture. In Asian countries like Bangladesh, we have seen this practice of using terrycloth towels and curly girls end up damaging their curls.

Moreover, these towels absorb too much water right out of your hair and make them either straight or tangled form. It is advised to make use of a cotton T-shirt for drying your curly hair or you can use a microfiber towel to properly and thoroughly scrunch dry your hair.

Overdoing your Curly Hair with Heat

Those girls who overdo their curly hair with heat, it means they damage their curly hair pattern with their own hands. We have seen and noticed that the heat styling element is the major and primary curl destroyer. Your curls will lose their form if you use a flat iron or curling iron.  These elements are going to permanently change and modify your curl pattern. It is advised to avoid using these hot tools on your curly hair. You should use a heat protectant if you want your curly hair to remain smooth and bouncy from roots till the end.

Treating Curly Hair with Chemical Processes

Whenever your curly hair is treated and interacted with chemical processes, they tend to lose their curly pattern and get straights from the ends. It is proven and tested that both permanent and temporary chemical treatments damage and intensively destroys your curl pattern.

Furthermore, these harsh treatments go completely against your curly hair and destroy its natural look. Lots of cosmetic chemists have come up with this explanation that keratin treatments give you lose curl on high notes. Besides these chemical processed treatments alter your curly hair structure and break down their natural bonds.

Using Silicone Infused Styling Products on your Curly Hair

You are making the big mistake of damaging your curly hair if you use the wrong styling products on them. In other words, they become straight and rough upon applying incorrect styling products. You should avoid using those hair styling products that have silicones in them. Products that are infused with silicones, coat and cover your hair with a lot of damage.

Furthermore, such products bring no long-term moisture to your curly hair. Though silicone-infused styling products give an illusion as if your curly hair looks shinier but in reality, these products act as a moisture barrier for your hair. Silicone-based styling products do not allow your curly hair to become hydrated. In addition, these products are not water-soluble and they eventually make your curly hair look lackluster and limp, as well as unmanageable.

Using Styling Products that have Alcohol in them

In addition, girls lose their curls from ends if they use styling products infused with alcohol. This ingredient is terrible and destructive for your curls. You need to understand that alcohol sucks up and absorbs all moisture from your curls. They do not allow and permit your curls to bounce. So, if your styling products have alcohol in them, then stop using them. You should use moisture-based products on your curly hair.

This is the best way to make this curly pattern more well-defined and well-sealed. In other words, the quick way to make your curls luxe enough and to avoid making them look straight, try to use styling products that successfully hold moisture and replenish your thirsty strands!

Detangling your Curly Hair with the Wrong Hair Tool      

It is generally and commonly seen that if you detangle your curly hair with wrong hair tools, they automatically lose their curls from the ends and get straight and less curly as well. It is suggested to avoid using a fine-tooth comb on your curly hair or any other kind of textured hair. In addition, your curly hair can get into a lot of trouble and become vulnerable to breakage if you use the wrong hair tools on them.

Curly hair girls should minimize the use of hairbrushes. They should avoid detangling their hair with combs and brushes. Such hair tools break up your curls and thus invite them to look frizzy and less curly. Thus, for detangling your curly hair, you should use your fingers or you can use a wide-tooth comb. This way, your curls will remain locked and they will not get straight from ends.

Touching Your Curly Hair Often

If you are in the habit of touching your curly hair often, they will lose their curly texture later on!

Trust us, follow this routine and you will end up getting no curly hair. You should not touch your curly hair too often and too much. Let them remain like this and stop touching them. Upon touching them frequently, they will get a break and you damage your curl pattern as well.

Skipping the Trimming Routine of your Curly Hair

Curly hair needs a regular trimming routine at their end and if you skip this routine, they lose their curly texture and get straight and dull from their ends. It is all because of lack of trimming that your curls become a vulnerable and easy target to breakage. Lots of hairstylists have advised and recommended trimming their curly hair regularly.

In other words, you should snip the curly split ends off and make your curly hair look less frazzled as well as lackluster.  This is the micro-trimming process that you should follow and hence prevent your curly hair to avoid getting straight from the ends.

Not Protecting Your Curly Hair Strands While You Sleep

While you sleep, you have to utmost take care of your curly hair. If you do not secure and guard your curly hair strands while you sleep, then they will get loose. It is suggested to tie your curly hair all in a satin scarf while you have your sleep time.

Furthermore, it is recommended to sleep right on a silk pillowcase if you have textured curly hair. By doing so, you will be able to preserve your curly hair’s shine and health. The use of silky fabric during sleep automatically and instantly cuts down your problem of tangling and breakage.

Taking your Curly Hair in the Sun

Taking your curly hair in the sun makes them extremely damaging. This practice makes you lose your curls and they become straight from their ends. So, what you can do is to avoid taking your curly hair in the sun or cover them with a scarf. Furthermore, it is advised to cover and protect your curly hair while you go to the beach.

It is this destructive combination of sun, sand, and also water and wind that makes your curly hair condition critical enough. According to experts, you can guard your curls by applying a leave-in conditioner. This kind of product protects your curly hair strands and does not make them look gnarly and nasty enough. Avoid exposing your curly hair with any of such unfriendly elements and lock their form on ideal notes.

Build upon your Curly Hair Cause them to weigh down

One of the strong and primary reasons why your curly hair goes straight from ends is because of the build-up on them! The harsh ingredients present in hair styling products let your curly hair lose its texture.

No matter, you are following a proper hair-care routine, if your products have harsh products in them, it means they will not take care of your curls. These build-ups on your curly hair cause them to weigh down and lose their curliness as well.

Hair coloring Loosen your Curls

The other reason that explains and describes to us why curly hair gets straight from the ends because you often color your hair! A hair coloring routine intensely and excessively damages your curls. They, later on, get straight from their ends. Hence, the coloring routine loosens your curls. If you color your curly hair, then it is recommended to deep conditioning them as well. Go for protein treatments if you often color your textured hair.

Hormonal Changes and Long Term Medication Loosen your Curls

Most importantly, hormonal changes, as well as long-term medication, make your curly hair straight all from its ends. Hormonal changes like of puberty and pregnancy change your hair texture pattern. When you enter your puberty phase or you get pregnant, then lots of changes occur in your hair. And this change turns out to be permanent!

On the other hand, medications change and alter your hair texture as well. Like, if you take certain pills, this consumption alters your hair type immediately. Thus, you need to understand that phases like pregnancy, puberty, and menopause change your curl pattern, and the shape of your hair follicles gets changed at the same time. It is due to this major hormonal overhaul phase that your curls remain there on the roots and get straight from the ends.

Long Hair Growth Changes your Curl Pattern

The longer your hair is going to grow, the fewer curls will appear on your ends. This is the main and prime reason concerning why curly hair loses its texture from ends. Keep in mind that when your hair grows, it means more and more weight will fall on your roots, and ends will lose their curly pattern eventually.

Moreover, the longer your hair will grow, it means the heavier it will become and the whole weight will pull down your curls and thus elongates and straightens them.

How to stop straight hair from curling at the ends?

how to stop straight hair from curling at the ends

There are many tricks that you can follow to make your curly hair straight from the ends. Below we have mentioned the required details for you. As you can see and understand that the above-mentioned causes and mistakes make you lose your curls from ends. You can prevent this problem if you follow our suggested tips and tricks.

If you think that your curly hair is not getting a properly curly effect at its ends, then you need to seek a solution in this regard. There are many ways to get rid of brittle and lifeless curly hair and get them back in a lively form.  In addition, damage from heat, use of chemical processing treatments, brushing, combing, and detangling your curly hair roughly makes them damaging. Thus, get the healthiest curly hair by following these suggestions:

Use a gentle and harsh-free cleanser/ shampoo

To make your curly hair straight from the ends, it is important for you to use a gentle as well as a harsh-free cleanser. It is commonly seen that harsh shampoos and cleansers disturb and excessively damage your hair’s cuticle. Furthermore, they strip all moisture from your hair and make them susceptible to damage.

You should try using those cleansers for your curly hair that comes with a low pH and made of moisture-boosting ingredients. This way, your curls can remain healthy, shiny, and clean enough from their ends. In addition, try to buy those shampoos that run on the sulfate-free formulation. Such cleansers are gentle enough to use and applied on all curl types. Gentle cleansers replenish all possible amounts of essential moisture and give a healthy curly hair effect to you.

Add an extra moisturizing element to your curly hair-care routine

If you have started to notice that your curly hair is loosening its effect from ends, then it is time to bring more of the extra and additional moisturizing effect in your hair-care routine. Curly hair remains to stay dry and they need extra moisture to get intact and locked. While you moisturize your curly hair from roots, it is equally important for you to moisturize them at the ends.

Curly hair girls should give their best to restore and regain the moisture balance embossed in their hair. Furthermore, girls can go on having hot oil treatment and deep conditioning processes for locking curls at their ends. Such treatments penetrate and strengthen your hair shaft and also moisturize your curls right from inside.

RegularlyApply hair oil as well as a leave-in conditioner

If you do not want to compromise your curly hair quality and want them to look spic span from roots till ends, then never and ever forget applying hair oil on them. In addition, regularly apply good quality leave-in conditioners on them.

Like, after a shower, seal your curly hair texture upon using a leave-in conditioner. The oil and leave-in conditioner application align your curly hair and does not bring them in rough form. It is on the ends of your hair that you should apply these products so that well-defined curls can be achieved.

Avoid over-shampooing

Over-shampooing practice damage your curls and they alter their texture on dismal notes. In other words, over-shampooing makes your curly hair dry, and locks become less defined as well. Furthermore, over-shampooing practice remove all-natural oils from your scalp.

Curly hair needs a lot of natural oils and moisture and they come in the loose form if you over-shampoo them. Hence, you have to understand that the curlier your hair is, the less you should shampoo them. Try to use those shampoos that are sulfate-free.

Hydrate your Curly Hair Daily

How about hydrating your curly hair daily if you want to see the lush and defined looking from roots till ends, yes this is possible to do that! Most importantly, the protective cuticle layer of your curly hair is naturally and generally lifted.

This layer is more susceptible and vulnerable to damage. For this reason that it is recommended to keep your curly hair hydrated. You need to seal and lock this protective barrier and thus try your level best to keep your curly pattern supple enough.

Give a protein-based treatment to your Curly Hair

Trust us with this piece of advice and you will say your big thanks to us! Giving a protein treatment to your curly hair will make them healthy looking for years and years. Moreover, regular protein treatment is not going to change your curly pattern and they will avoid getting straight from ends. Most of the world-renowned and professional curly hairstylists have advised feeding your curly hair with protein treatments.

This is the only way that curly hair girls can maintain their hair overall health and shine and also the factor of manageability. There is curl restoration therapy that is loved by girls. In this therapy, your hair is passed through the heat-activated treatment and your curly hair gets into the position to restore its moisture and nutrients.

Cut Damaged Ends of your Curly Hair

The next solution is chop and chop! The minute you notice that your curls are losing their shape and texture from their ends, then chop them off. In other words, properly trim them and get back to normal curl shape at your ends again. This is in extreme cases that you can pursue and opt for this solution.

Chopping is suggested if your curly hair is permanently relaxed and elongated or if they have been heated damaged. So, what you can do is to cut or chop off their damaged ends. This is the best and ideal option embraced by my curly hair girls. Moreover, this strategy will help you grow back curly hair longer and stronger.

Say good-bye to flat irons and curling wands

The simplest way to get back curly hair at the ends is by saying goodbye to flat irons. If you already have curly hair and you often straight them, then this practice will ruin your natural curly pattern texture. In addition, hair texture that is over-processed by the utilization of heat styling tools loses its natural form. So, curly hair girls should not use a curling wand and flat iron on their pre-existing natural curls.

These appliances make your hair susceptible to breakage and thinning. Furthermore, flat iron and curling wands let your curly hair lose its strength as well as moisture. In other words, your curls lose immense elasticity and this whole process starts from end sections of yours.

Get a New Haircut

A big shout out to all curly hair girls, here we have a good piece of advice for you! Whenever you see that your curls are not retaining their natural pattern at ends, then you can get a new haircut for yourself. The option of getting a new haircut may solve this problem and you will, later on, get back curls at ends as well.

Avoid trying over-manipulative hairstyles

It is a must for you to avoid trying over-manipulative hairstyles if you have curly hair. Lots of girls have curly hair at roots and straight hair look at ends and this happens because they excessively make over-manipulative hairstyles. It is recommended to make protective hairstyles; this is how you can get lush curls at ends. Like, you can make twists, locks and you can even make braids. If you go with the practice of over manipulating your hair, then they may show you a negative reverse effect.

Comb your curly hair in the shower

If you have curly hair, then it is always recommended to comb and brush your hair while they are wet. Furthermore, you should avoid over combing your curly hair and stop combing them while they are completely dry.

By doing so, you may bring massive breakage to them and your hair will not be able to grow back in curly pattern again. When they are wet, simply comb them and well moisturize them as well.

Use curl creams and Air-dry your curly hair

When it comes to curly hair styling creams, it is suggested to use good quality curl creams and curl gels. You can even mix any hair oil in them and create your very own and desired curl-hold options.

Rest, you should air-dry your curly hair. You can only have tighter curls at roots and ends if they are air-dried and not exposed to heat styling elements. These are some of the simple ways that may guide and help you in getting back your curls at ends.

What happens to curly hair as you age?

what happens to curly hair as you age

One of the noticeable signs of getting older is that your curly hair starts to lose its original texture and pattern. In other words, as soon as you age and the minute your hair will start to turn gray, your overall genetics will be shifting and altering your hair follicle production.

It is generally seen that follicles produce less amount of hair as you age. We can say that as you grow older, your curly hair will get straight ends. This shift and transformation are proven by lots of master hairstylists.

Growing older makes your curly hair patterns get straighten and elongated at ends and this happens because your hair gets mature, older, brittle, and also thin and dull. This is the future hair condition that you have to always keep in mind.

So, if your grandmother’s hair pattern looks like this, then this is the possible reason!

Aging not only alters our hair follicles, it even alters the hormonal balancing aspect and this whole process changes our hair texture and also individual hair structure. Those girls who have curly hair at their very young age, later on, hair will eventually become fine and thin as they grow old. We mean to say that the diameter of their hair reduces and decreases with age.

When we just talk about this curly hair category, we have seen that things turn out to be a bit more specific and general. The texture of curly hair gets constantly alter and change. Girls having a curly hair pattern, every inch of their curly hair grows, and thus the whole hair pattern changes.

Furthermore, curly hair grows at a rate and speed of four inches per year, and in this phase, lots of changes happen in your hair texture.

Hence, you need to understand this common point that curls drop-down or get straight as you get older. They lose their bouncy effect when your age progress. If older women want to keep their curls spring back, what they can do is to keep their curls constantly and excessively moisturized. In addition, aged women can keep their curl follicles healthy upon trying out products having hyaluronic acid.

While you are getting older, you need to make sure to treat your curly hair accordingly. This is how you can keep your locks in their fresh condition. It is only healthy-looking curls that have the potential to bear and tolerate the weight of aging.

What Happens Whenever You Cut Curly Hair?

What Happens Whenever You Cut Curly Hair

There are lots of girls who have experienced this situation that their curly hair has become curlier when they got a new haircut. And some have complained that their curly pattern loses its form.

So, what is the real and actual scenario, that we are going to explore over here! The actual reality is that your curly hair remains as it is no matter you get a cut or trim. Furthermore, you can try out a few of the cuts for the sake of enhancing and improving your curly hairstyle.

  • If you have got heavy curly hair and you are planning to get a new cut, then keep in mind your curls will turn out to become lighter as well as springier. Moreover, you will get a super curlier appearance. In addition, as your heavy hair grows in length, the whole weight of your hair will then start to pull down. This practice stretches out your curls and they automatically get a looser and straighter form.
  • On the other hand, if you cut off damaged curls, this practice will be able to transform your hair instantly and immediately spring up. Besides, they appear and get bouncier. Upon trimming your curly hair, it gets easy for you to style and also maintain them.
  • Those girls who are planning to cut their curls, should not at all hope and expect that their practice will skyrocket their hair growth process. You need to believe and understand that cutting your curls will not at all make your hair grow quicker and faster. They will grow at their average normal speed. Trimming and cutting will only maintain the healthy look of your curly hair.

Tips & Tricks for Cutting Curly Hair and Straight-Free Ends

Now, the below tips will tell you how to lock your curly hair from top to bottom! These are simply ways in getting straight-free ends and easily flaunting curly hair from roots till ends. Moreover, you can share your own tips regarding how you keep your hair curly at the ends as well:

Know what you want

Curly hair girls should exactly know what they actually want while getting a haircut. Like, they should have a crystal clear idea of how much longer they are expecting, how much trimming they want.

Furthermore, they should decide beforehand how much weight they want to remove from their curls and how much volume they want to attain! All these questions have to be communicated and forwarded to your hairstylist so that an ideal curly hair look can be attained by you.

Find a salon that specializes in cutting curly hair

[/su_list]you should look for a salon that specializes in cutting curly hair. There is no need to destroy your precious curls in the hands of a person who does not know how to cut them. Moreover, contact and visit those salons that have hired experts in cutting and grooming curly hair. Great and professional stylists know how to play with your curly hair and thus give them the best look.

Cutting dry curly hair

It is recommended to cut dry curling hair. Upon doing so, you will not end up getting any surprises from the salon expert. We have seen that lots of curl stylists prefer and love to cut curly hair dry.  Just keep your curly hair in a natural dry state and ask your stylist to give them the best cut.

Learn and understand the lingo

Curly hair girls should learn and understand the lingo if they are out for a haircut. Through this knowledge, they can well decide what kind of cut they should go for. Like, the term dry cutting means the hair is cut while they are dry.

Furthermore, the dusting term means to get rid of damaged curly ends. Texturizing your curly hair means your hairstylist will angle the shears down and thus create a more tapered look. In addition, invisible layering removes weight in extra thick curly hair of yours. Blunt cutting your curly hair enhances definition as well as retains length.

How to keep your curly hair straight at the Ends with a Diffuser and without a Diffuser?

how to keep your curly hair straight

It is a lot easier to keep your curly hair straight at the ends with a diffuser or without a diffuser. Like, if you have got a diffuser that is attached to your blow dryer, then try curling your ends by using a diffuser at low heat speed. You should use a hard hold gel as well. Simply apply this gel at your hair ends and lock their curls forever. In addition, you can gently scrunch your curly hair ends.

If girls do not have a diffuser, what they can do is to[/su_list] their curly hair for about a duration and time frame of 20 minutes. After this time gap, you can remove the plop and allow your curly hair to air dry. This practice will help you lock your curls at the end and they will not get straight as well. Besides, this practice preserves your waves or curls as they dry.

My hair is naturally curly but won’t curl anymore

my hair is naturally curly but wont curl anymore

If your hair is naturally curly but they do not curl anymore, there are lots of reasons behind this problem for sure! Whenever you see that your hair has stopped curling itself, it means they have become over-moisturized. Furthermore, curly hair fails to curl anymore because they are in dire and extreme need of a protein treatment.

Aging can be one of the reasons that your hair does not curl naturally. Moreover, dying and chemically treating your hair damage its quality.

Signs that your hair no longer curls because they need proteins! In this deficiency mode, your curls tend to disappear or they become fall flat. Most importantly, lack of protein treatment allows your curls to lose their definition quickly. If your curly hair is deficient in protein, it means it will look very light, very flat, and almost weightless. There are many Hair Protein Treatment Options that you can go for so that your hair can start to curl naturally.

Some curly hair girls like to go for neutral protein fillers. This helps them getting natural-looking curls. This is a deep conditioning treatment that is suggested to all curly hair girls. No matter, your curly hair is short or long, this protein filler treatment should be pursued by girls.

Furthermore, one can go for a keratin protein treatment. This treatment puts a lot of weight on your curls and they do not become straight either at their roots or ends. Lastly, rice water treatment helps you maintain your curly hair naturally. It is advised to rinse your curly hair with rice water and see the magic.

Apart from lacking protein, changes due to hormones and thyroid problems well as natural aging factors loosen your curls. Girls lose their curls and this curly pattern disappears quickly if you have got a thyroid problem. This problem drastically changes your hair texture and no longer locks your curls. Lastly, if your hair is extremely weighed down, then this is a possibility that they will not naturally curl anymore.

Curly hair gone straight after haircut

curly hair gone straight after haircut

This is not at all possible that you have got a haircut and your curly hair gone straight! Like, you had a haircut on 03-03-2021 and till this time your hair pattern and texture are straight.

Most importantly, haircuts do not affect your hair texture. If they are curly, they will remain in a curly pattern no matter you cut them countless times. The same is the case with straight and combination hair types. Cutting and trimming do not make any difference.

So, if you have cut your curly hair, it will not go straight. This is just the misconception that is jumping in the girls minds for years and years. Your look and feel of curls will only get changed a little bit and nothing else. The minor difference that you may feel is that your curls will start to appear looser but they will get fine with the passage of time. Furthermore, if you have a looser curl pattern, then cutting your hair will give you looser and lighter curls in the initial days.

Curly hair goes straight when dry

You might have thought about this point regarding why your curly hair straight when dry, here you can check out the explanation. If your whole life has been occupied with this fact that why wavy or curly hair gets straight whenever they are dry, then there is a specific reason behind it.

You have to remember that hair that is wavy and curly dries straight and such hair are included in the category of naturally wavy curly hair. When they are dry, curly hair is generally weighed down as well as stretched out. Water weighs their hair in a downward direction and they get straight. Moreover, while you comb and brush the curly hair, they get straighten up. It is better to retain your curly hair look by applying gel, cream, or mousse to them.

In addition, water weight ruins your curly pattern texture. Their natural pattern gets disrupted on high notes. For retaining and maintaining curls, it is recommended to use a diffuser so that you can dry your curly hair faster and be able to combat this flattening and straightening effect.

Besides, plopping your curly hair may help you a lot in preserving your curly pattern look. Like, once you have come out from the shower, then plop your hair and lock your natural curls instantly. Before you use a diffuser, you have to follow this plopping technique. Beyond, if you do not want your curly hair to get straight, it is advised to use gel on your locks. Curly hair is not self-supporting and they always need a backing element. That is why you can use gel or mousse to better hold your curls.

Lastly, brushing crush your curly hair. They become straight because you brush and comb your curly hair a lot. You can comb them with your fingers and that is enough. Rest, using too heavy products and too much product content on your curly hair makes them straight. If you have curly hair, avoid using products that are infused with heavy oils and heavy butter. And just a dime-sized amount is enough to be applied to your curly hair.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Question 1: How to get naturally curly hair back?

Answer: To get naturally curly hair back, there are various tips and tricks that you can follow. Your curls can get back their life if you manage to get rid of build-up and stop using heavy styling products. You can maintain your curly hair pattern if you do regular trimming and invest in protein treatments.

Say no heat-stylers and cleanse, moisturize and treat your curly hair professionally. This hair type tends to be extremely delicate and fragile. It needs comparatively more attention from your side.

Question 2: Can curly hair turn straight permanently?

Answer: For turning your curly hair into straight pattern permanently, there are lots of treatments and options that you can go for. You may have heard about the permanent hair straightening treatments that are opted by girls. These are chemically processed procedures that transform your curly hair into straight form.

Furthermore, you can keep on brushing your curly hair, this may help you in getting loosen and straighten hair look. Other method is to apply soothing creams and washing your hair with milk. You can even apply a Banana-Honey Mask two times in a week for the sake of getting straight hair permanently

Question 3: Why do my natural curls go straight?

Answer: Hormonal imbalance, aging, puberty and pregnancy phase are one of the possible and genuine reasons that turns your natural curls go straight. On the other, the repeated and frequent use of straightening irons alters your curly roots and ends to get straight.

Furthermore, bleaching your curly hair change their pattern and texture as well! If you make all these mistakes, then damage comes out to be reversible and your natural curls eventually go straight. Hence, it is all because of the combination of genetics, and hormones as well as body chemistry that your hair alters their pattern and witnesses this great transformation.

Question 4: Why do my natural curls fall out so fast?

Answer: Most of the girls are pondering and brain-storming on this question regarding why do their natural curls fall out so fast! It is largely because of the hormonal changes this troublesome and unexpected situation happens. When a girl enter into pregnancy mode or puberty mode or menopause mode, then her curl pattern naturally changes and her curls starts to fall out so fast.

Moreover, her hair follicles shape gets change and that is why her curly hair experiences this transformation too! This is the major and primary reason that why do natural curls fall out so quickly and fast.

Question 5: Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top?

Answer: A bunch number of girls out there have curly hair underneath and straight hair on top, this happens because they have a combination hair type. In other words, such girls have both of a mix and fusion of curly and straight hair types.

Besides, it is completely normal and fine to see such a combination hair type. It is due to genetics that girls have curly hair at their ends and straight hair on their roots. Talking on the technical notes, this situation happens when your curly hair gene is not completely dominant. This is a mixed hair type that is embraced by lots of girls. For fixing this combination hair look, you can use a straightener and give a complete straight look to your hair. Or you can use a curling rod to bring a complete curling effect on your hair.


Now, you have understood all the basic information on why curly hair gets straight at their ends and how to lock and maintain your curly pattern! We will be really happy if you share your stories and experiences with us that what hair type you used to have in your childhood and how your hair has transformed as you have grown older.

Hence, curly hair looks just wow and amazing and to put cherry on the top, they look magical if they give a bouncy effect from top till bottom. Lots of factors let your hair lose its curly pattern but you can follow the above written suggestion to retain those curls for years and years.

If you think that your body chemistry and hormonal changes are loosening your curly pattern texture, then follow smart tips to avoid this future problem. Like, you can regularly expose your curly hair with protein treatments, shampoo them and go on cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing your curly hair as well.

Besides, when you age or when you give birth to your kids, there is a high chance that your hair will gone and transform from straight to curly as well as vice versa. You should not get surprised to see these changes because they are natural. You can keep tuned with us so that more discussions on curly hair can be shared with you,

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