Why Does my Hair Grow Uneven?

A person is always looked up when they enter someplace. If we look up to a complete personality, the hair, its design, and styling do matter in making a first impression. The hairs are a vital part of the person’s life, and they are known to have a few responsibilities of their own, which are the following:

  • Protection
  • Heat Retention.
  • Facial Expression.
  • Sensory Reception.
  • Visual Identification.
  • Chemical Signal Dispersal

Why Does my Hair Grow Uneven? The answer is Your hair grow uneven due to, improper sunlight exposure, stressful schedule, no intake of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the healthy growth of hairs, too much styling, continuous skipping of meals due to busy day, last but not the least your sleeping habit do define the hair texture and growth.

When people cut their hair to get a new design, their very utmost concern is their growing up, they measure their hair with a few tricks, and always seem to be applying homemade stuff for their growth but did it ever occur to you what are you doing wrong? There may be a lot of minor stuff which you are doing wrongly, they can also restrict your hair growth and shininess. All these things can be discussed along with all the things which your hairs need to have a healthy and shiny look.

Why are my hairs not growing as per last year or before that? This is the most common thing every girl says.

Let’s discuss the things which affect hair growth and see what is wrong and how to fix it.

Hairs and Their Myths.

Hairs and Their Myths

Hairs are the most extraordinary tissues of the human body. As per research found, hairs are the 2nd fastest growing tissues apart from born marrow. Just like many other things, old civilization, along with different recipes and myths are attached to them. Most old people thought that cutting the hairs can offend their religious culture, but time and research have shown that to be insignificant.  Early people tried to use different mythology for the growth of hairs, and although those homemade recipes have ever lasted effects, the young generation doesn’t believe in it.

  • The hairs can grow faster if we use oil. FALSE, originally the idea is to provide nourishment to the hairs, and if we put some extra oil, it will block the flow of oxygen to the hairs. Making them dead and eventually broken apart.
  • Another important myth is if we cut our hair, it will grow more in length. FALSE, hair growth is not associated with hair growth. Sometimes the hairs grew longer, And sometimes not.
  • Some of the myths regard stress causing the white hairs but it’s also the FALSE alarm as it is not the case. The white hairs happened due to the lack of vitamins in the scalp.
  • Early people thought that hairs growth is associated with the turns of the sun and moon. FALSE alarm as it only happens in a few of the cases. Mostly the hairs are affected the healthy food.

Extra Hair Treatment

The hairs always needed extra care, they need time and different types of methods to make them look shiny and healthy. There are different types of hairs, and each one of them needs something different from the actual to look good. But before doing any experiment with your hair, always remember to get an appointment with your hair expert. They are well-qualified to tell you what is wrong and how to set it right.

Curly Hair:

The curly hairs have more curls making them more tangled. The best conditioner can be used to make them look soft and smooth. The curls although boost up your personality but makes you restricted with the hair designs. If you are going for any hair treatment always nourish your hair and keep up constantly with your hair expert.

Dull Hairs:

The dull hairs are due to a lack of essential vitamins and oil. They can get dry over time too. The hair scalp needs oiling and frequent use of salinized water can also get them dry.

Dandruff Hair:

Dandruff in hairs can be caused due to dry hair scalp. However, it’s very easy to diagnose the issue rather than cure it. A few of the things can be promising but it is not the ultimate solution. Proper oiling, putting aloe vera in hairs, few handy tricks with home ingredients gives good results.

Wavy and Kinky Hairs:

The hairs have waves and curls along with coils in them, these coils can make hairs stiff and makes them dull. The hairs need a proper hair serum which can give a softer look to the hairs and make them look healthier too. 

What Stops the Hair Growth

What Stops the Hair Growth

The main concern which we face is why? Why don’t the hairs grow more? Why do we get dry hair? There are so many ‘why’ attached with the hairs and hair experts are continuously working on this aspect and have overcome with different conditioners and serums.

Reason No 1:

First, let’s see what we get wrong which results in stopping the growth of the hairs. Every girl’s dream is to have long hair and to accomplish that she uses different things but what we don’t consider is that genetics played a vital role in the texture and growth of the hairs. It’s been said that the hair traits are very common to transfer from one generation to another and this might be one of the many reasons why your hairs are thin.

Reason No 2:

Some psychological personnel thinks that if we are under stress about anything, that enhances the brain activity as a result that uses all the keratin tissues present in the scalp. Apart from this tissue accumulation, the stress trigger release of telogen effluvium. This in fact is a state where the hairs either turned their color into grey or white or get in a resting state, meaning the hairs are neither growing nor taking anything to grow. They become thin, dull and this state lasts at least 6 months.

Reason No 3:

It is seen that the women entering the age of 35+ shows sign of hair whitening, or hair falling. The hair expert says that this is the exact time when your hairs need a little extra care according to their hair type. This is the phase that ensures the hormonal change of the body, and it affects the body and the hairs. Approx. 50% of the hormones are associated with the physical change of the body, and their imbalance meant causes the stopping of hair growth.

Reason No 4:

Reason No 4:

When we talk about the stopping of hair growth, we have another culprit, which is the split ends. Well as the name indicates the hair ends are spilled making it difficult for the hairs to grow in one way and be healthy. Heat damaged hairs and split ends can’t be cured with any conditioner or hair serum or hair mask. Their cure is in cutting the hairs or trimming the split ends, but this will only make the hairs looks shorter. Hairs do look healthier when cut short, but the growth of hairs is compromised.

Reason No 5:

Medically speaking, there are a few problems that can result in the loss of hair. Everyone is familiar with cancer, but the thyroid problem also brings a lot of hair loss, either increased or decreased rate of thyroid, resulting in the stopping of the hairs growth. Basically, it happens because the thyroid is not able to produce enough hormones and these hormones are active in hair growth.

Reason No 6:

With the advancement of skin and beauty products, everyone looks young, but age cannot be hidden, as it affects hair loss. The elder you get; the more hair loss happens. It’s a part of the life circle.

Reason No 7:

It is seen that the younger generation also suffers from hair loss or stopping hair growth. Everyone wonders why? The answer is very simple yet understandable. The younger generation uses a lot of fashion trends on their hairs, either cutting hair, changing the colors of the hairs, applying masks, or having bleached. Constant ironing of the hairs also makes them dull and makes them difficult to grow. They get thin with each treatment as each one undergoes different chemicals. We must be very careful with using hair products.

Here we have all the possible things that may have stopped the growth of the hairs but there are few who took extra care of their hairs and still gets uneven growth or no growth.

Why Does my Hair Grow Uneven?

Why Does my Hair Grow Uneven?

As we have discussed all the possible ways which can affect the growth of the hairs, there are a few effects of the uneven growth too. Let’s look at them and discuss them in detail.

The uneven growth can be very disturbing as the style looks weird when grown in a different way. The hair when tied in a bun doesn’t look bad but if we are to have a stylish braid in hair it is difficult to make a balance. Here an expert hair advises having another hair trim to balance the hairs or just bear it out and leave them.  There are a handful of things that causes hair growth unevenly.

  • Improper sun exposure to the hairs: The hairs need a vital amount of sunlight to grow, if they didn’t get the required amount it will result in de-shaping, dullness, and sometimes extreme hair fall.
  • Loss of vitamins: The vitamins and minerals are very important for hair keratin. If the amount gets lowered in any form the scalp of hairs will become dry and dull.
  • Skipping meals: The tough schedule can sometimes result in skipping meals. This makes you malnourished and the effects can be seen in your dull hairs.
  • Stress out days: Everyone is working day in and out, and the stress makes them prone to no extra care of hairs, no care will make hairs thin, and the shine will leave the hairs.
  • Too much hairstyling: If you are a party-type person, the new styling is your habit then you need to change as more styles in the hair make the hair weak and de-shaped.
  • Sleeping on one-sided continuously: If a person sleeps on the right side or left side continuously the hairs are bent out in that direction, making it difficult to make the simple ponytail without the de-shape of hairs.
  • Sleeping Habit: Tossing around is not a good habit, it makes the hairs tangled on a bed and if you are sleeping with hair tied out, they can fall a lot more often.

Any Best Solution for This

There may be many problematic issues regarding the uneven growth of hairs. But hair experts are also working to get the solution to the hair problems. The solution might take your time, but it will give results accordingly, the best way to start any remedial for the hair uneven growth is to book an appointment with the hair expert and look at the hair texture.

Hair Masks and Serums:

Many hair experts believe that the proper use of hair masks and hair serums will increase the health of hair scalp and thus enable the growth of new hairs more rapidly. This can make hairs look thicker and healthier.

Hair Growth Supplements in Diet:

It is believed that the diet affects hair growth, that’s why hair experts suggest continuous use of hair supplements in your diet. It can also increase the hair growth process.

Frequent Trims:

The hairs experts believe that the hairs need a trim every 4 months. It increases hair growth more along with the hair quality. Hair tips when cut increase more rapidly.

Avoid Hairstyling:

The hairstyling requires back-combing, using a hot iron, and sometimes curling with the machine. All these procedures put heat in hairs which can get the growth affected.  The heat damages the hair and applying different styling just makes it thinner. If you want your hair to look healthier, avoid putting on new hairstyles for some time.


Here at the end let’s summarize the topic discussed in detail, uneven growth of the hairs.

As we all know that the hairs make the most of the personality of the person, that’s one of the many reasons why the hair experts always ask the person to visit the salon regularly.

After looking at all the possible reasons, you should also know that a healthy diet can make your hairs look shinier and thicker. Most people cut down their hair, in different styles, and adding of colors to their hair. This can make the hairs look dull with the passage of time. Hair experts suggest taking a hair protein treatment approx. after 6 months which will overcome any kind of deficiency of hairs. They needed as much care as any organ needed of the human body and with nourishment, we can overcome the issue of uneven growth.

Keep in your mind that the hormonal up and down along with many internal diseases, can mix up and makes your hair looks thin and dull, this can go away when you take the proper intake of supplements along with a little extra care.

Allice Smith

Allice Smith is a hair care lover when she was a teenager. Her major was a beauty when she was in college. She is a makeup artist. Now she is also a writer for our website. She writes a lot of haircare posts with very actionable tips.

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