What To Do When You Don’t Have Enough Hair Dye? Top Guide

So, what to do if not enough hair dye? We have some great solutions for you. Go through all the details and see what to do instead of worrying a lot and becoming panic-filled! If you have a limited dye, rush to shop and get a new bottle pack for yourself. Or you can utilize that limited pack smartly.

In such a situation, If you do not have enough hair dye, you can only color your roots or ends instead of dying whole hair. Moreover, you can only color your bangs, go for lowlights or highlights, or do streaks- these are a few of the smart ideas that you can follow in case you do not have enough dye.

Besides, you should not add tap water, shampoo, and conditioner to increase the dye quantity. If you will make this blunder, the wrong shade will come on your hair and the consistency will come out in the runny mixture form.

Thus, these are the dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind if you do not have ample dye. We have mentioned all of these important things in detail; go through them and let us know if you have any questions:

What to Do When you Don’t Have Enough Hair Dye?

The only solution to opt for while you are running out of dye! It is to get a new bottle. There is no need to panic in such a situation. That is pretty much a common problem that we often face while applying a dye. Some like adding filtered water, conditioner, or shampoo just to increase the quantity of their dye.

This is the common and widely embraced hack seen in countries like Bangladesh. In addition, this same hack can be followed if you are looking for the answer to the question, what to do if you run out of hair bleach! Those who do not have enough dye or bleach; avoid coloring their whole strands and instead go for only root touch-up jobs or streak their strands.

Why do we Run Out of Dye When One Bottle Used to be Enough in the Past?

Why do we Run Out of Dye When One Bottle Used to be Enough in the Past?

You might have noticed that one bottle used to be enough in the past, but now you often run out of dye, why does this happen? This situation occurs because your strands have become more porous and they absorb more color. That is why one bottle is no longer enough.

The minute you see that your strands have become porous and they absorb more dye, and then make it a practice to buy two bottles in the future. Dry hear becomes porous and that is why their absorbing capacity comparatively becomes more.

So, the answer to your question, can I use 2 boxes of hair dye! Yes, you should be using two boxes of dye if your hair absorbs more color as compared to the past. Also, How Much Hair Dye Do I Need, would be helpful for you to estimate the right quantity.

What Happens When you Add Water to your Dye?

Lots of girls have tried this hack of adding water to their dyes. Do you know what happens when you add water? Here we are going to tell you! Diluting your color with water will increase its quantity but desired shade will not come on your strands.

It is recommended to avoid adding water and instead buy a new dye box. Some people add tap water that further deteriorates and mess up the whole coloring process.

Adding tap water makes the dye consistency thin and you will end up getting a runny mixture. The strength and overall power of coloring agents will get reduced as well. So, avoid the addition of water because this hack will not work at all. Most importantly, adding tap water dilutes the developer.

It fails to undergo and precede the chemical reaction. Celebs like Margot Robbie have also recommended not adding water into your dye. If you do not have sufficient shade, buy a new bottle.

How to Apply the Second Dye Once you have Rinsed your First Dye?

To deal with the situation when you do not have enough colorant! In this case, it is suggested to first apply the shade that is already in the bottle. Rinse your strands, go to the shop, buy the new pack, and apply the shade again on your hair. When doing the second application, make sure that your strands are completely dry and not at all wet or damp. In addition, apply the second bottle evenly and avoid missing any section of your hair. Start from roots and finish the application process to ends.

We know that the whole process looks lengthy and time-consuming but that is all that you can do if you are running out of shade. This is the sensible and wise practice that one should go for instead of increasing the dye quantity by adding tap water.

Can you Dilute Box Hair Dye with Conditioner?

Can you Dilute Box Hair Dye with Conditioner?

Experts have not recommended diluting the box hair dye with conditioner. If you do so, the quality of shade will get reduced and expected color will not emerge on your strands.

Increasing the shade quantity will not solve your problem. Some even add shampoo when they do not have enough shade. But both of these hacks will certainly not work! This hack will further weaken your colorant quality.

Diluting the shade with thick liquid, you will eventually get a lighter color as compared to the original shade color. In addition, the injection of the conditioner will disturb the dying process.

It will not allow your cuticles to open up and the coloring agents’ power will get diminished. If you have just run out of shade on 07-01-2022, you can share with us which solution or hack you went for and what were the results!

Top Tips if you have a Limited Hair Dye

There are a few of the useful and valuable tips that you can go for if you have a limited and not-so-sufficient color in your bottle. We hope that these tips will work for you. You can share with us your suggestions and ideas as well:

Getting Highlights or Lowlights

If you do not have enough shade, we recommend you have highlights or lowlights instead of coloring your entire strands. It is one of the best ideas that you can definitely opt for. Most noteworthy, with a limited quantity, lots of girls always consider this practice and eventually oomph their look. You only have to add shade to your selective strands. In this method, no foils are needed. You only need disposable gloves and simply go on applying lowlights or highlights with limited color in your hands.

Getting Streaks On!

The next idea is to get streaks if your shade quantity is not adequate. This idea will give you a punky look and you will certainly love it. Apply streaks on the desired sections and get the most dynamic and impressive look in less time. Moreover, if you have got a darker shade, then it is recommended to get lighter streaks by further dissolving that shade.

Color the End Sections of your Hair

For those who do not have ample shade, it is suggested to only color the end sections of their hair. Coloring the ends will give you a different look. No doubt, it is next to impossible thing to cover the whole hair with that limited dye, so as an alternative, you can only cover and color the ends!

Color your Bangs Only

How about coloring your bangs only if you do have not so sufficient color? Yes, you can do that! This idea will give you the coolest look and we are sure about that. Do not worry or panic if you have a limited dye, the smart and wise idea is to color your bangs.

Coloring the Roots

With the little colorant, you can only color your roots, and trust us, you will look great. Simply apply the color on your newly grown strands and flaunt this rocking look. Just imagine that your hair is amber in shade and their roots are of dark shade, how epic and exciting the look will come out to be!

How to Make Hair Dye Less Vibrant?

How to Make Hair Dye Less Vibrant?

Below you can see the important details that tell you how to make your dyed strands less vibrant, let us have a look at the below-mentioned information:

Using a Clarifying Shampoo

You can make your shade less vibrant by using a clarifying shampoo. On using a strong shampoo, the color will fade away in less time. You can break the coloring bond by following this idea. The application of clarifying shampoo will rinse and disappear the freshly colored hair. On the other hand, if you think that the shade looks too intense, you can make it lighter by washing them with hot water.

Using Hair Color Remover

Moreover, you can use a color remover if you wish to lighten your shade. Lots of color removers and stripers are available in the market, you can try out them. Most noteworthy, it is an effective way to fade color from your strands and this hack will not damage your hair quality.

Exposing your Colored Hair to Sun Rays

If you expose your colored strands to sun rays, the color will fade away and get disappear. However, this is not a recommended tip because too much exposure to sun rays will damage your skin and hair texture and even harm your scalp.

Go to a Salon

You can rush yourself to a salon if you want to lighten the color of your strands as soon as possible. Professionals are there in-salon and they will definitely weaken your color without taking too much of your time.

Salon treatments are expensive so make sure that you have enough money. The common treatment opted by salons is that they give your strands a bleach bath and take away all color from it.

How to Make My Hair Dye Lighter?

How to Make My Hair Dye Lighter?

There are more ways that help you make your hair color lighter. Below we have listed down those methods, you can have a look at the required details:

DIY Hack – the Application of Baking Soda

Lots of DIY hacks are there that help you make your color lighter! Among the topmost ones, we have this baking soda application process. It possesses excellent property to lighten up your shade in less time.

Just prepare its mixture by combining it with a high-quality medicated dandruff shampoo. No doubt, it is an effective at-home lightener that you can try out. It naturally makes your dye lighten and makes the color fade quickly.

The Application of White Vinegar Hair Mask

If you wish to get rid of the color of your strands, it is suggested to apply a white vinegar mask. We all know that baking soda comes in the form of an alkaline base and highly acidic element like we have vinegar has the tendency to disappear the shade from your strands. Vinegar is enriched with lots of acidic properties.

It gets penetrated into the outermost cuticle layer and loosens the coloring bonds. In addition, it will instantly oxidize as well as fade the color.

Using Crushed Vitamin C Tablets

You can use crushed vitamin C tablets to lighten your colored strands. Just mix these crushed tablets with a clarifying shampoo and get done with your job. Moreover, vitamin C act in the form of vinegar and it is also an acidic substance. It slips and gets fully penetrated into your outermost cuticle layer and extra the dye from your strands.

ts application will certainly and definitely scrub away the color. You eventually get the lighter shade. Whenever you are going to combine these Vitamin C tablets with a high-quality cleansing and clarifying shampoo, the overall results will come out to be more effective.

The absorption of vitamin C into your scalp and strands makes them more healthy and nourished. This application ensures collagen production and boosts the strength and health of your strands. You also need to keep in mind that Vitamin C is an antioxidant. It kills free radicals and manages to keep your scalp clean.


We are hopeful that you have understood the details on what to do if not enough hair dye? Feel free to let us know what hacks you follow if you running out of hair shade and what common solution you opt for. From the above-mentioned discussion, it is better to rush to the market and get the second bottle pack.

Or instead of coloring your entire hair, you can just color the roots or ends or bangs. In addition, you can put streaks or go for lowlights/highlights. So, yes, lots of ideas are there that encourage you to make smart use of limited dye.

Remember that you should not ever and ever add water, shampoo, or any sort of conditioner in the colorant to increase its quantity. This practice will give you zero results, runny mixture, and flop results.

Thus, if you want to color your whole hair and you do not have enough shade, go to the shop and get a new bottle pack!

Besides, if you see that your strands have become longer and they were short in the past, then that is an obvious thing that shorter length needs a single bottle and longer length requires two bottles at least. Beyond, porous strands absorb more dye and they will always need two bottles, so keep in mind this important point. Stay tuned as more information on the hair dyes is coming up.

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