What to Do After Plopping Hair Overnight? Expert Advice

When you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, the hardest part after that is drying your hair. Isn’t it?? Does it feel like an all-day event??

If the is “yes” then here is a hair drying technique that will cut your drying time by half.

It is called the “plopping” hair method.

Plopping is a game-changing method if you want to get perfect well defined curls in your hair.

This method is in the trend for quite a long time but people do not know its name.

If you have curly hair (type 3a, 3b, and 3c) and are tired of frizzy hair then this technique is best for you! Maintaining your curls can take more effort and energy.

Although the word ‘plopping’ seems to be silly according to “Wes Sharpton” (resident hairstylist at New York’s Hair story salon) “it is a heat-free drying technique that utilizes cloth to air dry curls”

First up, what does plopping means? Well, the answer is hidden in its own name. It is a heat-free drying technique in which you ‘plop’ all of your wet curly hair onto a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel.

All you need to apply a styling product after plopping hair. What you use will depend on your hair type. If you have fine hair, you should use a light hold product. If you have curly or wavy hair, you’ll need a heavier product to keep the curls in place. You can also use a finishing spray to set your style and add shine. 

Popping is a full-proof method of getting frizz-free curls without very little effort. This technique will work for those whose curls fall at or below the shoulder. It is also a trending hair drying technique for ‘tik take and Instagram influencers.

You will start loving your hair after trying this technique. It is also a hair curling technique without applying heat to your hair. It will leave your hair smooth and shiny and is the best way to change your coarse hair texture.

You can have a lot of advantages after trying this technique. It can make your curls frizz-free. If you have tight curls, then this method will give you dry soft frizz-free hair. If your curls are loose or wavy, then plopping can give your hair a volume and a lift at the crown.

Plopping can work perfectly if you have long curly hair. But if you have short curls then you have to adopt a different procedure for plopping your hair. Your duration for plopping will also be shortened. But here is trouble that all curly hair girls face and that is their curly hair gets straight at the endsIf you are also facing it, don’t worry. Just find the reason inside the link and overcome the problem.

What is Plopping Hair?

First, you need to know what “plopping” actually means. It is a simple technique in which you gather all your curls at the top of your head and then wrap them with a t-shirt or a dry towel and let them dry. You will get exceptional curls after trying this technique.

If you are tired of using different heating tools for your hair, then ‘plopping’ is the best heat-free method for drying your hair and getting the best curls ever.

There are different advantages of using this technique. Firstly, it is heat-free as heating your hair repeatedly with different straighteners or curling irons or other tools can result in damaging your curls.

The A–list hairstylist and brand ambassador of SheaMoisture said “hair plopping helps to dry your hair more efficiently with less frizz. It also creates more defined, voluminous, and longer-lasting curls”

Although it is the best hair drying technique for curly hair people with other hair types can also try this gentle drying technique.

Alas! The plopping technique is not for everyone. If you have low porosity hairs then this technique would not work on your hair type.

Does plopping work on straight hairs? Well, the answer is ‘yes’ the intensity of curls on straight hair can vary but plopping your straight hair is possible. It will leave your straight hair with loose curls or with waves.

What Is the Plopping Hair Drying Technique?

What Is the Plopping Hair Drying Technique?

If you have curly hairs and want to try the plopping hair techniques to tame your frizz, then here is a complete guide for it. Fortunately, it does not involve any heating method or use of curlers or endless round brushes. You will only need a dry towel or an old t-shirt for this technique.

The basic tools that you will need for this method are:

  1. A microfiber towel or an old t-shirt
  2. A leave-in conditioner
  3. Hair setting gel
  4. Blow-dry with a diffuser

There are some preliminary procedures that you have to follow before plopping your hair with a towel or t-shirt.

  1. After shampooing your hair, you have to blot them with a towel or t-shirt. Squeeze your hair to dry them instead of rubbing them with a towel.
  2. Then detangle them by using a wide-tooth comb.
  3. Then moisturize your hair by applying a leave-in conditioner. In this step, you can lock all the moisture in your hair and you will get amazing curls.

You can use a water-based leave-in conditioner for attaining the desired moisture for your curly hairs and then apply the oil to lock in the moisture. Then comb your hair to evenly distribute the conditioner in your hair and to detangle them. You can apply the conditioner to your roots to make them look oily.

Remember that curls love moisture! The thinner the material, the better you will be able to plop your hair. Cloth is meant to keep your hair at a place, not the take away all the moisture.

Plopping your hair will give you volume also and it will avoid split ends as well. and will definitely fin the resulting hair plopping before and after applying.

How to Plop your Hair with a T-Shirt?

Spread the t-shirt on a flat surface in such a way that the sleeves of the shirt should be facing you. Bend your hair forward slowly and make sure that the crown of your head touches the center of the shirt place your curls on the shirt in an accordion fashion. Place the end of the shirt behind your back and then grab the sleeves.

Then gather the fabric and the twists. Tie the knot with the sleeves at the back to keep your hair in place. This will look like a turban on your head.

After this, you have to wait for 10 to 20 minutes to absorb all the excess water. After 10 to 20 minutes, undo the knot of the t-shirt and you will have perfect curls. If the water is not completely dried, then you have the option of air drying your hair or you can use blow-dry with the diffuser without touching your hair locks so that the curls are maintained.

How to Plop Hair with a Towel?

How to Plop Hair with a Towel?

Plopping your hair with a microfiber towel is an easy and convenient way to get the perfect curls at home. For this, you will need a large towel. You can use the same towel that you use to dry your hair after the shampoo.

Spread the towel onto a flat surface. Then gather all your hairs at the top of your head and then bend forward slowly in such a way that the crown of your head touches the center of the towel.

Grab the back of your towel and then put it on the nape of your neck. Then gather the rest of the towel and then twist it in front of your face. Then take the towel on the back of your head.

One square inch of a microfiber towel has 200,000 fibers. This surface area is larger enough to absorb all the excess moisture than a regular towel or an old t-shirt.

How to Plop Hair with Short Sleeve Shirt?

Spread the t-shirt onto a flat surface with the neck facing away from you. Bend your head onto the lower third of the shirt. Fold the bottom of the shirt and tie it like a headband. Then grab the shirt from the neck side and tie it on the forehead with the help of its sleeve, let me also share your video from you-tube.

If you tie it directly on the top of your head, then you will be putting a lot of pressure on your curls. Your main aim of plopping should be getting the volume at your roots.  If you knot it on the back, then it will be very uncomfortable while sleeping.

Then leave it as it is as long as you can. You can sleep on it or get ready to go somewhere. As it is a heat-free process this is why you do not have to worry about your hair getting damaged by it.

The size of the shirt also matters a lot. If you are using an adult size shirt that has enough space for your curls to get secured easily then it is good to use it. But if you are using a short-sized shirt with a short sleeve then you would not have enough fabric to get your hair secured while plopping.

What to do After Plopping Hair Overnight?

What to do After Plopping Hair Overnight?

After applying the moisture and oil to your hair and applying any one of the techniques discussed above, leave your hair overnight and have sweet dreams of well-defined, voluminous, and frizz-free hair!!

The next morning, you must remove the towel and shake out your hair so that the curls fall down. Avoid combing your hair but you can use your fingers to remove any tangles.

If your hair is still wet, then you must dry them.

Apply a heat protectant spray and then blow dry with a diffuser or you can air dry them.

Is Plopping Bad for your Hair?

Plopping is not bad for your hair at all because it is a heat-free technique that will give you perfect curls. Applying straighteners or curling irons can damage your hair. Any kind of heat on the hair can be dangerous for your hair because our main priority must be to maintain the hair’s natural moisture balance.

  • Plopping your hair with a t-shirt or towel will cut down the drying time by half.
  • It will make your hair frizz-free if you are using a t-shirt for it.
  • It also prevents split ends.
  • It will also give volume to your hair.
  • It will increase your curls.
  • After plopping, avoid using the narrow tooth comb because you will lose all the curls after using it.

Hair plopping overnight is one of the drying methods that can completely change the way you handle your curly hairs. It is important to note that the healthier the hair, the better your plopping results will be.

What to do Before Plopping Hair?

What to do before plopping hair? Well, that is an interesting question because before plopping your hair, you have prepared your hair for this technique. After washing your hair with shampoo, dry your hair using a towel.

You have to find the exact level of wetness at which you have to plop your hair. Your level of wetness may vary from dripping wet, soaking wet, or just wet. You will only analyze it after trial and error. Use a microfiber towel to scrunch away water as needed. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. Gently blot them with the towel.

Then apply the leave-in conditioner. By applying the conditioner, you will lock all the moisture in your hair.

You can also use the water-based leave-in conditioner to attain the maximum moisture and then apply oil to your hair to lock the moisture.

How Long Does Hair Take to Dry when Plopping?

How Long Does Hair Take to Dry when Plopping?

Drying your hair by plopping depends upon the porosity of your hair. If you have high to medium porosity hair then it will take longer to dry them than the low porosity hair.

It will be your call totally that how long your hair takes to air dry.

As plopping your hair cuts your drying time by half, it takes only about 10 to 20 minutes to dry your hair using a microfiber towel or t-shirt. Since is a heat-free method, it will also keep your hair soft and frizz-free.

If after 10 to 20 minutes, you find some flat spots then there is no need to worry. Grab the curling iron and get those hair done. In some cases, drying through plopping can take more than 20 minutes. Some people plop their hair for more than 10 to 20 minutes.

It can vary from half an hour to an hour also. You have tried different timings in order to find out the perfect timing for your hair to plop.

Should you Plop your Hair Overnight?

Some people prefer to plop their hair for a longer period of time like overnight but this idea does not work for everyone. You have to try different time intervals until you find the time that works best for you and your hair.

Yes, you can plop your hair overnight. It will be a great time saver. Forget all the horror stories about going to bed with wet hair. But again it will be a trial and error chance. If your hair is wet in the morning after plopping overnight for the first time then next time you have to let your hair air dry first and then plop them overnight. If you want the curls to last longer then you can plop your hair for 7 to 8 hours.

But in this case, be careful that not all the hair gets dry because if all the hair is dried after plopping then you will have to detangle your hair. Detangling your hair will cause you to lose your curls completely after the plopping.

Plopping your hair overnight also depends upon your sleeping position. It has been found that people who plop their hair overnight perfectly tend to not move around too much in their sleep. Plopping your hair overnight will give the best results. After 7 to 8 hours, you will have the perfect curls.

Plopping overnight will work for some people and not so well for others.

Does Plopping Work on Straight Hair?

Yes! Plopping straight hair is possible. Although the intensity of the curls will be low as compared to curly hairs. But it can give a wavy textured hair very easily. If you have straight hair, then plopping will leave your hair with light loose curls and wavy textures.

If you have used the wrong hair products, then this plopping technique will not be effective for your hair. If you have straight hair, then you can also plop your hair. After plopping your straight hair, you will have wavy hair or soft curls.

Plopping your hair is actually a trial and error method. You have to figure it out yourself either to plop your hair after partial drying or after complete drying of your hair. Once you find the method which works for your hair perfectly, stick with it.


In a nutshell, plopping your hair is the best technique if you want perfect curls in your hair. This method is in the trend nowadays. Ideally, women with medium to long hair will get the best results from plopping their hair.

If your hair falls below the shoulder, then plopping is an ideal technique for you. You can use a microfiber or a t-shirt to try this method. Before plopping, you have to do some basic preparations. After washing your hair with shampoo, gently blot your hair with a towel and avoid rubbing your hair against the towel.

After blotting, you have apply the leave-in conditioner or gel to get the perfect curls. Avoid using hair products that contain sulfates, silicon,e or paraben because they will remove all the required moisture from your hair and they will cause dryness. As a result, you would not have the perfect curls.

A microfiber towel can absorb all the excess moisture from your hair and give you frizz-free hair. Microfiber towels would not leave behind the balls of lint like regular towels do.

If you are using a t-shirt then you have to follow the procedure discussed in this article. Avoid tying the knot of the towel on the upper part of your head because it will put extra pressure on your curls.

Also avoid tying the knot on the back of your head because if you have a plan of plopping overnight, then it would be very uncomfortable for you to sleep with it.

The basic advantage of plopping your hair is that it cuts down the drying time by half. It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes for plopping. It is also a heat-free method of obtaining the perfect curls. You will not have to use any curling irons or round brushes to plop your hair.

It might take some time to get used to your new hair routine but the results will be amazing after that!!

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