What is Wellaplex Hair Treatment? (Advice from Beautician)

So, what is Wellaplex hair treatment, here you can go through the complete details? If you do not want to give a damaged look to your hair once you have colored or highlighted them, then opting for this treatment is a must for you.

The answer is Wellaplex hair treatment reconstructs your strands, strengthens them, and makes them shinier and lush-looking. By especially targeting the inner base of the hair, Wellaplex rebuild them from where the hair is broken. When the inner structure is properly fixed, the natural health of the hair is restored.

If you think that your strands have got damaged or broken and they are in need of healthy and effective treatment, we suggest you go with the Wellaplex option. This respective procedure will prevent your hair from getting deformed and avoid wear and tear. It protects and safeguards your hair bonds and they manage to retain their health for the longest time.

Below you can see more of the details about this treatment and in case of any questions, ask us. Time to inject a new life into your hair and that is possible if you opt for such treatments like we are going to discuss Wellaplex with you:

Basics of Wellaplex Treatment

First, we are going to tell you the basics of this hair care method. Lots of celebs like Mila Kunis have praised the effectiveness of this procedure. It is composed of three parts and once your strands will pass through three stages, a new life and refreshing vibe will be seen in them. This method acts as a bond builder and instantly strengthens your hair texture.

Stage 1- Bond maker

In addition, the first stage is given the name of the bond maker! Here bonds are created and their texture is being reconstructed so that they can look healthier and fresh-looking once again. Besides, this stage is processed when you apply color to your strands. Or you can process it when your strands are towel dried.

Stage 2- Bond Stabilizer

The second stage is given the name of bond stabilizer! It makes your strands powerful looking. Moreover, this stage is going to balance the amount of pH in your hair and immensely support its texture. Keep in mind that this second stage is processed once you have colored and rinsed your hair.

Stage 3- Hair Smoothening Stage

Finally, the last stage of this procedure brings a smooth texture and finish to your strands. It eventually makes your strands strong and soft looking and that is the best part of the Wellaplex procedure. It is up to you whether you want to go for this method as a stand-alone service or within your coloring procedure; the choice is up to you. People from the USA are die-hard fans of this procedure.

So, are you ready to improve and enhance the condition of your hair? You should be? This procedure is for all those hair types who have become weaker, dull, and a lot more damaged because of the chemical bleaching processes. Whenever you feel like your strands need an extra boost and push, then go with the recommended treatment.

Benefits of Wellaplex Hair Treatment

Benefits of Wellaplex Hair Treatment

Once you have come to know the complete stages of this process, now, we will tell you what benefits it offers you! Giving you a general idea, this procedure act as a stabilizer, bond maker, and re-constructs the damaged texture of your hair. If you will use the N°3 Hair Stabilizer, then keep in mind that it will be able to fully reap the plus points and benefits. You can perform this process at home once a week and thus end up making your strands all strong, lush, soft, and smooth-looking.

Now, it is possible to dye or color, or highlight without worrying about the side effects. Procedures like these protect our strands from intense chemical-based bleaching processes. Your strand’s quality will not at all get compromised if you will opt for Wellaplex. It has come out the brand new and much-loved Wella Professionals service that instantly reconstructs your strands bonds and makes them stronger for the longest time.

Whenever you go for the coloring or highlighting process, make sure to ask your colorist to add this method into your service package as well. In doing, no damage will come out during the lighting or highlighting procedure. Your inner strands layer gets further strengthened and you get the feel healthy texture is present on the top of your head.

Thus, phenomenal results are given by this procedure. It is suggested to perform this process once a month. Like, if you have done Wellaplex on 10-01-2022, perform it again after a month gap to maintain the health of your strands. You can even continue this regime at home. If you know the exact process, you can precede it at your home as well.

The Processing of Wellaplex OPTI pH System

We have already told you that this method reconstructs your hair bonds. You get the stronger texture at the end of the day. In addition, it offers unique and balanced pH so that its ingredients get optimally penetrated. This process makes sure that no damage comes to your strands once you have colored or highlighted them. In addition, it perfectly lifts the color and your strands feel healthier, shinier, and also more management with minimum effort.

You need to understand that N°1 Bond Maker creates bonds during the coloring service and it gets mixed with the dye that you want to apply. On the other hand, N°2 Bond Stabilizer fully strengthens and brace the bonds and even re-balances the amount of Ph. Make sure that you carry both of these processes in the salon because they are tougher to be carried at home. However, the stage can be carried in your home.

How to Perform this Process at Home?

How to Perform this Process at Home?

The process is easy if you want to carry out the Wellaplex procedure at home, below you can see the complete details:

  1. The first step is to get the Wellaplex Travel Kit. Follow the application process! This process has to be done along with the lighting service.
  2. You need to prepare the color mixture likewise you generally do!
  3. After that, addWELLAPLEX N°1 Bond Maker.
  4. Apply this mixture, rinse, and later on towel dry your strands.
  5. During this process, avoid using shampoo.
  6. Next, apply WELLAPLEX N°2 Bond Stabilizer. Wait for 10 minutes and then rinse.
  7. The last step is to apply the post-treatment and give a final rinse.

Wellaplex Mixing Ratios

You might be wondering what is the right mixing ratio that you should go for while opting for this treatment? Here we have collected the details for our readers.

  • When it comes to the application of N°1 Bond Marker, add 30 grams of lightning powder, 45 grams of peroxide, and 6 ml of Wellaplex N°1 Bond Marker.
  • For color touch, add 30g color cream, 60 grams peroxide, and also 2 ml Wellaplex N°1 Bond Marker.
  • Here goes the right mixing ratio of Wellaplex N°2 Bond Stabilizer! With lighting service, add up to double the amount while applying N°1 Bond Maker and the same amount of N°2 Bond Stabilizer.

How to Perform Wellaplex Treatment as a Stand-Alone Service?

If you wish to process this treatment as a stand-alone service, you can definitely do that. Please have a look at the below-mentioned steps and see how it all goes:

  • First of all, you have to shampoo your hair to become soft and silky and towel dry them. That is an optional step, if you do not feel like doing it, skip it then.
  • Add WELLAPLEX N°1 Bond Makerin a bowl of water. Or you can mix it in an applicator bottle by keeping the ratio 1:6.
  • We can give you an example if you have added 10ml N°1 Bond Maker, then keep 60ml water. On the other hand, if you have got long hair, add 15ml N°1 Bond Maker in 90ml water.
  • Prepare a mixture and apply it to your strands. Keep the mixture remains there for five minutes and avoid rinsing it as well.
  • After that, you have to go on with the application of WELLAPLEX N°2 Bond Stabilizer. Wait for 10 minutes and after that, rinse!
  • Towel dries your strands, condition them and see the best results.
  • To process all these steps, you only have to buy the WellaPlex bond builder kit.

Top Reasons to Choose Wellaplex Hair Treatment

Top Reasons to Choose Wellaplex Hair Treatment

Moving to the last part, below you can check out some of the top reasons that tell you why this treatment has become so much popular. It is just an extra effort that a person has to make so that her strands remain damage-free after passing through the coloring and highlighting process. Individuals simply love this treatment and it is easy to process as well. In addition, it reduces damage, strengthens the bonds, fortifies and brace your strands.

Protects the Hair During Highlighting/Coloring Services

No doubt, it is one of the best treatments because it protects and fully safeguards your hair during the highlighting or coloring service. We know that dyes and highlights make our strands rough and dull-looking. But with this treatment, an extra shine and power will get injected. Most importantly, it reconstructs and re-strengthens your inner bonds. What you only need to do is to mix the No1 Bond Maker with the desired dye and get the most satisfactory results.

Prevents Breakage

Do you know that this treatment has the potential to prevent breakage, yes it is true! It is injected with the most latest and advanced Opti pH System and this technology ensures that your strands remain healthy for months and months. The second stage is composed of No2 Bond Stabilizer and its main job is to strengthen your bonds and also re-balance their ph.

You Can Carry it Out as a Stand-Alone Treatment

There is no restriction on carrying out this process along with the coloring process. You can perform it as a stand-alone treatment as well. Like, if you think that your hair texture is getting damaged and no shine and lush effect are there, then go with this treatment at home.

Bring a Healthy Feeling to Your Hair

Bring a Healthy Feeling to Your Hair

One of the remarkable qualities of this treatment is that it brings a healthy feeling to your strands. It treats your hair from scratch and also both from the inside and outside. You get the feel as if a new life has been embraced by your hair. The texture looks well-conditioned.

Thus, that is all about the benefits offered by this treatment. You can share with us your reviews and feedback at any time. It is one of the excellent hair care treatments that you should carry out at home and also once a week. On applying, you will get satisfactory results, your strands remain strong and well-nourished and also soft and smooth looking. Their texture will become more flexible and 100% more manageable.


Thus, that is all about what is Wellaplex hair treatment! We like to wrap up the discussion that this is an effective hair care treatment. It comprises three stages and they are named bond maker, bond stabilizer, and hair stabilizer. The first stage is marked as the first in-salon step. It is processed along with the lighting services and generates bonds on healthier notes. The second stage act as a bond stabilizer, strengthen the bonds, maintain the healthy structure as well as re-balances the ph.  The last stage keeps your strands soft and smooth.

So, when you will go with this treatment? Do let us know and make sure to process it as soon as possible. You should look after your hair on the best notes and never make them look dull and damaging. In this regard, we have suggested you go with the Wellaplex procedure. In addition, it maintains the colored texture of your strands and retains the dye or highlights for weeks and weeks.

All in all, you get great color and also a healthy texture which is so amazing. There is no need to compromise the texture of your strands during the coloring or highlighting process. And this thing can be assured if you go with the Wellaplex method.

Whenever you go to a salon, make sure to incorporate and add Wellaplex into your coloring service. Your bonds get a lot more strengthened, their structure gets rebuilt and lots of other benefits that you will definitely get! Which other coloring treatments you have gone for, let us know your experience about them, and stay tuned with us on this web page.

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