What Happens If You Dye Highlighted Hair? Will It Go Green?

Do you know what happens if you dye highlighted hair? The answer is When highlighted your hair, which will remove the natural color from your hair by using high lift permanent color or by bleach. Your hairs will become more porous after the lightening process

Lots of girls have dared to dye their highlights. But if you do so, avoid using a permanent color. Your highlighted hair will get ruined if you use permanent dyes. They will make your strands more porous-looking. In addition, permanent dyes lift and fade out speedily. Those highlights that have turned brassy and yellowish, girls prefer dying them again so that they can look fresh once again. There is a process to dye those highlights and you need to follow that.

Now, you can see the further details and in case of having any queries, you can ask us. Time to follow the correct process if you feel like coloring your highlights again!

Can You Dye Highlighted Hair?

Yes, you can dye your highlights but there are some guidelines that you have to keep in mind. Coloring experts from countries like China have also backed these suggestions. Most importantly, if you want to use the box dye, mix it along with the developer and you need to further dilute it with shampoo and water. Such a mixture will not change or alter the tone of your highlighted strands and you will get the exact shade.

Apply the shade only on your streaks and not anywhere else. When preparing the mixture consisting of box dye, keep in mind that you need to use the 20 volume developer. Evenly cover your strands with that mixture and you are good to go. While coloring, choose the correct color shade and it should match correspondingly with the base and highlights color.

What Happens When You Dye Over Highlights?

What Happens When You Dye Over Highlights?

All of you must be aware of the fact that the overall process of dying over highlights is a challenging and tougher process. You need to keep in mind a lot of things. If you have planned to color over highlighted strands, then you will see that they will absorb color much more speedily and easily.

If you do not want to ruin your hair texture and feel like coloring and dying those streaks, then use a good-quality box dye. It helps you neutralize those brassy and ashy tones and shall bring a fresh and new look to your highlights.

Most importantly, it is generally seen that highlighted hair gets unwanted tones after some washes. And just to eliminate unwanted tones and shades, girls go for dying once again.

How Do Box Dyes Tone Up and Lift Up the Highlights?

How Do Box Dyes Tone Up and Lift Up the Highlights?

Yes, box coloring kits do tone up and naturally lift the shade of your highlights. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez have supported and backed this fact too! If 4 to 6 weeks have been passed and your highlights are turning to become yellowish or orange in hue, in this case, it is recommended to dye them again at home. The best and most effective solution is to use a box dye.

Select the shade that matches the natural pigmentation of your highlighted hair. It depends on the person whether she wants to directly apply the box dye or feels like diluting it! The kind of coloring technique that you have selected, the final decision rests and is based on that. It will be best if you mix the dye with a 20-volume developer that comes along with the kit.

Step by Step Guide to Dye the Highlights

Below you can see the step by step guide on how to tint these highlighted strands:

  1. The first step is to wet your hair. Prepare the mixture, put on the gloves and apply the mixture evenly.
  2. Section your hair and that is the most crucial step that you should not forget.
  3. Keep the mixture for 20 minutes and do not exceed this time limit.
  4. After that, wash them up.
  5. In case, if you want to prepare a dilute mixture, we can guide you in this area as well.
  6. Get the dye and also peroxide that comes along with the kit. Then, you have to add 10 ml of water and also 2 tablespoons of shampoo, that is how you can prepare a dilute mixture.
  7. Now, simply wet your hair, evenly apply that dilute the mixture and wait for 6 to 7 minutes.

How to Choose the Right Color Highlights for Your Hair?

How to Choose the Right Color Highlights for Your Hair?

It is of utmost importance for you to choose the correct tint for your highlighted strands. You might have seen that endless and infinite range of dyes is there, pick the one that perfectly matches with your highlight natural pigmentation.

  • The two factors should be considered and kept in mind by you and they are lightness and the kind of reflection of tone that dye gives!
  • If you have got a base tone that is in a light blonde shade, then choose the number 8. On the other hand, if you wish to darken the tone, then it is better to pick one or two-lever darker tones. Like, for a base tone that is of light blonde 8, you need to pick up a 7 blonde.
  • Furthermore, for neutralizing unwanted yellow shade right there in your highlights, go with the shade of number 2. It is generally believed that 8.2 is a light iridescent kind of blonde and it will help you neutralize and fully eliminate the chicken-yellow shades.
  • Moreover, for neutralizing and counter-balancing an orange hue, pick up the tint that has the number 1 range. For getting rid of reddish tones, choose the number 7.

Seek Advice From a Professional Colorist!

You will definitely get satisfactory results if you have an appointment and detailed meeting with a professional colorist before dying your highlighted hair. He will give you better advice and suggestion on how to proceed with this entire journey, let me show you a detailed guide from you-tube:

You need to understand that dying over highlights is a difficult task. In addition, you should carry out this process in a salon rather than doing it at home. There is this general rule that coloring over highlighted hair is easier if you will pick up the darker-colored dyes. The lighter dyes are tougher to match and they have got a broad color range. On the other hand, darker colors are accompanied by a much smaller range, and selecting the desired shade gets easy.

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Dying the Highlighted Hair

Other Things to Keep in Mind When Dying the Highlighted Hair

If you have got a salon appointment on 05-03-2022 for coloring your highlights, then keep in mind the below-mentioned important things as well:

  • It is recommended to get two colored dyes so that the exact shade gets matches your highlights accordingly.
  • The primary color will be the dye that will certainly cover the majority section of your hair.
  • The secondary color will reverse the shade of your highlights and will eventually make them look the same and exact color as the resting shade of your strands.
  • As an example, if you have picked the auburn brown shade as the primary color, in this case, the secondary shade has to be 2 to 3 shades darker.
  • You need to color your highlights separately. Keep them separate from the rest of your hair. Besides, you can make sections of the highlighted areas with the help of hair clips.
  • Make sure that you do not apply the primary tint right to your highlighted hair. Once you have dyed the highlights, wrap them up by using tin foil.
  • Evenly apply the primary shade and let it sit for 20 to 25 minutes. After that, take off the clips and also the tin foil. Go for rinsing, towel dries your hair, and brush them up.
  • When it comes to applying the secondary shade to your highlighted strands, you have to make use of the tin foil again. Carefully and properly fold the foil and make sure that the dye stays intact in place. Keep on checking after every 5 minutes.
  • Most importantly, the processing of dying works super faster on light hair. That is why avoid leaving the secondary shade for not more than 10 to 20 minutes.


So, the bottom line of the question is, what happens if you dye highlighted hair? On coloring them again, the brassy, ashy, and yellowish unwanted hues get eliminated or completely neutralized.

It is advised to use a good-quality and branded box dye. They will help you professionally neutralize the unwanted tones that got appeared on your highlighted hair. It is even advisable to dilute the mixture so that no damage comes and be visible on your hair. Choose the right shade that you wish to apply to your highlights. It should tone and highlight the reflexes correctly. If the highlights shade is darker and you have picked the lighter hue, then uneven results will come out.

You can share with us if you have ever dyed your highlights and what results you got! Stay tuned and connected for more details on how to dye and highlight your hair.

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