What Color Neutralizes Pink Hair?

Are you looking for the answer to the question, what color neutralizes pink in hair? The answer is Green is the color that neutralizes this pink hair shade. You can use the product containing and composting green pigments and wash away a pinkish color from your hair. In addition, you can use green shampoo or semi-permanent dye.

There are other hacks as well that help you get rid of and counteract this base tint. Like, you can use baking soda, white vinegar, Vitamin C capsules, or color remover. All of these tips will instantly cancel the pinkish hue from your strands.

We know that pinkish hue is a trendy shade and girls love flaunting and embracing their strands with this tint. But if you feel like changing the shade and you want to neutralize it immediately, the above-mentioned tips can help you out. No doubt, it is a fantasy color and it looks lovely on girls. But for canceling it and replacing it with some other hue, you have to use green shampoo or greenish dye first of all.

Green is the only pigment that counteracts this base color. If none of the hacks have worked for you, hopefully, this guide will help you out. Erasing this tint has become so much simpler. And home remedies like using vinegar, baking soda, and Vitamin C capsules help you remove other dyes and colors as well. Below you can see more details on neutralizing and counterbalancing hair colors:

What Color Primarily Neutralizes Pink?

Green is the color that primarily and instantly neutralizes the pinkish hue. That is the direct and simple answer that we like to give to our readers. The process to cancel this pigment is simple enough and quick to follow. You can check the below-written details.

There is a general rule that green shade is the opposite of red and it is the only color that counteracts and counterbalances it. The pinkish shade is composed of red pigments. And if you want to cancel this trace on your hair, go with the recommended solution. Even celebs like Taylor Swift have come up with the exact solution that we have mentioned to you.

Guide to Neutralize Pink Hair with the Help of a Green Shampoo

Guide to Neutralize Pink Hair with the Help of a Green Shampoo

Do you know that with the help of green shampoo, you can neutralize your pinkish hair color of yours! Yes, it is true. Professional colorists from countries like England have advised people to go with this process. The application of green shampoo counters balances and regulates the process of neutralization. In addition, this shampoo injects green pigments onto your colored hair and cancels rosy tints right away.

The minute you see that pinkish dye is disappeared from your strands, you can color your hair once again and stop using the green shampoo as well. Just a few of the washes are needed and you will be able to successfully cancel this tint. Thus, it is one of the safest methods that we have suggested over here. Whatever shampoo you use, make sure that it is a moisturizing shampoo so that your strands remain protected and do not get damaged.

How to Make Green Shampoo at Home?

You can even customize this green shampoo of yours. It means that you can make it on your own! In this concern, you need a moisturizing shampoo and also semi-permanent green dye. Keep in mind that if your strands are of light pinkish shade, choose the dye that is available in light green color.

For the medium pinkish shade, pick the medium green dye. And for the dark pink shade, your dye should be of a dark green hue. It is very much important for you to pick the correct green level so that desired canceling effect comes out. If the green shade is too much stronger than the pink base, then your hair will turn out all green in color.

Step by Step Guide to Preparing the Green Shampoo

Step by Step Guide to Preparing the Green Shampoo

  1. Take an empty bottle. Add 250 ml of moisturizing shampoo to it and also add 250 ml of your semi-permanent green dye.
  2. Prepare the mixture; shake the bottle until and unless the right consistency is attained.
  3. The next step is to wet your strands. Apply the prepared mixture and massage it properly.
  4. Leave this mixture like this for 5 minutes and finally rinse it off.
  5. The last step is to dry your hair. Evaluate the results and if there are still any traces of pinkish dye, you can apply the shampoo once again.
  6. You can continue washing your strands with this shampoo until the rosy shade is completely and 100% neutralized.
  7. If you have started this process on 15-02-2022, hopefully, you will get pink-free hair after two weeks.

How to Cancel Pink Hair with the Application of Semi-Permanent Green Dye?

If you think that you are not ok with the usage of green shampoo for canceling out pink color from your hair, you can go on following the other solution. Here we will talk about the application of green dye to your hair. This method will take off all pinkish dye in just one step, yes it is true!

The application of shampoo needed multiple washes, but dye application requires one step to be completed from your side. We have mentioned this thing that chooses the green dye wisely. If it is too dark and the color of your pink strands is light, they will become green and zero results will be gained by you. In addition, the green tint has the strongest pigmentation, so choose the dye level very much wisely and sensibly.

Simply apply the semi-permanent greenish color on your hair that is packed with a pinkish tone and neutralize them as soon as possible. Divide your hair properly, section them and apply the dye. Moreover, apply the dye from roots to ends and let the tint remain on your strands for 20 minutes. After that, go for rinsing and drying. This whole process is satisfactory to proceed because it cancels and instantly neutralizes the pink color.

Top Ideas for Covering Your Pink Hair

Top Ideas for Covering Your Pink Hair

For covering your pink hair, we have some top-of-the-line ideas for you. If you think that this shade does not suit your look or personality, then try other options.

  • Violet shade will definitely look best on you. If your strands have been dyed with deep pinkish or dark pink color, we suggest you cancel them out with the violet shade.
  • In addition, you can go with the dark green shade as already explained to you. This shade will instantly and immediately neutralize the pinkish tones.
  • Some girls prefer neutralizing their pinkish dye with an orange tint. This will cover up and counterbalance the pink base.
  • You can opt for the mahogany brown shade. It is a red tone and effectively covers and fades away the pink base.
  • Girls can go with the brown 4 levels! It will naturally neutralize the pinkish shade without damaging your strands.
  • Lastly, you can opt for light brown 5 levels! The minute you apply, the pinkish traces will be disappeared from your hair

Hacks to Remove Pink Dye at Home

Apart from using the green shampoo or greenish colored dye for counteracting rosy shade, you can try out other hacks as well:

Use Baking Soda and Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Prepare a mixture of baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo and get rid of the pink base from your hair. It is one of the best hacks that will definitely work for you. Maintain the 1:1 ratio and lather the mixture. Apply it and later on rinse them with hot water. That is all! Carry out this hack for a few numbers of times until the shade is completely and totally gone.

Using Vitamin C Tablets

You will not believe but that is actually true that using vitamin C helps you neutralize pinkish tint. Make a paste of Vitamin C tablets and then wash your strands with hot water. Let this mixture remain there for one hour and cover your strands with the help of a shower cap. Rinse them properly and get rid of the pinkish base as soon as possible. This one is a proven method that you can go for. It is after a few applications that color will get canceled out.

Using White Vinegar

You can prepare a mixture of white vinegar and water and cancel out the pink shade. Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and then cover your head for around and about 20 minutes. The last step is to rinse them. It is the simplest hack that you can try out. Vinegar is available in all homes. If you could not purchase shampoos or dyes for removing pinkish dyed strands, you can try out this remedy. After three to four applications, the color will get neutralized.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Neutralizing Pink Hair Color

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Neutralizing Pink Hair Color

Below you can see further important details to sort out your confusions and queries:

  • You can use silver shampoo on your pink dye. In doing so, the shade will get properly and instantly neutralized. This is another hack that you can try out.
  • If you are going to bleach pink strands of yours, then most of the tint will be pulled out. Using strong bleach will drive the purple shade deeper right into your follicles and also damage your hair.
  • The pink dye symbolizes a lot of things. Keep in mind that this shade comes in the form of a light red hue. This shade is completely linked with the concept of love. Those girls who have dyed their hair with a pinkish tone, project themselves as feminine, kind and soft-hearted, and also compassionate.
  • You can follow the above-mentioned hacks too for neutralizing the duty pink dye. This shade comes in the form of a bright and delicate shade range. It is prepared by mixing three colors and they are beige, white, and red. You can use a green dye for counteracting and fading the pink base.
  • To fade the pinkish dye depends on your strand’s texture and the intensity of your shade. If you have got light pink dye, it will be canceled and neutralized in less time as compared to dark pinkish dye.
  • If you have got peachy or orange tones on your pink strands, you can neutralize them by using a blue shampoo. Yes, using a purple/blue shampoo will definitely work for you. It helps you counterbalance the peachy orange tones.

The More Golden Rule of Thumbs on Neutralizing Pink Hair

Counteracting pink color has become a piece of cake. From the above-mentioned information, most of your queries might be sorted out. Below we have collected more details:

  • Pink hair is generally opted for by girls who have fair skin and lighter strands Such girls prefer and love to cover their hair with a soft pink hue.
  • Those who have recently dyed their strands with the pinkish hue must have observed this practice that this tint fades and disappear fast. If you want to maintain this dye, then it is a must for you to keep on giving its re-touch up. Use the shampoo that does not contain sulfates so that the tint does not get stripped and removed from your strands.
  • For coloring your hair into a pinkish hue, it is recommended to use a 10 or 20 volume developer if you have got light-colored strands. On the other hand, if you have got dark-colored strands, then use a 30 volume developer.
  • To prevent the pink shade from transforming into an orange hue, it is advised to add a purple or blue hint to make it further cool down. You can even use a purple shampoo, in this way, your dye will not turn into brassy looking one.


So, what’s the bottom line of this question what color neutralizes pink in hair! Our answer will be green! For counterbalancing this shade and canceling it out in less time, wash your strands with green shampoo or apply the semi-permanent greenish dye. Washing your hair with this shampoo a few numbers of times will fade away the pinkish dye.

On the other hand, applying the greenish-colored dye for once will remove and strip the pink dye in one single application. In addition, when neutralizing this tint with dye application, make sure to choose the green dye level sensibly. For light-colored pinkish strands, light greenish dye will work fine. If the base color is light and the green dye level is strong, then improper and highly inaccurate neutralization results will come out. Besides, before applying a new color, you have to pass your hair through this process of neutralization.

With the help of advanced products and treatments, it is now possible to strip off and remove the colors at home. There is no need to go to a salon for performing this color removal process. You can do that at home by following the above-suggested tips. In case you do not find a green shampoo, you can prepare it easily at home. Stay tuned.

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