What Color Can I Put Over Purple Hair? Expert Guide

Every passing day brings new trends and styles to the world of fashion. It may be from jewelry to shoes, clothes to bags, and hair dyes to make-up. Dying hair is not a new trend instead it is an old tradition that people especially women dye their hair for centuries. But with the advancement in trends, people started to dye their hair in funky colors like pink, blue, and purple, and the question raised here What Color Can I Put Over Purple Hair?

The answer is simple it depends on what color you want to put over purple hair. You can choose blue, red, brown, mahogany brown and purple to put over purple hair If you don’t want to bleach your purple hair.

If you are looking to add a pop of color, then maybe a brighter shade would be a good choice. However, if you are looking to tone down the brightness of your purple hair, then a darker color would be more appropriate. Ultimately, it is up to you what color you put over purple hair, as long as you are happy with the end result.

When you choose a trendy purple color dye for your hair, it shows how lively and enthusiastic you are by nature. But this color does not last long or you get fed up with having this untraditional color. This is the time when a question resounds in your mind, “what color can I put over purple hair?” The purple color looks too cool on a personality with energy and spark. It has a glimpse of newness and agility. But sometimes it starts to feel boring while we look at these unconventional colored strands.

This time we should have a good sense of color that we put over this purple shade. We must know what color is going to suit our hair. There are hundreds of traditional as well as funky shades available in the market. But we should know what type of dye will suit our skin type and personality after removing this shade.

Another thing we must keep in mind is that it is a difficult and time taking process to cut the odd shades like purple. First, we have to be very careful to decide how to remove this shade completely to get a perfect new hair shade.

What Should I Do To Getting a Perfect Color to Put Over Purple?

What Should I Do To Getting a Perfect Color to Put Over Purple?

But wait! Have you planned to get a perfect hair color to put over your purple-dyed hair? Is it a planned adventure or just you are ready to put any color directly on your hair? If it is so, you are risking your hair completely. The color whether it is lighter as pink or green, darker as red or mahogany, will result in a too bad experience. It can be darker enough to destroy your dream of having a perfect brown shade or light enough to look like rough grass.

So buddies! One thing that you have to do necessarily is to de-color your hair first. This can be done simply by bleaching your hair to remove the traces of red and blue. As we know that purple is the outcome of mixing red and blue shades. Both of them are strong shades and we need extra care to remove their traces completely forgetting our required color.

Another thing you need to care about greatly is that your hair has a different texture and making. So if you don’t understand what type of dye and when it should be used on your hair, it will risk your hair health. Similarly, when you are unaware of what color your hair is going to suit after putting off purple, it will be a great massacre. You should have a full understanding of the color you are trying to apply to your hair over purple. You must have trendy and fantasy color selection as well as traditional colors too.

  • All you need to do is to remain in the range that is under blue and red. It will greatly impact your hair and personality. The hair color like
  • Green, light blonde, or pink will need to get bleach first to pick the exact color of your choice
  • Mahogany, chestnut, or violet need extra care and perfect bleaching procedure to acquire an eye-catching shade

To avoid some mishap, we must have to decide wisely about the shades and their application otherwise it may be the waste of time to do this practice.

We must know what the best colors are and the shades that are going to suit our hair after we put them over the purple shade.

How to Cut Purple Color to Get Perfect New Shade?

If you are thinking that removing the purple color is quite an easy job, you are wrong. It is too difficult to fade your purple dye out. You have to try the best possible ways to fade the purple color out otherwise the color you are trying to put over purple will either get darker or lighter. You must adopt the ways I am telling you to get something best.

Using Shampoos and Bleaching Agents Using Ceramides

Ceramides are the best bleaching agents that are not as harmful to hair as other bleaches. It has a good quantity of proteins that protects hair from damage. We can use ceramides mixed shampoos to de-color our purple hair. If you use it regularly, it will work best from 4 to 5 washes to cut purple shade.

Just have a little more care of your hair by applying extra rich oils and serums to provide them with proteins. It will bring good results for your hair and maintain the moisture of your hair. Otherwise, it is an undeniable fact that any kind of bleaching agents are damaging for your hair and play a hilarious role in snatching the moisture and natural oil of your hair. So ceramides are the best bleaching agents with the least damage to hair for purple shade lasts for almost 10 washes.

Using Dish Washing Liquid to Cut Purple Color

Using Dish Washing Liquid to Cut Purple Color

Nothing is more important than our hair health if we are searching for the right solution of de-coloring purple shade. If you have used a high-quality hair color to get a purple shade, you have to work more corrosively to fade it away. If your color keeps the capacity of sustaining more than 20 washes, it needs something hard to cut down.

A dish wash has the power to cut your hair’s purple shade brilliantly. But still, you have to be more careful and conscious about their being dry. We know dishwashers whether they are of the best quality, contain strong astringents and grease-cutting detergents. These astringents are enough to make your hair look like rough grass. It snatches all the moisture from your hair and can make it brittle too. You need to provide your hair with the best protein treatment along with nourishing rich oils before and after using dish wash. It will easily cut your purple shade in one to two washes maximum but the consequences you have to control by proper treatment. There are many protein-rich oils like coconut, flaxseed, jojoba, Shea butter, and almond oil that may provide you with the required nourishing.

Using Baking Soda to Cut Purple Color

Baking soda is the last option for de-coloring your purple shade that can last almost 30 to 40 washes. But you must keep in mind that a mere 100-gram use of soda in your hair can bring much destruction for your hair. It can be a good bleaching agent to cut the purple shade out of your hair in just one wash. All you have to do is to mix 100 grams with your shampoo to wash your hair.

Just be careful by providing your hair with all necessary proteins in form of oils and conditioning as baking soda can be a permanent risk to your hair health by taking all the natural moisture and oils from them. It may be responsible for making your hair rough and brittle. But if you are giving proper nourishment to your hair, it is not a matter of much concern. You can control it to fulfill your desire to look stylish and trendy.

All these methods are verified and great to cut your purple hair shade. Now we should have to understand. In the best colors that we can put over purple shades as well as the shades that may look odd and unreal. It is quite an interesting discussion that will touch your heart. In my opinion, the best traditional colors that will suit your hair after purple are

  • Mahogany
  • Chestnut 4
  • Maroon

The fashion colors that suit you after putting over purple hair are

  • Violet
  • Red
  • Blue

And in the last, there are colors that we can say lighter in tones are

  • Green
  • Light Blonde
  • Pastel Pink
  • Grey

Let’s share the information about all these and some other shades one by one to give our article an interesting touch.

Will Blonde Dye Cover Purple Hair?

Will Blonde Dye Cover Purple Hair?

Oh! What a strange choice you are trying to adopt! It’s too difficult and hectic to adopt blonde after having purple-shaded hair. But you don’t need to be upset by negative responses from your friends or some hair expert. I know it is quite odd to shift from such a darker shade to a lighter brown but it is not impossible. You have to do many sessions of bleaching if you have a semi-permanent purple dye.

But if you are trying to deal with a permanent purple dye that can last up to 40 washes, you need more exercise to fade it down first. It is not that easy to just wash them down with strong bleach and then apply the purple dye. Blonde is not a dye, it is a kind of bleach that we have to apply when we are sure that there are no recesses of purple in our hair at all. A semi-permanent purple color needs much work to get faded. Then what about the permanent purple guys! Don’t you think it will make you sweat in the craze of shifting from too darker a shade to quite a lighter one?

Just chill buddies! It can be done with step by step procedure and most importantly patience. If you are thinking that single bleach can vanish the purple away, then you are mistaken. A lot of patience and a bundle of care and techniques will settle the dispute. Let’s have a look at it. you can also learn more about: I dyed my hair and only my roots change color.

A Shift from Semi-Permanent Purple to Blonde

Interestingly, bleaching purple hair to fade it away can be done at home. If you are not willing to expose your experiment in front of your hair expert, you just do it yourself. A good quality bleaching powder and volume 30 developer of a reputed company will do it for you. But make sure that you have fully moisturized your hair with some good quality virgin oil like coconut, butter, or flaxseed.

A moisturizing session before and after the bleach will help you avoid some hair damage. If you are not taking responsibility for the health of your hair, it will be useless to look cool and trendy for some time. It is because if you risk your hair, it will start to fall and get brittle after some time. So first is the care and then is the style.

  • Comb your hair into 4 to 6 sections
  • Apply the bleach mixture in all the sections one by one with the help of an applicator
  • Let them dry for 20 to 25 minutes
  • Wash your hair with good keratin containing shampoo
  • Apply some rich conditioner after shampooing

If you are still not satisfied with the purple pigment not fully faded, you can repeat the procedure. But for this repetition, you must wait a bit. A gap of 2 to 3 weeks is good for your hair health. During this gape, you can apply extra virgin oils to moisture your hair because bleaching your hair is still damaging whether you use the best quality products.

Then if you feel that you have acquired the desired results, do the process of applying your favorite blonde dye. Be careful in choosing its shades because there are many lighter shades in blonde. There are still some shades that will not give you the desired results like platinum blonde. So choose wisely to fulfill your dream of moving from this fantasy color to ever-green traditional blondes.

A Shift from Permanent Purple to Blonde

Oh My God! A permanent purple dye means that all the ammonia and 20 volume hair developer have got control over your hair fiber. These color pigments have snatched the original pigments of your hair fully. That’s why there is something concerning guys!

You need strong bleaching sessions twice or mostly thrice to get your purple shades fade away. But have a look at the texture and state of your hair. Provide your hair with all essential proteins and keratin treatment with oiling, massaging, conditioning, and overnight masking. These treatments not only are given before bleaching but also after it. As we know whether our hair is too strong and healthy, bleaching agents carry astringents that may destroy our hair follicles.

To get fully faded purple hair, repeat the bleaching session twice or thrice as per requirement. So much care of your hair by providing them extra nourishment. There must be a gap of a minimum of 5 weeks between two bleaching sessions so that you can give proper time to your damaged hair. It will lessen the risk of falling and drying. When you think your hair is able enough to dye blonde, do it confidently. You can even get the lighter most shades of blonde like extra light blonde 10 with this procedure.

Dying Over Purple with Red

Dying Over Purple with Red

If you have decided to go for red over your purple dye, you will have the best results. It is due to the magnetic spark of red that may enhance your vibrant personality. Red is not difficult to adopt because of its dark theme. It needs not that much bleaching and fading the purple tint away as in lighter tones. Simple bleach with ceramides or ceramides shampoo can do the trick. Red itself is quite a dark and overwhelming color. It will not disappoint you to get the desired results.

Adopting red over purple will define your challenging nature more clearly. It is a kind of announcement that you are ready to face the world with all its expeditions. The red dye over purple will instantly make your personality charming and attractive. The phase of funkiness and unsettledness comes to a state of radiant glam with full confidence.

Grey Dye over Purple Hair

If you are in quest of something entirely different from that of purple, then it may certainly be grey. Many cases show that if we don’t touch our purple hair till the dye fades fully, it starts to give a grayish purple shade. It also has an amazing impact on others. But we start to feel bored with this slow color-changing process.

If you want to get a grey shade fast, you have to bleach your hair in the best possible way. After bleaching, you must closely examine the root and ends of your hair and what shade they are carrying now. Your hair doesn’t need to always carry a grayish shade. Its shade will be according to the base color of your hair. It can also get the color of the purple pigment that is quite occupying in all these cases. It may also be pale yellow or brassy red due to some wrong product use.

All facts are true and you have to cope with these issues to get the dye of your choice. If the color is brassy or pale, you need to re-bleach it to fade the tint completely. It will help you attain the best grey shade light or dark. But remember that while you are trying to get grey shade, you need to tone your hair first. Sometimes the result of toning will not be the same as you want. Sometimes the undertones can remain in hair because of the low-quality product or wrong mixing proportion.

This bleaching and re-bleaching can damage your hair badly because the hair follicles are directly affected by this bleach. You must have to go give special care with providing your hair with conditioning and oil treatments. A lot of healthy and rich oil like coconut and flaxseed will help you solve the riddle. If you have made your mind to grey your purple hair, then try to provide your hair full protein nourishment and keratin treatment before and after the dyeing process. It will lessen the risk of hair damage.

I know that grey is charming and fascinating, but you must be ready for any result.

Dying Over Purple Hair with Blue

Dying over purple hair with blue is not that hectic as grey or blonde proves to be. This is because purple and blue are almost the same shade and when purple gets faded, it is quite an easy task to get a radiant blue color.

If you are sick of your purple hair that is getting magenta shades after some time, you should get rid of it by just simple bleach. You need not use harsh chemicals for it. Just use an anti-dandruff shampoo and try to heat your moist hair for some time. It will surely be helpful to fade the extra purple shade from it. Now it is too easy to get your hair blue. It will make your personality more appealing and mesmerizing.

Turquoise over Purple Hair

Getting your purple hair dye into some unique shade is a good adventure. But sometimes this adventure will receive its full price from you. If you are getting crazy to dye your hair turquoise from purple, it can be somewhat risky. As you need to do a bleaching experience first to get rid of your purple hair.

After bleaching, the mixture of blue and green dyes will do the test of your patience. Sometimes we think that turquoise is prominently the shade of green and we add more green shade. This experiment can go wrong totally or maybe right somehow. You should do this test on a single strand to check the shade.

Sometimes we make blue dominant to get turquoise shade. I know that getting a unique shade is crazier than any other thing but the results you are expecting don’t need to prove positive. This is a kind of funky color that enables you to define yourselves more clearly. It will make you more inspiring among your friends.

Ash Brown over Purple Hair

Getting a lighter tone over purple is quite a time-taking and nerve-rattling task. We need to be more focused and careful when we decide to go for ash brown shade. All the darker shades like mahogany and dark brown are easy to acquire as they have the power to occupy the pigments. But lighter tones will need some bleaching.

Similarly ash brown is a cool color and it needs careful bleaching and dying process to get the nearest shades of ash brown. If you do the strand experiment first, it will not only save your time but also will save your feeling of getting hurt. Otherwise, expert advice will be great in this respect.

Can I Put Black Dye Over Purple Dye?

Yes! It is not a strange wish to get your hair back to pure jet black. We know black is the strongest color overall shades and it can cover all the colors. If you want to get your hair dye in black, be sure for it for a while before doing this. It is because there is no way out after getting your hair black. It is most critical to get into lighter from black again. You have to de-color your hair completely to get into a new shade after black.

Just use 20 volume once over your purple shade to open the pores of your hair. It will openly welcome the lack of pigment and will let it overwhelm the whole scalp.

Can I Put Brown Dye Over Purple Dye?

There is no difficulty to get your hair died in brown over purple. Purple is a shade that has a close resemblance with red, brown, blue, and chestnut. They carry the pigments of red and blue. So brown is not unattainable. But if we choose to go for darker shades, we will easily pick the color.

Chestnut and mahogany are quite cool shades. If you want a lighter brown shade, you should bleach your purple dye to fade them out. The shade will change your personality and make you a strong empowering lady.


What color can I put over purple hair? The question is too common that we listen from many people men and women. But women face this issue mostly as they get fed up with their radiant purple hair dye. They want to go from such a dark shade to a lighter shade at once. This thing creates some issues for them.

We are not discouraging the craze of looking smarter and trendier with ever-changing hair dyes and hairstyles. But the thing you need to care about is hair health and nourishment. We must not compromise our hair health on mere dying. We should be more careful as bleached hair become prone to brittleness and dryness.

Another thing that we should think about is the color shades we are going to choose. We must try to remain the shades that have no need of bleaching first and if it needs to bleach, it will be only once. If we try to get some lighter shades like grey or light blonde, we will have to face hair risks.

Getting purple hair dyed differently will make your personality charming and attractive for not only your friends but also to the opposite sex. But again choose wisely. For your interest, the best purple shampoo for Asian hair is suggested for you.

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