What Causes Straight Hair to Become Curly? Experts Identified Reasons!

Yes! There are a bunch of reasons that causes straight hair to become early. To all die-hard fans of flaunting and embracing straight hair, we know that having curly or wavy hair brings a lot of disappointment for you. You need to identify the correct reasons and causes regarding why your hair is losing its straight texture!

The answer is the most common cause straight hair to become curly because A growth of androgens in females can essentially change the form of the hair follicle from round to flat and this can initiate an alteration in texture from straight hair to curly hair.

Most people see this transformation in their lives. Like, they have straight hair during their childhood times and as they age, they get wavy and curly hair. We know that curly hair does not look bad. But those people who love carrying and flaunting straight hair, usually get dismayed whenever their hair passes through this transformation.

The only solution available for you is to embrace your hair texture the way it is! As an example, if it is straight looking currently, then accept it. And if it is curly or wavy looking presently, then accept this texture.

Rest, you can check out the main causes of why this transformation happens! You need to have a clear understanding of why straight hair becomes curly at any point in your life. In addition, you can check out the solutions on getting back your straight hair.

 Changes in hair texture happen for a reason. We can explain this phenomenon! We mean to say that certain medications, chemo treatment, aging; menopause, and pregnancy phases turn your straight hair into curly patterns. The rest of the details can be checked out by you: 

Who Defines our Hair Texture?

different hair texture

Before we start to discuss this hair texture transformation process, you need to know who defines our hair texture!

Yes, it is our parents and genes taken from them that decide our hair patterns and textures. In other words, genes play a definite and important role whenever it comes to determining the hair follicle shape and pattern. Rest, numerous other factors determine and plan out regarding how our hair is going to grow in the latter part of our lives.

You might be wondering about the hair strand composition? Here you can check out that! A hair strand is usually and generally made of protein. This is named keratin. Moreover, this protein structure is made and composed of a large number of amino acids. It all depends on your amino acid bonding and structure that your hair texture, as well as pattern, is going to be defined.

Most importantly, if your hair follicles are thick and round, it means that you will get straight hair. These particular kinds of amino acids are given the name cysteines. On the other hand, if your hair follicles are somewhat flat and thinner, it all means that you will get ringlets.

Do Hormones Cause Straight Hair to Become Curly?

Hormones Cause Straight Hair to Become Curly

Some hair-do hormones cause straight hair texture to become curly. You can well understand that it is because of the great hormonal shifts that your hair texture starts to get changed. While talking about hormonal shifts, you can consider and include the phases of puberty, pregnancy as well as menopause.

During these phases, not only your hair texture gets changed, even your skin texture goes through an extensive transformation. It depends on these hormonal changes that can either literally curl your hair or make them straighten up.

How Thyroxine and Triiodothyronine Changes Hair Texture?

Most of the readers might be aware of this piece of information that the above-mentioned hormones are produced by a thyroid gland. It is clinically proven that thyroid abnormalities change hair texture. Besides, whenever you observe that your hair texture is getting changed or its volume is being modified, it means your body is experiencing thyroid and curly hair abnormality.

These abnormalities are given the name of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. If you are witnessing the abnormal condition of hypothyroidism, then such people will have dry and brittle hair. However, individuals experiencing the condition of hyperthyroidism, then end up having thinner, brittle as well as oily hair.

How Androgenic Change Hair Texture?

does androgenic alopecia change hair texture

Keep in mind that androgens are identified and marked as male sex hormones. They develop and maintain male characteristics. It is during your puberty phase that the number of androgens starts to get increased in your body. And this condition contributes to the increased amount of body hair and also eventually balding in males.

Furthermore, females experiencing an increase in androgens generally happen that their hair follicle shape changes. In other words, the shape gets transformed from round to flat. Moreover, your hair may become curly.

How Insulin Changes Hair Texture?

 Lastly, we have insulin hormone that plays a paramount role in changing your hair texture.  We all know that insulin is the body’s sugar regulator. If your body shows a strong correlation right between insulin resistance and the condition of androgenic alopecia, then you will experience severe hair loss.

How pregnancy hormones and menopause turn straight hair into curly?

This is a common situation that is dealt with by pregnant women. Hormones developed during the pregnancy phase and menopause phase, they tend to turn your straight hair into a curly pattern. All those women who pass through these phases, see a lot of changes in their hair and skin. All in all, we can say that pregnancy hormones play an important role in shifting your straight hair suddenly turning and changing into a curly version.

How to Transform Your Hair from Straight to Curly? (Reasons and Main Causes)

Here you can check out the main reasons that play a crucial role in transforming your hair from straight to curly. We have identified a possible number of reasons. Now, this heated piece of discussion is no longer a mystery for us. If your straight hair suddenly becomes curly, then the below-mentioned reasons can be one of the causes.

hair from straight to curly

Moreover, straight hair does not become my hair turned curly overnight. This whole process takes time. Like, if you go on exposing your straight hair to heat treatments, then they will surely lose their straight hair pattern after some time. The rest of the details are below collected for you:

The Permanent Perming Treatment (can curly hair turn straight permanently?)

It is this permanent perming treatment that eventually causes your straight hair to become curly. These ringlets appear solely and exclusively because of this reason. Most importantly, perms permanently change and modify the overall structure of your hair follicles. In this technique, heat and risky chemicals are used. Moreover, this perming technique breaks down your hair follicles and thus makes them an easy target to get the curly pattern.

In addition, perms make use of such chemicals that they re-configure your whole protein bonds injected in the hair follicles and permanently change your hair texture too. One of the common chemicals used in the perming technique is ammonium thioglycolate. This chemical is known to break down the “sulfur” bonds and also “disulfide” bonds. And this whole treatment gives a new curly configuration to your hair. Hence, we can say that perming technique brings permanent damage to your straight hair. This results in having curly hair and that too in a damaged version!

Changes in Diet Plan and Nutrition

If you make drastic and noticeable changes in your diet plan and nutrition side, then this practice may change your hair pattern. As an example, they may see a drastic shift from straight to curly patterns.

So far, conclusive evidence is not collected in making a strong link and relation between changes in nutrition and acquiring curly hair. But some people have experienced this situation, that is why we have mentioned this cause in front of you.

Those who have already straight and silky hair and if their nutrition plan becomes weak, then there is a high chance that their hair strands will start to lose their straight texture.

Likewise, aging gives you thinner hair, in the same way, not so proper nutrition plan may give you wavy and unhealthy hair. Furthermore, copper foods give you curly hair as well. It is studied and researched that foods having copper-like oysters and lobsters may likely transform your hair from straight to curly.

Medications May Cause Curly Hair

You may have come across this phenomenon that whenever you start to take medications, your hair becomes curly and unhealthy. Most importantly, medications meant and made for seizures as well as bipolar disorder are one of the main reasons that you get curly hair and no longer get straight hair. Furthermore, the scientific explanation regarding why this transformation happens is still unknown.

According to some of the experts, they are of this subjective view that medications produce certain metals in the body. And this production causes your straight hair to become curly. It is because of the changes and revisions in the concentration of metals that hair texture gets changes.

Moreover, there might be a chance that your hair gets straight again once you stop taking these medications. You need to know that there are lots of medications that affect hair texture. Like, we have medications for treating cancer.

Stress and Tension

This is an absolutely true fact that stress and tension-related factors play a crucial role in transforming your straight hair into curly form. Even celebs have backed this belief like we have Amy Adams. Most noteworthy, any kind of illness or taking stress and tension put a negative impact on your body. Your hormones see massive changes and alterations.

In addition, people accompanying stress in their lives automatically get hair thinning issues. You can understand that stress and tension affect your whole gene expression and this aspect changes your hair texture too.

Negligent Pollution Standards

All those cities that show negligent pollution standards, their individuals should get ready as this element may bring a change in your hair texture. There are a lot of studies that have shown a strong connection between hair loss, hair texture change, and pollution. Like, if you are living in India whose cities like New Delhi and Mumbai are quite polluted, people over there may experience hair loss.

In addition, it is these highly industrialized cities who keep on showing lax pollution standards and people living over there have to pay a heavy fine in terms of unhealthy hair texture. You can comprehend that pollution affects your hormone levels and changes its pattern as well. Thus, whenever you feel that your hair is getting changed, it means you need to take out yourself from this polluted environment.

Humid Temperature and Constant Sun Exposure

It is important for you to stop living in that location where a humid temperature scale exists and you get constantly exposed to sun exposure. If you do so, then there is a high probability that your straight hair will no longer remain straight. It is studied and hence proven that temperature, as well as sun exposure, impacts your hormone levels.

As soon as your hormone levels are impacted, it means your hair will get affected for sure. Moreover, the presence of humidity in the air is one of the noticeable reasons that you get waves or curls right there in your hair. Furthermore, if you have been living your whole life in a desert-filled location and now you have to shift your home to a humid area, then this practice may make your hair more wavy or curly.

The Phenomenon of Aging

Next, we have this aging factor for you! If you born on 01-10-1975 and you start to age, then you will series the number of ages in your hair texture and pattern. And one of the unpleasant changes that you will observe is that your straight hair will eventually become wavy or curly. Most importantly, as you naturally age, your hair will become less full, more wavy and curly, and extremely finer!

Besides, a few aging people even observe hair thinning problems or hair loss problems at their end. Hence, you should not make this expectation that as you age, your hair will remain straight the way it used to be! This is not going to happen. As you age, they will lose their original texture and you may get rounded, wavy, and curly hair follicles

Chemotherapy-Induced Treatments

This is commonly observed that chemotherapy-induced treatments make your hair curly if you had initially silky and straight hair. This always happens, so if your chemo is about to get started, then keep in mind that your re-grown hair will not come out in the straight hair pattern form.

Besides, chemotherapy kinds of treatments bring a huge and massive effect on your hair follicle cells. In other words, they are heavily jolted and destroyed by chemo. When hair starts to grow again, they do not appear in their old shape and arrive in wavy or curly patterns.

How to Change Hair Follicle Shape Naturally?

Talking about this important cause! Whenever there happen muscular changes right at the hair follicles base of yours, then your hair textures will get changed a little bit too! Keep in mind that these muscular changes happen only during the phase of puberty and menopause and also during chemotherapy.

When the person takes medications and her hormones see shifting, it means your hair follicle muscle tone will get changed at the same time. Some of the people see a massive and extreme change in their hair texture and others see a negligible and minimum change. Hence, it is due to this muscle change that your hair follicle shape changes & hair becoming curly with age. They either become straight to curly or curly to straight.

Hair Follicles do not Grow Quickly as you Age!

Lastly, as you age, your hair follicles do not grow at the same speed and rate the way they used to during the childhood phase. This situation changes your hair follicle patterns and they grow at the curly and wavy pattern then! Moreover, whenever there is a slow follicle growth, it means your hair will become coarser and may not remain straight than they were before.

People of Which Ethnicity See the Drastic Transformation From Straight to Curly Hair?

There are people belonging to specific and particular ethnicities whose hair sees a massive and drastic transformation from straight to curly. First of all, talking about people of an African ethnicity! They generally and usually have curly hair and their hair texture further becomes curly as they age.

On the other hand, people of East Asian ethnicity, generally have very straight hair. It is largely because of the climatic conditions, pollution presence, or hormonal imbalance that their straight hair becomes curly.

If you belong to the ethnicity of the Western Asian community or you have got European DNA, then you will be having a mix of genes. We mean to say that you will have a combination of hair.

Lastly, if your ethnicity and DNA is a mixture and combination of African, Asian, as well as European communities, then your hair texture will surely get change as you age.

How to Get My Straight Hair Back and Prevent them Becoming Curly?

How to Get My Straight Hair Back

There are certain tips that you can keep in mind in keeping your hair straight. And with the help of these suggestions, you can prevent your hair texture from becoming curly as well. This is not a challenging task and it is now easy to retain your straight hair texture. So, have a look at these tips and pour your questions if you have any:

Blow Drying Your Hair With Cold Air

So, if you do not want to transform your hair from straight to curly, then you should always blow dry your hair with the help of cold air. This is an exclusive technique that you should follow. Moreover, this is how you can master the look of having straight and sleek hair. Upon drying your hair with cool air, they will not lose their original pattern and texture.

In addition, you should divide hair into sections when you opt for this cold air blow drying technique. Simply set your blow dryer on the cool setting mode and you are good to go.

Furthermore, you need to keep on moving your blow dryer continuously. Or you can comprehend that you should move your dryer on a constant basis from root to tip section of your hair.

The Technique of Hair Wrapping

It is this highly effective technique of hair wrapping that does not allow your straight hair to become wavy or curly. This has become one of the popular ways and you can surely try it out as well. In this method, no heat styling equipment is used and you can effectively retain the straight pattern of your hair follicles. You can check out any of the online hair wrapping tutorials and see the great results.

Rest, you can wrap your hair either in satin or in a scarf or in a turban. First of all, you have to separate the top section of your hair and do the parting. You can make use of a fine-toothed comb and simply comb your hair initially. Tightly wrap your head with the help of pins and repeat the same process on the other head section of yours. After that, sleep at night and unwrap your hair.

Using Only Those Products that are Made to Give You Straighten Hair

Most importantly, if you wish to see straight hair for your entire life, then you should only use those products that are made to give you straight hair texture only. Like, there are a range and a wide number of shampoos, conditioners that are infused with keratin treatments and made in a way to straighten your hair!

Furthermore, you should only use those kinds of leave-in conditioning products and hairsprays that are dedicated in keeping your hair straight. Moreover, there is no need to experiment with new and sub-standard styling products. Most hair styling products make your hair frizzy, so choose those that can give you straight hair.

Always Sleep With Wet Hair

According to experts, it is better to sleep with wet hair if you do not want to see the traces of curly hair ever in your life. We know that it is much tough and difficult to sleep with wet hair, but if you follow this practice, then it is going to give you desired results the way you want them to be!

What you can do is to use a hairband on your wet hair. Or you can make a loose ponytail at the top section of your head. Moreover, you can make a loose bun. Hence, if you sleep with wet hair, then there is a likely amount of chance that you will get a straighter hair appearance.

Regularly Applying a Hair Mask

The next tip that makes your hair straight and avoids them becoming curly is the regular application of hair masks. This is a great way to deep condition your hair. The application of high-end hair masks make them frizz-free and all straight-looking from roots till ends. You can even make a DIY hair mask. By using and applying them regularly, you get shinier and straighter hair. Furthermore, with the help of hair masks, it gets easy for the person to restore protein and thus making your hair more relaxed.

Regular Application of Essential Oils

Last but not the least; you should regularly apply essentials oils to your hair. This is the easiest and simplest hack that gives you straight hair and prevents them from ever becoming and turning out to be curly. There are lots of essential oils that instantly get absorbed into your hair.

Like, you can have argan oil or coconut oil or you can have almond oil and macadamia oil. This oil application penetrates and straightens your hair follicles. In another word, they seal and repair your hair follicle cells on the best notes.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Question: What medications cause curly hair?

Answer: There are many medications that cause curly hair. If you had initially straight hair and went on medications, then this practice will give you curly and wavy hair. Some go on chemo or take medications for seizures and bipolar disorders. All these medications change your hair pattern no matter what your genes were!

You might have heard about these medications like beta-blockers and antidepressants. Then we have blood pressure and acne treatment medications. Those who often take painkillers, their hair do not retain their original texture as well. But there is a high chance that your hair state might get back to its normal condition when you stop taking any of these medications.

Question: Can curly hair turn straight permanently?

Answer: Yes, wavy hair or curly hair may become straight permanently. In this regard, you have to keep on following the permanent hair straightening treatments. Keep in mind that they are a form of chemical processing treatment. If your hair is a lot curlier and wavier, it means you need to constantly follow these hair straightening treatments.

Furthermore, you can change your hair care regimen and bring a straightening effect to your curly and wavy hair. The more you hydrate your curly hair, the better and ideal are the chances that you will end up getting straight hair.

Question: How to stop straight hair from curling?

Answer: There are many tricks that you can follow and hence prevent your straight hair from curling. The simple solution is available for you to straight your hair with a straightener and stop them on becoming curling. In addition, you dry your hair by setting the blow dryer on the cool setting mode. Besides, you can use high-end hair serums; they play an important role in keeping your hair straight.

Question: Can naturally straight hair turn curly?

Answer: If you do not fulfill the hydration needs of your straight hair, then there is a high chance that it will turn curly. Your hair needs and essentially requires plenty amount of moisture. If there is no hydration element in your hair, it will turn out to be fizzy, curly, and wavy. Furthermore, you have to stay away from your straight hair from any heat styling equipment. Besides, stop using curl-enhancing products and successfully retain the straight follicle pattern of your hair.


Now, you have identified all of the possible causes that transform straight hair into curly. If you have experienced a similar situation, then let us know how you dealt with it. We know that there are many people who had straight hair in their childhood and now they have curly hair!

There are many causes that bring this curly hair situation in front of you. So, so identify these causes and try to get back the straight follicle pattern on your hair. Moreover, you can follow the above-mentioned solutions and see how your hair remains straight for years and years.

All in all, this is still a mystery when it comes to changing hair texture and keeping on altering hair follicle patterns. If any of you can solve this mystery in more detailed notes, then feel free to do that.

Lastly, no change is a permanent change! No matter, if it is a hair pattern change, it will get altered if you apply proper solutions to it. Rest, you need to embrace and fully flaunt your hair the way they are. There is nothing wrong with carrying a curly or wavy hair look or a straight hair look. Just embrace these hair textures and patterns and live your life fully.

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