Redken pH Bonder vs Olaplex | In Depth Comparison

Do you think your hair needs a repairing and strengthening treatment? If yes, you can either opt for Redken pH Bonder or Olaplex hair-care treatments. Here you can check out the in-depth comparison of Redken pH Bonder vs Olaplex!

The main difference is that Redken pH Bonder hair-care treatment consists of three steps and Olaplex comprises eight steps. Redken pH Bonder strengthens the outer layer of your scalp and Olaplex restructures your strands of DNA. In addition, Redken pH Bonder is a more budget-friendly process than Olaplex which is expensive.

Any hair texture should look healthy, hydrated, well-maintained, and nourished. Treatments like these bring new life into your strands. So, let us check out the complete details of these hair bond-building treatments:

All about Redken ph Bonder

This respective treatment comes in the form of a unique pH bonder. Many celebs including Natalie Portman have believed that hair-care processes like these prevent strand breakage. It strengthens and protects your hair from the side effects produced by the bleaching and coloring process. So, if you want to ensure the highest hair quality, go with this procedure. It reduces split ends and breakage and smoothens your hair cuticle of yours.

All about the Olaplex

Girls from France are huge fans of this hair-care process. If you have recently gone for coloring or bleaching, and you want to minimize damage produced by these processes, we suggest you pass your hair through Olaplex treatment. It reduces the distress and breakage which are generally caused by hair colorists.

Redken pH Bonder vs Olaplex – The Basic Difference

redken ph bonder or olaplex

  • Redken pH bonder treatment is composed of some superfood elements. The presence of these ingredients makes your strands manageable and 100% moisturized. On the other hand, Olaplex remains to be paraben-free, sulfate-free, as well as a vegan product.
  • Redken pH Bonder is based on three steps and Olaplex consist of a total of eight steps.
  • The primary purpose of Redken pH Bonder is to protect and safeguard the outer layers of your hair. Olaplex restructures and strengthens your strand’s DNA.
  • Olaplex is a very expensive process and Redken is a budget-friendly treatment.

3 Major Differences Between Redken pH Bonder or Olaplex

Below you can see major differences between Redken pH Bonder vs Olaplex and in case of ambiguity or any confusion, you can ask us:

  • Difference 1: Olaplex comprises an eight-step treatment and Redken pH Bonder has three steps

You need to understand that the whole Olaplex process is based on 8 steps. On the other hand, Redken pH Bonder has three steps. The former is a lengthy procedure and the latter is quick to complete. It is during the coloring and bleaching processes that these treatments are carried out so that hair health remains stronger and least affected because of the chemical-based coloring and bleaching procedures.

The steps involved in Olaplex treatment are as follows:

  1. Olaplex 0: Before starting with the actual process, it is applied so that extensive protection can be provided to the strands.
  2. Olaplex 1: It gets added to the bleaching mixture. Its main and primary purpose is to give elasticity to the strand’s bonds.
  3. Olaplex 2: Once you are done with the coloring process, this step is done! It repairs and strengthens the DNA hair core.
  4. Olaplex 4: It comes in the form of a maintenance shampoo.
  5. Olaplex 5: It comes in the reinforcing conditioner form.
  6. Olaplex 6: This one is the intensive leave-in treatment that nourishes and hydrates your strands.
  7. Olaplex 7: It is the leave-in repairing oil that moisturizes your colored strands.

The steps involved in the Redken pH Bonder procedure are as follows:

  1. The very first stage product is simply added to the bleaching or coloring products.
  2. The second stage is implemented and executed while you rinse your strands. This stage restores the pH.
  3. The third stage is the post-Service stageYou have to pursue it once a week. Just wet your hair and properly apply the pH Bonder Post-Service Perfector before you start off with your shampooing routine of yours. Massage correctly and apply the product from roots to ends. Leave the product for ten minutes, rinse it off, and then you can use the shampoo and conditioner.
  • Difference 2: Olaplex restructures the core of your hair and its DNA and Redken pH Bonder protects the cuticles and cortexes only

Olaplex is an extensive hair-care treatment. As it is based on eight steps, that is why it gives more nourishment and strength to your colored strands! Most importantly, it restructures your hair DNA which is the most unique quality of it. It toughens and nourishes the cuticles, core, and cortexes of your strands. Moreover, this treatment does a deep and thorough hair-care job which is simply wow. We can say that this process work from the inside!

On the other hand, the Redken pH Bonder focus is only on the cortexes and cuticles. It does not focus and protect the entire hair structure. It does not do deep repairing. Besides, it only protects the molecular bonds existing between the cortex and cuticles and fails to restructure the strands of DNA. Thus, this process works from the outside.

  • Difference 3: Olaplex is an expensive treatment and Redken pH Bonder is a cost-friendly process

The last difference is the price! Olaplex is a lengthy process, which is why with respect to price, it is a costly process. You need to spend a heavy amount if you are interested in carrying out and opting for this treatment. This one is a professionally licensed process, for the reason that its price is high.

Eight stages encompass it and it is carried out under the professional’s and expert’s guidance. It is for this main reason that the price tag is on the higher side. The average cost is approximately $400 for the first three stages and the rest of the stages cost around about $25 to $60.

Rest, the Redken pH Bonder process is not so expensive. It is a pocket-friendly treatment and no heavy cost is involved. You can get it done easily and conveniently without spending much! It only cost $300 dollars which is great!


That is all about the in-depth comparison of Redken pH Bonder vs Olaplex!

Wrapping up! Olaplex is an eight-step process, a bit on the expensive side, and works from the inside by restructuring your strand’s DNA. While Redken is a budget-friendly process, based on three stages, and works from outside by protecting your hair cuticles and cortexes only!

In both of these processes, your colored or bleached strands will remain protected, hydrated, and nourished. Moreover, if you have gone for bleaching, we recommended you have Olaplex so that cuticles and strands do not get damaged. If the texture has become immensely damaged because of coloring or using heat styling tools, Redken treatment is recommended.

So, which hair-care treatment do you want to go for? Do let us know about that! If you love opting for bleaching and coloring processes and you are afraid that the texture will get affected, then prefer having these hair-care treatments for sure. There is more to come from these treatments, you can keep tuned with us so that more updates and authentic information can be shared.

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