Recoloring Hair After Color Oops | Step-By-Step-Guide

Recoloring hair! The whole process involves a lot of science. Here you can know the guide on recoloring hair after Color Oops!

Yes, you can be recoloring your hair after Color Oops. It is a safe-to-use remover that helps you eliminate the unwanted dye so that you can smoothly carry out the recoloring process. Once you have applied the remover, take a gap of five days and then start off with the recoloring process.

If you will not take the five days gap, the desired shade will not come out. In addition, the recoloring processing time is shorter and you must pick a lighter shade if you have planned to recolor your strands.

The hair differs from one person to another, that is why you can have the strand test to check what shade you will get after using a dye remover. These removers make the texture more porous, so the final shade can be a bit lighter or darker. It is better to perform the strand test to clarify the ambiguities:

All About The Color Oops

It is popular and safe to use remover. You can make it apply to your hair and get rid of the unwanted shade before proceeding with the recoloring process. It is in 20 minutes that the dye gets eliminated and completely removed.

In addition, its application shrinks the dye molecules and the whole processing remains to be ammonia-free and bleach-free. Moreover, you can make it work on the permanent and semi-permanent colors. But you should not directly apply it on the dyes or bold colors.

How to use Oops hair color remover? (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to use Oops hair color remover

There is a proper way to use this remover and you can have a look at this guide to sort out your confusion:

  1. You must apply this dye remover to the dry strands.
  2. Mix equal portions of Color Oops part 1 and also part 2.
  3. Now, start applying it and once you are done, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap.
  4. Wait for 20 minutes and then you can shampoo your hair.
  5. Rinse them for 15 minutes and you will see that color will start to come out from your strands.
  6. In the end, apply the conditioner.
  7. You must remember that Color Oops will not work on shades like bright pinks, and blues, and even on the greens, lavenders.

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How to recolor hair after Color Oops? (6 Easy Steps)

When you are done with the application of Color Oops and the shade is gone out from your strands. You can now recolor it!

If you think that your hair texture is good enough and healthy, you can re-dye it on the same day. Or you should take the gap of five days if the texture is a bit weak and brittle. In this duration of five days, apply intense hydration treatments on your strands and make them as moisturized as you can

Moreover, this remover will make your strands more porous. That is why it is suggested to pick a lighter shade and make sure to also reduce the processing time. You can do the strand test to get a better idea.

  1. You should not start the recoloring process from the roots. That is the biggest blunder that girls often make!
  2. Once you have used the Color Oops which is a good-quality and highly effective dye remover, you can start re-coloring your strands from the ends.
  3. Later on, you can take the dye on the roots. You need to understand that scalp reacts to dye quicker and pushes the roots to absorb the shade immediately. That is why first apply the dye on the ends and then on the roots.
  4. This practice will give you even coloring and you get one tone on your whole head.
  5. Instead of leaving the dye for 40 minutes, you can keep it for 30 minutes and not more than that! The processing time has to be short when it comes to recolors.
  6. The last step is to rinse and air-dry!

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Why you should wait to recolor your hair after using Color Oops?

best hair color remover

As mentioned above, it is advisable to wait for 5 to 6 days to re-color your strands once you are done using Color Oops. Coloring is a technical process and understanding hair is a science. Removing the dye and recoloring, both of these processes should not be done on the same day.

Suppose, you have taken off the dye on 15-04-2022, the re-coloring process must be done after five days. In between this duration, you have to make sure that you have properly rinsed out the remover.

Experts from the USA have advised rinsing your strands multiple numbers of times so that no product traces remain stuck there. If there is a product trace and you have also gone for re-coloring, there is a chance that you will get a darker shade.

What to do if the color remover has made your hair super frizzier?

Lots of girls and even celebs like Rihanna have complained that their hair texture becomes worst and disaster looking when they applied a remover. So, how to tackle this situation? We will tell you!

  • It is advisable to wait for five to ten days and then go for recoloring. During this gap, there is a high likelihood that the frizzy texture will be gone.
  • You can moisturize and hydrate the frizzy texture. Apply good-quality oil, protein masks, and some homemade masks, and condition a lot so that the frizzy texture gets completely gone.
  • Opt for intensive hydration treatments and let your strands recover the lost moisture.

Which dye is best for recoloring after Color Oops?

Semi-permanent dyes work best for recoloring. If you have used a remover and you wish to re-color your strands, then it is always recommended to use semi-permanent dyes.

They bring the best results, inject even shade, and make your strands nourished, shiny and lush. These kinds of dyes do not negatively impact your hair health and texture. It is true that dye removers involve chemical processing and they do harm the texture but semi-permanent dyes are chemical-free and help you restore the texture, and health, and regain the lost hydration and moisture.

In addition, these dyes do not bring brittle texture and snatch away the moisture. Instead of using permanent and other risky dye options, it is suggested to pick the semi-permanent dye. Furthermore, they do not have peroxide or ammonia and bring hardly any damage. The only negative trait possessed by these dyes is that they last for the minimum time.


Now, you have checked out the complete guide on recoloring hair after Color Oops! No doubt, it is safe to use color remover and you can risk-free use it to take out the wanted dye from your strands. It will take out the shade in one go which is guaranteed and promised.

Experts have suggested taking a gap of five days between using Color Oops and recoloring process. During this gap, you should prepare your hair for recoloring procedure. In other words, condition, oil, hydrate and moisturize them. For the recoloring process, pick a semi-permanent dye because it is a damaging-free dye and helps the person regain the lost moisture. These dyes are free from the presence of ammonia or peroxide.

Lastly, when recoloring, make sure to first apply the dye on the ends and then on the roots. Keep the processing timeless! That is all! You can share with us if you have ever recolored your hair and what results you got!

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