Is Wave Grease Bad For Your Hair?

You might be wondering, is wave grease bad for your hair? Some say it is great for styling and some assume it brings damage.

Some people say yes and some say no! There are many pomades, gels, and mousses that have a petroleum ingredient in them with other chemicals. It is believed that it clogs pores and slows down the hair growth process.

So, are you in the habit of using these products like pomades? And feel free to let us know whether they damaged your strands or keep them protected:

When wave grease is bad for your hair?

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There will be so many situations when pomades and gels will bring destruction to your hair. The wrong way of applying them and overusing them will make the texture a hell-looking one. Individuals from Spain have complained about these problems too:

  • Leaving it overnight will make it worse and in fact worse product for your strands. You have to wash it and take it off completely before going to sleep. Keeping the gel overnight makes the hair hard and super tangled.
  • Overusing it or excessively applying it makes it a failed option for your strands. There is no need to take a large amount of it. Just an almond size amount is enough and gently rub it on your strands in a crunchy motion.
  • If you use it every day, it will surely be bad and destructive for your hair health. These styling products have chemicals including petroleum. Using them every single day is not good for your strands.

The side effects of over-using the wave grease

Uncountable side effects are there if you will do the inappropriate use of pomades and gels. Below you can see the details:

Hair loss

The overuse of these products will bring fallout problems for sure. These are chemical-based products and are not that healthy for your hair health. The frequent use of styling gels might give you breakage and fall problems.


It is also believed by many celebs like Anne Hathaway that pomades and mousses cause dandruff if you overuse them. The strands become flaky, so much dry, and rough and the scalp becomes red and raw. In addition, styling products snatch the moisture and hydration from your cuticles and fibers, which is why make the minimum and least use of them.

Clog pores and stunt the hair growth process

Lastly, the wrong use of wave grease might clog pores and also stunt the hair growth process. If it is poorly formulated, it is bad for your strands. However, if it is organically and naturally made, then no damage it will bring.

How to apply the wave grease?

If you have just bought wave grease or any other pomadeĀ and you are looking for the right way to apply it, have a look at the below-written details:

  1. You must comb or brush your strands beforehand.
  2. Make their sections and take an almond amount of the wave grease.
  3. Do the crunchy motion and keep the locks or curls intact.
  4. That is all, you are done!

What kind of wave grease should be preferred?

You should pick the option which is made of natural and organic ingredients. Try to stay away from using poorly formulated gels and pomades. The poor-quality products dehydrate your strands, take away the shine from your locks and make your curls less bouncy looking. In addition, they clog the follicles, slow down the hair growth mechanism, and eventually make the hairline obvious.

It is true that pomades and gels perfectly style your hair. But the wrong product, poor quality, and overusing them will make your strands become harder and stick together. You can either have the water-based or gel-based wave grease but it should be of top quality.

High-end versions will not make your strands look thinner and harder and no fallout will be visible on the crown and scalp. Both men and women must use those wave grease options which do not pull out the strands and offer a gentle hold.

Besides, look for an option that is easy and quick to wash out. The poor versions make it a troublesome and hectic task for the person to wash out the gel and this practice increase thinning and shedding and ruins the texture of hair.

How often to put wave grease in your hair?

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Lots of readers might be thinking about how often to put wave grease in your hair, we will tell you the exact answer of it:

It is once or twice a week that you can apply it but not more than that! This is the maximum limit that you have to follow. Or you can keep the number up to 3 times. Using it every day will be bad and a hell lot of damage for your strands. If the texture is already too weak and extremely, then use it only two times a week.

Hair demands intense care and if you do not understand its science and disregard its maintenance and caring process, it will at the end of the day looks dull and lifeless.


So, is wave grease bad for your hair? We often get mixed reviews! If you will not over-use it, it will not be damaging. However, if you excessively use it and leave it overnight, your hair will surely get damaged, clogged pores will be there, and tangling problems might arise.

Though these styling products like gels and mousses as well as pomades help you in styling a lot and you can easily make curls, locks, and tresses. But some studies have shown that these products stunt growth and clog pores. So, use them very carefully!

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