Is Sun Bum Hair Lightener Heat Activated?

Do you want to know is Sun Bum hair lightener heat activated? Here you can see the exact use of this product and learn how to bring the most amazing and impressive highlighting effects.

Yes, the Sun Bum hair lightener is heat-activated. You only have to spray it throughout your hair and boost the overall vibe of highlighting effects. It is safe to use and intensify your dye without injecting any damage.

Moreover, it is specifically formulated. Its main purpose is to intensify and deepen the color of your highlights under the sun. You get a sun-kissed look and your locks and waves look jaw-opening. Keep in mind that its hair-lightening results are actually permanent.

Sun Bum Hair Lightener Review- Basic Overview

Sun Bum hair lightener review

Many celebs like Anne Hathaway seem to be the biggest fans of this product. They have received outstanding results and you can try it too! It deepens and strengthens the shade of your highlights. Note that it comes in spray form and you have to apply it throughout your strands.

In addition, this product surrounds your highlights with a blonde shade. It has become the most popular spray that girls love using these days, especially from countries like England. Its main ingredients are Hawaiian Lehua Honey and also lemon. They will brighten up your hair’s natural color and amplify the highlighting effect at the same time. Your strands end up getting subtle tones.

This lightener is exclusively meant and made for blonde babes. Alongside, you get frizz protection and your hair no longer gets affected because of the humidity. It ensures protection against UV oxidation and dullness. You can worry-freely apply it to natural and color-treated textures.

We are sure that with the use of this lightning spray, you will be able to maintain healthy locks. It is made of healthy and natural ingredients packed with Costa Rican Pineapple, and Meyer Lemon. Above and beyond, this product is Gluten and Cruelty-free, and Paraben Free. You can check out the Sun Bum hair lightener before and after pictures if you do not trust it.

Is Sun Bum hair lightener safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use. We have already mentioned above that the ingredients used in this spray are damaging free. It is specifically formulated and augments the natural highlighting effect. It is claimed that the brand has used extracts of pineapples and honey in it. It is even UV-activated and infuses subtle tones without brassiness.

The induction of lemon and pineapple juice will deepen, lighten and strengthen your color. A little bit of hydrogen peroxide has been added as well so that faster results can be seen. Overall, with the use of this lightning spray, your strands will get a luminous and utmost shiny golden glow.

The Sun Bum hair lightener oomph the blonde highlights and the UV-activated formulation and naturally derived ingredients make it safe to use the product. As mentioned above, the Costa Rican pineapple and Meyer lemon helps you boost and deepen the blonde locks’ radiance. The hydrogen peroxide brings an additional burst of brightness.

Is Sun Bum hair lightener permanent?

Yes, it gives permanent results. Your locks get a permanent and fade-free sun-kissed look. It is specifically formulated and manufactured and injects impressive blonde tones into your strands.

One of the noticeable benefits of this Blonde Tone Enhancer is that it guarantees UV protection and brings 100% shine to your highlights. Just use it a few times and get satisfactory results.

Like, you can start using it, and let us know what results in you got. The results are permanent because it is formulated without the presence of parabens and glutens. Here you will see no traces of sulfates and phthalates.

How to use sun bum hair lightener – Step by-step guide

how to use sun bum hair lightener

This one is a heat-activated hair-lightening product and there is a proper way to use it. You can have a look at this step-by-step guide and share it with us if you have any questions:

  1. You can spray it either on the dry or damp strands; the choice is up to you. Before you expose your highlights to the sun’s rays, you must use this product.
  2. Just spray it throughout your dry or wet strands and bring an all-over brightening and color-deepening effect into your highlights.
  3. Make sure to spray this product on the strands where you want to deepen and intensify the color.
  4. Just use it once a week for preventing and avoiding breakage and also over-drying.

Sun Bum hair lightener ingredients

Let us all go deeper and check out in-depth what the main ingredients of this product are:

  • First of all, it is made of Costa Rican Pineapples and Meyer Lemons. With these primary and fundamental ingredients, you will be able to brighten and deepen the color of your highlights and thus makes them look more natural.
  • This product has also traces and fine extracts of Hawaiian Lehua Honey in it. It is assured by the brand that it is SLS/SLES and Phthalate Free. It is even PABA, gluten, and paraben-free.
  • You get the impressive blonde shades on your highlights and a natural vibe surrounds your strands because organically extract ingredients are used.
  • Moreover, it is on the UV-activated sheer formulation that this product is made of!
  • Its other secondary key ingredients are hydrogen peroxide, some other fruit extracts, silicone hints, and phosphoric acid.

Does Sun Bum hair lightener work without the sun?

The brand has endorsed that the Sun Bum hair lightener is a heat-activated product. It works on its own and it does not need sun. Just spray it and intensify as well as maximize the natural shade. This product does not react to the sun and blow-drying.

It is already heat-activated and brings instant results on the highlighted streaks. The minute you will step outside your home, the shade will become intense and deeper because you have sprayed on this lightener.

Sun Bum hair lightener on brown hair- What results from you get?

If you have brown-colored hair, it is important to do the strand test before applying or spraying this whole product. It is generally seen that you will get a warmer hue if you have dark brown shaded strands. There is a chance that the shade might get transitioned to amber, gold, and honey tones.

To all girls who have darker-toned strands and they wish to try out the Sun Bum lightener, it is advisable for them to do a strand test to know what shade will come out later on and how intense the highlighting effect will be!


Wrapping up all the discussion about the question, is Sun Bum hair lightener heat-activated? Yes, it is heat-activated!

It enhances and impressively augments the highlighting effect. Spraying this product on your strands will give you a blonde tone. The major ingredients which formulate this lightning spray are Costa Rican Pineapples and Meyer Lemons. They brighten and deepen the shade and immediately intensify the highlighted streaking effects. Stay tuned.

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