Is Silicon Mix Good for Natural Hair? Expert’s Advise

With the advancement of science, man has devised many new tools to adorn and stylize him. Women are a step ahead of men. The beauty products they use are varied and diversified. Women use different hair products to increase the charm and appeal of their hair.

The answer is yes! Silicon Mix is a great product for natural hair. It is made with silicone oil, which is known to be great for hair health. Silicon Mix can help keep your hair healthy and strong, while also preventing split ends and other damage.

They use different hair oils, conditioners, shampoos, masks, gels, sprays, custards, and electronic devices to style them. Among all these things, silicon mixes are getting much popularity. Silicon mix is a very good natural lift for your hair.

Still, many of us got a little confused that is silicon mix is good for natural hair? The reason behind this confusion is that silicon mix is a manmade product. People consider it dangerous to their hair follicles and roots as they make a shield around your hair and make them look stronger and shinier.

The question that whether silicon mix is good for your hair or not is discussable, We have to look into nature and the effects that silicon products can have on our hair deeply. It can help us satisfy and use the product with some care and precautions.

Is Silicon Mix Bad for Your Hair?

Silicon mix is an industrialized product and it is used in various hair as well as cosmetic products. It is made up of cetyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, mineral oil, stearyl alcohol, dimethicone, keratin, glycerin, fragrances, water, and many other chemicals. Silicon is water-soluble. They are not biodegradable as they are polymers of silica.

Silicone mix is a haircare staple as it makes a layer all around the hair shaft and locks the moisture. It is a good product to control frizz and roughness. Not only this but also it is a reliable heat protector and a great cosmetic ingredient.

The best thing about silicon mix is that helps the hair to resist humidity. The people who live in humid areas are always complaining about the humidity in their hair. This humidity is a great hindrance to their hair styling and health.

Silicon mix doesn’t allow the humidity to get in the hair and makes them sticky and moist. Its two folded benefits are that it locks hair moisture and doesn’t allow outside humidity and moisture makes it a more desirable thing.

What makes silicon mix damaging for hair? Why do people have concerns about it?

  • The most bothering thing about silicon mix is that it is a locking agent. The good to lock moisture becomes its negativity when it locks other nourishing and health-giving ingredients to the hair. The layer that makes all-around hair doesn’t allow the other good ingredients to get in hair.
  • Similarly, it leaves its products on our hair and if we don’t care about our hair well, it is quite dangerous for their healthy growth. The products that remain on our hair will weaken the hair roots and their follicles. It can create frizz and roughness as well.
  • Another thing we consider bad about silicon mix is that when we use it more than two times a week. It is not reasonable to use silicone mix in excessive quantity. It can be very bad to use it too much. A little quantity of it can be spread on all hair very well. This will be sufficient for hair to provide it with all its necessary protection.
  • After using silicon mix, we have a feeling of dryness and frizz. Some residue of the silicon remains on our hair is responsible for making them dry and dull.

Secret Factors Affecting your Hair and How to Use Silicon Mix on Hair?

Secret Factors Affecting your Hair and How to Use Silicon Mix on Hair

Everyone wants to know about the usability and ways to get good results with silicon mix. With the growth of the fashion industry, new products are getting much popularity. We know that African products are much popular these days just because of their astonishing results. They have the usage of natural ingredients.

Silicon mix is lacking in natural products but still, it has very special ingredients as cetyl alcohol that helps make our hair soft and smooth. Its moisture technology makes it a great product for hair dryness and frizz.

But we must be a little careful about its use that how often and how much it should be used. If we use silicon mix in a good way with some care and precautions, we can get more benefits and fewer damages.

Type of Your Hair Matters A lot!

This is good for us to realize what hair type we have and to what extent we can use silicon mixes for our hair. In the case of healthy and strong hair, it is not necessary to use more silicon mix. A little quantity of it can make our hair silky smooth and manageable.

In case of dull, dry, and rough hair, we can use it a little more than normal hair should. The rough and thick hair needs more moisture lock. This is why they need extra care and nourishment. Silicon mix formula is especially for dull and rough Caribbean hair types.

We can use it twice a week if there is a problem with dryness and frizz. We can have better results with this.

Atmospheric Conditions

One of the things we should care about while using silicon mix is the atmospheric conditions of your area. If you live in an airy and sunny area, there is no need to use silicon mix twice a week as you will face no humidity and suffocated hair.

But living in an area near the sea or tropical area, you can face more humidity and salty stickiness. This stickiness can be very bad for your hair to remain healthy and hydrated. It will weaken the roots as they are always moist. So, silicon mix can be a good treatment for such areas and atmospheric conditions.

We can easily use it twice a week and get better results. The layer silicon mix will create around the hair will not allow the humidity to enter the hair roots and snatch their moisture and softness.

Lifestyle and Routine Plays a Vital Role

Another thing that most affects our hair when we are going to use silicon mix is a lifestyle. A healthy routine o our life may affect positively o our hair when we use silicon mix. It is a kind of envelope that covers our hair and doesn’t let other things reach the hair follicles.

That’s why we must make our hair routine full and perfect with all the essential nutrients. It will make our hair absorb and get the required nutrients in a full week before and after the use of silicon mix. So, if we want to get outstanding results, we should care about our healthy routine with all masks, shampoos, conditioning, and positive activities.

Similarly, there are some specific ways and conditions to use silicon mix hair products that will give you better results and long-lasting impacts. Let’s have a look at them as well

Wash Your Hair Perfectly

We know that everyone wants to get healthy and strong hair. In this quest, he/she tries their level best to acquire their desired hair. They use different shampoos, hair tonics, balms, ointments, custards, conditioners, and homemade masks and treatments.

All these treatments are very good for our hair but they have one side effect. They leave their products and residue on our hair. The hair with such residues will not give these expected and loving results we want from silicon mix.

To get our dream results, we should wash and cleanse our hair in a perfect way that all the products and residues will wash out. We can wash it with a good quality shampoo by doing sectioning our hair. If we do four to five sectioning of our hair, we can wash them thoroughly and will make them ready for using silicon mix and achieve the desired results.

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Get a Good Multivitamin Treatment for Your Hair

Before applying silicone mix to our hair, we should treat them with some multivitamin mask or pre-conditioner. It will make your hair prepare to store all the essential nutrients that will not get into hair after being silicon mix treated.

Applying a multivitamin mask or homemade DIY will restore the strength and vigor of your hair and the efficiency to accept silicon layer will be greatly enhanced.

It is not necessary to get an expensive branded product from the market. You can prepare it easily from home ingredients like honey, aloe Vera, yogurt, lemon, and many oth3r things we use daily. It will give you much better results than a pre-made product gives. It will compensate for the need for all the nutrients and vitamins that will get locked after being silicon mix treated.

Let Your hair Gat Silicon Mix Apply

After applying multivitamins to your hair, you are ready to use the silicon mix.  Apply a moderate quantity of silicon mix to your hair by doing its sectioning. By dividing it into sections, your hair will get thorough silicon mix treated.

A good combing through all your hair will spread the silicon mix into your hair properly. It is a good way to make a strong shield or layer of moisture lock all around our hair follicles.

For better results, we can wear a shower cap into your hair o that you may get a little heated as a greenhouse effect. A 15 minutes cap treatment is enough for your hair. If your want to get your hair more heated, you can heat them for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Wash Your Hair and Rinse the Silicon Mix off

The silicon treatment is done after 15 minutes. After this, you can wash your hair with a good shampoo. Make sure to properly wash the silicon products and residue from your hair. It will make you feel light and soft. Otherwise, a sense of heaviness will tangle your hair.

How Does a Silicon Mix Treatment Work On Your Hair?

How Does a Silicon Mix Treatment Work On Your Hair

The silicon mix is exceptionally brilliant for dull, dry, and frizzy hair. They are a good combination of silicon and many other significant ingredients that make your hair silky, smooth, soft, and moisture-locked.

All the silicone mixes create a protective shield all around your hair shafts and don’t allow moisture to get dry. All Afro-hair and Afro-American curls get well defined and soft by the use of silicon mix.

Silicon mix is multi-tasking. Silicon itself controls the hair surface and the other ingredients like cetyl alcohol and cetrimonium chloride will make your hair silky and smooth. They qualify the hair to lock moisture and remain hydrated for a long time.

One of the very best and unique quality silicon mix does that it can not only be used on living hair but you can increase the life of your wigs and hair extensions with the use of this silicon mix. It is a fact that wigs and hair extensions whether are made up of artificial strands of original hair strands, get damaged and dull with time.

These dull and damaged extensions can revitalize and refresh by the use of silicon mix. This will ensure an increase in their lifetime.

Does Silicone Damage Hair?

We are well aware of the fact that silicon mixes are not natural products, They are industrialized polymers in addition to some other chemicals. But all these chemicals are too good and supportive to hair softness and smoothness. They make your hair strands silky and shining. They can store the hydration of hair.

Alongside these benefits, silicone mixes are a little damaging or contain some side effects to us. Let’s have a look at all these side effects one by one.

They Can Dry Your Hair

Silicon features to lock moisture and don’t allow other things to come in or go out of the shield or layer it makes. But sometimes it lets the essential hair ingredients remain outside the layer. It will harm the growth of your hair.

Similarly, if we are failed to make the products of hair conditioners, shampoos, and masks rinse properly from our hair, it will be a problem as well these products will not let the silicon mix work properly. They will form their chemical reaction with silicon mix and make hair more dry and dull.

The frizz that we want to control can be increased sometimes just because of the wrong use of silicon mix. The excessive use and over conditioning with silicon mix can also have the same issues as creating frizz and dryness.

Sometimes the overuse of silicon mix can cause hygal fatigue to hair and can damage hair badly.

All the Silicones are Not Water Soluble

Silicon mix is indeed water-soluble but not necessary that all the silicon mixes are water-soluble. There are certain conditioners and mixes of silicon that don’t mix in water thoroughly.

It can be a little damaging because of the byproducts and residue that may be left on our hair. The build-ups of silicon can make your hair follicles and roots weak and brittle. It will be a cause of more frizz and rough hair texture.

If you want to get full benefits from any silicon product, you have to take good care of your hair. You have to wash your hair with a good shampoo. This lack of water solubility will allow the residue to stay at your hair shafts and will not let your hair grow healthy and strong.

Silicones Are Not Environment Friendly

We fully understand the fact that silicon is a polymer of silica. We know that polythene is not a biodegradable material. Similarly, silicon mixes have the same consequences as that of polythene whether it is not that dangerous as polythene. This is why silicon products are not environmentally friendly.

When we wash the silicon mixes, they get the mix into the water and become a threat to marine life. We should try to use less silicon as a dutiful citizen.


While we have discussed the use of silicone mixes in detail, we come to some certain points. It is an industrial product, It has no natural products so we can say that it is industrialized. It is a polymer of silica and is not biodegradable. It is very good for hair shine and smoothness. It is a great thing to make your dull hair shiny and even your wigs and extensions can also get new life.

A silicon mix is getting much popularity because of its moisture lock technology. It never lets the moisture go out and makes the hair hydrated for a long time. This is the best thing for Afro curly hair. It makes them well managed because of its moisture lock.

Even silicon mixes don’t allow the humidity to get in and spoil the beauty and softness of our hair. So we can rely on silicon mix easily. There is nothing to fear about it. The people who consider silicon mix bad for hair are misleading or misguided.

We know that there are always some exceptions. It may not be suitable for some air types and in some different atmospheric conditions. But the overall impact and results of this silicon mix are very good.

By applying certain hair care tips and precautions, we can get full advantages of all silicon products.

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