Is Shea Butter Good For Low Porosity Hair?

Every woman dream to have silky, smooth, and healthy hair. She does everything to make her hair strong and healthy. This urge to have great attractive hair is not new. Centuries ago women did use different herbs and natural oils to grow their hair healthy and strong.

Hair is divided into many types and should b treated according to its type and nature. If someone has curly rough hair, she must treat them accordingly. A woman with healthy smooth hair should not get careless against them. She has to care for them for their long life and growth. and the answer raised here Is Shea Butter Good For Low Porosity Hair?

The answer is yes! Shea butter is a great moisturizer for low porosity hair. It helps to seal in moisture and prevent frizz. Shea butter is also a good source of vitamins A, E, and F, which help to nourish the hair. If you have low porosity hair, be sure to use a shea butter-based product to help keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

Some people have hair with low porosity. They need much care and attention. They are highly thick and do not have acceptance of any moisture. They need extraordinary moistening and oily natured substances so that they may get a little soft and silky.

Shea butter is getting popular rapidly as it is a natural butter of a fruit that is much good for rough curly hair and also for dry ones. Many people are still confused about the use of Shea butter on their low porosity hair. They are always found asking the question “is Shea butter good for low porosity hair?”

To know whether Shea butter is really good for our low porosity hair or not, we have to carry pt an in-depth study of what is low porosity hair and what is Shea butter.

What is Hair Porosity?

Low porosity hair is when your hair can’t accept the moisture and are so thick that it is difficult for us to saturate them with water or oil. Low porosity hair is the outcome of tightly laid down cuticles that do not allow any moisture to get in.

This type of hair is thick and looks healthy. But when we feel them with fingers, they feel too rough and dry. You can say that our hair can absorb and accept water pr moisture.

The cuticles are laid in the form of an overlapping brick of any rooftop. As it is very difficult for water to enter from these overlapping bricks or shingles, similarly moisture can’t get in your scalp f you carry low porous hair.

Porous hair is three types, Low, medium, and high porosity hair. Low porosity hair is tightly fixed cuticles and high porosity has loose cuticles. Low porosity hair when given treatment with good natural oils and butter, they retain their moisture for a long time. But they needed to be treated in some special way and some special products to get moist.

Shea butter has got its popularity because of the moisture and thickness it provides to the skin as well as hair. Shea butter is being used for porous hair as people are getting benefitted from it greatly. The question that is Shea butter is good for porous hair or not can get its answer if we can understand Shea butter and how it works for different hair or skins differently.

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair?

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair?

As we come to know that our hair has low porosity if they tend to absorb less moisture and still kook heavy and thick. But this thickness of hair is not because of the healthy hair cuticles and roots. But the reason for this heaviness is just the roughness and dryness caused by the moisture lock low porosity hair.

The makeup and type of hair strands are too thick that they don’t allow moisture to get in. But this is not a good situation. As hair needs its proper moisture and food. So there must be some ways and methods that we can apply to make our hair moist and hydrated.

Let’s have a look o them

Shampoo with Honey and Glycerin

While dealing with our low porosity hair, we have to be more careful in making a shampoo decision. We can’t choose a shampoo that is high in paraben and alcohol. It will make the hair strands more dry and rough. Instead, we can use a shampoo with a bit of glycerin or honey.

Both glycerin and honey are thick moisturizers rich in proteins. They can make your low porosity hair catch the moisture for some time.

Shea Butter Balm

As far as the porosity of our hair is concerned, it needs to be treated and cared for with more hydrated and moistened products. Shea butter is a concentrated form of thick oil and is very best for porosity hair. It is available in the form of balms, conditioners, and custards.

If you can find Shea butter in its crude form, it will be heaven on earth. Research tells Shea butter is more beneficial in its unrefined form.

Apply Shea butter balm gently and try to massage it through all roots. Leave it for one to two hours and then wash with a mild shampoo.

Use a Good Quality Conditioner Afterwards

When using shampoo in low porosity hair, our hair becomes rough and dry. The low porosity hair takes time to wash them and as it is difficult to moisture them. It is a difficult process too to wash them out.

Applying a good conditioner will be a compulsion. Our low porosity hair needs to be given its urgent moisture aid and the conditioner will play this role in a good way. Many conditioners are made with Shea butter. They can prove positive to our low porosity hair.

Deep Conditioning After Every Week Can Benefit Low Porosity Hair

To make your hair alive and healthy, you need some extra care. Deep conditioning is great to boat your hair moistening and hydrating process. Applying some thick balm or extra virgin oil, we should cover them with a shower cap. If you can provide your low porosity hair with some heat then it will work wonders.

Heat can be provided with help of a blow dryer so that the cuticles will get a little soft to accept the moisture openly. The inter-tangled cuticle will allow the moisture to get into the hair roots.

Avoid Cold Water Showers

If we are used to take shower under chill water, it will make our hair more low porosity. It will snatch all the moisture and the cuticle will get too locked and overlapped.

We should take shower with lukewarm water especially in case of having porosity hair. It will help our hair cuticle to get a little soft and loosen so that we can get the water and moisture in thoroughly.

Healthy Lifestyle

We must adopt a healthy lifestyle to remain fit. But if having low porosity hair, will be a great blessing. A half-hour walk and exercise can activate the dead cells and cuticles to get soften. The blood circulation will increase greatly and will make our low porosity hair soft and smooth. The chances to accept moisture will automatically improve.

By eating a healthy and nutritious diet, we can aid our hair to grow soft. A night of deep sleep and yoga are good partners for your healthy hair growth.

Nature and Use of Shea Butter

Nature and Use of Shea Butter

Shea butter is an extract from African tree nuts called Shea nuts and it is scientifically called Vitellaria Paradoxa.  It is a very thick and butter-like fruit pulp that is very rich in vitamins, proteins, natural SPF 3, and phytosterols. It is extracted in crude form and then refined and processed to be used and packed for different purposes.

If Shea butter can be found in its raw form, then it is an excellent remedy to dryness of hair as well as skin. It is difficult to get Shea butter in crude form. Its processing has been started long ago. Shea butter is the name of an industry now. It is used in many lotions, moisturizing creams, body lotions, hair conditioners, and custards, etc.

Shea butter can prove a positive ointment to low porosity hair. It can give them moisture and will take their dryness and roughness away. Shea butter is:

  • A natural butter with all the rich vitamins and proteins
  • It is a thick oil that will not be melted easily up to 37c
  • It is an excellent moisturizer with a great number of unsaponifiable lipids.
  • It has all the essential minerals to grow and treat hair strong and healthy
  • Shea butter is a treasure of omega 3 fatty acids that are very good food for hair and skin as well
  • There are natural keratin and proteins that will help grow your hair silky, smooth and healthy

Can Shea Butter Be a Friend of Low Porosity Hair?

After understanding the nature of low porosity hair and Shea butter individually, we should peep into their chemistry. Is Shea butter good for low porosity hair? This question needs to be satisfied.

Shea butter is a thick moisturizing agent that will help the rough, dry, and lifeless hair. Low porosity hair has all those features. They are too dry and dull because of the moisture lock. Its cuticles are too overlapping and shingled that it is difficult to get the moisture in.

Now Shea butter can help our low porosity hair get the hydration through. We can use Shea butter balm, Shea butter conditioner, and Shea butter hair oil. All these products will do magic and will improve moisture in our hair.

If we can make our low porosity hair moist and hydrated with Shea butter products, it will retain for some time in our hair, it is a good thing that our hair will keep the moisture for some time after getting it in.

With the natural capacity of highly concentrated butter, Shea butter is always a good choice for dry hair. This is now available in many forms and names. But if we find Shea butter in its raw form, its impact will be enhanced.

  • Raw Shea Butter: Shea butter in its raw form is best of the best moisturizing complex for low porosity hair and it is found in a very unrefined raw form with a strong odor. We have to use a good shampoo to rinse the impurities after using Shea raw butter.
  • Unrefined Shea Butter: The unrefined Shea butter is made by only processing it through a thin cloth to stay the impurities away. It does not add any chemicals to make it work for a long time. Neither its odor changes by filtering it through the cloth. It is still too good for low porosity hair. So if we can easily find it, it will make our hair smooth and hydrated.
  • Refined Shea Butter: The name tells the story that Shea butter is processed to make a fine white color butter that is even scented to different flavors. It is in a creamy form and its texture is fine. It is good for our low porosity hair but not that good as raw Shea butter acts on our hair. It loses some of its natural ingredients during the processing
  • Perfectly Refined Shea butter:  This type of Shea butter is used normally in lotions and hydrating creams. This can also be used for porosity hair in the form of balms, custards, and conditioners. But due to the high standard of processing and refining, it loses its necessary ingredients and many chemicals are added to it. This is why the effect of this butter is rather negative than positive.

These are all the forms of Shea butter that may help you understand that how useful Shea butter can be for our low porosity hair. There is no doubt in saying that Shea butter can be a friend of low porosity hair if it is used sensibly and using precautionary steps.

On the other hand, if we want to use Shea butter for high porosity hair, it will be a great shock to the hair. We know that high porosity hair means that the hair cuticles are too loose that it is very easy for them to absorb oil, water, outer environmental ingredients. Similarly, the high porosity hair is easy to lose moisture and becomes frizzy and brittle.

This is why it is wrongly claimed that Shea butter is good for high porosity hair. Instead, it makes it more frizzy, rough, and lifeless.

Ways to Use Shea Butter on Low Porosity Hair

Ways to Use Shea Butter on Low Porosity Hair

Shea butter contains rich omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, natural SPF3, phytosterol, antioxidants, fatty acids, and resilience. All these natural ingredients make Shea butter a heart favorite to people. When we consider our low porosity hair, Shea butter gets full marks. If it is used wisely on our scalp, we can get ultimate benefits from it.

Let’s have a look at the ways that how and when to use Shea butter on our low porosity hair.

Steam Your Hair Before Using Shea Butter

Before we are gang to apply any Shea oil or ointment, we should steam our hair. Our hair follicles are too tightly overlapped that they don’t allow any moisture to get in.

But if we steam the before treatment, it will loosen and relax the cuticles that much to make the moisture get in. So you can wear a steaming cap to get your hair hydrated.

A Unique Method of Greenhouse Effect to Use Shea Butter Better Way

The best way to use Shea butter is to provide your low porosity hair a greenhouse effect. What does the mean of providing greenhouse effect to hair?

If we apply our hair some Shea ointment ad then wear a shower cap overnight or the whole day if possible. The warmth of our scalp and head will not release outside. Instead, it will work inside to make the hair cuticles soft and tender enough to allow the moisture to get in.

This is the same process as plants start growing when they are given the suffocating environment by the greenhouse effect.  You can use a headscarf if your feel bad wearing a shower cap in the daytime.

Use A Clarifying Shampoo Before Using Shea Moisturizer

As we know that low porosity doesn’t allow anything to enter the hair inside. This may cause all the moisture, pollutants, and dust particles to make a product build-up or residue.

It is essential to clarify our hair with the help of clarifying shampoo before the use of Shea moisturizer. In this way, Shea butter will work wonders and will make your hair properly moisturize and hydrated. There is no fear of any residue to mix with the moisture and get in the scalp.

So the use of a clarifying shampoo will enhance the effects of Shea moisturizer.

Deep Condition your Hair After Any Shea Usage

Shea butter is a great moisturizing complex but we are lack natural Shea these days. With the advancement in the cosmetic industry, every natural item is industrialized. It is quite impossible to find natural Shea products.

So the refined Shea butter contains some chemicals including preservatives. They can damage the hair to some extent. To lessen the effect of these chemicals, we should make a habit of deep conditioning.

After every week or two, deep conditioning with a little heat can help us wash all the chemicals away from our hair. It will also make our hair too moist to get our hair soft and hydrated thoroughly.

If we use any Shea product with these old ways, we can get more benefits than ever.


After discussing all the details and nature of low porosity hair as well as Shea butter, we are easy to decide whether to use Shea butter or not. We know that Shea butter has all the moisture and vitamins that are required by a low porosity hair.

So if we use Shea butter in its natural crude form it will be a great blessing. Low porosity hair locks the way of moisture to get ion the scalp. We have to use some techniques and methods to make our locked cuticles welcome moisture.

This is good news for us that by giving hair some heat and steam, we can apply Shea butter moisturizer deep into our scalp. If we think that Shea butter will work on its own when we don’t take care of our hair, it is wrong.

We have to care about our hair whether they are healthy, silky, and smooth. And in the case of being the hair low porosity, how can we take risk of leaving them not treated properly.

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