Is Ion Hair Color Professional?

Ion hair color is considered one of the best hair colors in the hair industry as it works magic and instant. It is a great customized color range available in almost every shade. It has done wonders in the field of hair dying. It is a great formula that anyone can apply at home. You need not o go to any saloon and can apply it easily.

The answer is a resounding “yes”! ION is a professional hair color line that is used in salons all over the world. The products are high quality and deliver amazing results.

If you’re looking for a hair color that will make your hair look healthier and more vibrant, ION is definitely the right choice. The colors are very natural-looking, and they won’t fade or wash out over time.

ION is also a cruelty-free brand, so you can feel good about using its products. They never test on animals, and they use only the highest quality ingredients. If you’re looking for a hair color that is both high quality and cruelty-free,

For decades, Ion hair dye has got popular because of its simplicity and active formula. It’s just the mixing of your chosen hair color shade and then mixing it with a developer in the same proportion. It is applied as a shampoo on your hair and then washed away only after 20 to 30 minutes.

The people who always ask whether ‘Ion hair color is professional or not?” should understand that the Ion hair color range is fully professional. It never claims to sustain for years or months even. You can also learn how to use Ion permanent hair color. It is mentioned that it is a kind of color that can bring you instant shine and gloss in your hair for 4 to 5 weeks maximum. That’s why we should be confident while choosing Ion hair professional’s shade for our hair.

What Does Ion Hair Color Offer to Its Customers?

What Does Ion Hair Color Offer to Its Customers?

What does ion hair color offer its customers that may appeal to them instantly? The reason for the ever-growing fame of Ion hair color is its wide range of colors and other dying agents including bleaches, permanent hair dyes, developers, lighteners, trendy color range, and semi-permanent dyes. Ion hair color has a pallet of all shades and even you can get the best according to your skin tone.

Interestingly, Ion hair brilliance contains all that stylish and trendy women or girls want to have. You just visit the company online store and choose what you want your hair to get dyed in. There are other major stores like Amazon or Sally’s online store to buy your required hair color.

The most interesting thing about Ion air color is that you can choose your desired color and get it to check whether it suits you or not by simply uploading your hair color and even your face photo. This is a kind of amazing game that has a lot of fun and enjoyment.

If you think that color does not suit your skin or hair shade. You can go one or two degrees lighter or darker. It will make a good result for you.

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How to Use Ion Hair Color?

It is very easy to use as everyone can apply it on her own. You need to take a non-metallic bowl, good to be plastic. Put the color cream in the bowl and then put the developer and mix them well. The most important thing you must remember is to mix them in equal proportion. Any ingredient more or less can make the color lose its color and it may happen in a bad and uneven color on your hair, Let me also share your video from youtube:

If you think it impossible to choose a perfect color for your hair, then you have the option of color coder available on the ion app. It will make it easy the choice of best and suitable color for you. You can get a better opportunity by adding your hair color details or even adding your photo on the app.

  • If you are new ad trying Ion hair color for the first time, then you have to apply it through all your hair equally till the roots. Then you have to wait for almost 30 to 40 minutes or until the acquisition of the best color.
  • If you are used to using this ion hair dye, then it is a bit different process of dying your hair. You have to apply it with the help of an applicator or dying brush on the roots. After waiting 20 minutes, apply it to the upper part of your hair. It will easily get the required color as it is acquainted with it before.
  • Be cautious if you are trying to color your grey hair. Time varies according to the volume. If you are going for volume 10 in grey hair, it needs to wait almost 20 to 25 minutes to get them dyed perfectly.
  • If you are going for volume 20 on your grey hair, it will lead you to wait for 35 to 40 minutes minimum. This will get you a good color to overcome your grey hair perfectly.
  • Similarly, when you desire to change your hair from dark to light shade, you need to wait 35 to 40 minutes with volume 20 and 25 to 30 with volume 10. This is a good thing to follow all the instructions mentioned here.

For further details and avoidance of mistakes, we can follow ion permanent hair color chart available on the ion hair color website.

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Pros of Ion Hair Color:

Pros of Ion Hair Color:

  • Quite easy to apply
  • Easy to use even instantly after perming and relaxing
  • Great coverage to grey hair
  • It is soothing with having a conditioning formula
  • Never let your hair dull and dry
  • Gives silk and shine to hair
  • The color can last till 4 weeks
  • It has no use of ammonia and peroxides
  • Wide range of colors
  • No harm to any kind of hair

Tips to Use Ion Hair Dye in the Best Way

Every hair color has its methods to be used perfectly. Ion hair dye amazingly tells us the tips to not get you any damage or harm. It is a chemical formulation and can have risks too. If we go and read the instructions on the ion hair color website, we can be benefitted instead of getting any harm.

  • If you are not getting the desired results on a lighter tone, then add one or two degrees more to the color volume as it is difficult to get perfection with porous hair
  • If you want to use permanent hair color after the use of a relaxer, wait a minimum of two weeks for a better experience
  • If you feel some irritation in your scalp, don’t continue the dying process.
  • A close examination of hair is a must for checking the porosity and elasticity of hair. High porosity hair is difficult to treat
  • If your hair is coarse and frizzy, you need to wait for more than any other type of hair. If still not getting the desired results, you have to coat it again with ion hair dye. It will get you a great color you are wishing for
  • Making sectioning of your hair will be great to get amazing results
  • Never try to wash your hair after the completion of the dying process. The Ion hair dye itself is so smooth that it needs no shampoo afterward. Instead, wash hair before applying ion hair dye
  • Let your hair fall instead of catching it upwards. This will make your hair get the real essence of ion hair color
  • If you want some funky color as pink or neon green, add some conditioner in it and shake it well to get the best funky color

Ion hair product company has described in detail that we can be benefitted more if we act on all the above-given tips. All these ion permanent hair color instructions will enable you to use its products to their best.

Ion Hair Color Reviews

Ion Hair Color Reviews

Ion hair color is the latest hair color technology that relies on only two ingredients. Its simple method makes it loveable and appealing

As far as the reviews of ion hair color are concerned, these are optimistic.

A survey onion hair dye shows that ion has caught the attention of people in no time and that is why it has taken 4 out of five points in reviews overall.

Many people experimented with it with the best quality conditioners and keratin conditioners and acquired outstanding results. Let’s discuss further the things that matter most if we are getting ready to get our hair dyed with ion hair color.

Ion Color Brilliance:

The first thing is its name that stands out quality. Ion hair color brilliance introduced a wide range of color schemes and a variety of hair products that ensure perfection.

It is a gentle cream with the developer to create a sense of smooth, silky, and brilliant hair in almost every shade you need. Its quick action formula makes it a charm to everyone men and women.

Ion Permanent Hair Color Chart

In permanent hair color chart is a magnificent chart that makes you choose your desired shade. It does tell you that what hair color is going to suit your skin tone. This chart can easily be available on the Ion hair color website.

You can have an app download on your mobile phone to get the best of your hair-dying shades. You just have to upload your photo on the app. It will tell you the exact shade that may suit you according to your skin tone. This is a kind of fun if you use this app to know about your hair shades.

Ion Hair Color Website

The ion hair color website is specified for all the ion hair products. It is running successfully through getting the attention of its customers throughout the world with their efficient work and response.

If you are a little confused about the shade of your hair that whether it will work on you nicely or not, the Ion hair color website will help you fully in this context.

Similarly, if you don’t think your hair is able enough to get dyed with Ion hair color; just get the guidelines provided by Ion Company on its website. The tips will make you clear what type of hair color will suit you and what you should do or not before or after your dying process.

Ion Hair Products Company

As the name suggests, Ion is not only a hair-dying cream company. It is a range of products along with hair dyes. It has dyes, hair colors, bleaches, bonding, lighteners, pre-color treatments, Ion permanent liquid hair, Ion bright semi-permanent clear shampoo, and much more.

Its amazing and qualitative range of products makes it loveable to everyone. Its hair color is in the hand of every man and woman due to its simple use.

Ion Permanent Hair Color Instructions

By following all the exact permanent hair color instructions, Ion hair color will do the best with your hair. All the instructions are not only clearly told on the Ion website but also are present on the pack of hair colors.

One basic and undeniable instruction is the 1:1 ratio between the color and the developer. Anything more or less can damage the color and it can lose its control. But I know when it comes to the matter of blondes; we need to lift them high. That’s why we should increase the ratio from 1:1 to 2:1.

It means two ounces of color will get mix with one ounce of the developer. This will help your hair uplift the blondes to their best. Similarly, the high porosity of hair is difficult to catch color as they will absorb the dye. It can not only damage your blood circulation but also devoid you of your favorite shades. So you have to be more careful while going with high porosity hair. Get the consultation of an expert hairstylist or the instructions present on the Ion hair color website.

Where to Buy Ion Hair Products?

Where to Buy Ion Hair Products?

Hair products were firstly available on their website. But now with the popularity and increase in demand, Ion has made its availability possible on Amazon and Sally’s store. There is no pain in searching for any of its products now. It has become only a matter of a click to buy its products.


So guys! I have discussed all the important aspects of the Ion hair color series its amazing results and what people think about it. We are at the point that Ion has worked hard to reach this level of perfection by providing people with all they want to have. Its huge range of hair products appeals the people too much that the question “Is Ion hair color professional?” lost its importance.

The reason behind this is its outstanding results and unending performance that diminishes the small drawbacks. Ion’s hair color website and hair color app are an addition to their quality. It wins the confidence of people to a large extent.

We just have to be a bit careful and precautious when we are selecting a hair color. We should consult the Ion hair color chart available on its website and app. It will enable us to choose wisely. If we follow all the tips and instructions on the label and the website, we can never face the bad consequences for anything.

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