Is Cantu Good For Your Hair?

I have found many people around me asking the same question that “Is Cantu good for my hair?” They always remain confused and can’t decide about the authenticity of the Cantu product.

The Answer is simple Yes! Cantu is good for your hair because it is designed for textured hair and works best on waves, curls, and coils.

But I can claim that Cantu is very good for people with curly and dry, brittle hair. This is not a label of the only Black product. It has indeed been specifically designed for people having Afro-American hair. But that doesn’t mean that only Black people have the right to use it. Or you can say that Cantu products will only suit the Black.

Cantu is a well-known American brand with dozens of hair products. It has many great conditioners, oils, and shampoos thus Canto never makes your hair fall out. A wide range of products makes it one of the most sold products.

To consider Cantu risky for White people’s hair is very wrong. A white person can also use black hair products. It is only the status of your hair that matters, not the races. If you have dry, dull, lifeless curly hair, you can trust to use Cantu products blindly.

What Makes Cantu a Good Option?

What Makes Cantu a Good Option

Hey there! Are you thinking that why we should start Cantu from now? What makes Cantu good for our hair? The answers to all these questions are very simple.

Cantu is a fleet of hair products that are exclusively made for rough and lifeless curly hair. The best thing about Cantu is that it has the use of natural products. The essential oils and Shea butter, the glycerin, and the perfume made their best efforts to keep Cantu chemical-free.

The company tried its best to keep the products chemical-free. There is no use of sulfates that are very dangerous not only for our hair but also for our health. They can even penetrate our skin and cause skin disease and cancer.

It is common thinking that Cantu is an African or Black-owned company. There are many theories that Black keep prejudice against White and this is why they have made some companies that work solely for Black.

But by the time being, it is proved that Cantu is not a Black-owned company. This and many other companies producing specified curly hair products as Sienna Naturals or Briogeo are not Black-owned companies as well.

If you are getting the benefits of the best moisturizing complex and conditioners at one platform, then why test some other brand.

Products that Cantu offers have many flower extracts and essential oils such as coconut, almond, Argon oil, and Shea butter. All these ingredients make the conditioners or shampoos very soft and gentle.

Another good thing about Cantu is that it is very affordable to all of us. The company has offered very reasonable prices for almost all its products. This may be another reason for its ever-increasing popularity.

I have found many girls from curly groups White or Black, acknowledging and appreciating the results of Cantu products. They boldly claim the increase in their hair growth and lessening of hair fall.

“Cantu Shea butter has a long-lasting effect on your lifeless hair”, they say.

Many celebrities as Janelle Monae and many others use Cantu hair products to moisturize and revitalize their hair. The products are reliable. They provide your hair with all essential nutrients and help to nourish them.

Cantu products are CG approved and this is a good appeal to curly-haired people. People with curly always raise their voice that everything that is advertised or shown on T.V is specifically made for silky smooth and fine hair. There is no such ad that compels curly hair people to buy that product.

But Cantu listened to their complaint and made a wide range of products that are specified for the curling family. It even showed in its advertisement about the curly hair problem faced by a Black lady at the very start.

But after a long debate and controversy, a new ad shows that both Black and White women with ringlets use the Cantu products equally. Many Black women protested against this ad that why the ad shows a white lady.

It was all because of the racism they had to face long ago. But now theologies are changed. Rejection is replaced by acceptance. Now there is no classification at all. Everyone has the right to use everything. Curly White girl can enjoy all Cantu products if she has rough, brittle, and frizzy hair.

There are some complaints about the extra greasy and thick nature of Cantu. It is true. But it is made for women with extra rough and lifeless hair. If you feel your hair becomes a little heavy and sticky after oiling or conditioning, use a light shampoo that will lighten the stickiness of your hair.

Try To Take Certain Steps to Make Cantu Successful on Your Hair

We all know very well that how much Cantu products are useful for curly bundles of hair. These hairs are rightly unmanageable as there is no life and silk in them. The women with curly hair have to do a lot to make their hair quite settled and well-defined.

Cantu products contain many natural herbs and essential oils that will nourish the rough strands of hair deeply with no risk of chemicals. Their moisturizing creams custards caused satisfaction for those ladies who always complain about the lack of management and definition with their hair.

They claim that Cantu products contain harmful ingredients as Cetearyl alcohol or glycerin that makes your hair roots and cuticles weaken over time. It is true to some extent but if w follow some clear hair care routine and choose Cantu according to our hair type, it will work wonders.

Still much is needed to do with your hair routine that will help you a lot in managing your hair along with Cantu. Let’s have a look at all the routines bit by bit.

Be Aware Of Your Hair Nature

Be Aware of your Hair Nature

Cantu hair products are a blessing to people with curls. But everything needs to be used according to the nature and current condition of your hair. First, you should know the real stats of your hair.

If your hair is quite strong and needs only conditioning, you can use Cantu boldly. But if your hair has split ends and is brittle. They are inclined to fall and badly damaged.

In this situation, you need to recognize the root cause of your hair damage. You must be well aware of the products and the ingredients you are using.

Sometimes we are quite fed up with the hair care products and have abandoned them. It can also be another cause of your hair damage.

Start using Cantu after understanding the real issues your hair is facing. It has more than 50 products containing all good natural ingredients. You can use them confidently according to your hair type.

If you go and consult your hairstylist or your skin specialist, it will be more welcoming to your hair.

Try Avoiding Heat and Sun

How much strong and healthy hair you have! How much silk and smooth your hair are. If you continuously expose them to the sun, they will start to lose their original shine and strength.

If Cantu is your best choice, let it be. But Cantu doesn’t give you wide permission that after using its products, you are free to expose your hair to the sun. You are free to use an excess of iron or straighteners.

No. certainly no!. Every god brand wants your care too. If it is unavoidable to go out during scorching heat, use a scarf or hat.  Cantu Leave-in Conditioner is suitable for your hair in case of facing sunlight.

Don’t Use Silk Pillows

Prevention is better than cure. Our hair is something that can easily be damaged by little carelessness. Cantu haircare can fix your hair issue if you have Afro hair. Cantu products are exclusively prepared for Afro curly hair.

Its products will give you the best results if you avoid some steps as not to use silk pillows or bonnets. Instead using satin pillows will save you from hair damage and especially split ends.

Cantu hair oils or conditioners may work wonders if you show some seriousness towards your hair care routine.

Keep On Trimming Your Split Ends

I know that curly-haired people are crazy about the length of their hair. It is their wish to have lengthy hair. They have long hair but due to the intricate tangles and rings, their hair can’t represent their actual length.

Cantu hair & Scalp oil can work for your lots. But if you think that trimming your hair will shorten them. You are mistaken. Just keep on trimming your hair if you want healthy hair. Trimming is best to remove the split-ended hair and they will be replaced by healthy hair.

Cantu haircare conditioner will make your hair smooth and organized. Cantu Split Ends Mender will help you regain a healthy scalp.

Avoid letting your hair dry

Dryness is an enemy to your curly hair. Curly hair has dry nature in itself. If we don’t make them moisturize, they will start to brittle and more frizzy.

Cantu Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are heaven on earth. They will provide all the essential moisture to your curly hair and help them regain its original shine.

So guys! Keep in mind this too an important point of providing moisture to your hair. It is life to your hair. Drink a lot of water for getting healthy hair.

Conditioning Is Life to Curls

Cantu offers a large variety of conditioners for us, the curly girls! We should deeply condition our rough lifeless hair. Cantu Deep treatment mask offers very good results. You can condition your hair after using shampoos.

If your shampoo Is too soft and gentle, it still needs to be conditioned afterward. It will help you provide full nourishment and protection from dangerous chemicals. Your hair strands will become more strong and healthy.

Deep conditioning once a week will add more life to your curls along with Cantu hair care.

Protect Your Hair with Protective Styles

Protect your Hair with Protective Styles

Whether your hair is too strong to be damaged by any unusual styling, don’t keep on doing it. If you don’t let your hair bind in a protective style, any product including Cantu hair products will stop the damage.

Cantu extra-defined gel and its coconut hair cream are very good to provide all the essential ingredients to your hair. But your hair still needs care and protection.

If you continuously keep on your hair facing the difficult styling, they will start to grow split ends and weak roots. No hair product including all Cantu hair care will protect your hair from intense damage.

Do braids, twisty tail, and wavy tail of your hair. It will protect your hair from being exposed to the outer environment. The strand end will surely be safe from friction.

So ladies! All these hair care tips will help you use Cantu products to their best. Everything you do or do not makes a permanent impact on your hair. Similarly, good hair products like Cantu have a permanent impact.

All you have to do is to care for your hair personally. The rumors that Cantu destroys your hair are false. It is the way you use the products. It is the precautionary measure you take to deal with your hair.



  • Reasonable price
  • Refreshing long-lasting coconut fragrance
  • Natural ingredients
  • Essential oils
  • Extra smooth and soft
  • Best conditioners
  • Long-lasting impact
  • Wide range of products
  • Controls rough and lifeless hair
  • Best choice for curly squad



  • High impact fragrance
  • Too heavy and sticky
  • The extra oily and greasy nature can damage hair follicles
  • Acne may appear due to oils
  • Isopropyl alcohol is too dry
  • Cetearyl alcohol can cause cancer

What Makes Cantu Defame?

What Makes Cantu Defame?

Cantu products with all their goodness may contain some chemicals that may make your hair heavy or greasy as glycerin or Shea butter. There are some other chemicals as Cetearyl alcohol is used in some of its products like Shea butter conditioning cream.

The extra use of glycerin makes its products too heavy and thick that sometimes instead of providing definition to your hair, it produces a burden on your scalp. This stickiness creates a feeling of frizz and roughness. The hair sometimes can’t bear thickness and extra grease and ultimately starts to fall. Many other ingredients as Paraben, sulfates, silicons, and mineral oils can have some drawbacks too.

Cetearyl Alcohol

The use of Cetearyl alcohol is too dangerous for hair. Cantu never used alcohol some years before. But now they accept its usage as an ingredient in a very low percentage.

But Cetearyl alcohol is too damaging and alarming for our skin and sometimes it affects our reproductive system. It can be the cause of cancer. It can be the reason for many skin allergies and sometimes even baldness.

But that doesn’t prove Cantu a bomb. It is a very reputed brand for hair. It has a large purchase. If you do not let your hair ever use dyes, bleaches, straightening cream, irons, and straighteners, you can use Cantu confidently.

Using other harmful chemicals and excess heat can damage your hair cuticle and even it may rupture and expose to any chemical. In this situation, Cetearyl alcohol will rapidly affect and penetrate our skin.


Parabens are used to increase the life of hair products. It is a kind of preservative and helps last the products for some time. Cantu also uses paraben for the long life and preservation of their products.

But paraben indeed damages our hair badly. Sometimes it remains on our scalp and can’t be washed away properly. The result is an unseen layer of paraben that weakens the roots and cuticles badly.


Sulfates are not only used in Cantu but almost all hair brands. This chemical cuts oils and greasy elements from our hair. Our hair naturally produces oils and after a day or two, our hair becomes oily and messy. Sulfates wash all-natural or external oils from your hair.

Research proves that sulfates remove protein from hair and made them dry. The removal of protein makes your hair lose its original shine and luster.


Glycerin is a great thickening agent and it provides a safeguard from dryness. It is one of the most important ingredients of Cantu products. Glycerin gives your Afro curly hair a well-defined shape and texture. It becomes easy for you to keep such unmanageable hair managed.

But there is still an issue, it is too sticky that it locks all fresh air from outside and does not let it pass to your hair roots. It also has inflammatory effects that’s why if you use some styling machine after its usage, it can cause inflammation in your hair.

The inflammation caused by glycerin can damage your hair and make its roots weak and brittle.


Silicones are used in Cantu hair products so that they can lock the moisture. It helps to gain shine and keep your hair moist. It makes a shield that doesn’t your hair accept any other moisture from outside.

But in my opinion, it also locks other essential elements that come along with air or water. This is why it is responsible for creating frizz and roughness.

Frequently asked question and answers

  • Is Cantu bad for your hair?

The impact that Cantu creates on our hair is different. It is sometimes good and very positive for women with rough and frizzy hair. They are quite happy and satisfied with it. But some women still blame Cantu for being too dry to make their hair brittle. They think the use o Cetearyl alcohol and glycerin make a thick layer on their scalp. This layer doesn’t allow their hair to absorb the fresh air and healthy ingredients. Instead, it sometimes makes their scalp too suffocated to sweat. This causes the weakening of their hair roots and cuticles.

  • Is Cantu shampoo bad for your hair?

Cantu products have a great market. All its products including shampoos are satisfying the customers. Many people think that Cantu shampoo very hard and make their hair too dry. But if you already have dry hair and very soft and sleek, you need not use this shampoo. If your hair is heavy and bears lacs of curls, you surely will use some oil and conditioners that may give your hair a well-defined shape. All the oils gels and conditioners carry heavy ingredients like essential oils, Shea butter, and glycerin. So, using Cantu shampoo will make your hair clean and light after three days or a week.

  • Does Cantu make your hair grow faster?

Many Cantu products carry vitalizing ingredients that are very helpful to grow your hair faster. Many outstanding oils have jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and many other oils that help your hair roots get to nurture and grow fast. But not every hair kind needs to be affected by these oils or conditioners. There are many categories of hair in which some are too stubborn to grow. They don’t incline to grow. Any oil maybe it Cantu or other, the length of your hair will increase in micrometers.

  • Is Cantu bad for black hair?

What makes us ask this question that Is Cantu bad for our hair in 2021? This is because it is a fact that Cantu once was a herbal and natural product brand. But now it has started to add chemical as Cetearyl alcohol. Parabens, sulfates, silicones, and many others. This is why it is losing its trust over its customers. Many people especially women are afraid of using Cantu now. But I think if you are taking care of your hair and not using any product excessively, it will not harm your hair. We know that too much use of any hair product will damage the cuticles and roots of our hair.

  • Does Cantu have alcohol In it?

“Yes” is the answer to this very question. Many Cantu products contain alcohol whether in a very small ratio. But Cantu was once a brand just because of its natural and harmless ingredients. But now many of its gels, custards, conditioners, and even shampoos, included a bit of Cetearyl alcohol. Although it is in very low percentage, yet it can harm your hair and skin. Its risk is high that much that it can be the reason for cancer and destruction of the reproductive system.


We have discussed the goodness of Cantu in detail. The question that is resounds ever that whether Cantu is good for our hair or not, has got the answer. Cantu is a good brand and has more than 50 products.

For centuries, people use the best herbs to grow hair fastly. Cantu has plenty of natural ingredients and herbs that is the real reason for its popularity. But now it is started to defame because of some chemical use in its products.

The use of chemicals is not that bad as we think it to be. Almost every cosmetic or hair products include some chemicals to increase the shelf life of their products. But they also mention some precautionary steps before or after using their products.

So, if you are properly following the precautionary steps and give your hair proper time than merely applying hair products, they will not get damaged.

Everyone should have some home care routine for their hair. It will help you fight against dangerous chemicals. So, Cantu is very good in itself. It’s wrong to use or the wrong and excessive use of hair products make it problematic.

If we are using shampoo daily or applying conditioner after every wash, it will weaken the roots of our hair. Similarly, too much iron or straighteners use will burn the outer layer cuticle and damages your hair badly.

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Jasmin Peterson is an expert certified beautician. She is also a truly metal expert and she will share some information you are looking for.

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