Is Cantu Curling Cream Bad For Your Hair?

It has been years back that Cantu products are getting popular very fast. People with curls specially colored people are getting attracted to Cantu due to its multiple uses. We know that black people 99.9% of possess curly hair and they have to work a lot to make them well set and managed. Cantu products are a wide range of hair serums, shampoos, conditioners, gels, custards, oils, and Shea butter treatments.

The main point that makes Cantu too appreciated is that it has natural herbs and fruit extracts. The pure and unrefined natural things are too good to make your hair silky and smooth. These products’ specialty makes them a reliable brand.

Cantu products are made by Black families and are being made for centuries. The raw material that is used in Cantu curling cream helps nourish the curly hair and make them well arranged. But is Cantu curling cream bad for your hair? Is there anything that makes Cantu a bad choice for you?

Let’s just peep into the details of Cantu curling cream that how and why Cantu is good or bad for your hair.

What is Cantu Curling Cream Made Up Of?

What is Cantu Curling Cream Made Up Of?

Cantu curling cream or curl activator is an amazing product that is special for your disarranged frizzy hair. It has the best ingredients that make your hairstyle good and look conditioned.

Many years of experiencing different natural herbs and extracts have made Cantu curling cream an amazing complex for all types of curls from loose to highly tangled.  The list of ingredients includes glycerin, water, soybean, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, fruit oils, Amino acids, canola oil, Aloe Vera, leaf extracts, Stearyl alcohol, and polyquaternium-11, and many more. But most of the ingredients are natural and make this curling cream soft and silky.

The characteristics of all these ingredients play a vital role in making a great mix for your curly hair. All these ingredients do have some specific features. Let’s have a view of these features:

  • Glycerin is one of the thickest agents in these Cantu curling creams. It provides maximum moisture to your hair. It is a great solution for your frizzy and unsettled hair to get settled and arranged.
  • The presence of many oils like almond, jojoba, coconut, or other oils helps to make your hair smooth and manageable. These oils are great nourishment for almost all curly hair but especially brilliant for African hair.
  • Stearyl alcohol is not as dry as other alcohols. Instead, it is moisturizing alcohol and that’s why you need not be worried that alcohol will make your hair more brittle and frizzy.
  • Polyquaternium is an amazing ingredient to make your hair have some hold. It is a great thing to define your hair well and keep the definition for some time.

Positive Aspects We Should Know About Cantu Curling Cream

It is a great achievement of Cantu that people all over the world like to use its products especially African, African Americans, and Asians with their curls.  Cantu curling cream does possess all the essential oils and soothing elements a rough hair needs. It is rich in all minerals that help to make your hair easily manageable and slip. We should be aware of the positivity that Cantu curling cream has. It will help you understand the nature of Cantu will boost your confidence in it.

Use of Natural Herbs and Leaf Extracts

The use of natural things is a key factor that makes Cantu a valuable product. It is the softness and purity of these raw ingredients that help make Cantu a unique formula. It will not let your hair get damaged due to the use of silicon. Instead, it works wonders on your hair by making them stylized and smooth.

Use of Essential Oils Enhances Your Hair Moisture

Many essential oils like jojoba, olive, coconut, almond, and avocado make this Cantu curling cream a superb formulation for rough hair. It moisturizes your hair in a way that you need not use too many oils other than this. It is a combination of all essential oils in their raw form. It provides your hair with all nutrition that helps make your hair managed and slip.

Glycerin Provides Stability and Conditioning

Glycerin Provides Stability and Conditioning

Glycerin is a miraculous ingredient that makes your hair remain hydrated and straight. It acts as a conditioning agent to let your hair set for some time. It becomes easy for you to maintain your tangled hair easily. And your confidence to move in your friends’ circle will get improve. The use of glycerin can sometimes make your hair a little heavy if you are living in rainy or moist areas near the sea.

Use of Stearyl Alcohol Improves Hydration

People are worried about the use of chemicals in Cantu products. But some of these chemicals ingredients like stearyl alcohol is not a dry kind of alcohol. Instead, it has great hydrating abilities. It makes your hair more moisturized and soft. Whether it is alcohol but there are still many natural ingredients that minimize its negative effects on your hair.


Your Hair Becomes Well Arranged Due To Polyquaternium-11

Similarly, we need not be worried about the use of polyquaternium that is a chain molecular formula. It gives your hair stability and holds that you can style them as you wish them to style. It can make your hair flawless straight and smooth. The frizz and roughness of your hair can get under control by using the Cantu curling cream. Afro-American women can trust in it as polyquaternium improves the chances of hair treatment.

Is Cantu Curl Activator Bad for Your Hair?

Is Cantu Curl Activator Bad for Your Hair?

Cantu has a large range of hair products that once were purely organic and natural. It originated from African women as they cared about their curly hair that much not to use any synthetic chemical in them. This originality was the basis of Cantu’s popularity. But now people are continuously complaining about various issues regarding their hair loss and increasing brittleness and frizz.

On the contrary Cantu curling cream promises to increase the shine and gloss of your hair by keeping its volume-controlled and managed. We know that Cantu curling cream is a specialized formulation for disarranged, rough, and uncontrollable hair. It has stearyl alcohol and Butyrospermum that help to make your hair silky, smooth, and moisturized.

But what makes Cantu curling cream bad for your hair is still a question.  The things that are becoming a hindrance in acquiring healthy wavy curls must be considered. Some naturalists think that the use of isopropyl alcohol makes Cantu curling cream harmful to hair. It increases the brittleness and roughness of hair by snatching its moisture.

The use of stearyl alcohol is in very low quantity but still, it has a slight proportion in any Cantu product. It is considered to make the hair hydrated instead of drying. But alcohol itself is a drying agent and we can’t resist making the hair roots dull and lifeless. Two or three decades before, Cantu had no chemical ingredients and it made Cantu the most demanding hair product. But now people think that it can no longer serve the real purpose of hydration and moisturizing as they wish it to do. They opine that the use of chemical ingredients is making their hair fall and weakening their roots. It is quite a concerning issue for everyone as no one wants to lose his/her hair at any cost.

But that doesn’t mean that we can cancel Cantu from our daily hair routine. It will be disappointing that we abandon the use of Cantu hair curling cream. If there is something that makes us a little bit concerned, then there are dozens of positivity that make us keeping its use. We should use Cantu curling cream with a certain schedule and planning then it will never let your hair go brittle or frizzy. If we act on some steps ten it will be a blessing for us to use Cantu curling cream or any other Cantu products. Let’s have a look o these steps or instructions.

Be Scheduled In Washing Your Hair

The first and foremost thing everyone should do is to make a schedule for washing their hair. Lessor excessive washing both are harmful and dangerous to your hair. It can cause your hair to fall speedily. If you don’t wash your hair for a long time after using Cantu curling cream, it will become messy and thick. The hair that falls daily is 100 to 150 in number. By not shampooing our hair, we make a bunch of hair fallen. When we wash them, the fallen hair starts coming out. It makes us worried that we are suffering the hair loss issue due to the use of Cantu curling cream.

Similarly, when we wash our hair daily, shampoo weakens our hair roots. This makes our hair fall speedily. And the blame goes on Cantu curling cream that we have just started to use.

Consider Your Hair Death Cycle While Starting Any Cantu Product

If we are fed up with the disarranged heavy strands of our curly hair and making a plan to use Cantu curling cream, then we should have a keen eye on our hair death cycle that occurs annually to everyone. Some people have hair fall in the rainy season, and some face it in autumn. Normally hair death phase can come once or sometimes twice a year.

Before starting any new product specially Cantu curling cream we should keep noticing the hair fall routine. If our hair falls more than 150, then it is the hair death cycle. We must wait to pass the phase calmly. Otherwise, the blame can come on the Cantu curling cream that is the cause of our hair loss.

Avoid Using Thick and Concentrated Oils and Ointments

Avoid Using Thick and Concentrated Oils and Ointments

It is quite normal for people with curly hair to adopt different oils and ointments to make their hair a bit slip. But we are aware of the fact that excess of everything is bad. Similarly, by using Cantu curling cream with some other thick and concentrated oils and ointments, we can be the prey to hair fall.

Too many heavy moisturizers can make your hair sticky and damp. It is a risky thing for your hair. It will make your hair roots weaken and will ultimately hair to fall can start. This is the time to understand the nature of your hair, not the blind use of Cantu curling cream along with other thick moisturizing complexes. Otherwise, instead of giving some benefits, it can harm you.

Living in Damp and Most Areas Can Cause You to damage Instead Of Benefit

If you are living in an area where near the sea or any tropical rainy area, you have to face undesirable dampness and ever moistening skin and hair. In these conditions, you can’t blame Cantu curling cream for the loss of your hair. Cantu cream is indeed a great product for rough, dull, and unmanageable hair, but it should be used according to the environmental conditions and atmosphere.

The Cantu curling cream has many moisturizing ingredients along with glycerin. We need to use this cream carefully and make it possible to wash and fully dry our hair. It will save us from hair fall.

All the above points will make it clear that it is not always the Cantu curling cream that makes your hair fall, but many factors are involved in doing so. We should be careful while trying to use any of the Cantu products. It will make us achieve its real benefits to its full.

There are some other things one should care about during using Cantu:

  • Be selective in the use of any hair products. If you are using excessive hair products, it will not fruitful for your hair. Instead, it can make your hair weaker and thinner. The chemical ingredients will make a harmful layer around your hair follicles and will damage them.
  • Keeping your hair dirty and not washing them properly can be another cause of your hair loss. We know that our skin excretes its oils and sweat. By mixing all this dirt, sweat, and Cantu curling cream, will be a cause of your hair fall. The hair will get more frizzy and lifeless.
  • The use of dyes, gels, bleaches, straighteners, blow dries excessively can damage your hair badly. If you think that you will keep on using the dyes and electronics on your hair daily and will blame Cantu curling cream for all your hair damage and loss, it is unfair. These things should be used in a limited way otherwise they can be harmful to your hair roots and will snatch their luster.
  • Some people have a habit to play with their hair in. This habit is not good for their hair health. By the time it can take the luster and shine of their hair and make them lifeless and dry.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Is Cantu conditioner bad for your hair?

Answer: If we are not satisfied with any products’ performance, we must have to look into our hair care routine first. It will greatly help us understand why and how anything does not suit us. Similarly, it is not at all good to say that Cantu conditioners are bad for our hair. Many natural ingredients in it provide good nourishment for our hair follicles. But if we don’t care about our hair properly and keep on using Cantu hair conditioner, it will damage our hair instead of benefitting them.

Question: Is too much Cantu bad for your hair?

Answer: If we don’t understand the type of our hair and keep on using Cantu, it can cause damage to our hair. Cantu products are a combination of purely natural ingredients ad crude fruit extracts. This is why they are too good for hair especially the curly ones. If we are having thin hair and we use Cantu in excess, it can weaken our hair roots and the hair will fall consequently. So we have to be moderate in the use of any hair products specially Cantu. It will condition our hair in a good way to make them smooth and manageable.

Question: Is it bad to put Cantu in your hair everyday?

Answer: Excess of everything is bad. It is a well-known proverb and is applied in all fields and aspects of life. If we are sick and tired of our unmanageable and disarranged hair, it doesn’t mean to use Cantu hair products daily. It will damage our hair instead of doing any good to them. So we can’t use the Cantu hair products every day. The advertisements attract our attention by promising no loss on daily use, but actually, hair can’t afford the use of too many chemicals. As we know chemicals ingredients are used to increase their shelf life.

Question: Is Cantu bad for straight hair?

Answer: Cantu offers a wide range of products that can be used in both curly and straight hair. But it is a fact that Cantu products are designed for Afro hair. This is why we have to decide by understanding the nature of our hair. If we have straight hair, we should choose Cantu products wisely. Otherwise, it can cause serious harm to our hair.


After a detailed discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of Cantu curling cream, we can safely assert that Cantu curling cream is good for our hair. And the question that whether Cantu curling cream is bad for your hair has received its satisfactory answer. By properly using Cantu curling cream, we can get all its real essence. Our hair can become shinier, silkier, and more manageable.

But if we don’t have any balance on our hair care routine, then Cantu curling cream will be of no use. We must use Cantu curling cream with a proper schedule including other hair care treatments; it will be more beneficial for us.

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