Is Burgundy a Natural Hair Color? (Hidden Truth)

Are you looking for the details of this question, is burgundy natural hair color? We like to answer this question!

No, burgundy is not at all a natural hair color. This one is a man-made shade and it comes in lots of variations. Only the read-headed people possess this hair shade as the natural color and not anyone else. In addition, this shade comes in the form of mahogany and copper hues. You can achieve this hue by coloring it on your hair.

Just get a dye kit and get done with this process. This pigment is a combination of red and blue. In addition, lighter burgundies contain redder, and darker burgundies are packed with more blue pigment. No doubt, it has become the trendy and most loved color.

Below we have penned down complete information about it, you can have a look at it. If you have ever gone for this red wine hair shade, let us know which hue or tint you went for and how was your experience:

Origin of Burgundy- Is it a Natural Hair Color?

First of all, you should know when this shade got introduced! Initially, it came out as the dark red colored shade and then got surrounded with so many variations. Moreover, the inspiration was derived from the Burgundy wine region located in France.

If we look at its cosmetology, then we have come to know that vibrant and some of the best shades of burgundy have been launched till now. Its tints are closer to red and blue colors and even give us the glimpse and vibe of having a purple hue.

You need to again note down that it is not a natural hair pigment and it is man-made. You will only spot red-headed people to be packed with this shade and the rest of the people dye their hair to get this tint.

The Burgundy Range

The Burgundy Range

We know that lots of readers are interested in knowing about the burgundy range and here you can go through the complete details! This has become the trendiest tint. It gives the impressive look to your personality and soul. Also, read a complete guide on the 10 Best Burgundy Hair Dye for Every Type of Hair.

The minute you get this reddish-brown tint on your strands, you get lovely. It is encapsulated with an extensive range of gorgeous and impressive colors. That includes cabernet; this one is a slightly redder hue than burgundy. We have Merlot that is a bit redder. Cranberry remains to be slightly pinker and Cordovan is slightly browner. Many celebs like Margot Robbie have loved this range too!

Deep Purple-Burgundy

This respective tint belongs to the purple tint family. You will find this color a lot more mysterious looking. It is the best violet variant that is conceptualized in the form of an ombre style. If your strands are in dark brown or black shade, then you should color them with this tint.

Dark Red

No doubt, it is one of the coolest-looking tint shades! If you want to keep your elegance level understated, we suggest you go with this hue. It will eventually give you a subtle and cool-hued look.


How about giving a violet tint to your strands? Yes, you can definitely follow this trend. Lots of girls are there that have been the fan of giving purple hue to their hair. You will certainly look dazzling and flattering. In addition, you can accentuate the whole look by going with the magenta highlights.

Mulled Wine

Time to bring a warm hue vibe on your strands! You can do that by coloring them into the mulled wine shade. Your whole look will become intense and super impressive. This is the perfect color for girls with having cool skin undertone.

Bright Burgundy

Indeed, it is the most-loved pigment in the current times. Girls love embracing and flaunting it because they get a funky look at the end of the day. Moreover, it makes their personality more beautiful and bold looking. It is super recommended to go with the full head color.

Deep Plum

If you have got an olive complexion, then that is the most appropriate hair color that you should try out. No doubt, this maroon shade looks the loveliest and most appealing.


Then we have a mulberry shade which is widely preferred by the girls. The minute you get this rich and vibrant red dye on your strands, you will get a feel as if crushed berries are on top of your head. Your strands will get enveloped so beautifully and impressively.

Choosing the Burgundy Shade According to Your Skin Tone

Choosing the Burgundy Shade According to Your Skin Tone

Now, that is an important point that you have to keep in mind! As lots of variations are there of this color, choose the version that matches your skin tone. You should remember this rule that cooler burgundy shades are best for people having pink, olive skin tones, and ebony complexions. On the other hand, you should go for warmer burgundy shades if your skin tone is somewhat peachy or golden-looking.

Some girls like to dye their hair lightly, in this concern; they can go with the burgundy level 5 to 6. And if you wish to color your strands dark, then go with the level from 3 to 6. In addition, it is suggested to fair-skinned girls to choose the lighter burgundies. This practice will enhance your features and your overall look will become warm and cozy. Besides, for those girls who have brown skin tones; it is a must for them to go with the dark burgundies.

How do Professional Colorists Help you Choose the Right Burgundy Color?

As a sensible piece of advice, you should have a meeting with a professional colorist so that he can tell you which burgundy shade will suit you. No doubt, it is a tricky tint and you have to be very careful while choosing its version. Expert colorists will guide you on which kind of shade to go for, what kind of formulation will suit your hair and how the overall look will come out to be.

He will give you before and after pictures and at the end of the day, you will get satisfactory results. If you have an appointment on 20-02-2022, make sure that you prepare a list of questions that you will be asking from your colorist and finally get the perfect burgundy shade.

Trendy Burgundy Styles

Trendy Burgundy Styles

Lots of trendy styles are there that you can opt for with this loveliest shade. We have mentioned the details of a few of the trends; please have a look at them:

Whether to Go for a Little Burgundy or Full Head Color?

You can rock this look in both styles, yes it is true! Some girls like to pack their strands with a little burgundy hue and some like to surround their strands with a full head color. I feel like giving an all-over color, you can certainly go with this idea. What you can do is to go with the red-wine balayage highlights and brunette base tint.

Going from Blonde to Red Wine Hair Color

A bunch of girls is out there who have gone from blonde shade to red wine hair tint and they are absolutely looking stunning. Just imagine for a second that your strands are now packed with the most vivid, vibrant, and rich shade! Make sure that you maintain this look carefully because there is a chance that the red wine color becomes super pale in less time. So, darken it and give it a re-touch up regularly.

The Best Shade for Brown and Black Hair Girls

To put the cherry on the top, this is an amazing hue for brown and black hair girls. If this is your natural color and you want to oomph its look, then surround it with the burgundy hue. Prepare your hair properly so that it can swallow and absorb this fantastic shade.

The Burgundy Shade Number!

The Burgundy Shade Number!

When going for this tint, you should have a clear idea about its shade number. Lots of brands are there that offer this shade and they have their own numbers mentioned on the coloring kits.

On a general basis, we have seen that 4 to 6 is the number of this respective pigment. Almost all brands have special and exclusive lines of red wine tones, so choose them accordingly. In this category, we have a light, medium, and dark shade, so pick the correct tint.

We have already told you that red and blue give us burgundy and this tint generally arrives in the variations of light, medium, and dark burgundies. You can seek advice from a professional colorist or shopkeeper that which level will suit your strands. The dye number is usually mentioned on the front or backside of the coloring kit. In addition, take help from the coloring chart and see which burgundy tint will look better on you.

Most importantly, for the burgundy tone, we have 3 to 6 tones. For medium shade, we have 4 to 6 tones and for light hue, we have 5 to 6 tones. Thus, burgundies look amazing and spectacular on each one of you. Try this gorgeous tint and share with us your pictures if you feel like doing so.

How to Maintain Burgundies?

Do you want to know how to maintain this color, we have some amazing and easy-to-follow tips for our readers. This is a tricky color to maintain and you have to be careful and attention while coloring and maintaining it. There are some strict maintenance standards and requirements that you have to keep in mind.

Use the Right Shampoo for Retaining the Color

You have to use the right shampoo for retaining the red wine tint on your hair. If you use shampoo and conditioner having sulfates and parabens, then the hue will fade away quickly. To lock this color, use color protectant shampoos and conditioners. In addition, use the ones that are specifically made for colored-treated hair.

Avoid Going in the Sun and Avoid Over-Shampooing

To maintain it, you should avoid going into the sun. Too much exposure to the sun will fade this hair pigment. Moreover, you should not over-shampoo your hair. If you will be over-shampooing, then the red wine tint will disappear from your strands in a few of the days. To take a gap from your shampooing routine, it is recommended to wash your strands with a cleansing conditioner. Or you can use dry shampoo, this will bring less impact on your dyed strands.

Give Regular Touchups!

The last important tip is to give regular touchups to your colored hair. The minute you see that red wine hue is being faded and disappeared, rush to the salon and make them lifted again. Opting for regular salon retouches will eventually keep the dye fresh, lush, and vibrant looking.

Use Red or Blue Shampoo

It is recommended from the side of experts to use a blue or red shampoo for protecting this red wine pigment on your strands. If you have gone for a dark burgundy, it means that it has more blue, and in this concern, you have to use a blue shampoo. On the other hand, if you have opted for a light burgundy, that shade has more red in it, and in this case, you should only make use of a red shampoo. Thus, using these kinds of shampoos will bring more pigmentation and retain the dyed pigment.

What Kind of Makeup to Apply with Burgundy Hair?

Here comes the most interesting part most of the girls have asked what kind of makeup look to go for if they have dyed their hair with this color! We have super fabulous makeup tips and tricks for you. Please have a look at them and you can also let us know which makeup theme you usually go with this red wine hair tint:

  • Keep in mind that your makeup has to be perfect and top-notch if you have dyed your strands with burgundies. No doubt, this is a dramatic color and your makeup vibe has to look dramatic as well. Get the most amazing cosmetic palette and give a bold and confident look to yourself.
  • As an example, if your skin tone is fair, then we like to suggest you go with the plum eyeshadow look and pink lip color.
  • For girls having a dark skin tone, they can make their eyes heavy looking and play with navy and charcoal kind of shades. In addition, apply the nude lip color to make your look overall balanced.

Thus, if you follow these tips, then you will eventually get the head-turning look. Time to make your look and personality cheerful looking and that is possible if you carry this hair tint like a pro and a boss.


So, what do you think about this question, is burgundy natural hair color? We have already told you that it is a man-made tint. Besides, it is available in multiple numbers of variations. You can color your hair in light, dark, or medium burgundies hues, the choice is up to you. Only the red-headed people are born naturally with this color and not anyone. If you spot fair and dark skin girls flaunting this shade, then that is obvious that they have colored their hair.

Most importantly, red and blue tints make this shade. There is this common perception that lighter burgundies are packed with more red hues and darker burgundies are surrounded with more blue hues. Other variations of this color include cabernet, merlot, and cranberry.

Besides, you can go with the cordovan tint, maroon hue, or claret shade. It is suggested to dye your strands with cooler burgundies hues if you have olive or ebony sort of skin tones. And warmer burgundies look stunning on those girls whose skin tones are peachy or golden. Stay connected with us and share with us which burgundy tint you want to now color on your hair!

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