Is 360 Style Pomade Bad For Your Hair?

Scented ointment anyone? Used worldwide 360 Style Pomade is the ultimate call to get the perfect hair waves. Hair wolfing or hair waves 360 Style is recommended by all. But really? Is 360 Style Pomade bad for your hair?

No, 360 Style Pomade is not bad for your hair. If used daily the product can make your hair greasy as the hair fight the greasy products by producing oils and can cause acne as they have pore-clogging ingredients. These 2 things happen when you do not completely rinse your hair.

The solution is the daily wash and you are good to go.

So you are not willing to try any other product because you want to have perfect waves now? In order to have the best results and zero disadvantages, you need to wash your hair daily. The product is best for the waves as the people who go for wolfing use 360 Style Pomade for the best results.

Get ready for all the useful information on the pros, cons, and usage of 360 Style Pomade.

What is 360 Style Pomade?

360 Style Pomade

So what exactly is 360 Style Pomade? The hair product 360 Style Pomade is a pomade used for achieving the best waves. The pomades are basically ointments with oils as a base. The purpose of pomade is to get a certain look by keeping them in one place. The hair gels and wax are used for the same purposes but pomades give your waves overall a smooth feel keeping them shiny.

The 360 Style Pomade is a famous hair product that is fragrant hairdressing used worldwide. Famous for its high hold and unique non-greasy formula this product has proven to be very impressive. It’s also loved by famous hairstylists who left good reviews about this product

What is 360 Style Pomade made of?

So users often wonder what 360 Style Pomade is exactly made of. The 360 Style Pomade is refined with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Olive oil. These are the key ingredients. The basic formula for this product is made of Eugenol, Mineral Oil, Hydroxylated Lanolin, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Paraffin, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Linalool, Geraniol, Oleth-5, Citronellol, Fragrance, Ceteareth- 20, Propylparaben, Petrolatum, Methylparaben, Oleth-10 Shea Butter, Microcrystalline Wax, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Deionized Water/Aqua.

Uses of 360-Style Pomade Points

360 Style Pomade is used for various purposes in the hair industry. This pomade is one of those formulas that can help the users not only have the desired style but also give a shiny finish, keeping your hair smooth.

  1. Best for wolfing purposes the pomade 360 Style is loved by all. Wolfing can be hard to maintain without the 360 Style Pomade.
  2. Waves and Curls. To maintain the waves and curls in short-length hair the 360 Style Pomade is used. The waves or the curls are well maintained with the pomade whereas the gel or wax can give them a nasty look.
  3. As a gel. The gel hardens your hair making them look too stiff. The pomade would not do that to you. You can use 360 Style Pomade as a gel but it will surely have better results.
  4. For any other hairstyle that you want to maintain all day long 360 Style Pomade can be used. The hairstyles will look more natural if you do not use hair wax or hair gel.

How to use 360 Style Pomade? ( Step By Step Guide)

Users which are new to 360 Style Pomade’s charisma might want to know how to use this epic pomade. We have got you covered. Follow these easy steps and get the best outcomes in no time.

Step 1.

Get your style ready. Yes style ready, the wolfing, the curls, the buns, or whichever style you want to adjust.

Step 2.

Open 360 Style Pomade and happily put a small amount or amount according to your hair length and style. Then rub your hands as we do to a hand lotion.

But wait, don’t apply it to your hands. Apply to the areas in your hair with the help of your hands.

Step 3.

Then you need to comb or brush your hair to settle them in the right order. This gives the best finish to your hair.

In case of wolfing and curls simply apply the pomade on the areas you want to fix and voila!

Does 360 Style Pomade work?

The sensational product 360 Style Pomade actually works? Yes, 360 Style Pomade totally works. The formula is all set to leave you in awe with the required results with zero effort. The pomade is the best solution for hair that looks bushy or too clumsy.

With a sweet fragrance and a normal consistency, this product is being used for many purposes. It is definitely going to give you the perfect 360 waves. The effect lasts the whole day till you wash your hair so you do not have to worry about reapplying the pomade time and time again, no fuss!

360 Style Pomade vs Sportin Waves

360 Style Pomade vs Sportin Waves

The two oil-based products which are widely used for waves and styling hair are 360 Style Pomade and Sportin Waves. Both are loved by the users and hairstylists although everyone votes for 360 Style Pomade to be better. Here is a thorough comparison for you.

  • Natural look with 360 Style Pomade. The reason is that although both have a good hold, 360 Style Pomade doesn’t make your hair look like plastic strands. Sportin Waves is thicker than 360 Style Pomade and is not good for all types of hair.
  • Shampoo Rain. The Sportin Waves is thick and hence needs the effort to be applied and then rinsed. You have to shampoo your hair more than once to get it removed from your hair. Whereas the 360 Style Pomade is easy to rinse.
  • 360 Style Pomade is thin. Recommended for highly thick hair Sportin Waves is not recommended for all types of hair. 360 Style Pomade is thin and easy to apply to all sorts of hair.
  • Shine with 360 Style Pomade. The 360 Style Pomade is a product that will make your hair look shinier and smooth, on the other hand, Sportin Waves will leave you with a matte look.
  • Sporting Wave is cheaper than 360 Style Pomade.
  • 360 Style Pomade rates 4.6 out of 5 stars, whereas Sportin Waves rates 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.

360 Style Pomade vs Murray’s

360 Style Pomade vs Murrays

Don’t get confused about which popular product is best for your hair. Below we have a clear comparison for you so you can use it according to your hair type. Stylists still prefer 360 Style Pomade.

  • 360 Style Pomade is not overly greasy. Murray’s is too thick that it’s hard to take out of the can in cold weather, therefore it is too greasy. 360 Style Pomade is not greasy as Murray’s.
  • Easy to rinse 360 Style Pomade. 360 Style comes off easily during the wash. You would not have to use extra shampoo to rinse the 360 Style Pomade, which is not the case in Murray’s.
  • 360 Style Pomade smoother your hair. The finish after using Murray’s is greasy because Murray’s is a greasy hair product. When you use 360 Style Pomade the hair will look smooth and natural.
  • 360 Style Pomade has a lighter consistency. Because of the low consistency of the 360 Style Pomade, it spread easily on the hands and hair. Whereas Murray’s thick consistency makes you buy it over and over again as it doesn’t spread easily and you have to apply more and more.
  • Murrays’s is cheaper than 360 Style Pomade.
  • 360 Style Pomade rates 4.6 out of 5 stars, whereas Murray’s rates 4.5 out of 5 stars overall.

What does the customer say about 360 Style Pomade?

The customers are satisfied? The customers are lovin’ it!

The customers on different platforms left really good reviews. With 156 global ratings, the product is amazing. Most customers called it a perfect solution to their problem. The best thing about this product that makes it stand out is the non-greasy formula.

Moreover, people claim that it is best for African American hair as it makes them softer. The reviewers have showered this product with a lot of love and stars. It is been considered useful for coarse hair too. Overall the beauticians and hairstylists and customers are loving the results they get after using 360 Style Pomade.

How long does it take to get waves with 360 Style Pomade?

How long does it take to give you the best waves? Within no time after applying you will see that your hair has become much more settled and the way you styled them. In case you want the style to be changed right after application then you need to hurry and not waste any time. The pomade settles within no time and hence must be used when you are done with the styling.

In order to get perfect waves, one must apply the pomade after picking the locks separately. Once you are done with one chunk, apply 360 Style Pomade and continue to the next one.

How often should I use 360 Style Pomade?

After how long the 360 Style Pomade must be used? The answer is that 360 Style Pomade can be used daily. It will work when you want it to work. You can use this product whenever you want. If you are a customer who is using the 360 Style Pomade daily you need to make sure that you are washing your hair daily too.

360 Style Pomade rinses quickly therefore rinsing this hair product off your hair will not be a problem. The hair must be chemicals-free once you are home after the whole day with 360 Style Pomade in your hair.

360-style wave control pomade review

The reviews for 360 Style Pomade are the best insight into its excellent results. I decided to give it a try once and for all. The day I used it for my hair waves, I fell in love with it. Because my hair was really greasy I did not want to use a product that make my hair look soaked with Petroleum Jelly. Nope!

The 360 Style Pomade has actually made my life easy as it gives me the curls but does not leave them looking unnatural or smothering with an oily substance. The pomade by Lusters 360 Style Pomade is always in my bag no matter where I go. The most favorite part is its sweet scent. Simply yum!


360 Style Pomade is not bad for your hair unless you are washing your hair after using it. It otherwise has no side effects. The 360 Style Pomade is a hair product that is loved by everyone all around the world. The hair product has the best fan following because of the effect it leaves on the hair. All the ingredients in this hair product are safe to use and hence you can use it every day.

The gel or wax makes your hair dry and stiff whereas the pomade provides shine and smooth texture. As compared to other products 360 Style Pomade has better outcomes and stands out the most. Customers from various platforms are leaving their best reviews on 360 Style Pomade. Getting famous worldwide the product is perfect among rest of the pomades.

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