I Dyed My Hair And My Roots Are Too Light-Top Ways To Fix Them!

Hot roots have always been a mess to see! They make your hair look unimpressive and so much uneven. If you are looking for the answer to the question, I dyed my hair and my roots are too light, you can see the below-written details!

Upon dying, your roots become too light! You can correct and fix them by using a toner to calm down their uneven effect. Moreover, you can apply the dye that evens out the shade. Or you can color your roots twice or use the diluted dye for getting rid of this common hair coloring problem.

Your whole hair must look awesome and it can be achieved if you have perfectly and professionally died them. This guide will tell you how to get rid of the hoot roots and how to get an even hair look. Go through the details and avoid making your roots either lighter or warmer looking than your remaining hair. In case of any questions, you can ask us:

Too light roots- Main causes

help my roots are too light

Suppose you have dyed your hair 2, and you immediately noticed that the roots have become too light, you must know why it happens! We have mentioned and highlighted some important causes that will tell you why this hair coloring problem arises:

If you have dyed previously colored hair

One of the main causes of this hair coloring problem! It happens when you apply dye to your previously colored strands. The scalp is believed to be the warmest zone of your head. In the same way, the root section remains naturally warmer too. That is why they get too light upon applying the dye. In addition, this respective response too much faster the minute color gets applied. Your root section has virgin hair, which is why they get light as well.

You have applied a different shade on your virgin regrown hair

The color of the roots gets light because you have applied a different shade on your virgin regrown strands. Experts from countries like Canada have explained that using a different dye on the virgin growth will eventually give you hot or warmer roots. Touching up the root section gets colored faster as compared to the mid-length and end sections of your hair.

More causes that bring too light roots

  • If you are using a dye that is injected with too much or too less peroxide control, it means this problem of having light roots will occur.
  • Applying the dye for the same duration on your ends and roots will give you this coloring problem. You must know that roots get colored quickly, so keep the dye on for a little time on it.
  • If your scalp has become extremely heated up, the root section will react differently and there is a chance that it will become too light and hot.
  • Using the same shade all over your hair makes them uneven-looking.
  • Lots of dyes are there that are packed with a 30-volume developer. This ingredient lightens hair.

How to get rid of too-light roots?

You can read out the below-mentioned simple solutions that tell you how to get rid of and prevent this coloring problem.

Solution 1- Seek advice from a professional colorist

First of all, you must seek advice from a professional colorist. They will tell you properly and guide you effectively on how to tackle this problem. Every hair problem has a solution and they can be fixed without any trouble. It is recommended to identify the tone which you have applied to your hair and then look for the solution.

We can give you an example if you have dyed your strands with light brown 6 shade and your root section has unfortunately become lighter. If they have got the light blonde 8 colors, you can fix this problem by applying a medium blonde 7 tint.

On the other hand, if you have dyed your hair with a brown 4 level and a similar problem is seen! You can even the look by applying a chocolate 5 shade. Moreover, those who have colored their strands with a light blonde 8, they can make their root section even look by using a medium blonde 7 color.

Solution 2- Leave the dye for a longer duration on your roots

Even celebs like Jennifer Aniston have backed this tip. If you want to bring an even coloring look to your hair, you should leave the dye for a longer duration on your roots. Like, you can make them exposed to dye for 10 minutes more and this tip will definitely help you.

Solution 3- Color your roots twice

Most importantly, to get rid of too-light roots, you should color them twice. It is an effective solution that you can go for. With the leftover dye, you can top up and touch up the root section again and get satisfactory results.

Solution 4- Use a diluted dye

Using a diluted dye helps you prevent having too-light roots. Lots of expert-level colorists have come up with this hack and it works as well. First of all, you have to color your root section with the undiluted dye. Get a serum, add it to the remaining dye, prepare a diluted mixture and apply it to your remaining hair. Thus, this tip will give your hair optimal and even coverage and no hot roots will be there.

Solution 5- Use a darker hue or the right toner

You can correct this problem by using a darker hue. Suppose your strands have become darker colored and the root section has become light, you can fix this issue by applying a darker hue. Overall, the color will get balanced and even. In addition, you must use the right toner for bringing even coverage to the root section. The application of toner calms down the hotness and lightness and makes it get matched the rest of your hair.

Which volume developer to prefer?

We have already mentioned above that the 30-volume developer makes the root section the lightest and warmest looking. You can solve this problem by using the right volume developer and experts have suggested going with the 20-volume option.

So, if you want to quickly and effortlessly remove these shade differences, you must use the 20-volume developer. This developer comes in the form of an intermediate tone and brings an even look and coverage. Your ends and the root section receive a balanced tone.

Explaining this concept with an example:

  • If you have previously applied the medium blonde 7, while balancing the tone, you have to go with the light blonde 8 levels.
  • In the past, if you have colored your strands with light brown 6, next time, you can bring even coverage on them by using a medium blonde 7 tone.

How to prevent having too light roots?

Lots of ways are there that help you prevent having the light root section on your hair. You can follow these hacks and let us know if you have any questions:

  • You have to ensure this fact that the color should get matched with the root section, ends, and also your newly regrown strands.
  • You must avoid touching up your strands with any warmer or darker shade.
  • In addition, follow the correct application technique. Apply the dye to the lengths and then take the color on the root zone. Lengths are the colder section and they need more time to respond. The root section is already warmer and takes less time to process the dying results.
  • Use a tint brush for applying the color. Keep the dye in the applicator bottle.


That is all about the end of the discussion, I dyed my hair and my roots are too light! It is time to say goodbye to the hot and too-light roots problem. We have mentioned all causes that give rise to this problem and we have provided you with workable solutions as well.

Wrapping up! It is recommended to use the right toner to even the results and bring balanced coverage to your whole hair. In addition, use the diluted dye on the root section or you can color them twice. Moreover, you should not use the 30-volume developer; it lightens your strands and especially the root section in a disastrous manner. Instead, it is recommended to go with the 20-volume developer. Stay tuned for more dye updates!

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