How To Warm Up Cool Blonde Hair? 7 Easy Ways

Transitioning cool blondes to warm hues, has become an easy task. Let us all see the guide on how to warm up cool blonde hair.

The answer is simple You can warm up cool blonde hair by adding a gloss, trying toners, incorporating lowlights, embracing ombre, or double-processing the blondes. For fall, you must bring immense warmth into your hair and that is possible if you transform the cool blondes to warm hues.

Invest in a simple and good-quality toner, opt for color treatment or glaze your blondes by following the below written top ideas. So, are you ready to add softer and warmer tones? You should be! If the blonde clients have more questions about this hair color transitioning and transformation process, they can ask us.

Important things to keep in mind before warming up the cool blondes

For the fall season, girls love to warm up their cool blondes, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • You should keep in mind your skin tone and then decide which shade to apply. If you will choose the right shade, then it will further flatter and oomph your look.
  • If you wish to give a light tone to your hair, you must go for a medium to deep golden-tinted hue.
  • Those who prefer red, can have rich and warm red tones or dye their strands auburn.
  • In the brunette category, you can have a medium to a black-brown shade that comes with red undertones.

7 Top ways to warm up cool blonde hair

It is recommended to opt for these top ways because they will give your strands a whole new fresh and impressive look. Blonde strands are tough and harder to maintain, which is why girls prefer to warm and tone them up. Below you can see further details:

Toner to warm up blonde hair

First of all and one of the easiest ways for warming the cool blonde strands! You can do that with the help of a toner. Get hold of a home-use toner and warm up your ashy blonde hair tone of yours.  The whole process will take 20 minutes!

If you have got the lightest beige toner, your hair will get the perfect sand blonde shade. Those who have picked up the medium beige toner will end up getting a splendid and impressive honey shade on their strands.

Make sure that you should not wash your strands 48 hours before starting the application process. If you have passed your hair through the bleaching process, it is a must for you to shampoo them two times before you apply the toner. Two toners are needed if your hair is long.

Add lowlights

How about adding lowlights? Yes, you can follow this way for warming the tone of your strands. This practice will bring more dimensions into your hair and blonde clients will get an impressive look. For winter months, lowlights have always been in trend. So, you can either go for balayage or opt for panel lowlights. This trend brings a sun-kissed look.

Try a gloss

Lots of experts from France have recommended trying a gloss for warming up the cool blonde shade. Glosses change the tint and overall hue of your strands and you look jaw-opening and attractive. The color gets warmed up and your hair looks shiny as well. Glosses tame dry flyaways and are heavily opted for during the winter months.

Thus, if you wish to rock and roll your blonde hair color of yours, you can try this hack. A good-quality gloss applies a subtle and sheer tint on your strands and makes them shiny-looking. Lots of blonde hues are available in the market; it is up to you which gloss shade you want to pick up. The popular gloss shade is to inject a gold ton or you can surround your strands with wheat or beige tone.

Double-process the blonde shade

Many celebs like Megan Fox have supported the idea to double processing the blonde shade if you wish to warm it up! Here you have to go with the application of both toner and lowlights. Your look will become different and you will be happy to see it. Moreover, double-processed blondes look cooler in the fall season and bring more warmth into your strands. Your skin tone gets brightened up too!

Go for Ombre!

The love and trend of Ombre will never go down! For the fall and spring seasons, warming up blondes is possible if you will go for an ombre hue. It is the hottest and trendiest color that you can go for. Here you get the darker shaded roots and lighter ends. Most importantly, ombre is a low-maintenance shade and brings a warmer tone right there in your old highlights.

More ideas to warm up cool blondes

There are a lot more other amazing and exciting ideas for warming up cool blondes:

  • You can transform your cool blondes into dark blondes! Here you can pick up the shade which falls in between the tones of golden blonde and light brown. To make this look more balanced, you can opt for highlights and end up giving a creamy kind of caramel finish to your hair. Some like accompanying the dark blondes with chocolate lowlights and bringing plenty of depth into your strands.
  • The cool blondes can be toned into a warm blonde balayage! This combination is made in heaven and you must try it out. Make sure that you place the blonde highlights with perfection. This dip-dye process will bring a blocky effect.
  • For warming the cool blondes, you can go with the beach blondes! This will give you a sun-kissed vibe and you will look super stunning and flattering. Moreover, this combination blends your hair in pale blondes as well as caramel tones. To make the whole effect more beachy looking, you can do is style your hair in loose and tousled waves.
  • You can improve the look of your cool blondes by coloring them with a beige-blonde hue. This one is a premium-looking shade that you can go for. Girls have loved this blend of opting for a paler take right on the warm blondes. Your personality will be better pulled off and blondes will get a subtle and maximum shine boost.

If there is a brunch coming ahead, and you want to tone your blondes, then follow the above-mentioned ideas.


For more details on how to warm up cool blonde hair, you can stay tuned with us. Instead of ruining the whole look of your blondes, you must warm them up for the fall and winter season time and the above-mentioned ideas will definitely suit you.

You can warm up the cool blondes by applying a toner, adding lowlights, trying a gloss, or double processing your blondes. You can even embrace the ombre, thus, there are many choices in front of you.

No doubt, warming up the blondes brings an excellent dimension and depth into your hair. You get a rich look and a darker glaze accompanies your hair. The above-mentioned ideas add a luxurious shine and an excellent feel.

Your strands get sheathed and covered by the multi-dimensional tone and the whole look becomes more interesting. You can share with us how you transition your cool blondes to warm tones. Stay connected.

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