How to Use Ion Permanent Hair Color?

Getting grey hair strands at times becomes annoying for each one of us. To cover this grey hair, we have one effective solution for you and it is to start using the Ion hair color range. You do not have to get worried now if grey hair comes at any point in your life, simply start using Ion hair color. Here you can know how to use Ion permanent hair color? We have mentioned a complete guide for you.

The answer is you can use Ion permanent hair color by mix 2oz of color with 6oz of developer and apply to hair. Leave in for 20-30 minutes then rinse out and condition. The developer is always 1:1 ratio to color. Color is a 1:2 ratio to hydrogen peroxide. Mix together until smooth and consistent. Apply to hair and leave in for the amount of time indicated on the box.

This hair color brand brings a natural feel to your hair. In addition, their results are risk-free and damaging-free for sure. Furthermore, the process to apply these Ion hair colors is quite simple and hassle-free.

No doubt, this brand is known for making contemporary hair color options. They have always a vibrant and permanent hair color range. Here our main focus is to know about the correct process of using this hair dye. So, get connected with this platform and be informed about the super-easy way to use this hair color.

Their hair colors are packed with a creamy kind of consistency. They allow easy application time to the user. No matter, whether you have got highlighted hair type or pre-lightened hair type, Ion hair colors are ideal for you. Also, a white girl can use Dark and Lovely hair dye. It is a charming color that also suits white girls.

Read out the details and let us know if you have any questions on using this hair dye:

Is Ion a Good Hair Color Brand?

This is a renowned brand that has been in the business of making hair dyes for so many years. They are working quite diligently and dedicatedly to make the best and most high-end hair color products. A range of options is offered by them. Like, you can have their semi-permanent hair color range or you can try out their ion color brilliance permanent crème range.

Moreover, people are loving their developers and lighteners. We have seen that this is an outstanding hair color brand that has made its mark even in Asian countries like India. Its sole dedication element is to make risk-free hair dyes. Their extensive and wide range easily gets matched with your complexion tones. Besides, it is both in the liquid and cream form that their hair dyes are available.

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Why Use Ion Permanent Hair Color?

Why Use Ion Permanent Hair Color?

There are many reasons that encourage you to use this Ion permanent hair color. Here you can see what makes this option catchy and interesting for your hair. Most importantly, this hair dye option is of high-end and superior quality. It is composed of proprietary blends. As stated by the brand, this hair dye is formulated and made in Italy.

A professional team of chemists has formulated this hair color and that is why it is getting so much popular. Once you start using it, you will get unparalleled results. Furthermore, it carries a combination of natural as well as exotic ingredients. With the use of this Ion permanent hair color, your hair will look more brilliant looking. It effectively covers your grey hair and works on the mechanism of micro-pigmentation. So you can also get rid of grey tones in blonde hair.

How to Use Ion Permanent Hair Color? Step by Step Guide

Under this category, we have permanent ion color and demi-permanent ion color. The process to apply any of these options is different. If you are using the permanent one, then keep in mind that its formulation is going to be penetrated deeply into your cuticles. In addition, this Ion permanent hair color has the tendency to alter and completely change your hair pigment.

It brings a significant number of changes in your hair color. For the sake of lightening your hair, Ion permanent is a recommended option for you. It extensively helps you in grey covering areas.

However, if you are using the demi-permanent one, it means you will not be experiencing that many effective result. This color range is not suitably resistant. In addition, this color does not dive and penetrate deeply into your hair cuticles. It has got this low-peroxide developer, that is why its diving and penetration power is not that strong. Most of the people have complained that upon using demi-permanent hair color, their hair has in fact become darker. This option changes the tone and texture of your hair, the Ion demi-permanent range is not recommended.

Reading the Instructions Carefully

Take the Ion permanent hair color packs and read the instructions carefully mentioned and penned down on them. This brand makes a variety number of hair dyes and the process to apply them varies as well. So, reading the instructions part is highly important for you.

Mixing the Shade and Developer

Take a non-metallic bowl and start to mix your desired shades in it. Like, if you have got the 2 oz. of the Ion permanent Hair Color, then you need to mix it up with 4 oz. ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer 10 volume. This is the combination that you have to pursue and opt for! On the backside of your Ion permanent hair color pack, this is clearly written how much hair dye and developer ratio should be followed. You need to use a non-metallic bowl because your dye will not get oxidized.

Covering your Neck and Ear Areas

We know that when a person uses Ion’s permanent hair color, she does not want this dye application on her neck and ears. So, what you need to do is to cover these areas of yours with a towel or plain cloth. Do properly cover them up so that Ion permanent dye does not appear on them.

Wearing Gloves

Once you have mixed the desired shade and developer in the bowl and fully covered your neck and ears! Now is the time to wear gloves and start the application process of Ion permanent color on your hair. It is crucial to follow hair dye safety measures so that you can protect your skin from the harm of chemicals.

Dividing your Hair Into Proper Sections

Dividing your Hair Into Proper Sections

It is better and advisable to divide your hair into proper sections. In this manner, the hair dye application processing job will become easy for you. Furthermore, by properly dividing and sectioning your hair, no grey strands will be left out. No matter, you have long or short hair, you need to make small sections and divisions of your hair.

Start the Application of Ion Permanent Hair Color

Now, you can start applying this color to your hair. Make sure to start from the roots and then take this color to your hair ends. In addition, do not forget the backside section of your head. You need to double-check whether any hair strand is left out or not! Even if your hair needs a double coating, you can do that as well. Experts have advised distributing the Ion permanent hair dye evenly and seamlessly. It should not be applied in a clumsy manner. If the dye is not applied evenly, then desired results will not come out.

Allow the Hair Dye to Rest and Sit for Sometime

The minute you are done with the hair dye processing job, you need to let your hair dye sit and rest on your hair for some time. The duration that you have to follow is from 14 to 40 minutes. It depends on your hair length as well as how long this Ion permanent color should stay and rest on your hair. Just let it sit at the room temperature range and then you wash off this hair color.

Washing your Hair

The last step is to wash your hair! You need to properly rinse your hair and none of the dye residues should be spotted there on your hair. Furthermore, use a good quality shampoo for rinsing and washing your hair. Use a color protectant shampoo and it should be sulfate-free as well. In this matter, that hair dye will not fade away.

Ion Permanent Hair Color Ratio

Ion Permanent Hair Color Ratio

You might be wondering how much should be the Ion permanent hair color ratio, here you can check out the details. It is not only important that you are aware of the hair dye application job. You need to understand that concept of hair color and developer ratio as well. Most importantly, the person should go with the 1:1 ratio no matter she is applying this Ion permanent dye on the pre-lightened hair or on the highlighted hair.

We can give you an example that if you are getting Two ounces of color, then you will be needing two ounces of 10 Volume ionCrème Developer. It is recommended to always get a bowl and proper brush to perform this job. Besides, you should read out the product packaging details and complete directions so that you can know more about this dye and developer ratio.

More Tips on How to Use Ion Permanent Hair Color

  • There are other tips as well that you should follow while using this hair color. And these tips are personally shared by celebs like Jennifer Lawrence as she is a fan of this brand. Most noteworthy, once you have applied this color, then do take a gap of two weeks. Your hair will get damaged if you apply this dye continuously for two weeks.
  • Before applying this dye, you should check your hair texture and scalp condition. Do the patch test beforehand, in this way, you will get an idea of whether this hair dye is safer for you or not. There are many hair textures and scalp types that fail to tolerate such hair-dying treatments, so it is recommended to do the patch test. If your scalp shows none of the signs of irritation, it means you can use the hair dye freely and conveniently.
  • You should always choose the Ion permanent hair color shade that is two shades lighter. This is a great and smart tip that you have to follow. If you follow this smart rule, then the results will come out to be neither dark nor light on your hair.

How Long Does Ion’s Permanent Hair Color Last?

It is up to one month’s time frame that your Ion permanent hair color can last and retain. In other words, the remaining capacity of this hair dye is around and about 12 to 24 washes. As we have told you that this dye version is comparatively better than using demi-permanent hair color options. Its penetration power is stronger and manages to last on your hair for at least one month. Moreover, if you use sulfate shampoos, then there is a maximum chance that your hair color will surely go to fade away. As an example, if you have applied this hair dye on 22-07-2021, then it will fade or disappear after one month.

How Long to Leave Ion Color Brilliance Permanent on Hair?

This is a common question that is asked by girls! Once you have applied Ion permanent hair brilliance color, then leave it like this on your hair for 10 to 40 minutes duration. Keep your hair at room temperature and let the dye sink into your hair follicles and cuticles naturally. Moreover, you should not show any impatience while applying this dye. Let it sit for a suitable amount of time on your hair and see the desired results.

Do you Use a Developer with Ion Permanent Hair Color?

Do you Use a Developer with Ion Permanent Hair Color?

Yes, it is a must for you to use a developer when using Ion permanent hair color. If you are using one bottle of this hair dye, it means you need one bottle of the developer as well. Keep in mind that the ratio remains to stay 1:1. Just mix these two items thoroughly and apply that mixture to your hair. The color and developer should first be applied on your roots and then apply on the ends if you feel like doing so! Most importantly, if you are using a ten-volume developer, then that dye has to sit there on your hair for around and about 30 minutes.

Can you Use Ion Permanent Color without a Developer?

As we have mentioned that it is mandatory for you to use a developer whenever you plan to apply Ion permanent hair dye. If you fail to mix developer with the hair dye, then desired results will not at all be witnessed by you. It is this developer that breaks down the original hair color of yours and injects the new color into it. Moreover, the presence of the developer allows the hair dye to penetrate properly and deeply. Without the usage of a developer, your hair dye will rinse and disappear in the very first wash. In addition, there are 4 levels of developer, and they are named 10, 20, 30, 40. There is this rule that the higher the developer volume means more peroxide is present in your developer. The more presence of peroxide, it all means that lighter shade will come on your hair.


Do we think that this is enough guidance on how to use Ion permanent hair color? If you have already used this hair color, then convey to us what application process you generally follow. This brand is working on the tremendous notes and range of hair dyes are offered by them. Ion permanent range is one of them and the above-mentioned process can be followed by you when applying it!

As you might have got an idea that the process is the basic one. Still, if you have queries on this dye application, you can ask us. Moreover, it is claimed by this brand no damage is given to your hair. But you have to remain careful! All hair dyes bring damage but the limited use of them does not bring any risk for your hair.

So, are you ready to use this Ion permanent hair color? You should be! Just cover your grey hair and give ideal coverage to them.

For more details and constant updates on hair colors, keep tuned with us. There is no shame in having grey hair, still just covering them makes your hair more impressive and well-presentable. What do you think about this hair color? Share your views.

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