How to Train Hair to Go Back? Easy Techniques

If you are having a hairstyle that is professional and stylish, then loving the slicked-back hair is something which you would love the most to do. It’s been for the last so many years that man has been favoring to slick back the hair just to give themselves a sophisticated look. If you think that slicking back the hair is a bit difficult to do, then you need to think about it again because it is not!

Slicking back the hair is a lot easy and is versatile where you can make it happen with various haircuts. Straight away from the undercut to the fade haircut, you can slick back the hair no matter whether they are curly, thick, or long.

Right through this guide, we are helping you to get a quick guide on how you can train hair to go back in a stylish way. Are you ready to look modern?

Famous Celebrities with Slick Back Hairstyle Looks

No doubt that the trend and popularity of having slicked-back hairstyle have grown to another level as male celebrities have started to adopt this look.

 There are many famous celebrities who have rock and roll in this lookout of which we have: 
  • Collin Farrel

Collin Farrel known for their charm and charisma, he has been many times sported with the amazing slicked-back hair look which adds his personality with the rugged finishing. This look suits him so much because he keeps a perfect balance between the faded hairs on its sides. Follow his look now and make yourself look like Collin Farrel!

  • Leonardo Di Caprio

Being the epitome of evergreen style and grace, Leonardo Di Caprio has always sported the men’s slicked-back hair look with such elegance and class. You might have seen his pull-off-back hair look in the films like Wolf of the Wall Street to the age-old classic, Titanic which is simply unforgettable.

  • Brad Pitt

Being the heartthrob of over a million women around the world, famous actor Brad Pitt has one such personality which you will fall in love with. He has the appearance which he always makes incredible with the sporting look of slicked-back hair. No doubt, Brad Pitt has raised the bar in the world of fashion for everyone!

How to train your hair to slick back naturally?

How to train your hair to slick back naturally

As you have finally done with the haircut, now the main challenge is how you can train the hair to slick back. Most of the men do not naturally like to brush back. And if you are having curly or thick hair, then slicking hair back for the whole day will be a real task for you. For that sake, you should be using good pomade or hair wax with a stronghold.

  • Start to brush your hair back while in shower.
  • When you are applying shampoo and conditioner, make the use of a comb for even distribution and then style up the hair back before washing it out.
  • As your hair gets dry in the morning or at night time before bed, towel-dry and then consistently pull it back. Stay gentle when pulling back.
  • Give your hair a complete blow dry on the low heat and use the wide-toothed comb or boar bristle brush for styling the hairstyle.
  • This is how your hair will eventually start to adapt to the repetition.

If you haven’t train back the hair in the morning, then for the whole day resistance, you have to keep on applying the products and make sure you comb your hair all the time. With time, the hair will somehow naturally start to fall back.

How to slick back curly hair?

How to slick back curly hair

Well, curly hair is one such texture that is not easy to tame. Slicked back hairstyle is one such hairstyle that is best for those men who are having curls or unruly waves. Curly hair texture is something that adds an extra twist to your slicked back hairstyle. To easily slick back curly hair, just follow these directions:

  • Make use of a comb or brush for pulling back the hair. It will work great if you are doing this after taking the shower or even when your hair is slightly wet.
  • Now apply any high-quality pomade or wax to your damp hair and then work it in with your fingers and the use of hands.
  • Start combing your hair through the start from the tip and make sure the hair is distributed evenly.
  • You have to start blow-drying your hair from the backside and then make your way to the front side. During the blow dry, you have to use the brush so you can pull the hair backward and create a smoother surface.
  • To have sleek and shiny finishing, just comb the hair straight back. For textured and nature brush back, you should not be brushing too much hard because it can flatten your curls.

Curly hair can easily get dry once you make it wet. If it gets dry on your side as well, then make sure you make it wet or use a gel product to let the slicked hair stay at its place.

How to slick back long hair?

How to slick back long hair

We all know that over the past few years, long slicked hair has been in fashion among men as the hottest hairstyle in town. For the men with longer hair, it becomes rather uneasy to manage the hair which is longer or medium in length. In the same way, having maximum hair on your head generally means that you have to spend quality time on them.

As we talk about slicking back the long hair, it is rather easy to maintain and style up. This is because the weight of the locks will somehow let the hairstyle to stay back and anchored. Make use of brush and blow dryer simultaneously. Plus, there is also a recommendation to apply a light product to bring some extra shine to your long hair look.

Main Tools you need to Train Hair to Go Back

  • Wide toothed comb
  • Large paddle brush
  • Good hair care products
 Slicked back hair might look fancy, but it is not that complicated to achieve at all. Let’s guide you in the form of steps below: 

Step No 1:

You should start by giving your hair a fresh wet look from the shower. Towel dries it until it gets very slightly damp.

Step No 2:

Blow dries both sides of your hair by staying closer to your head in a sleek and slim profile. Comb our hair down and then take it to the backside. Make sure you follow the whole motion by using a hairdryer. Repeat it until it does not get dry.

Step No 3:

Take some time out and blow-dry the top area of your hair which is falling right opposite part. This section of your hair will carry maximum weight.

Step No 4:

Now apply pomade or gel. Rub the hair product between your hands and then carefully shape the hair in the desired way.

Step No 5:

Run the fingers over the top of your hair for a maximum of 10 seconds after spraying it. It will eventually give your hair a pencil straight look to add sleek texture and make it a bit look messy.

Step No 6:

Finish the whole look by using the glossing serum. You have to rub a squirt or the two vigorously between your palms.

Few Tips to Follow

  • For thick hair, you should be putting pomade in once you have towel-dried your hair.
  • If the hairs are lying flat on the head, then apply some pomade when it is dry. This is how you can get some lift.
  • For the thin or fine hair, it won’t be the best idea as it will either look wet or it will show your scalp.

How to Train Hair to Go Back? Easy Ways to Follow to Train Your Hair to Slick Back

We all know that training always takes time to make yourself the perfect one in it. None of them comes with overnight fixes or instant results. You have to stick with them to get the desired results you want, here let me also share with you 1 video from you tube:

Hence after some time, you will somehow notice that your hair has started to flow in backward being smoother and with less resistance. Right here we are sharing some of the easy and simple ways to follow to train your hair to slick back:

Grow It a Bit Longer

You should make sure that your hairs are in the length of around 4 to 6 inches just before even attempting to train your hair to slick back. It might be not so important for some people but for many people, it holds great importance. Length is the major aspect when it comes to slicking hair back.

With the shorter hair length, you can slick back the hair for a smaller time period but not for too long. If you aren’t a fan of whipping a ruler just out to measure your hair, then just try to make sure it somehow reaches at least the bridge of your nose when the whole fringe is pulled straight down.

Work It While it Gets Damp

You should be careful about it because the damp hair is very much prone to breakage. But as you are first slicking your hair back, it would be a good idea to have it post-shower and towel-drying.

When your hair are having some moisture, then becomes easy for you to work with it because it has less resistance at that time. It will much often stay at one place when it is damp. You should avoid trying to slick back soaking wet hair, however, as this sort of hair is especially delicate. You can do this with the help of a brush or a comb.

Blow Dry It

Next, we have the use of a blow dryer which is the best way to give your hair a slick back effect without any heat or pressure. Just hold the blow-dryer around 6 inches away from the hair but just target the bases of the strands. Try to use the dryer in a medium heat setting. You can simply make it move upward and then tousle the hair backward for producing a greater volume.

Comb or Brush it Daily

Combing or brushing your hair on the daily basis is another best way to give your hair a perfect slick back look. This will probably give your hair to stay at the backside for a long time because you have been constantly combing it in this direction for a long time.

Best products to slick back hair?

Best products to slick back hair

If you successfully want to give your hair a slick back look perfectly, then make sure you are choosing the accurate and best hair products. It’s a fact that picking the right tools will help you to accomplish any hairstyle and add your grooming with a versatile look.

Below we are sharing a list of all those products which you can use to slick back the hair perfectly in just a few minutes. Let’s get into the discussion below:


Pomade has always remained the first choice of the men for styling their hair perfectly in the slick back look. It knows how to achieve the right balance as in between holding your hair back and hence not weighing it down. Pomade is generally divided into two main types such as oil-based and water-based.

If you are having dry hair and you want to add some shine in the hair, then choosing oil-based pomade is the best option for you. But it might be hard for you to wash out. Most of the men often prefer to opt for the water-based pomades that somehow offer much of the same sort of hold and hence wash out easily with water.

Hair Wax

Wax is a product that is easy to apply and is versatile. The main purpose of the wax is to give your hair hold-back look for the maximum time. Unlike the pomade, there is no such risk for hence flattering the natural curls or even losing the volume when you are using the wax. One major drawback of using wax is that it won’t be giving extra shine to your hair.

If you want your hair to look natural but not too shiny, then choosing wax is the best option for you.


Next, we have Clay which is another tool recommended by the barbers. If you are having oily hair, then choosing clay is the best option because it will give your hair a dry look and natural texture.

You need to be a bit careful when sparingly adding it over your hair. Too much of the clay can give your hair a dry texture and can often be difficult to style into a slick back.

Comb vs Fingers

The majority of the men choose to style their hair by using fingers for the even distribution of the products. This is yet the easiest way to slick back the hair if you are not having products at the spot. It might be a bit messy but combing it 4-5 times can easily slick it back and that too perfectly.

For the neat, smooth, and yet slick finish, you can use a fine-tooth comb. Generally, the finer the teeth, the neater your whole slicked back hairstyle will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (FAQs)

Question: How to train your hair to go back?

Answer: The best approach would be to use the blow dryer. You can easily train your hair with the blow dryer but it is not sure that whether it will stay in one place or not. The just way to get out of it is by going backward and stays backward as you can blow dry and then you can apply product to neaten it up fully. It would be rather best if you choose the best hair styling product which suits your hair texture.

Question: How to train hair to go to the side?

Answer: If you want to train your hair to the side area, you should be using the blow dryer in the direction in which you want it to fall apart. After performing the blow dryer in the same direction every day for few days you will notice that it started to fall automatically in the same direction. This is how you can achieve the natural look of training back your hair to the side. Try to spend extra time blow-drying your scalp just exactly where you want the part to happen.

Question: How to train your hair to go back curly?

Answer: For some men, it is not easy to manage and control the curly hair texture because it is dry and thick. And for that sake, you need to use the styling products of pomade or wax which can help your curly hair slick back all at once. But the best way would be to slick back the wet hair all the time so that it can settle itself at one place after some time. It might be hard but after a small effort, it is worth it.

Question: How to slick back hair without gel?

Answer: Well, yes, it is possible to slick back the hair without using the gel. You can make it happen by using the blow dry at the low heat. But the blow-dry can just work best for the hair with a thick texture. After you have blow-dried and even brushed/combed it back, just keep it in place with a cap, hairband, or hairnet for a maximum of 15 minutes or so. You can even comb or brush it on daily basis to add your hair with the slick effects.

Question: How to slick back thick hair?

Answer: If you are having thick natural hair, then the procedure of slicking back the hair is quite simple. To start with, you have to spread the hair product evenly and entirely all over the hair. You have to make sure that the locks are damp. Use the hairdryer and set it at a low level. With time, you have to keep on using the spray of sea salt or so as to disperse the solution on your hair. There is nothing wrong with visiting the barber to get more know-how about slicking back the thick hair.

Question: How to slick back hair without looking greasy?

Answer: One best tool which you can use to slick back the hair is through the use of a fine-tooth comb. You should never be using the wide-tooth comb because it will make your hair lookout being raked up instead of slick. We will also recommend the use of a large paddle brush. It should be somehow used to hence smoothen the back hair


So this was the end of the discussion about all those interesting facts which can help you to get an idea about how you can train hair to go back. In short, you can learn how you can slick back your hair to add your personality with a professional touch. It is not hard at all as you take it to be.

But we are sure that our informative guide will help you a lot. Follow the tips mentioned above and add your hair with a sleek and stylish slick back look right now!

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