How to Take Care of Black Male Hair? 15 Pro Tips

Black or Afro males have thick curly hair with no silk. It is difficult for them to keep their hair well-managed and set all the time. They need to care a thousand times greater than European or Asian people. With a little change in weather, black male hair becomes more prone to brittleness and roughness. Summer especially has a bad impact on Afro hair making them dry and lifeless.

But how to take care of black male hair to avoid their frizz! Black male always seeks ways to give their hair more moisture and softness but they are lacking tricks and strategies. The black male should adopt some typical hair care routine by recognizing major issues with their hair. It will help them enjoy any trend or hairstyle.

Understand Your Hair Type To Take Care of Black Male Hair

Before trying to adopt any tips or tricks for maintaining your Afro hair, you must understand the nature of your hair first. It will help you decide how to take care of your Black male hair in an amazing way.

Type-3 Afro Hair:

 If you have type-3 Afro hair, it means your hair is wavy more than curly. This type of hair is the result of some Afro-American relationships. It ranges from curly to coiled hair. It has some moisture that leads it to survive better than kinky hair.

Type-4 Afro Hair:

 This type of hair ranges from tight curls to kinky curls. It is difficult to manage and maintain. It is purely African hair genes that are rarely found in other nations. It is too rough and dry with almost zero moisture. Bad weather proves tough for it. It needs more care and more concerns as compared to wavy hair.

If we sense what type of hair we possess, it will become easy for us to take the best care of it.

15 Pro Tips to Take Care Of Black Male Hair

Tips to Take Care Of Black Male Hair

If we choose the right products and the right methodology, it will not an uphill task to treat Afro hair. We can easily shatter the old worn-out misconception that Black male hair is unmanageable. Let’s have a look at the tips that will surely help you take care of your Afro hair easily.

  1. Wash Your Hair Less
  2. Provide You Hair with Best Moisture
  3. Try to Use Sulfate-Free Products
  4. Try To Avoid Sun, Rain, Heat, and Cold
  5. Use Natural, Be Natural
  6. Provide Your Hair with Conditioners
  7. Deep Conditioning Is A Key To Hair Care
  8. Take Balanced Diet
  9. Positive Activities and Positive Routine
  10. Trim Your Hair Regularly
  11. Add Food Supplements to Your Diet
  12. Avoid Intricate Styling, Adopt Protective Styling
  13. Use Silken Pillows and Cover Your Hair at Night
  14. Avoid Heating Tool
  15. Give Importance to Your Scalp
  16. Don’t Forget Your Facial Hair

Let’s Discuss each Tip in detail:

Wash Your Hair Less

Almost every shampoo uses sulfates in its formulation ad it is the real cause of making your hair dry and frizzy. You must have to reduce your hair washes per week. If you are washing your hair 3 to 4 times a day, it will snatch all moisture from your hair.

I know it is quite difficult for a man to keep his hair clean and fresh as he has to expose himself to open-air daily. But washing it every day is not the solution either. Instead, it will destroy your hair shafts badly due to the shampoo chemicals.

Provide You Hair with Best Moisture

Many thick and virgin oils will perfectly help your hair avoid destruction. Dryness causes brittleness to hair which leads to breakage. But I think every sensible Black male will never let his hair get frizzy. He can use water-based moisturizing complexes for his hair care.

Some tips from experts To Make Hair Soft for Black Guys can also be helpful for you. Many leave-in conditioners and Shea butter products will help your hair fight against this dryness.

Try to Use Sulfate-Free Products

Try to Use Sulfate-Free Products

Shampoos, gels, sprays, and many other hair products contain sulfates that will make your hair pathetic over time. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate helps a shampoo cut oil and dirt from hair; it also takes the moisture away from your hair. Although it makes your hair too fresh and light, they are a bad choice for Afro hair. It can cause many skin diseases too.

There are many shampoos in the market containing no sulfates. You must adopt them in your hair care routine to get rid of frizz.

Try To Avoid Sun, Rain, Heat, and Cold

Your hair and skin can’t bear harsh conditions around you. It directly impacts your hair health and makes it dull and dry. If you do care about your hair, you should avoid exposing it to the sun and heat. Wear caps or scarves when it is necessary to go out.

Similarly, rain contains many pollutant particles that directly affect our skin and scalp. There are chances that it may deprive us of our hair moisture and will give us any skin diseases like Eczema too.

Use Natural, Be Natural

With the advancement in science, man has made many unnatural and chemical products that apparently look too good for our hair but inwardly they destroy it badly. A silicon conditioner is the best example of it=t. We use conditioners to provide proteins and nourishment to our hair but the silicon present in them will destroy our hair shafts by making them weak and dry.

If we shift from chemical to natural by using virgin oils, Aloe Vera, honey, and many other natural ingredients, it will make our hair well-moistured and soft.

Similarly, shampoos with sulfates will destroy our hair by making them brittle and rough. We should use sulfate-free shampoo with less washing time. It can maintain our hair by not stripping its moisture apart.

Provide Your Hair with Conditioners

Hair gets more silk and life when it gets conditioned. If you are conditioning your hair with natural products, it will be heaven on earth for your hair. it will make your hair manage well and look silky and smooth. Many conditioners have silicon in them. Silicon is an enemy to hair. It dries your hair’s moisture and makes it frizzy and lifeless. Try to go with natural and silicon-free conditioners to get the most of conditioning after every wash.

Deep Conditioning Is A Key To Hair Care

Deep Conditioning Is A Key To Hair Care

As conditioning is necessary for our Black curl lifeless hair to make them well-managed, deep conditioning is a blessing too. It will prepare our hair to face the challenges of the whole week minimum or a fortnight maximum.

Honey, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Jojoba oil, and many natural ingredients can help us deep condition our hair. It has a lasting impact on our rough hair. But again avoid chemicals.

Take Balanced Diet

Processed and canned food harms our whole health, especially our skin and hair. We should take a balanced diet with all-natural ingredients carrying proteins, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates, minerals, and all essential oils. It will help nourish our hair in a better way. Our balanced and positive nutritious routine will bring good soft and silky hair for us.

Positive Activities and Positive Routine

A healthy lifestyle has great results on our hair too. If we don’t pay heed to our sleep, it will badly affect our hair will start to fall. Similarly, negative thinking, drinking, smoking, and stress are alarming to our hair. We must adopt all the positive activities in life and set a lifestyle that can prove good for our Afro hair too.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

When you trim your hair on regular basis, it will help you get rid of dull and lifeless hair. A fresh haircut brings positivity to you. You should trim your hair regularly to care for it a better way.

Add Food Supplements to Your Diet

Along with a normal diet, you have to add food supplements to your routine. It will fulfill the deficiency of vitamins and iron. We know Vitamin B and C are too important for hair growth making new tissues. Vitamin E is good for hair moisture and skin issues. So we must keep taking them in our daily diet routine.

Avoid Intricate Styling, Adopt Protective Styling

There are trendy styles like braiding, plates, and twists. These styles look cool and amazing but are not good for hair care if we adopt them for long. We should try to avoid all intricate styles instead we should come to protective styling. Protective styling will save our hair from breaking and splitting.

Use Silken Pillows and Cover Your Hair at Night

Use Silken Pillows and Cover Your Hair at Night

When you are going to bed, never use cotton pillows. These pillows will snatch all moisture from your hair. try to cover your hair with lightweight silken or satin clothes. It is good for your hair to maintain its moisture in bed.

Avoid Heating Tool

Heat is an enemy to your rough Afro hair so you must avoid heat. Don’t try to dry your hair with blowdrying. Instead, air drying is best for your hair moisture. Straighteners or other irons’ heat is too dangerous for your scalp and will break its shafts badly.

Give Importance to Your Scalp

Your scalp needs as much care as your hair. Applying oil regularly will help the scalp free from dandruff and dryness. Keep your scalp clean and regular combing. Combing increases the life of hair and makes your scalp clean and circulated blood fluently.

Don’t Forget Your Facial Hair

Your facial hair needs care too. Your beard must be given all treatment that you give to your scalp. Regular oiling and combing will make your beard shiny and silky. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals on your face otherwise, it will bring many allergies to your facial skin and hair too. Keep your beard clean and combed.

If you guys will follow all my told tips and hair care routine, I am sure that you will never complain about your hair’s untidiness and brittleness.

How to Brush Black Male Hair

Hey guys! I know you feel irritation while you try to comb or brush your hair. It is too difficult to detangle your coiled curls. But I think it is not wise to pull it badly if you are not successful in brushing it. In my opinion, you should

  • Brush your hair when it is not completely dry because if we try to brush in fully dry Hair, there are chances of hair breakage
  • Brush gently by portioning your hair. You should divide your hair into several parts so that you can brush every part with equal care. In the case of long Afro hair, you should use rubber bands to make similar sections. Keep detangling and releasing every portion step by step to get perfect hair
  • Don’t pull hair to detangle it instead gently brush it so that its shaft may not break
  • Keep your hair oily and moisturized. It will help your hair detangle easily. There is no harm in using coconut oil jojoba oil after taking shower because Black hair is too dry and rough to quickly absorb this moisture and will help hair manage in a much better way.

How to Repair Damaged Black Male Hair

You the careless guys! I know you are worried about your rapidly falling and weakening Afro hair. This damage is done because of not paying heed to the products and an unhealthy routine. But Still, you can regain your smooth, well-managed, and moisturized hair by following these certain steps.

  • You can lessen hair damage with hot oil treatments. In this treatment, you can use one or more than one oil as a mixture. Heat the oil by putting the bowl in hot water that much not to harm your skin and hair
  • Massage hot oil for almost 20 minutes so that it may fully absorb in hair cuticles
  • Deep conditioning is another best way to repair damaged Black hair. BY deep conditioning, you are providing your hair with all the essential keratin and proteins. It will make your hair shafts soft and easily detangling
  • Regular and successive trims will do the trick too. It will enable your scalp to get rid of bad and weak hair to regrow fresh strong ones
  • You should use shampoos and conditioners with no sulfates and silicon. Try to use both products with moisturizing agents so that they may not dry your hair out
  • Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized all the time so that the damage you have done to your hair may get repaired soon
  • Conditioning your hair after every wash is a must.

How to Wash Afro Hair Male

Afro-textured hair must be washed properly so that your hair will not bear damage.

  • Apply oil before and after every wash
  • Use mild hold water to get better results for your Afro hair wash
  • Don’t wash your hair more than or a maximum of twice a week
  • Do sectioning to wash hair for best results
  • Try to keep your hair hydrated and clean by proper combing between two washes


The debate about how to care for Black male hair shows that proper care and concern are needed to get the desired object. Black Afro hair is dry and rough and gets affected by weather and environmental changes quickly. We should have to adopt a proper hair care routine to make ourselves trendier and more up-to-date.

If you are only worrying and not acting some solid steps with your Afro hair including moisturizing and conditioning, it is insane. Then crying over split milk is useless. So make one thing very clear your Afro male hair needs as much hair care as female hair needs.

Allice Smith

Allice Smith is a hair care lover when she was a teenager. Her major was a beauty when she was in college. She is a makeup artist. Now she is also a writer for our website. She writes a lot of haircare posts with very actionable tips.

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