How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning Like a Pro?

As the modern era comes, it brings some of the old memories and fashion back into the trend, they are back with a touch of technology and that makes them demanded by the teenagers and fashion icons. Trendy things get too attention in the teenage years and once the fashion is in, you can see everyone following the steps.

Just remember if you want to style permed hair in the morning then avoid sleeping in wet hair, Because it will make your hair weak and frizzy. The perming of hairs means to change the texture of the hairs and make them curly and wavy under the influence of chemical compounds and change your look.

Lots of people have a question that How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning? The answer is If you want to style your perm in the morning, always try to avoid sleeping with wet hair because it helps to increase frizz and weakens your hair. Remember to sleep with a satin or silk pillow because it helps to reduce frizz.

There’s always a catch with perming your hair, you need to be aware of all the pros and cons of the permed hair. It will take time to adjust your hair. The permed hairs need extra care with the conditioners, oiling, and styling. All of these are the mere reasons the perming of hairs is demanded all around the world.

Did you ever wonder why this perming of hair looks eye-catchy in fashion? We might be able to guide you on why and how do we maintain the perms of hairs, also how to style your already perm hairs in the morning and make it look attractive and fresh. There is also a new modern perm in fashion and its more in demand. Let’s discuss all the possible ways too in our article.

Why Do You Need Perm?

Most people like to change their appearance, looks, hair color, and hair texture. The question hair expert ask is why we want to change our straight hairs to curly and needed the perm in our hair. There are many reasons which cause people to go for a change they are looking for hair volume, some like shorter curler hairs, few of them wanted to enhance the look of their personality.

All of these are mere reasons to follow the trend or fashion which is linked with the permed hairs. Teenagers usually like to follow the modern fashion icons whether it’s hair color or any bracelet to wear. Before doing any work out on the hair, the hair expert always tells the pros and cons of having permed hair as it requires extra care and effort to keep the hairs shiny and healthy, and in the permed shape.

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What are the Different Types of Perms you can Get?

What are the Different Types of Perms you can Get?

The mornings are always lazy and, in that laziness, if you are asked to make a style, I would go for a simple yet elegant one which can last my impression on others. The perms need extra attention every time they are combed or shampooed or even a conditioner is used. That’s why most people think that they should comb their perms at night so it will be very convenient for them to get ready in the morning. As fashion changes, so are the options in doing perms in your hairs. According to the hair texture or length, there are different types of perms.

Different Types of Perms

With the technology along with modern fashion sense, many hair experts have overlooked the styling of perms. They wanted to bring something new with the old fashion, making it impossible to miss. These perms easily get attention once a celebrity wore them. Many hairs have few tricks and expertise has evolved making the techniques which can perm your hairs. Some of these types of perms are

  1. Traditional Perm: They are just like the old-fashioned perms and give a healthy look.
  2. Olaplex Perm: These type of perms gets an extra step using the product of Olaplex on its way of perming.
  3. Perm Styles: These perms have more volume and have a shiny look. Few extra chemicals are used to last the perms for a longer period.
  4. Braid Perm: They have a divided number of braids on hairs, each one was washed and then braided for approx. 3-4 months. They can get a little irritated as it is not easy to reverse the process.
  5. Man Perm: Like women, men are also trendy and follow fashion and fashion icons. These perms are mainly done with the short hairs of men giving them a boost on their hair.
  6. Root Perm: As the name indicates they are done only on the roots of the hairs giving the volume in the hair length.
  7. Digital Perm: The name tells us that the things used in this perm are more advanced and of better technology than the olden days.
  8. Beach Wave Perm: Just like the beach waves these perms also have the wavy look. These perms look best on slim people as it gives extra volume to the face.
  9. American Wave Perm: It is just a touch of American hair expert, which makes it different. The look itself gives a calming effect as the permed hairs take a load off your head.

All these types are chemically induced; they can only be done on the hairs with the help of different procedures. It gives a change in the personality of a person along with a fashion update. The procedure does require a lot of workouts and a few hours in the salon but the result in permed hairs is worth a shot.

What Do We Have to Do for Good Results?

What Do We Have to Do for Good Results?

The perm hairs need a little extra attention and care. The hair expert always makes sure that the person is aware what will be the consequences of having perm hair. Most people think that it’s very easy to follow the rules of good perm but practically it’s not.

Do you Need Extra Combs:

If you want to have good perms in the morning you don’t need an extra set of combs or hands. You just need a few minutes to work us with your hair. Combing through your hands, or through the wide brush easily helps the combing of hairs. Always brush your perms in the roots first which will allow your hairs not to be broken and take less time.

Pillow Covers Workout:

It’s a saying to have good sleep you need a good bed, well in case of perms, you need a new set of pillows or pillow covers. The cotton or linen pillow covers give extra friction to the perms making them stop flowing. The satin or silk pillow covers help the hairs to move easily while you sleep.

Wet Hairs are Difficult:

Well as we all know that if the hairs get tangled, it looks messy and hard to get sorted out. That’s why hair expert suggests not taking a shower at night with the perm hairs. It is very easy as it saves time in the morning but if you sleep with wet hairs your perms might look messy and harder to straighten out. Your perms are not natural, so you must be very careful with the effects of things.

Loose or Tight Hairstyles:

Mornings are not easy for everyone. Some are morning persons some are not. Some give extra time for styling the hairs, some just tie a messy bun. The buns are very easy to go but if you tied a tight pony or bun, it will be hard for your perm hairs.

Different Types of Hair Perms & How to Take Care of Perm Hair?

Different Types of Hair Perms & How to Take Care of Perm Hair?

The permed hairs are not natural and are chemically induced with different chemicals. That’s why the hair expert always makes sure to tell the person about the extra care for the hair. The extra care might be a handful and time taken but it’s worth the change in your hair. As the fashion experts tell, people wanted to have perms hairs but then the extra care will make them back off.

Use of Conditioner:

After the permed hairs, you cannot wash the hairs for about 2-3 days. This helps in the process and the shampooing of the hairs can lessen the perms of the hairs. Since it is chemically induced it needs extra care to keep it that way. There are certain conditioners that are used in permed hairs, and it keeps them in their permed style.

Styles Made in Permed Hairs:

If you want to style your hair, you must be careful not to tie your hair while they are wet. If you tie them, they might get out of shape and the perms get to be straightened. Try avoiding the buns and ponytails as they affect the texture of perms.

Wide Teethed Combs:

the permed hairs need special attention in every step. There are specific wide-toothed combs that really help in combing the hairs. It keeps the perms intact and doesn’t make them frizzy.

How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning?

How to Style Permed Hair in the Morning?

The mornings are always rush time. You might be getting late to work or university or any other meeting. At that time, it was very easy to make a bun or ponytail, but if you have permed hairs, you have a limited option. Let’s see what we have:

  • You can put a little effort and put the side clips in your hair, this will make your hair aside from your face and it looks great for any meeting.
  • Another option you have is that you can tie a scarf on your forehead; it will cover all your permed hairs together and make it look very good for any class commitment.
  • If you are going for an official meeting or an appointment you need to look professional. It seems to be limited options when you have permed hairs, but you can easily change the look of your hair just by giving it a half pony and leaving the rest aside.
  • Putting the hairs in a hair catcher also saves time in the morning.
  • The ponytail is not the best option for the permed hair but if the hairs were permed along time, then definitely you can give it a try.
  • If the braids are put up in the permed hairs it can give a very professional and productive look of the day.
  • Going for a seminar, a small gathering might get you in tying your permed hairs, but rather a half bun will look more promising.

Popular Perms in Men

Most people think that only women are fashion-oriented, but according to research, many men are also following the trends and fashion that’s one of the reasons that there are small perms which is mainly for men. Maybe you are interested to know how long should your hair be for a perm male?

During the season of summer, the men get their perms, so that they can easily carry their permed hairs. As these perms will only last 3-4 months, they can easily get their own hairs back till the time it’s winter. In this way, the length of the hairs is not compromised and they can easily be back after a few months of changing personality.


Here we are, at the end of the article, where we have discussed all the possible permed styles which we can be done with the help of different chemicals under the guidance of experienced hair experts. The permed hair needs special care which will be provided by a few of the tips already discussed. What all are the bad influences to the permed hairs are wet hairs, pillow covers, combing of hairs with normal combs.

Apart from all this, there are a few designs which you can easily look to tie your permed hairs without disturbing the perms of your hairs. While we are discussing the styling, there is a catch in the whole perming of hairs. You must adjust with the texture and plopping up of hairs, it seems to be difficult, that’s why the hair expert prepares you before the start of this perming process.

A stylish perm is worth all the difficulties attached along with it.

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