How to Stop a Receding Hairline Teenager? Complete Expert Guide

You might be wondering how it is possible to stop and avoid a receding hairline if you are a teenager, here you can check out that! This is a common and alarming situation that is experienced by both teenage girls and boys.

Here we have collected comprehensive details and pack of information for all of you. If you are also experiencing this similar situation, then do read out this piece of writing. Most importantly, receding hairline among teenagers occurs because of a large number of factors.

Like, if one is taking stress or having anxiety time, then there is a high chance that he or she may witness hair bald or hair thinning problems at their end. In addition, hair loss happens because of genetic factors too.

Here we have penned down causes, symptoms of having a receding hairline and you can have a look at the possible number of treatment options and solutions as well. Moreover, no matter, you are suffering from an intense receding hairline problem; it is now possible to tackle this issue.

One should stop taking stress, start eating healthy, take vitamins and proper medication and simple get rid of this hair bald problem. Check out the details and see how much it is easy and simple enough to regain and get back the normal hairline:

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What Would Cause a Receding Hairline in a Teenager?

receding hairline teenage

For the information, there are many causes of getting a receding hairline if you are right now in a teenage category of yours. Furthermore, according to the recent and current statistics, we have seen that over 50% of the teenage population is suffering because of this problem. In other words, they have become exhausted and tired enough of having a significant amount of hair shedding problem.

Not only boys but even girls are facing this exact issue. All in all, this follicular issue has become a hot topic these days and teenagers are eagerly looking for simple and quick-to-follow solutions. In addition, a study and recent research was conducted by the American hair loss association. They have indicated this fact around and about 25% of men witness hair loss issues before they even reach the age of 21.

Now, you can see the causes that arise this issue of receding hairline in a teenager:

Hormones Play a Vital Role

It is largely because of hormonal imbalance that a teenager becomes the victim and easy target of this problem. As soon as you enter into your adulthood phase or you get into your puberty phase, then lots of hormonal changes take place in your body. Most importantly, this phase of a surge in hormones happens because a person is growing and developing all at the emotional, mental, and physical levels.

This flow and rush of hormones make you the target of hormone-related conditions. And this condition either comes in the form of thyroid disease or lupus or it may come in the form of PCOS in girls. Note down that PCOs are termed and explained as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is due to these hormone-related conditions that you may experience hair loss problem or you witness excess hair growth. We have seen this practice on the more specific notes that hair loss happens whenever a hormone named dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, binds and gets connected to receptors right there in your hair follicles. It is this DHT hormone that causes immense damage to your hair and you start to witness receding hairline problems.

You need to understand that DHT is an androgen hormone. It is a male hormone and mainly responsible for developing male sex characteristics. Furthermore, this hormone develops broad shoulders and also a deep voice in men. Moreover, this is the specific hormone that brings body hair to men.

It is exactly during your teen’s phase that DHT hormone is specifically responsible for producing facial hair and pubic hair and even body hair. If DHT promotes hair growth, then it can even cause hair loss. Hence, as soon as your testosterone levels and DHT levels start to get increased right during your teenage phase, then you will for sure experience a hair damage problem or hair shedding issue, or a receding hairline problem.

Genetics is a Very Important Factor!

Then there is another common and highly witnessed cause of having a receding hairline in teenage girl and it is this genetics aspect! Like, if your older and previous generations have hair loss problems, then you will also eventually face this same problem. You can say that family ties and connections matter a lot that occurs as the main cause of bringing receding hairline.

Furthermore, your mother’s genes as well as your father’s genes determine whether you are going to experience follicular problems or not!

Along with that, it is seen that mother genes bring the most and highest amount of substantial influence concerning the fact how your hair growth will turn out to be! There is this interesting fact and stat that over 30million women, as well as 50 million men, are suffering and distressing from this gene-related hair loss. Hence, there is a high amount of chance that this problem of receding hairline arises all because of family ties. There are lots of other reasons as well that bring this issue, and below you can check out them.

Advance Medication

If you are taking medications, there is a maximum chance and probability that a teenager will experience receding hairline. Like, if you experience conditions like that of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and you need to take strong medications in this regard, upon consuming those medicines, your follicular may witness issues. In addition, a few of the teenagers face severe acne problems,s and consuming medications brings hair loss for them.

There are other medical and health-related conditions as well that push teenagers to take these prescribed medications and in return, they experience side effects in the form of hair loss. Though these medicines will treat your health problems like acne and depression, you will also face these unpleasant and unwanted side effects. Thus, consumption of these medications brings increased hair shedding in teenagers.

You need to talk to your doctor before taking these medications and do ask him whether these medications bring hair loss problems or not! So, you need to understand that medications like ADHD medications as well as acne medications bring hair loss issues for sure.

Bad Hair Facts

Besides, there are certain numbers of bad hair habits that happen to be the main reason for arising receding hairline problem among teenagers. As an example, you will see hair thinning and hair shedding problems if you are not going to shampoo your hair frequently. If you keep on delaying washing your hair, then there is a chance that your hair health will get deteriorate and you will eventually have hair loss. Poor hair health brings intense damage to your scalp and it starts to lose hair.

On the other hand, shampooing too frequently brings receding hairline in teenagers. If you wash your hair each day, then it will become dry and brittle and automatically start to shred and become thin. All in all, frequent shampooing causes hair breakage and hair loss. Moreover, treating your tresses in a rough manner makes you the target of receding hairline. You have to gently treat your hair. And it is even equally important for you to eat healthy for sake of your hair growth. If you follow these habits and avoid bad habits, then you may get rid of hair thinning problems.

Washing Hair Again and Again

As we have already mentioned and discussed with you that washing your hair too often brings immense hair loss problems for teenagers. Being a teenager, you have to stop following this practice and routine of washing your hair every single day. You have to understand this point that washing your hair each and every day just gives you dry and brittle hair. Those teenagers who do frequent shampooing will automatically experience hair breakage problems. No matter, you are using dry shampoo each day, these problems are still going to arise.

It is recommended and advised by hair experts that teenagers should less frequently wash their hair. If you do not want to make your hair weak and fragile enough, then one needs to understand and follow this piece of advice. Thus shampooing your hair tends to weaken your hair follicles and bring a great amount of reduction in your hair growth areas of yours. So, if your scalp is missing some hair, then there is the main chance that you are using too much shampoo on your hair.

BlowDrying Hair so often

Most importantly, blow-drying too much of your hair actually brings the major problem of having a receding hairline. Lots of Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise have again and again stated this fact girls and guys should blow-dry their hair on limited notes. These practices of blow-drying only damage your hair and do nothing else. We have seen that blow-drying heat deteriorates your follicular conditions and immensely damages your hair strands.

This routine makes your scalp dry and thus leads to breakage on high and extensive notes. If you blow-dry your hair every single day, then this practice brings patches on your head. For the reason that it is not at all recommended to blow dry your hair too much! For keeping their scalp healthy and safe and sound, teenagers should throw away blow dryers from their closets.

Besides, teenagers have to stop using styling tools like that of curling rods and hot rollers. Just stop using flat irons as well. These styling tools bring harsh results and negative effects on your hair. Furthermore, they cause breakage and play a large role in making your scalp weak. However, if you have to use a hairdryer daily, then it is advised to avoid the hottest setting option. The hot setting option weakens your hair shaft and hair fibers and drastically damages your hair cuticles. Blow drying destroys the very outer layer hair of your hair.

Not Every Style suits you

Lastly, over-styling creates such a mess for teenage girls’ and boys’ hair! We have commonly noticed the trend of using hair straighteners, flat irons, and curling irons. Moreover, girls and guys use hair gels and creams. All these hair styling elements bring a receding hairline problem. You have to understand that too much of everything is damaging and poisonous. This same adage goes to your hair health! If you often style your hair with flat irons and curling rods, then there is no other way your hair will not get damaged.

Though these styling appliances make your hair impressive and ravishing looking enough, you have to take extra care while using them. If you over-use them, then your hair health will become weak and damaging enough. You can let us know if you are in the habit of over-styling your hair and what side effects you have experienced.

How Do You Cure Receding Hairline as a Teenager?

cure receding hairline

Here you can have a look at the details on how to cure and treat a receding hairline as a teenager! No matter, you are living in India or the USA, you can follow these tips. Experts have come up with lots of easy-to-follow suggestions and solutions. First of all, you have to identify the cause that why this hair shedding is happening and then implement the remedy accordingly!

You can follow these proven and tested natural methods and we are sure that these treatment options are going to reduce and successfully receding hairline of yours. It does not matter whether you are a teenager guy or girl, you can follow these tips:

Most importantly, it is suggested to use a high-end scalp brush if you experience a receding hairline problem. Using a high-quality scalp brush prevents hair breakage and improves your hair health as well. This is the recommended and best hair tool that you can use. If you plan to use a scalp brush, then the following are the benefits and plus points that you may observe:

Using a Scalp Brush Habitually

The habit of using a scalp brush brings many advantages for your hair health. This tool remains to stay gentle and damaging-free on your scalp. Furthermore, if you happen to use a sturdy brush, then such a tool only damages and injures the protective layer of your hair cuticles. In addition, a harsh and low-quality brush makes your hair susceptible and a lot more vulnerable to become the easy target. If you often color process your hair or you frequently use heat styling elements, then it is even recommended to use a high and top-notch scalp brush. It is advised by the experts to just use a scalp brush. This way, you will be allowed to gently and smoothly brush your hair. Besides, this practice allows teenagers to prevent scalp irritation as well.

Easily detangles wet hair

It is generally seen that for curing and treating a receding hairline, it is essential to use a scalp brush because it easily and conveniently detangles your wet hair. Upon detangling wet hair, you no longer experience hair loss. We have observed that lots of teenage girls and guys have this habit of not brushing and detangling their hair. To come out from this messy problem, they can start to use a scalp brush and conveniently detangle your wet hair. As soon as you come out after a shower, use a scalp brush and get rid of this hair shedding problem. Furthermore, look for a scalp brush that is injected with thin and natural bristles. It should have wide-set bristles. A good quality scalp brush does not damage your hair roots and brings the aspect of rubber cushion and thus increases the element of flexibility in your hair.

Excellent on dry hair

Most noteworthy, a good and superior quality scalp brush is excellent if any teenager has got dry hair. It is recommended to use a boar-bristle scalp brush if you are seeing a receding hairline problem. In addition, these bristles manage to stimulate and activate your scalp on healthy notes. Using a scalp brush remove debris from your hair and evenly distribute all of your hair’s natural oils.

Scalp brush Makes hair grow thicker as well as faster

And we have equally seen this practice that a scalp brush allows your hair to grow thicker as well as faster. Most certainly and it is genuinely believed that scalp brushes bring heavy and also immense massaging effects on your hair. This tool boosts and 100% amplifies scalp stimulation side yours.

So, what you need to do is to regularly use scalp brush. This practice helps your hair roots to absorb more and more nutrients. Your hair growth process becomes lot more improved and they become fuller as well.

Likewise, you use a standard brush, in the same way, and manner; you should use this scalp brush. What teenagers have to do is to start using scalp brush from hair roots and then gradually move to the tip section. Hence, this is one of the possible ways through which teenagers can solve their receding hairline problem.

Usage of  coconut Oil is best

To all teenagers out there, they can use and apply coconut oil on their hair if they have hair loss problems during their teenage life. Most importantly, this is a natural oil that you can risk-free use. This magical oil brings a lot more improvement to your hair health. This is an age-old remedy that we have been following for years and years. If a teenager is facing a hair thinning issue or dry scalp, then the application of coconut oil can help you a lot. Furthermore, the usage of coconut oil is encompassed with anti-bacterial properties. This oil has anti-microbial properties and marked to be a perfect option for curing a receding hairline among teenagers.


You should know some of the most beneficial and powerful characteristics that are present in coconut oil. Like this oil act in the form of sebum. For the information, sebum is the natural oil of your body and it is here to prevent scalp dryness. Sebum appears in the form of coating and protects your hair roots from any further damage.

Moreover, coconut oil consists and composed of lauric acid it. This acid presence binds and strengthens your hair quality. All teenagers should make it a habit of applying this oil as it extensively secures their hair strands This oil prevents and avoid hair breakage and remain to be an ideal option for teenagers having a receding hairline.

Besides, coconut oil acts as a natural conditioner for your hair. This oil successfully keeps your hair soft, shiny, and silky enough and protects it from any of environmental pollutants.

 So how to do? (Complete Steps) 

So, how to stop a receding hairline teenage girl out there, they can follow this below-mentioned process of using coconut oil:

  • The first step is to shampoo and properly wash your hair. After that, you have to thoroughly dry them. Make sure that you do not condition your hair in this step.
  • Then in the next step, take a bowl and heat a sufficient quantity of coconut oil in it.
  • Start to apply this oil on your hair. You need to massage this oil in a proper manner.
  • In the next step, comb your hair and perform this step with the help of a scalp brush. In this manner, coconut oil will be evenly and properly distributed on your scalp and hair strands.
  • Once you are done with the oil application, now take a shower cap and properly cover your hair with that shower cap. Leave this oil on your hair for around and about 45 minutes.
  • You can now wash your hair and make sure to thoroughly rinse it with shampoo and water. If you follow this practice religiously, then you will see expected and desired results in just a time frame of 2 to 3 weeks.

Use Castor Oil in your habit!

Next, we have castor oil application tips that help out teenagers having receding hairline problems. This oil is also given the name of Ricinus Communis. Though this oil offers an extensive number of health benefits, it is great for your hair as well. Most importantly, Castor seed extract is injected and embedded with Vitamin E and lots of minerals. It has nine fatty acids in it and also omega-6, as well as ricinoleic acid. It is all because of its nutritional content that this oil is great for your hair.


No doubt, this is a powerful oil and it has many great qualities in it. If you have used castor oil, then you may have noticed that this oil heavily and immensely stimulates your hair growth process. Furthermore, it gets successfully penetrates your hair and nourishes them on the highest notes. Teenagers should start to use this oil as it prevents hair fall and improves the overall process of scalp blood circulation.

If you are currently facing a receding hairline problem, then do apply this oil. The unique trait of this oil is that it retains moisture in your scale and reduce the hair breakage problem. In addition, it acts as a protective coating on your weak hair. In other words, castor oil safeguards and protects your hair from any sort of UV rays.

This oil makes it possible to give all shiny-looking hair to you. Teenagers who have applied and used this oil, have believed that this oil makes their hair strands smooth. Hence, if you are fighting with a hair loss at 17 male problems, then become the regular use of this oil. This single and simple remedy can do wonders for you.

 So how to do? (Complete Steps) 

Below you can see on how to correctly and apply this oil on your hair:

  • So, in the very first step, take castor oil in a bowl and start applying it. You need to start this application process from your roots and then slowly move to your hair tips. In addition, you have to remember that castor oil texture is generally thicker as compared to other oils. So, use it in less and minimum quantity. Otherwise, it will become lot more difficult for you to wash off and rinse this oil from your hair.
  • Moving to the second step of this castor oil application technique, you have to allow this oil settle on your hair for 20 minutes. This is the maximum time that you can wait and not longer than that!
  • Once this duration passes, you can wash your hair by using any mild shampoo.
  • The last step is to dry your hair and comb them properly. Detangle them thoroughly and see the great results. The regular application of castor oil will make you believe that this is an excellent and ideal oil type for teenagers who have receding hairline issue. Your hair will become instantly and immediately moisturized for sure.

Stop Taking Medications that are Attached to Serious Side Effects

If you are serious enough in tackling and handling this receding hairline problem, then stop taking medications that are attached to serious side effects. We know that there are lots of medical practitioners out there who suggest you take these hair fall medications and hair thinning medications, but such medications bring an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Furthermore, they reduce sex drive, and also develop scalp irritation. It is advised to follow natural remedies and solutions for getting rid of hair thinning problems and avoid taking these medications at all.

Hair Loss Surgery Options

There is this hair restoration surgery option for you that can help out teenagers in dealing with receding hairline problems. This is the surgical solution that you can go for! Keep in mind that in this surgical technique, hair follicle sections are transplanted. And you get back hair on your scalp.

Though this is an expensive solution lots of teenagers are pursuing and opting for it! This surgical technique does work and helps in growing and gaining back your hair again. You can share with us if you or your friend have ever tried out this surgical procedure and how much you were satisfied with the results!

Take Measure to Maintain a Fuller Hair

For curing and treating your hair baldness problem, you should take all possible and maximum number of preventive measures to get fuller hair at your end. Like, once you have recovered from your medical health condition, then it is essential for you to take all essential and paramount measures for preventing hair shedding or hair thinning issues. In other words, you should take extra and additional care of your hair. Take proper vitamins and supplements and feed your hair with enough nutrients. Avoid over-styling your hair and wash them regularly.

How Common is Hair Loss in Teens?

Hair loss problem has become quite common in teens. When teens reach in their twenties, they witness this issue and become really stressed. In most teenagers, this issue of hair loss comes especially during their last years of high school or as soon as they enter into their college first years.

This problem of hair loss or receding hairline is common in about 16 percent of men who are aged between 15 and 17. On the other hand, around two-thirds of men have witnessed and experienced this issue by age of 35. And by the time they reach age 50, then 85 percent of men observe a significant amount of hair thinning problem.

This problem is largely common among male teenagers. Male teens start to notice a little bit amount of hair thinning on their scalp and this is one of the early signs that is seen in this category of male pattern baldness. In addition, this male pattern baldness is largely and extensively arises because of hormones and genetics combination.

Besides, this hair loss problem also occurs in teens due to stress and nutritional deficiencies, and also medical conditions. If you are in the teenage bracket and your hair has started to become thin, then it is time that you should get in touch with a professional and licensed hair expert to sort out this problem.

Early Signs of Teenage Hair Loss

Signs of Teenage Hair Loss

Here you can check out and know about the early signs of teen hair loss. It is important for all teenagers born in the time of early 2000 to immediately identify and spot this hair loss issue and treat it with great care. The sooner and earlier you diagnose this problem, the easier it will be for you to tackle and handle it.

These early signs are going to tell you whether you have become the victim of hair balding and hair thinning problems or not!

It is true that hair loss only brings stress, disappointment as well as shock in teens. They become really worried when they spot bald patches on their scalp. And it gets really disappointing when this situation happens at a very young age. Instead of complicating this hair loss problem, it is better to understand these early signs and tackle this problem on earlier notes.

Receding Hairline in Young Males

So, in males, they start to get this receding and thin hairline. This is the early and common sign if any male is experiencing hair loss problems. Most importantly, there are two kinds and major types of hairlines and they are maturing hairline and receding hairline. You can well understand that a maturing hairline is natural. It starts to take its original shape in adolescence or while you enter your young adulthood phase. On the other hand, a receding hairline hints at the deeper and intense issue.

The hairline that manages to keep and maintain a consistent line right from temple to temple, that is identified as a maturing hairline. And the hairline that gets deeper and deeper completely within the temple regions then is marked and identified as a receding hairline.

Receding Hairline in Females

In females, we witness and see this problem of thinning crown! This is a noticeable sign that all teenage girls may witness if a hair-thinning problem starts to appear on their scalp. Males have this receding hairline problem and teenage females experience thinning crown issues. In other words, males notice hair loss problems right at their temples and forehead, and females spot balding at their crown side. All teens should not disregard and neglect this sign. If you neglect this sign, then your hair balding problem will reach to further complicated and tougher level. When females become the target of hair balding issues, then they notice that their scalp starts to become thin as well as wispy.

Significant Loss on Pillow and in Drain

Then there is this noticeable and significant loss of hair on the pillow and in the drain that is marked as the common sign of hair loss in teens. Excessive hair shedding only happens when you spot your hair on pillows and drains. If being a teen you locate hair on pillows and drains, then do take this issue seriously and take preventive measures as much as you can! Most of the teenage girls and boys neglect this hair loss sign and show a carefree attitude. You should now show such a casual attitude and handle your hair loss with utmost seriousness.

Itchy and Flaky Scalp

The presence of an itchy and flaky scalp is the common and general sign that a teen will experience hair balding problems in the later years of his life. In other words, scalp irritation is the major reason that this problem of hair thinning starts to later on develop. You can say that this is a common symptom that warns you to deal with this hair loss problem as soon as possible. If you manage to treat your flaky and itchy scalp, then there is a chance that you will no longer witness hair balding problems during your teens.

Thin Hair Growth Sign!

Moving to more of the hair loss signs in teens, we have this thin hair growth sign! When you notice that your hair is becoming thin and wispy enough, it means you will become the target of a hair balding problem for sure. Having thin hair growth is one of the beginning and early stages of hair loss. If you fail to manage this issue, then your hair will not be able to regrow back! So, try following some natural remedies and tricks and make your thick and fuller instead of turning them out to be thin and wispy.

What Kind of Doctor Receding Hairline?

If you are thinking about when to see a doctor handle this hair loss problem, then we can guide you clearly and simply about it. It is by consulting a professional doctor that you can get to know how to prevent hair loss problems. These experts can better help you to solve this issue in less span of time.

Furthermore, these professionals help you in identifying the underlying cause and you get in the position of curing hair loss at 15 male problem. In other words, these doctors carry out medical diagnoses at their end. And then they recommend a specific receding hairline treatment later on.

Doctors address this issue by recommending and suggesting you bringing positive changes to your lifestyle and diet plan. They are the one who knows whether this hair loss problem is occurring because of a medical condition or due to hereditary factors. In addition, doctors suggest a different kind of treatments, like they can prescribe medications to you. They may prescribe some kind of anti-androgens so that you can treat and cure your androgenic alopecia.

Besides, doctors can recommend which iron supplements to take and which antifungal therapy to carry out if you have a receding hairline problem. They can guide you on whether hair transplantation will work for you or not!

What Are Causes of Hair loss in Teenage males?

causes of hair loss in teenage males


There are various and immense numbers of hair loss causes if we only talk about teenage males. We know that this hair thinning problem has become an alarming issue and it is time that we discover solutions to it! Hair loss just brings low self-esteem as well as low confidence and a lot of disappointment in teenage males. This unfortunate situation has to change now:

Medication for hair loss male

Like, we have told you that when teenage males take medications, then they usually experience hair loss or hair balding problems sooner or later on. As an example, male teens take antibiotics to tackle their acne problem, stress, and depression phases. And these medications in return give them hair loss! How sad it is! It is seen that 85% of young male adults are right now suffering from acne and 20% of them have become the target of depression. Thus, all of these problems and medications related to them bring hair loss trouble.

Alopecia areata male

This condition named alopecia areata is another cause of spotting hair baldness in male teens. For the information, this is an auto-immune disorder. In this disorder, your whole body is going to attack and damage your very own hair follicles. Moreover, in this specific condition, male teens start to get round bald patches right on their scalp. It is observed that 1 in 50 male teens have become the target of alopecia areata. This is a common condition and brings hair loss destruction for male teenagers.

Trichotillomania medication

Moving to another psychological disorder that brings receding hairline problem and it is this Trichotillomania! In make teenagers, this is a common disorder condition that is being prevailed nowadays. Most importantly, the person pulls out his own hair while he became the victim of this disorder. This is a highly unusual and strange condition and scary enough as well. It is studied that around and about 1% of Americans have experienced this disorder. This condition named Trichotillomania negatively affects your eyelashes and eyebrows and also scalp.

Traction alopecia

How to stop hair loss in teenage guys? Traction alopecia is another cause that makes them experience receding hairline problems in their lives. We know that guys love to make buns and ponytails and this practice gives them receding hairline eventually. When you tightly pin up your hair or you put them in bun and ponytail, then such a too-tight hairstyle heavily damages your hair follicles. It is advised to tie up your hair in loose form and never tie them up in a tighter style.

Poor Eating Routine

Can you imagine the fact that poor eating habits bring hair loss issues in male teens, it is true! Those male teenagers who eat junk food and not so healthy meals, experience hair baldness in their lives. It is suggested to all-male teens to adopt the best and healthy eating habits in their lives. They should not eat fast food as well as processed food and try having whole and healthy foods. Trust us, improving their eating habits will not give them hair loss problems.

Androgenic Alopecia Hair Regrowth

Whenever we talk about the issue of male pattern baldness, we have seen that Androgenic Alopecia is the major cause behind it. It is in the teen years that this severe and troublesome condition starts to appear. 25% of males are affected because of Androgenic Alopecia and they eventually become the target of baldness issue. This condition target males before they reach age 21.

Moreover, in this respective condition, you witness receding hairline and even hair thinning problems. If you spot this problem early, then it is possible to cure it for sure.

Stress Plays a Vital Role!

Stress brings hair loss troubles as well among male teens. Those men who take a lot of stress and tension, sooner experience hair loss problems too in their lives. Stress happens when your work-related responsibilities start to get increased or you fail to maintain a family work-life balance. And this stress zone instantly attacks your hair zone and damages it destructively. We have seen that stress is one of the major and primary contributing factors that result in hair thinning and hair baldness problems.

What Are Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Females?

causes of hair loss in teenage females

Now, we are going to check out the details regarding why hair loss happens in females! Below we have collected enough information for you. Hair loss problem is quite common among females and various reasons contribute to this issue. For those female teens who have bald patches, their confidence level is comparatively low as compared to girls who have lush and fuller hair.  Below you can see why female teens are losing their hair:

Medication for hair loss female

It is generally seen that hair loss problem occurs because of the side effects of consuming strong medications. So, it means those female teens that are in the habit of taking high dose medications, they will experience hair loss issue.

Like, some girls take medications to treat their acne scars or some take birth control pills. Hence, these medications do come with side effects, and hair loss is the noticeable side effect among them

Traction alopecia

The condition known and marked as traction alopecia brings hair damage destruction in female teens. To put this condition in the simplest words, it brings hair loss when you make tight braids and tight ponytails. By doing so, female teens permanently and intensely damage their hair follicles. Female teenagers can avoid this Traction alopecia condition if they make loose braids and loose ponytails.

Over styling

Girls are in the habit of over styling their hair. They excessively use curling rods and flat irons and damage their hair in such a worst manner. Furthermore, girls go for chemical-based hair treatments and destroy their hair with their own hands. They go for hair bleaching, hair dyeing, and even perming and make their hair vulnerable to heavy damage. It is suggested not to over-style your hair and you should avoid bleaching and coloring your hair as well. These chemical hair treatments only increase and amplify hair breakage issues and do nothing else!


Next, we have a hormonal imbalance problem that brings hair loss stressful situation in female teens. Those females who are into hormone-related illnesses, they face hair loss problem in their teenage years for sure. Like, if they are witnessing thyroid disease or any female is into polycystic ovarian syndrome issue, then these problems often bring hair loss, thinning, and baldness problem. All in all, these possible numbers of endocrinal illnesses bring hair loss for you.

Alopecia areata

If male teens can suffer from alopecia areata, then how female teens can be left behind! We have seen that the Alopecia areata condition is the primary reason for bringing hair loss issue in female teens. In addition, this condition creates bald patches or bald spots. You will be quite and much shocked to know that celebs like of Viola Davis have openly talked about this condition.


Then we have trichotillomania that is bringing lots of problems to female teens. The major problem that occurs due to this condition is this hair loss problem. In this messy condition, girls pull out their hair because they are targeted by this psychological disorder. This one is a behavioral disorder and it is generally seen in lots of female teens. 2.5 million female Americans are affected by trichotillomania and this witness major hair loss problem.

Poor Nutrition

Girls have to very much careful and cautious while planning out their meal plans and eating habits because if they eat well, then their hair will also become good. It is all due to poor nutrition and bad eating habits that their hair becomes weak and strands become heavily damaged. Furthermore, dieting and the habit of doing over-exercising bring hair loss problems too in female teens.


Those girls who are experiencing iron deficiency; become the quick target of hair loss. This is a true fact an alarming situation that is being witnessed these days. The condition of having iron deficiency is also given the name of anemia. This deficiency brings hair loss, for the reasons that it is advised to consult your doctor whenever you spot an iron deficiency problem in your body. Doctors will suggest iron supplements to you and you may prevent this deficiency problem sooner or later on.

Androgenic Hair Loss

The issue of having female pattern baldness is given the name of Androgenic hair loss. Females are the quick and easiest target of this condition. In this condition, your hair starts to get much thinner and weaker day by day. Furthermore, your scalp becomes visible and bald patches tend to appear on it. Moreover, your scalp parts get wider and wider as well as your buns and ponytails get smaller. This is a genetic problem, so if your mothers or grandmothers had Androgenic hair loss, there is a chance that you will experience this condition as well.


The last reason that explains to us why female teens lose their hair is because of taking stress and tension. If their personal and professional lives are filled with mountains and oceans of stress, then hair loss problems will come at their doorsteps. Stress is the leading and main cause that gives birth to hair baldness and hair thinning issues.

What Are Teenage Hair Loss Solutions?

teenage hair loss solutions

Those teenagers who are into hair loss problem, they can now treat this issue! We all know that hair loss problem is surprisingly one of the common problems among teens. Both men and women are targeted by it. This issue is now treatable and below we have suggested you sufficient solutions:

Firstly talk to a Doctor!

First of all, you should talk to your doctor whenever you witness and identify a receding hairline problem. He can better guide you regarding where the problem lies, its possible causes and solutions to be followed! Furthermore, doctors do the physical examination and they will know about your medical history. That is why you should rush to doctor as soon as spot bald patches or hair thinning problem. Hair loss problem also occurs because of hormonal imbalance, so it is a doctor who processes a blood test and knows the real cause of your hair baldness.

Reduce Stress

It is highly important for all teens to stop taking the stress and any kind of tension. When there is no stress in your life, it means no hair loss problem will be witnessed by you. Hair thinning problems and receding hairline issues only come when you take tension and bring stress into your life. For reducing stress, it is recommended to meditate and start the exercise. You should take proper sleep and try bringing healthier effects to your body and hair.

Eat a Balance diet

Most certainly, the practice and best routine of eating only healthy for sure bring positive change in your hair health. If you eat healthily, then results will not only be shown on your body but also on your hair. Hence, for healthy hair growth, your diet and meals should be filled and jam-packed with lots of proteins, fruits, and green vegetables. In addition, you need to avoid taking fad diets and focus on consuming healthy fats only. You should be eating enough amount of calories and make all possible efforts to improve your hair quality. This is the only way to avoid receding hairline and hair thinning problems.

Hair growth supplement

Besides, you can make it a routine of taking hair growth supplements. Like, if you have got bald patches or there is any gap in your scalp, then this issue can be solved if you take good quality hair growth supplements. Most importantly, such supplements support and strengthen your hair growth phase. They are formulated and made with natural ingredients and helps you prevent receding hairline issues immediately.

Using Hair Building Fibers

Beyond, you can go on using hair building fibers during the phase this hair loss problem of yours is being treated! We know that a large number of teens are the target of this problem and as a short and temporary solution, they can use hair building fibers as long as they do not get back their natural hair. In other words, this is an easy and quick solution to conceal and hide this hair loss problem of yours. For the information, hair building fibers come in the form of natural-looking hair. They are virtually unnoticeable and no person will get the hint that you have injected fake hair extensions.

Receding Hairline Stages

Receding Hairline Stages

There are specific stages whenever we talk about the concept of receding hairline. You should also have a complete understanding of these stages.! We have noticed this situation that a receding hairline never and ever really stops. It gets to keep on receding until and unless it becomes merged right with the bald crown. Below you can see the details now:

Stage 1:

In the very first stage, the development of receding hairline starts to appear. In this stage, this kind of receding hairline is hardly noticeable.

Stage 2:

Then we have the second stage where you will see that your hairline will start to recede and gets bald right there from your temples.

Stage 3:

Moving to the third stage, you will observe and notice that M shape will appear and come. This shape will turn out to be much evident on your scalp and your hairline will then be receding in a backward direction.

Stage 4:

In this stage, you will start to notice balding. This balding may occur and start to appear on the very top section of your head and small bald patches will come out as well.

Stage 5:

Keep in mind that in this stage, you will see and observe U-shaped kind of hair loss. This hair loss situation happens and occurs at the crown side.

Stage 6:

In the later on stages, the hairline is going to keep on receding and you will notice that this situation will progress towards the back side section of your scalp.

Stage 7:

In the second last stage of having a receding hairline, the front side of your head and also the crown will become completely bald.

Stage 8:

And in the very last stage, you will experience actual and stressful hair loss situation. Furthermore, hair loss will happen at your scalp sides and they will for sure progress to your whole scalp until and unless you become bald.

Mature Hairline VS Receding

mature hairline vs receding

There is a specific difference between the mature hairline and the receding hairline. Here you can check out the concerned details and if you have any questions on these concepts, feel free to ask:

A mature hairline is a normal and natural hairline. This hairline naturally changes its shape as your age progress. Furthermore, as you mature, this hairline becomes a little bit higher as well. It is during your teenage years that the juvenile hairline of your gets slightly rounded edges. Moreover, it becomes higher up and also less defined. On the other hand, a mature hairline happens at the age of 17.

In addition, make pattern baldness is often given the name of receding hairline. This is the common hair loss type and even explained as androgenic alopecia. It is this male pattern of baldness that usually and generally follows a set format of a receding hairline. In this situation, your hair on the crown and hair present on the temples starts to get thin. In other words, you get a horseshoe shape of the hair. Beyond, in a receding hairline situation, your follicles shrink and you start to get thinner and shorter hairs.

You have to understand that in a maturing hairline, the whole hairline of yours recedes at roughly approximately the same distance. It recedes at about 1-1.5cm just above your juvenile hairline. And in male pattern baldness, your hairline will be receding further and there is going to be a more significant recession and loss of hair in your temple areas.

Is it normal for a teenager to have a receding hairline?

is it normal for a teenager to have a receding hairline

Yes, it is completely normal for a teenager to have a receding hairline. This is a common phenomenon and happens in both teen girls and boys. Though we have observed that pattern hair loss appears and develops in the adulthood phase. But this stressful situation may arise even in your teenage years. A maximum number of teenagers are experiencing this traumatic situation. Hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, poor diet, and other factors contribute to the hair loss situation.

If a teenager experiences a receding hairline, then there are lots of fabulous solutions and easy-to-follow tips that you can try out now. If you identify the real cause of your hair loss, only then you can better work on your solutions and remedies. As an example, if hair loss is happening because of an imbalance of thyroid hormones, the doctor will recommend you to correct this hormonal imbalance.

Moreover, if hair loss or hair baldness issue is happening due to genetic factors, then the doctor will prescribe specific treatment to you. Any teenager should carry out a proper diagnosis and then treat his receding hairline problem. Instead of feeling stressed out upon having a hair loss, a teenager should cope with this anxiety filled situation with utmost bravery and confidence.

How to stop receding hairline and regrow hair naturally?

how to stop receding hairline and regrow hair naturally

How to stop hair fall in teenage male? is the commonly asked question nowadays! Here you can check out lots of magical and powerful ways that helps you cure this receding hairline problem. It has now become normal among teenagers to have a receding hairline. To cure this condition, you can check out the below details. To prevent this hairline recession, you can go for constructive and beneficial therapies as well as result-driven treatments. You can even follow at-home remedies.

Most important to take care of your diet!

To treat this major receding hairline problem, a teenager should make it a habit of eating a healthy diet only. In other words, try to consume those meals that are high and enriched with antioxidants. Such diet routines will you re-growing your hair in less time. Meals that are encompassed with antioxidants, automatically help you fight back oxidative stress. You should know that oxidative stress brings hair loss, so it is important for you to fight back with this oxidative stress on the best notes. Plan out a diet routine that is all surrounded by vitamins and minerals! Have leafy vegetables, nuts, as well as seeds.

Hormonal Imbalances (Treat and cure)

If you want to instantly treat this receding hairline issue, then it is essential for you to cure this hormonal imbalance issue of yours. It is all because of hormone fluctuations that you experience hair loss. No doubt, you can treat such imbalances by following natural remedies or you can take effective medications. Furthermore, you can approach and consult your doctor and ask him to give you better advice.

Herbal Home Remedies

Most of teenagers prefer to follow herbal remedies so that they can get rid of the receding hairline problem. It is true and proven that herbal remedies end up giving you fuller and healthier hair. They even treat your hair baldness problem. Like, you can use ginseng and gooseberry as well as aloe vera or any of any traditional holistic medicine for curing this respective issue. Just mix some ingredients right in a carrier oil solution and give your hair proper conditioning treatment.

Go for Hair transplantation

How about going for hair transplantation! If you have money and you can afford this treatment, then you can go for hair transplantation for sure. Keep in mind that in this procedure a doctor is going to move your hair right from the back section of your head to the front side. Furthermore, through this procedure, your hair will get a fuller appearance. You can for sure speak and talk to your doctor to get to know whether you are a suitable candidate of this hair transplant procedure or not!

Start using a mild and gentle shampoo

It is important for you to use a mild and gentle shampoo if you have noticed some hair loss problem at your end. Using mild as well as gentle shampoos helps you avoid hair breakage issues. Moreover, these shampoos stimulate your hair follicles and hair growth process. In the market, you may have come across with lots of hair loss prevention shampoos; you can try out them too! Such a shampoo gives your hair an extra layer of guard and protection all against DHT-related damage.

Take Biotin

It should be no surprise for you to take biotins if you are tired of having a receding hairline! Most importantly, biotin is a B-vitamin. This is an active and highly powerful ingredient that helps you re-growing your hair and remove bald patches as well. In addition, it removes nutritional deficiency in your body and helps you treat your male pattern baldness problem.

Take Medications

Teenagers can take effective medications for preventing receding hairline, hair thinning, or hair balding problems. Make sure to consume those medications that do not give any side effects. We have noticed that the common and extensively used over-the-counter medication for curing a receding hairline is this mini doxie. Furthermore, we have Finasteride, it is a prescription medication. The main job of this medication is to lower down and reduce the hormone levels that are actually causing your hairline to recede.

Minidoxil- a topical medication for curing receding hairline

As we have already mentioned to you that you can have Minoxidil medication if you want to get rid of bald patches as soon as possible. This medication comes in liquid form or in foam form. You need to apply it directly to the affected area where you spot bald patches! The job of this medication is to increase your scalp blood flow circulation. This medication even improved the hair growth process. It is proven that this medicine is known for promoting hair growth.


Finasteride is another prescription medication. You can surely use it for treating and effectively curing your male pattern baldness.  In addition, this medication reduces hair follicle damage and solves your hair loss problem. Keep in mind that this medication is available in the form of 1mg tablet. It not even slows down your hair loss but even stops it. It is proven that the daily use of finasteride results in slower hair loss and improvement in hair appearance.

Opt for Low-level light therapy

There are a bunch of teenagers who prefer to go for low-level light therapy if they face the problem of receding hairline. Most importantly, in this therapy, lasers are used so that the hair growth process can be stimulated. This is a trusted and effective method and you can surely try it. Both male and female teens can pursue this low-level light therapy.

Apply Essential oils

It is always recommended to apply essential oils on your hair and see great results. This is a simple method to cure a hair baldness issue and receding hairline problem naturally. Note down that essential oils are known for promoting excessive hair growth. Like, you can have rosemary oil and peppermint oil. You can even apply lavender oil on your hair. No doubt, this is a promising treatment for curing a receding hairline.

Go for Scalp massage

The effective tip for re-growing your hair is to go for scalp massage at your end. If you make it a habit of regularly massaging your scalp, then no receding hairline problem will be faced by you. This massage practice helps grow your hair thicker. Moreover, this technique improves and enhances blood circulation and strongly stimulates your hair follicles. It is recommended to massage your scalp for 4 minutes each day.

Lower down your DHT levels

All teenagers should make it a practice of lowering down their DHT levels. This is how they can instantly re-grow their lost hair. Keep in mind that DHT is a hormone and whenever DHT levels rise, it means hair loss problems will start to rise. To lower down these DHT levels, what you can do is to improve your diet plan and you need to keep on eating lysine as well as zinc-rich foods.  Furthermore, you can have cashews, almonds, as well as pecans. These items will help you lower DHT and thus treat receding hairline.

Lower down your stress levels

Next, you should try to lower down your stress levels. The relationship between stress and hair loss is quite strong enough. If you witness stress levels in your life, then hair loss problems will enter in your life. It is better to meditate and do yoga for reducing the stress factor in your personal and professional lives. You can do frequent exercising and go for relaxation techniques.

Other Treatment Options for Teenagers for Curing Receding Hairline

  • If you have Alopecia areata, then you can treat it through injections and ointments. In addition, you can go for oral treatments and by taking another kind of immune-modulating medications.
  • And if this hair loss is happening due to Genetic factor, then you can cure it by taking medications like Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride and also spironolactone, PRP.
  • To treat lupus condition, you need to avoid the sun and have a healthy diet. Furthermore, you should limit stress in your life.
  • If hair thinning occurs due to Polycystic ovary syndrome, then you can go for options like Birth control, metformin as well as spironolactone, clomiphene.
  • Receding hairline happening due to Traction alopecia, you can treat it by avoiding making tight ponytails and buns and go for corticosteroid injections.


Now, we have talked and discussed in detail on receding hairline issue among teenagers. You can share your views on this topic and let us know if you have ever experienced hair thinning and hair baldness problems. As soon as you reach into your mid-teens, then carefully diagnose and inspect this problem. We have mentioned possible solutions to you, follow them and share your results with us.

To deal with this hair loss issue, it usually becomes a frustrating experience and each one of you should treat and cure it on time. You have to understand that hair loss problem is genuinely treatable. You just have to make use of the right diet, the right set of medications, and the right hair care products. If you manage to follow our guide, then we are sure that you can slow down and even prevent this receding hairline problem.

The only tip is to catch and grab the early signs of hair loss and work on this problem the minute you diagnose and spot it! If you keep on delaying these early signs and early warnings, then you will not be able to control this hair loss problem of yours.

In addition, if you want to further know-how and why the hair loss problem happens and possible solutions to treat it, then stay tuned with us. It is time to stop hair balding and hair thinning problems and feel free to follow these proven as well as science-backed treatments. Keep connected with us.

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