How To Make Your Hair Soft For Black Guys? Tips From Experts

If you are among those African American men who have got thick, dry, rough as well as coarse hair types, then here we have some amazing information for you. Have a look at these details and get to have a clear idea of how to make your hair soft if you are a part of this black guy category too.

There is no need to waste a lot of your money and time on using high-end products. Just follow this guide and see how instantly and quickly you get soft and silky hair at your end. We know that most African American men deal with the problem of having dry and coarse hair.

They are now eagerly looking for solutions and we are here to help them out. Upon giving special and exclusive attention to this hair-care guide, we are sure that you will see a great change in your hair and they may become soft and shiny.

It is all because of the lack of moisture and also lack of proper nourishment that black guys fail to get soft hair. This job is now possible to accomplish. It is now crucial for black men to modify their routine and bring some impressive transformation in their hair looks.

Furthermore, this guide will help out black men if they are somehow experiencing bald spots problems or breakage problems. So, let us have a look at the details and if you have any questions, then you can anytime ask from us:

Hair Structure of black guys

coarse hair black male

The hair structure of black guys is the basic one, in this category, we see the presence of tight curls and also kinks. Almost all African American men flaunt and embrace this kind of hair structure. Furthermore, their hair grows in a parallel direction. We mean to say that their hair grows parallel to the scalp. Moreover, black men witness and experience the slowest hair growth rate. It is around and about 0.9 centimeters per month.

In addition, it is all because of its spiral structure that leads black men to embrace such a hair texture. You need to keep in mind that an African hair strand carries and composed of a flattened shape. On the same note,  African  hair has a much higher and wider density as compared to  Asian  hair.

Causes Why Black Guys Do Not Get Soft Hair?

how to soften black hair

It is true that a large number of black men are into making catchy and creative hairstyles like that of  afro hairstyle ,  frohawk , and  Mohawk hairstyle , and also high drop fade hairstyle. But all of these styles can only be made if these Afro men have soft and silky hair.

In addition, it is impossible to make these hairstyles and looks on dry and brittle. Now, first of all, you should know about the causes on why African American black men get dry hair and not so much shiny hair:

Black Men Have Thicker Hair Strands

Most importantly, black guys have thicker hair strands and this is one of the noticeable reasons that their hair fails to get soft and sleek looking. Coarse hair texture is usually and generally brittle and not so strong enough. When compared with Asian and biracial males, black guys have a rougher hair texture. In other words, their hair strands are surrounded with the widest and also largest circumference. Moreover, their coarse and thicker hair strands are injected with more layers.

They Have Naturally Curly Hair

Besides, African American black men have naturally curly hair and it gets super difficult for them to transform their hair in a super silky and soft manner. When it comes to curly hair, natural oils produced by our hair follicles fail to reach to end sections of this coiled hair type. It is because of this reason that black guys do not have soft hair. When no natural oils are reaching your hair, it means they will automatically become dry and brittle.

Environmental Conditions

This major cause cannot be disregarded as it is one of the important causes that lead to dry hair type among black men. It is generally seen that black guys spend a lot of their time under the sun and they extensively expose their hair to the wind. These kinds of practices make their hair dry and rough. Beyond, these black men mostly and largely reside in the hot climate zones. Hence, this cause does not allow their hair texture to become soft and shiny enough.

Poor Hair-Care Practices

Moving on to the poor hair-care practices, it is the significant reason that black men end up getting such a dry and brittle hair type. Upon shampooing their hair too often and using such harsh shampoos and conditioners, these practices do not help you in achieving soft hair. Furthermore, those black men who often chemically dye and treat their hair or who often swim in chlorinated water, usually get coarse and weak hair. Even more, using the wrong styling products and blow-drying your hair a lot makes a black man unsuccessful in getting soft hair.

Lack of Moisture

You need to understand that it is primarily because of lack of moisture that black guys have weak, delicate, and fragile hair. When it comes to lack or absence of moisture, this situation generally arises because of the change in environmental conditions or when your hair follicles do not produce natural oils. Exposing your hair to heat makes them rougher as well. So,  it is recommended to follow a hair moisture regimen  so that proper hydrating effect can be seen on black men’s hair.

How to Make African American Hair Soft and Silky? 10 Solutions

how to make african american hair soft and silky

You need to look for long-lasting as well as healthy solutions to make your hair soft and silky enough. It is important for all black guys and too for African American men to follow a strict and dedicated hair-care routine. If being a black man you are currently suffering from dry and brittle hair, then do follow these solutions.

Shampoo Less Frequently

 The very first and simple piece of advice that we can give to black men is that they should shampoo their hair less frequently. This concept is also populated by black Hollywood actors like  Daniel Kaluuya . As Afro men have thicker hair strands and they have got high hair density on their heads, so shampooing them often makes them further dry and brittle. There are lots of shampoos made for black men that do cleanse their hair but take off all the natural oils from their scalp. So, avoid using those kinds of shampoos as well.

Furthermore, if you keep on following the routine of shampooing day in and day out, then this practice will make black men’s hair dry and brittle. It is recommended to shampoo only  twice a week . And you should go for that shampoo product that does not have any of the  SLS  in it. Moreover, look for shampoo options that are sulfate-free as well as blended with natural oils.

Choose and Always Use a Gentle Shampoo

Black men need to use only gentle shampoos on their hair. We know that shampooing hair is an important practice, but keeping it too clean enough is not essential. Black guys should retain some natural oils and moisture in their hair. It is through this practice of locking natural oils that they will be able to keep their hair healthy and strong. Furthermore, African American men can use shampoo that is made and composed of natural ingredients. And stop using shampoos that are encompassed with strong artificial fragrances.

Such sort of shampoos immediately dries your hair and loses their overall ability to form and produce their natural oils. Before black men are out to buy shampoos, remember that they should be free from parabens and sulfates. This is how black men living in  Africa  or any other country can maintain their hair silkiness.

Use Natural Conditioner

Apart from using a good quality and gentle shampoo, it is significant for black men to use natural conditioners as well. This is a crucial practice for keeping and maintaining the regular conditioning aspect of their hair. Like, if you have not shampooed your hair, then black men should condition their hair on that day. It is with the help of conditioner application that black guys will be able to strengthen their hair tips.

Furthermore, this application keeps your individual hair strands soft enough too. In addition, this application helps you avoid split ends. Try to choose that conditioner that has no artificial fragrances and dyes in it.

Use Natural Hair Oils

Black men can quickly and naturally make their hair soft if they start to regularly use natural oils. There have to be some traces and hints of natural oiliness on their hair and this is possible if they do regular oiling on their hair. Furthermore, these natural oils enrich their dry and rough scalp. Moreover, their hair gets softer and strengthens too. It is the desire of almost all single black men to have soft hair and this target is easy to accomplish if they use a variety number of natural oils. It is  two times  a week that oiling practice is enough. Like, if you have oiled your hair on  17-04-2021 , then after a gap of three days, you can oil them again. Some of the popular oil options are Coconut oil, Argan oil, Olive oil, Moroccan oil, and also Mustard oil

Moisturize Everyday

This one is a golden rule that all black guys have to follow. They can only achieve a soft hair look if they moisturize their hair every day. Afro hair possesses the tendency to dry out in less time, that is why moisturizing them is important for you. This hair texture dries out so quickly and faster than experts have even recommended moisturizing your hair  2 to 3 times  in a day.

No matter, it is summer or winter, black guys have to follow this tip. If they are tired of battling and struggling on having dry and coarse, then that is a simple tip that we have forwarded to you. Whatever moisturizer you use and apply, make sure that it should be distributed evenly throughout the scalp and also your hair.

Opt for a Low-Maintenance and Simple Hairstyle

 Afro-textured hair only demands and needs a low maintenance hairstyle and this is what all black men have to keep in mind. If they end up getting low-maintenance hairstyles, then trust us, their hair will never and ever get dry and become coarse. Low maintenance hairstyles make your hair soft and brittle-free. Furthermore, you can get in touch with a trusted groomer and ask for some expert opinions from him. He can tell and guide you what kind of hairstyle is fine for your fine hair and which one of them may bring harsh results!

Using the Right Styling Products

You may have spotted many black men who use the wrong and not so effective styling products. This is the mistake that they make and instantly get dry and extremely brittle hair. Afro-textured hair needs a lot of care and attention, that is why black men should use the right and effective styling products on their hair. Most importantly, any black guy should not use such a product that is not formulated and made for his hair type.

Next, stop using those styling products that leave lots of grease on your hair. Thus, get your hands on those styling products that are more curly-hair friendly. Do not purchase those products that have  alcohol  or  mineral oils  in them. If you are much eager and desire to style your Afro-textured hair, then buy those products that offer a medium hold to your curly hair. It should not leave any greasy residue and always use the trusted products.

Black Guys Should Comb their Hair Every Morning

Next, black guys should comb their hair every morning; this is the natural and easiest way to make their hair soft. This is an absolute and essential tip that black men have to follow. Upon combing their curly hair, they will be able to bring a clean and silky effect on them. In addition, most African American black men have this tangled-looking bedhead. So, to get rid of this problem, it is better to opt for a regular combing routine.

It is advised to use a fine-tooth plastic comb and simply run it through your curly hair each morning. Thus, this is how a black man can transform their hair is healthy and silky avatars.

Avoid Coloring Your Hair

Furthermore, black men should avoid coloring their hair. By doing so, they can make their hair look soft for a longer period of time. Coloring or dyeing practice simply burns your hair and any black man should not follow and move on this path. As we know that Afro-textured hair is already curly and rough and coloring these strands makes them further rough and super brittle.

Minimizing Exposure to Sunlight

Experts have advised minimizing the exposure to sunlight and this simple practice will surely give soft hair to black guys. You need to understand that sunlight instantly and immediately bleach your hair. Moreover, this element makes your hair dry out on the worst notes. Black men often sit under the sun and thus make their hair coarse and brittle on their own.

Hence, to have silky and soft hair, black guys should go under the sun on a minimum basis. While they are out in the sun, it is better to cover their heads with a scarf. In addition, black men can wear a hat that comes with a wide brim.

Why it is Important for Black Guys and African American Men to have Soft Hair?

how to make your hair soft for guys

This is generally believed that if black men manage to successfully soften their hair, then lots of benefits will be witnessed by them. It is all true that soft and shiny hair gives lots of plus points to the user. Below you can see the details about them! And if being an Afro man, you have dry hair, then gear up your seat belt and start working on the task of achieving soft hair texture:

Reduces Hair Breakage

Those black guys who have soft hair will always witness reduce and decrease the amount of hair breakage problems at their end. This one is a common phenomenon that weak and dry hair become more susceptible and vulnerable to a lot of damage, breakage and split ends issue. However, if you have a healthy and soft hair texture, then you can seriously tackle this problem. This breakage problem generally and usually arises when your hair becomes stiffened.

You Get Stronger Afro Hair

In addition, by making your hair soft by hydrating and moisturizing them, you end up getting a stronger Afro hair texture as well. This kind of hair-care routine makes your hair strands healthier and thicker and well-nourished. You tend to see a lot of elasticity aspect in your hair strands. Those black men who have soft hair, feel so much good both from inside and outside.

Minimize and Bring Down Itchy Coarse Hair

Next, having a soft hair texture automatically solves the problem of bringing down itchy coarse hair types. Like, if you have soft and healthy hair, then no single black man will experience itchiness on their scalp. Furthermore, you may not experience any discomfort. We know that you might have spotted many black men scratching their heads for hours and hours, this happens because of the fact that they have itchy coarse hair. But soft hair solves this problem immediately.

You feel Good and Confident

The noticeable and important benefit of getting soft hair is that you feel good and also confident. This is generally seen that bad hair days make you lose your confidence. So, what all black men need to do is to change their hair-care routine and transform their hair into a super soft avatar. By doing so, African American black men will feel and observe a lot of confidence in their personalities.

How to Brush Black Male Hair and Right Hair Brush type for them?

how to brush black male hair

Most importantly, black men usually have coiled hair types. In other words, they are packed with curly hair and also large curls. In this regard, there is a specific hairbrush type that they should be using. Like, they should not be using  Denman brush  and  Rectangle brush . Furthermore, black guys should stop using  Paddle brushes . It is recommended to them to start using an oval hairbrush, round brush, and military palm brush. Besides, it is advised not to use a  Vented brush ,  Pocket comb , and a [/su_highlight]Wide-tooth comb[/su_highlight].

Same way, it is not recommended for black men to brush their hair with a foldable comb or hairbrush sponge. Rest, black men do have kinky hair type as well. In this type, their hair texture is surrounded by curly patterns and tight curls. The best option available for them is to use a  Military Palm Brush , hair sponge brush.

How to Take Care of Afro Hair Male?  (Homemade masks to make hair soft)

how to take care of afro hair male

Now, you can see which suitable homemade hair mask options are that may help African American black men in getting soft hair! Check out the details and if you have tried out any of these home-made hair masks, then share with us your feedback too:

Protein Pack Mask

We have this protein pack mask option for you. It is true that black guys usually carry rough hair type texture and this mask can bring a drastic change in their hair condition. This mask reduces split ends and your hair strands become healthy enough. Just take a mixing bowl and add  2 egg whites  and also yogurt. Mix them well and apply this mask to your hair. Voila, black guys will see some real change and improvement in their rough hair. The regular use of this protein mask will give them soft hair on confident notes.

PH-Balancing Mask

Then, there is this PH-balancing mask that helps out black men immensely in getting back softer hair texture. This mask is made by using Apple cider vinegar and we know that this is a popular and famous ingredient for maintaining and retaining your hair’s shine. In addition, you get a smooth texture upon using this mask. For making this mask, take  2-4 tbsp  of raw apple cider, 16 oz water, and lemon juice. Mix all of these ingredients and spray this mixture on your hair.

The Beer Wash Mask

Lastly, this beer wash mask is great and ideal to be used by black guys. Men of this community have rough and brittle hair and they can easily make their soft and full of shine if they try out this beer wash mask. You just need  1 bottle of beer  or it can also be 1 can of flat beer. Pour your beer into a bowl and simply sit overnight. By doing so, all carbon dioxide will be able to get released from that beer and this item shall bring a better cleansing effect on your hair. Spray this beer on your hair and massage it for 1 minute only. After that, you can wash your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Question: How Can I make my Black Hair Soft and Silky?

Answer:  There is a simple and easy to make your black hair soft! You can bring them in a manageable condition by regularly moisturizing them. In addition, give them a proper and thorough moisturizing treatment. Like, after every shampoo, try to condition and moisturize as well as hydrate them. This is quick to soften your hair and all black men should follow this tip.

Question: How to Soften Black Hair Naturally?

Answer: The natural way to soften your black hair is many in terms of numbers. Like, you can be moisturizing and hydrating your hair regularly. Black men should go for a Prepoo treatment before shampooing their hair. Besides, regularly opt for oil rinsing practice and go on having caramel treatment as well. African American black men can get rid of dry and rough hair if they deeply condition their hair and steam them frequently as well.

Question: How to Make Black Male Hair Soft and Curly?

Answer: Lots of black men follow simple strategies to make their hair super soft and curly. What they do is that they make use of a high-end moisturizing shampoo as well as detangling conditioner. They neither wash they are too much nor less and maintain a balanced hair washing routine. Furthermore, for keeping their hair soft and curly, they opt for proper hair brushing practices and use the proper brush that remains well compatible with their hair type.

Question: How often should a Black Man Moisturize his Hair?

Answer: It is recommended that black men should moisturize their hair two to three times a day. This is sufficient enough practice to get rid of brittle hair and end up having soft and shiny hair. There is no need to over and under moisturize your hair. Black men can only stay away from having coarse hair if they do not forget moisturizing their hair at least and around and about two to three times a day.

Question: How do you Soften Hard Hair?

Answer: If black men want to soften their hard hair, then there are certain remedies that they can go for. As an example, they can use natural oils on them like Coconut oil and Olive oil, and also Argan oil. All of these organic and natural extract oils help you in getting soft hair. Rest, it is important for black men to apply hair masks and wash their hair strategically.

Question: How do you Soften Coarse Hair?

Answer: To soften coarse hair, the simple way that all black guys can opt for is to drink lots of water. This is the best and quick way by which they can instantly hydrate their hair. Drinking water makes their hair well and completely hydrating both from inside and out. Furthermore, this drinking water practice makes black men’s hair soft and much elastic enough. Besides, for dealing with coarse hair problem, African American men should spray their hair on a daily basis with water or they can make use of a water-based spritz and then seal this application with oil


So, the above-mentioned are the super-easy ways that are made and dedicated for African American men and black guys to make their hair soft. As you can see and readout that we have mentioned causes regarding why black guys do not have soft hair. And after that, you can check out the easy-to-follow solutions.

In addition, these tips and remedies are guaranteed to work for black guys. Afro-textured hair is tough to maintain but this is not at an impossible job to do. These tips may bring back the maximum and immense shine on your dull strands.  If you are an African American black man and your hair no longer becomes soft, then follow these tips and tricks.

We are confident that this guide promotes volume on your hair and at the same time repair damaged hair ends of yours. So, what all black guys need to do is to give extra care to their hair. These remedies and effective solutions will help out them to strengthen and instantly repair their weak strands. Keep connected as more details and updates are coming up.

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