(12 Tips) How to Make Asian Hair Thicker?

It is the dream of every single woman out there to have thicker, shinier as well as healthier hair. But Asian women face a lot of trouble while achieving this dream! You do not have to get worried. Just do this little hard work and get healthier, shinier hair.

We know that Asians are surrounded by thin, flat, and not-so-thicker hair. They often try out a bunch of remedies to get the desired hair texture and health at their end. Genetics is one of the important factors that make Asians’ hair thin and unhealthy. You can check out these top tips and see how Asian women can make their hair thicker. These tips are basically surrounded by home remedies and no expensive products are involved in it.

In addition, the right nutrition, eating smarter, the regular intake of supplements, oiling, and using the right shampoo and conditioner are some of the general tips that help out the concerned person to have thicker hair strands.

We really wish that these tips and suggestions work for you. If you can think of other tips that give thicker hair to you, then do share those golden tips on this web page. Check out the 12 useful tips to make your Asian hair thicker.

Tip 01: Eating Smartly and In-take of Proper Nutrients

nutrition for hair

First of all, you have to eat smartly if you have to wish to get thicker hair. The intake of proper nutrients surely ends up giving you healthy hair. This tip not only goes to Asian celebs, even Hollywood celebs like Amanda Seyfried can follow this amazing tip. By eating smarter, we mean to say that you have to become an avocado fanatic. This great hair tip is given to lots of hairstyling product experts and technical specialists out there.

If your diet is full and jam-packed with healthy fats, it instantly gets easy for you to get heavier and denser-looking hair. It is true that genetics play a significant role in determining your hair density. But you need to focus on your diet, nutrition plan, and the practice of in-taking healthy fats.

Furthermore, you should eat that kind of food that is injected with good-quality proteins well as good fats. We can give you an example so that you can have a clear idea regarding which foods are great for Asian hair! You can have olive oil and Omega 3.

In addition, it is recommended to have salmon and nuts. Have vegetables, and fruits regularly, these are the key and primary nutrients that immediately give you stronger hair. Lastly, Asians should have sweet potatoes and almonds and also eggs if they are really worried about having thin and less shiny hair.

Tip 02: Never Delay the In-take of Hair Supplements

Hair Supplements

Next, you should never and ever leave this practice of taking supplements of yours. Keeping genetics and healthy foods, hair supplements have their own role in improving your hair texture. Asians especially from countries like Pakistan should regularly take supplements.

Besides, apart from taking these multivitamins, you will see that a hair supplement manages to bring a big difference in your hair quality. Most importantly, these supplements give the desired amount of vitamins, minerals, as well as fatty acids to your hair and thus make their follicles stronger and denser.

You need to choose those kinds of hair supplements that are always high in the content of anti-inflammatory Omega 3. Furthermore, these supplements should have a high ratio of horsetail and pumpkin seed extract in them.

Keep in mind that these are the powerhouse ingredients that promise thicker and fuller hair to Asians. At the same time, hair supplements do not give overnight results. Just use them for two to three months and then see the difference.

Tip 03: Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair

shampoo for asian hair

If Asians are really concerned about their healthy hair, then they need to avoid over-washing their hair. We have seen this practice among lots of Asian men and women that who prefer washing their hair every single day. This is not a nice and right thing to be done with your hair. There is this rule that you might have heard that too much of everything is bad, and this is the same rule that you should apply to your hair.

Overwashing your hair, it means you are making them weaker and less healthy with your own hands. Furthermore, this silly practice takes all the shine from your hair. All-natural oils present on your hair start to get lost.

Moreover, shampooing your hair, again and again, does not give you a healthy scalp as well. Like, if you have washed your hair on 10-07-2021, then wash it on the second or third day rather than washing them on the very next day.

Tip 04: Keeping Your Scalp Healthy to make asian hair thicker

According to experts, it is advised to keep your scalp healthy if being Asian your hair is getting weaker and thinner. A healthy scalp plays a powerful and energetic role in giving you lush and highly denser hair. So, improve your hair-care routine by starting with your scalp. Never and ever disregard your scalp health.

Most importantly, your scalp is packed with a rich hint of the microbiome of bacteria as well as fungus. These elements are essentials so that your hair may keep on growing on a healthy note.

For the sake of keeping your scalp healthy, it is recommended to Asians avoid using harsh shampoos, conditioners, and cleansers. Never use those products that damage your scalp. In addition, these risky hair products compromise your scalp health and it fails to defend themselves eventually.

What you can do is to keep and retain an excellent balance of moisture and natural oils right there in your scalp. If you achieve this target, then your scalp will keep on enjoying a healthy life. Even more, the regular usage of harsh cleaning agents destroys the natural pH balance of your scalp.

As an example, the frequent usage of heat hairstyling products strips away all moisture from your scalp. Hence, take care of your scalp on the best notes. This tip may help out Asians in getting rid of dull and thinner hair.

Tip 05: Using High-Quality Dry Shampoos

If being an Asian you are in the habit of washing your hair daily, then instead of washing them with shampoo, you should use dry shampoo. This practice does not damage your hair and instead makes them thicker. They even improve and enhance your hair quality.

Besides, lots of brands have started making high-end dry shampoos. You should always keep this item in your closet. Whenever you do not feel like washing your hair, then simply dry shampoo them!

Moreover, dry shampoos work great and in an ideal manner on all Asian hair types. As we have already told you that over-washing your hair makes your hair thinner and removes all-natural oils from them.

That is why experts have recommended using dry shampoos specifically for the Asian community people. Being an avid reader of this web page, you can share with us which dry shampoo you use!

Tip 06: Regularly Conditioning Your Hair

conditioner for asian hair

This is a great piece of advice that is given to Asian men and women! If they often face the problem of having thin and less healthy hair, then it is suggested to them to regularly condition their hair. The conditioning technique works great for thin hair people.

The regular application of this technique gives you fuller and heavier hair. It is seen and proven that hair conditioners are made in a way to advance your hair quality. They have become a popular and highly loved option among all Asians.

Furthermore, you need to use conditioners for a couple of weeks, and then desired results will appear on your hair. They not only make your thicker, in fact, but your hair also becomes soft as well as easy to manage. Your hair shafts no longer get damaged as well. Hence, if you think that your hair follicles have become thin and rough, then it is recommended to use a conditioner and that should of high quality as well.

Tip 07: Applying Hair Masks

The importance of using hair masks should not be ignored! This tip is highly suitable for Asians. This is a proven fact that the application of nourishing and thickening masks can transform your thin hair into denser and further heavier-looking one.

There are lots of hair masks and excellent hair treatments that you can go for. Just use the mask once a week and see the ideal results. The purpose of using these hair masks is to make your hair thicker and shinier.

You can either get hair masks from shops or you can make your very own DIY hair mask. If buying hair masks from a shop, then it is generally seen that such products are formulated and enriched with PCA. This ingredient highly and immensely strengthens your hair.

Moreover, you can freely apply these hair masks three times a week and see surprising results. It is exclusively on your hair ends that these masks should be applied and then you can rinse your hair thoroughly.

Tip 08: The Power of Using Hair Oils

How about using hair oils? This is an exclusive tip that is meant for Asians who have extremely thin, fragile, and delicate hair. Beyond, this is tested and practically proven that the usage of hair oils immensely nourishes the thinner strands of your hair. No doubt, this is a great method to thicken your follicles and strands in less time. Lots of Asians are die-hard fans of this tip and you can try it out as well.

Upon oiling your hair regularly, you can improve its texture and quality on significant notes. In addition, the practice of hair oiling works for all Asian hair categories. There are many oil types that you can go for, like argan oil, coconut oil, Moroccan oil, and almond oil. Just determine your hair type and texture and choose the hair oil accordingly.

Tip 9: Curling Your Hair For The Sake of Adding Volume- The Fake it Approach!

Next, we have this fake approach that can be pursued by Asians. If you have thin hair and wish to make them thicker, then curl them and bring the desired amount of volume to them. Upon doing so, the other person will get the vibe that you have lush, thick, and voluminous hair.

This is a smart and tricky way to bring extra volume and thickness to your hair. You can try out this fake it approach and share with us whether this curling hair technique worked for you or not!

This one is a proven notion that curling practice brings a lot of volume to fine and thin hair strands. Besides, your hair becomes thicker in reality. Instead of using heated curls, you can use the no-heat curling mode.

In this manner, your hair will not get damaged as well. Hence, just fake it until and unless you get thick and denser hair. You just have to create the illusion and nothing else. The curling technique brings a plumping effect on your thinner and finer hair follicles and they become voluminous at the end.

Tip 10: Highlighting Your Hair

There are many Asians who believe that highlighting their hair end up giving up their thicker strands, this is all true! If you want to immediately get thicker-looking hair, then the tip that you can opt for is to highlight your hair. This practice brings an illusion and overall impression that you have got thicker hair. We know that highlights do damage your hair, but if you treat these highlights with care, then no damage will come to your hair.

This is a common problem faced by lots of Asians that their hair at times becomes difficult to tackle! They have thin and weak hair strands and just to bring volume on them, Asians pursue and prefer to highlight them. This is an easy and simple practice that you can go for if you are facing the same problem of having a thin and much weak hair type.

Tip 11: Brushing Your Hair

The rule of brushing your hair always gives you thicker hair. This is a tested fact and you can try it too. The habit of regularly brushing your hair improves scalp blood circulation and brings more thickness and shine to your hair. Furthermore, it is this deliberate practice of brushing your hair that brings more and more density to your weaker hair strands. Brushing helps you evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils and protect them further from any kind of damage. It should not matter for Asians what their hair texture is, just brush your hair and see great outcomes.

Most importantly, brushing exfoliate your scalp and removes all of the dead hair. This is easy to nourish and energize your weaker hair follicles. Apart from brushing, you should search for the right quality brush for yourself.

It is suggested to use round ceramic brushes. These kinds of brushes successfully bring more shine and volume to your hair. Moreover, these brushes polish your hair and also add an element of natural glow to them.

Tip 12: Say No! to Using Hot Hair Styling Tools

Lastly, you have to say no to any of the hot hair styling tools that you have been using. These hot tools just damage your hair and you no longer get thicker hair at any point in your life. We have seen this common practice among Asians that they massively use these hair styling tools which include heat curling iron rods and hair straighteners. Just stop using them because they are thinning your hair and that is all!

If you feel like getting healthier hair, then simply make a breakup relationship with these styling tools. Stop straightening or curling your hair with these heated products. In addition, they can eventually lead to your hair face balding issue. However, if there is a major need to style your hair, then always use a heat protectant spray. And while using straighteners and curlers, you need to regulate their heat and temperature settings evenly and on minimum notes.


Now, you have got to know how to make Asian hair thicker! There are so much easy to follow tips that we have penned down and provided to you. Whenever you get this vibe that your strands have become thinner and not so thicker, then follow these tips right away. You can seek these solutions regularly and transform your hair quality magically.

Furthermore, these tips guarantee to give you healthier, thicker, as well as stronger hair. Apart from the Asian community, people from any background and having any hair texture can follow these suggestions. Besides, these solutions are highlighted by the hairstyling experts, which means no doubt should be poured on the above-mentioned tips.

Hence, eating smartly and popping supplements, using top-quality hair masks, shampoos and conditioners may save your hair. There is no need to have a bad hair day now. Transform your thin hair into denser, heavier, shinier, and thicker hair now. Gear up for this duty and share your feedback with us as well.

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