How to Grow Shoulder Length Hair to Waist? (Top Secrets)

Every girl is a Rapunzel and thinks of ways how to grow shoulder-length hair to her waist. It is an open-eye dream of almost all ladies throughout the world with no exception of castor color.

There is nothing bad about the dream. But it is necessary to overview all our habits, activities, and food that may need to be changed or replaced. Some sacrifices we have to make to get the required length of our hair.

Some people think that hair with a low growth ratio has less chance and is scarcely able to reach the desired length. But I think it’s only a bogus theory. The process of how to grow our shoulder-length hair to the waist is time-consuming but not impossible.

Similarly, it is thought that Black hair and curly hair in any race don’t reach the waist length. It is true to some extent as no one waits too long. No one seeks too much patience and concludes their hair can’t get the waist length. It can be the reason that the demand of having Dominican hair salons for black hair is increasing day by day.

But I think it’s all rubbish! A little extra care and wholeheartedness can win you the results.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Shoulder-Length Hair?

How Long Does it Take to Grow Shoulder-Length Hair

Haircare is a natural phenomenon. It needs a thorough schedule if you want to cross the limit of the shoulder length. Your behavior should be patient and positive if you wish to get waistline hair. It is not a dream that you see and by opening your eyes, you will have long hair.

Many people think that only 2 to 5 months are needed to get their hair to reach the waist. They are wrong. They should understand the exact time for getting accurate results.

A proven survey shows that it takes 1 to 3 years to grow your hair till the waist if they are healthy and silky. But if you have a curl in your hair and they are dry and rough, it will approximately take 3 to 5 years to get that ideal length.

Haircare is not that easy as it looks. It needs loads of work and loads of patience. It is not a mere child’s play.

If we accept the period in which we are going to get our waist-length hair, then we can make a plan to devise methods and techniques that will help us reach our goal. We must be realistic about our hair type, healthy or thin. The time limit can be less or more.

Hair lengths have different stages and are given their names accordingly. It can start from chin length, shoulder-length, collarbone length, mid-back length, waist length and many more yet to be mentioned.

It is a natural process of growing and increasing hair length. But to stimulate or gear up the process, we can take steps. We can try some healthy activities that can trigger the hair growth cycle. But it is not that fantastic world that eating something or applying some ointment or oil can grow your hair in one night. The growth cycle takes its full natural time from 2 to 5 years to reach minimum waist length.

So People! Keep all these facts in our minds, It will help us make the decision and stick to it. Otherwise getting your shoulder-length hair to the waist will only be a fantasy as Rapunzel.

How to Grow Shoulder Length Hair to the Waist?

Before gearing up the process of hair care to achieve waist-length hair, we must know how exactly our waist length is. Some women think it is below or equal to hips. Some women opine that it lies on the belly button.

The real waist length is exactly where we wear our pants or pajamas. But still, it is changed and varied with people. Short height women will have short waist-length while ideal height women will have long back and consequently she has to work more and show more patience to reach the desired hair length.

S.No How to Grow Shoulder Length Hair to the Waist?
1 Care and Handling your Hair to Get Them Waist-Length
2 How to Deal With your Hair?
3 Braids
4 Avoid Intricate and Varied Styling
5 How to Sleep?
6 Try Avoiding Sun Exposure
7 Heat can Prove a Risk for your Hair Growth
8 Swimming and Hot Water Bath Is a Risk
9 Don’t Comb your Hair Carelessly

Care and Handling your Hair to Get Them Waist-Length

Are you obsessed by the feeling of having your shoulder-length hair to waist-length? If yes then be ready for the special treatment and care for your hair. A normal routine hair cycle carries on any way you care or not. But the hair it produces is not that healthy and speedy long as almost every girl dreams to be.

A patient and cool-minded lady can work all these things out. It will bring fruition for her as she will follow a tight schedule for her hair care.

How to Deal With your Hair?

How to Deal With your Hair

While dealing with your hair, you must be too watchful and careful. A rough dealt hair is badly damaged and doesn’t tend to grow fats.


Yes! Braids are a good thing for hair care. It will help you make your hair safe from outer exposure and increase its length rapidly. But braids should not be tight enough to pull your hair and its roots badly. Still, braids should not be too loose to split early.

If you are not going to attend some party or event, try braiding every time. It looks too cool. It is not that if you open your hair you will look glamorous. Now trends are changed. Many things that we didn’t like once have become part and parcel of our routine life.

Braiding itself has become a style. People consider the care and safety of their first than mere styling. But be careful to use pins and clips that are heavy and decorated. By using such clips you can burden your hair and it will pull your hair roots.

Avoid Intricate and Varied Styling

A key to get your hair waist-length is avoiding intricate styling. This is because our hair faces much tension and pull during such styling. Not only braiding and buns but also open hair has to bear lots of tension in hair follicles and roots. It badly damages the growth performance of our hair.

Similarly doing styling all the time and giving your hair no relaxing time will certainly affect the growth ratio of your hair. To style your hair, you have to use different pins, catchers, ponies, clips, and brooches. In addition to this, you use gels, sprays, and custards.

This is not at all good for your hair growth cycle if it is done excessively. If you do styling scarcely, it is no harm to your hair. So keep it very clearly in your mind that if you are crazy about getting waist-length hair, forget the craze of styling.

How to Sleep?

Well, Waist-long hair like Kim Kardashian! It is not a mystery anymore. Every woman can get long hair with a little care and concentration. While you are trying every step to get waist-long hair as the use of good hair oil and masking etc. there is a need to take care during your sleep? There is a common practice to keep the hair open while sleep. It is too alarming for our hair. The hair can rub badly between our body and the beddings. There are chances to split the hair and breaking its ends.

We should have a braid while going to bed. The braid will not tight enough to pull the hair and not loose enough to get scattered during the night. It will help our blood to circulate in a better way and will not damage hair roots.

Similarly, the use of cotton or nylon pillow or bonnet is quite damaging to your hair. This is because the material used in these pillows is harsh and hard. When our hair gets in contact with this type of pillows, split ends are formed. “Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase strips the moisture out of your hair.” It is advised by a famous hairstylist.

For your kind information, anyone having split ends can’t progress her hair’s growth. So avoid using such pillows. Instead, you may use satin and silk pillows that are soft and hair-friendly. They will not damage your hair while sleeping.

Try Avoiding Sun Exposure

We have to move into a world where we face the sunshine and outer exposure. Intense exposure to the sun will snatch all moisture and protein from hair. Its ultraviolet rays have a direct impact on the scalp and follicles. The rate of hair growth will directly be attacked by excessive sun exposure.

We can take a scarf or hat if it is unavoidable to go out.

Heat can Prove a Risk for your Hair Growth

The desire for hair long enough to reach the waist is not wrong. Many girls have nothing special to do with their hair but they have naturally very long, strong, and healthy hair. It is genetics that play important role in their hair type.

But still, their careless behavior can ruin their natural beauty. They use irons, straighteners, and curlers to style themselves every time. The hair supports such experiments for a limited time. After that, the follicles start to burn and dry.

We the common people with shoulder-length hair dream to have waist-length hair but use heat instruments. This styling habit makes our hair weak and anything can affect them directly. The frizzy hair loses its power and this is why it becomes difficult for us to fulfill our dream.

Just be practical as to acquire waist-length hair and avoid heat gadgets as much as possible.

Swimming and Hot Water Bath Is a Risk

Swimming and Hot Water Bath Is a Risk

Oh my Good Lord! The hot shower is too damaging for our hair growth. It can lessen the chances of protein activity under our follicles and prohibits hair growth. Hot water makes the hair roots weak enough to remain anchored in the scalp. It loses its roots and starts falling.

Similarly, continuous swimming may have a very bad impact on our hair growth. The water in swimming pools contains chlorine and is very harmful to our hair. To swim once a month is not a bad idea. You can enjoy the activity and save your hair.

If you are an athlete and it is your sport, then wear a swimming cap made of cotton. It will help you directly interact with chlorinated water and the sun.

Don’t Comb your Hair Carelessly

If you don’t comb your hair daily and leave them to comb after a day or two it will make them entangled to one another and will consequently break and pull down. This may damage the hair follicles and slows down the hair growth rate.

A girl whose wish is to get fantastic hair length can make it possible by taking little steps. One of these steps is combing her hair. It will fruitful to get sufficient knowledge about the best type of brush for African American hair. She has to use wide-toothed hair so that it will easily pass through all hair without any yanking or tangling.

Don’t comb your hair when they are moist. Let them completely dry and then comb them. Try to be soft-handed while combing your hair whether you are in a hurry. When hair is combed harshly, they easily are uprooted and damage is done.

If you comb your hair before going to bed, it will be a blessing for you. All the broken hair and intertwisted hair will come out by it. The blood circulation improves through combing but with gentle hands.

Trimming Is Caring

While working on devices and techniques for reaching the goal of waist-length hair, we think that trimming will shorten the hair length. Instead, trimming can prove a blessing in disguise. When we trim the ends of our hair, the split end and the ends with some disease are cut down. After that hair gets fresh air and blood circulation also increases.

To trim our hair after every two months is a good step to get waist-length hair.

Get Help of Fake Hair

Hair length till waist or so on is an uphill task. You need to work out positively and there should be no negative feelings during this period. But if you are too crazy and fully obsessed by this waist-length dream, you can take the help of extensions.

This is too solid an idea as there are very natural-looking extensions and some of them use natural hair too. You can wear it to some friend’s hang out or a party. It can at least fulfill your quest for long hair to some extent.

If we act upon all these above mentioned particular steps gradually and patiently, we can acquire the good results

Does Biotin Boost Hair Growth?

Many people rely on hair products so much that they think everything written on the label of the product is worth applying. The same is the case with biotin. We take biotin treatment included in keratin that helps our hair stimulate the process of hair growth.

But is it reasonable to take extra biotin in our food to activate the hair cycle? No! It’s a solid no. Because biotin that we take with our natural food s is very good. But research shows that biotin can’t dissolve in water if it is taken in extra quantity in the form of supplements.

The fresh fruits, nuts, meat, pulses, and oils contain biotin in a perfect limited quantity. Other than this intake will have nothing to do with our hair program.

The Hair Food the Treatments to Get Waist-Length Hair

The Hair Food the Treatments to Get Waist-Length Hair

As we have discussed in detail about the care and handling with hair in getting the waist-length hair. We will easily get to the point but by acting certain steps and providing our hair its essentials. What are all these essentials? Let’ have a look at them one by one.

  • Water Intake Is a Key

Our normal routine is too suffocated with the bloody tasks that we even forget ourselves. We forget to take an adequate supply of water. It is too bad that it dries the hair strands and follicles. It can cause the blood to thicken and the result is less oxygen supply.

Don’t consider that drinking water will directly have an impact on your hair. But it indirectly works too efficiently that it plays a key role in hair growth.

A healthy water intake is 12 to 18 glasses in a day. You can exceed it if it is summer.

  • Moisturizing and oiling with Massage

Oil is the food of our hair. Our hair gets an essential oil when it is in its birth stages. Some glands secret these oils and provide moisture to our hair. But all game is in your hands. You need to be very careful about the nutrients and all essential ingredients that will help to speed the goal of waist-length hair.

There are many natural oils on the market that are quite authentic and chemical-free. Mustard oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seed oil, sesame oil, and plenty of oils are available that can fulfill the hair’s thirst for moisture. Massaging oil can open the pores and will increase blood circulation as well.

Many people use glycerin if they have an intense dryness issue. Many well-known brands provide oils and ointments. But almost every of these hair oils has some sort of chemicals in form of preservatives. It can damage your hair.

If you massage natural oils, it is too good for you. But don’t apply oil more than overnight otherwise it will take all the dirt and will block fresh air to your scalp.

A proper massage with slight movements with fingers from your forehead to back neck and from left air to right in a circular motion will have a great result in eradicating all dead cells and tissues and will stimulate the process of new hair production.

  • Using Hair Masks Is Good

A hair mask after washing hair can have a positive impact on your hair. It depends on your hair type which masks you apply. There are many natural and brand masks. We can apply curd, Aloe Vera, Henna, or rosemary oil masks.

These all masks can enrich the hair and make them healthy and strong.

  • Use Topical Ointments

Topical ointments are made with some solutions that help to heal the hair loss areas. Sometimes it can be helpful to grow new hair too. It may be good to apply it to our scalp so that our hair growth can be triggered.

But not for all hair types. It is better to consult your hairstylist or skin specialist about its use.

  • Protein Treatment, An Expensive but Useful Method

We should do something extraordinary to get the waist-length from shoulders. It may cost us a lot but will be very helpful. Protein or Keratin treatment is good for our hair. They may provide a sufficient quantity of protein that our hair needs. With protein treatment, the frizz and dryness go away.

These methods not only benefit us externally but also give food to hair internally.

  • Well Balanced Diet Is very Important In All This Process

If all of our focus is on applying different oils, shampoos, and conditioners, it will not enough. We should keenly have an eye on our food intake.  A balanced diet is too essential for hair growth.

All kinds of vitamins, Proteins, Calcium, Carbohydrates, minerals, and others must be included in our diet.

Citrus fruits, nuts, vegetables, pulses, beans, green vegetables, milk, curd, eggs, the meat of all kinds contains almost all the ingredients of food. We can make a diet plan so that all ingredients may get their chance to be taken.

  • Food Supplement

If you feel that it is uneasy to take all necessary ingredients of food then you can take food supplements. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and 12 can be taken in by food supplements. Other ingredients as omegas, iron,  and fibers are present in them.

There is no harm in taking food supplements after a reasonable interval. But taking too much suppleness will be risky for your health.

Last But Not Least is Consistency and Patience

Ok! The most important and considerable point once again is the consistency and patience that we find almost missing in girls. Usually, they start their hair care schedule with such enthusiasm but leave it in the middle.

The dream to have an ideal waist-length hair is easy to weave. When we feel fed up with our shoulder-length hair and start caring for our hair, it proves to nervous shaking process. All you have to do is patience and consistency in all practices you adopted to sped hair growth.

If we control our nerves and keep doing hair care, the time is not far to achieve our waist-length hair after all.


After a long and supportive debate on how to grow shoulder length hair to the waist, we come across various factors that can hinder as well as gear up the hair growth procedure. When we watch a girl with toe-length hair in a movie, we wish to get this hair.

But away from fantasy, the hair growth cycle is natural and gives chance to everyone to speed it up. There are hundreds of ways and methods w3e can do to our hair to reach the desired level. But it needs some consistency and patience.

All the key ingredients must be added to our daily food intake so that we will get strong, healthy, and long hair by the time.

Jasmin Piterson

Jasmin Peterson is an expert certified beautician. She is also a truly metal expert and she will share some information you are looking for.

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