How To Get Manic Panic Out Of Hair? (Step By Step Guide)

Manic Panic dyes are gaining skyrocketing popularity. If you wish to take off this dye, you can go through the guide which tells you comprehensively how to get Manic Panic out of hair!

You can take the Manic Panic dye out of your hair by preparing a mixture of vinegar with water or opt for olive oil, and hot oil treatments. You should be frequently wash your hair. Some girls use baking soda, vitamin C powder, lemon juice, bleach bath, or color remover for stripping the dye.

Most importantly, it is a semi-permanent color and fades without any hassle. Please check the rest of the details:

All About Manic Panic Hair Dye

Before we jump on the actual piece of the discussion, you must have basic and general information about the manic panic dye. It is a kind of semi-permanent dye and girls have loved its quality and use. Customers from countries like Italy have been regular users of it. If you have applied this brand color on your hair and want to remove it, then there is a specific process that you have to follow.

How To Fade Manic Panic With Olive Oil? Step By Step Guide

How to fade manic panic with olive oil

You can go through this step-by-step guide and know the exact process of taking out this dye from your hair. The removal process is easy to understand and hopefully, you will not have any difficulty. If celebs like Charlize Theron have been looking for a Manic Panic Removal procedure, we are confident that this guide will help them a lot too:

Step 1

The very first step is that you have to heat 1/2 cup of olive oil. Heat it in a microwave-safe container. One minute is enough and avoids heating the oil for too long time. If your hair is long and thick, you will need more olive oil.

Step 2

Let the oil cool down. Your scalp and hair will get damaged if you apply hot oil. There is a chance that your skin may burn. Overall, the oil should be mildly hot.

Step 3

You can start rubbing the olive oil on your dyed strands. Start from the roots and then apply the oil to the ends and lengths. Properly apply the oil and do not leave any single section or strand of your hair. Gently massage your hair and do not rub or apply the oil too harshly.

Step 4

Once you have finished applying the oil, wrap your hair with the plastic cap. You can get a shower cap and it should be tight and disposable. In doing so, the hot olive oil will get perfectly absorbed and penetrate into your follicles and the manic panic dye will be removed easily.

Step 5

Ley the oil remains there on your dyed strands for 30 minutes. Now, you can take off the shower cap and wash them up with a good-quality clarifying shampoo. Gently massage this shampoo and then rinse it off. That is all; following this procedure for multiple numbers of times will take out the manic panic color from your hair.

Which Methods NOT to Follow When Removing Manic Panic Hair Dye?

There are two methods that you should not follow when removing the manic panic color. We have mentioned the details about them, so please go through them in detail:

Vitamin C method

It is somewhat not advisable to follow the vitamin C method if you want to take off the color of your hair. This method might destroy the texture of your strands more. It believes to be not the safest method at all! Some people prepare a mixture of Vitamin C pills and dandruff shampoo!  The color will not fade out and be removed completely instead you will get some lighter strands and green tones. The texture will become fragile and no moisture will be there.

The baking soda method

Another method that is not recommended for removing the color! Experts have suggested not using baking soda for stripping the dye. Girls prepare a mixture of shampoo and baking soda and apply it to their hair. The results received are unsatisfactory because the manic panic dye is still there and no color has been stripped and removed.

Top Methods to Get Manic Panic Out of Hair

how do i get manic panic out of my hair

You can follow the below-mentioned methods and take out the dye without damaging the texture of your hair.

Use lemon juice

The application of lemon juice works in the best manner for stripping the manic panic color. In addition, it will lighten your strands and lift the natural hair color. As lemon juice is acidic, so accompany it with some ingredient so that your scalp may not feel any irritation or tingling sensation during the application process. If you failed to remove the hair color on 05-03-2022, you can follow this method as it will surely work for you.

Go for Bleach bath or Soap cap

If you have not yet heard about the concept of a bleach bath or soap cap, we will tell you about it! This effective method helps you strip and eliminate the manic panic color. Here you mix the bleach and shampoo and apply the mixture and later on rinse it off. Let it sit untouched for 20 minutes. That is all! The dye is removed and the natural color has come out on your strands. Remember that you will only get effective results if you will professionally apply the soap cap.

Use Vinegar

In every home, we have vinegar and it will help you a lot in removing this dye. This is by far the most effective strategy that you can go for. It is all because of the vinegar acidity that you will see no hassle in removing the dye. This hack will not harm or damage your scalp and the color can be safely removed and stripped off. There are some colors that cannot stand and tolerate acidic substances and Manic Panic hair dye is one of them.

Use Hair color remover

Some girls use color removers for stripping the dye from their strands. The good-quality versions work in the best and most speedy manner! Remember that these removers are immensely and super harsh, so use them with care. If the home remedies and DIY hacks did not work for you, only then you should opt for the color remover.

Wash your dyed hair every day

Washing your dyed strands every day will help you take out Manic Panic dye speedily. It is one of the healthiest and safest methods which you can go for. In addition, wash them with warm water because cold water does not possess that much potential to take off the dye. After seven days, you will get rid of the dye. So, perform this hack, and let us know what results you got!

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Some more methods for getting out of Manic Panic dye

We have come up with more effective and easy-to-follow techniques. You can check out them:

  • You can use dishwashing soap for stripping and eliminating the color.
  • The mixture of lemon juice and baking soda might work for you. You only have to mix equal amounts of both of these ingredients and leave them on your dyed hair for a few minutes. The color will be taken off!
  • Hydrogen Peroxide has the tendency to remove the dye. It will help you get back your natural color. Prepare the mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide by adding equal parts and spraying it on your strands. Wait for 30 minutes, and rinse it off later on.
  • The mixture of Baking Soda and Epsom Salt will also work for you while removing the Manic Panic color. In this concern, take a bowl and add baking soda, Epsom salt, and also warm water. Apply it and then rinse it off after some time.
  • You can even try out the mixture of Water and Bleach Powder. Let the paste remain on your dyed strands for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash them with a normal shampoo.

What to do after removing the Manic Panic dye? Top hair care tips

We are about to share some of the best hair care tips that you must follow once you have removed and taken off the Manic Panic color:

 Use sulfate-free and Nourishing Shampoos

Once the color is completely gone and stripped, you should regularly wash your strands with sulfate-free and nourishing shampoos. They will settle your hair in a healthy manner and brings the desired hydration and nourishment. Your follicles will become healthy too!

Regularly do the Conditioning

It is always worthy and valuable for the health of your strands when you condition them. Get good-quality conditioners and bring an extra layer and addition of hydration into your strands. Moreover, conditioners prevent dryness and breakage. Alongside, you should be using a Leave-in conditioner for bringing immense bounce and shine.

Apply hydrating masks

Do not ever forget that you have to apply hydrating masks. These masks will make your strand’s texture healthy and strong. You can even make them at home! Mix equal parts of coconut oil and honey and leave the mask for 30 minutes. After that, you can shampoo and condition it!


Now, you know how to get Manic Panic out of your hair! Just for the convenience of our readers, you can take off this color by preparing a mixture of vinegar with water.

Some girls opt for hot oil treatments. They prefer frequently washing their hair or using baking soda, and vitamin C powder. You can apply lemon juice, bleach bath, or good-quality color remover for eliminating and completely removing the color.

Whatever other hacks do you want to follow on removing dyes, let us know!

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