How to Fix Highlights that Are Too Light at Home? Tips and Tricks

So, how to fix highlights that are too light at home? The answer is to fix highlights that are too light All you need to do just Spray a colored dry shampoo on your hair for a rapid solution. Always consider colored dry shampoo that really helps you to deposit color out the overall tone If your highlights are really too light properly spray the dry shampoo to your hair, and use your fingers to properly rub onto your roots.

An easy-to-follow guide is here mentioned for you. Go through the information and correct the texture of your highlights on your own without spending any money on expansive salons.

Choosing the correct color shade, using the right developer and toning will fix your highlights. We know that light streaks make your hair messier looking. Whenever they get light, you should make them dark as soon as possible. Get the right color kit and re-touch up your highlights.  Match the color that matches the original color of your streaks. In addition, you can use a colored dry shampoo, visit a salon, take precautionary measures, use a purple shampoo or dish soap for fixing these brassy tones.

Besides, it is suggested to use the 20 volume peroxide so that the right shade comes on your streaks. Below you can check out further details. Feel free to let us know how you fix highlights that have become too light:

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Fixing Highlights at Home

Most importantly, when re-touching your highlighted strands, you should let the dye remain there on your hair for 20 minutes and not more than that. This is the maximum time that you should wait and after that rinse your hair. With the re-touch up, your streaks and their color and texture will definitely get fixed.


In addition, you have to apply the dye to your damp hair of yours. This is an important backed by the colorist experts hailing from countries like Spain. When fixing your streaks, you have to use the 20 volume peroxide. This practice will help and support your hair to absorb the right amount of dye. The 20 volume peroxide will not change the entire hair color and instead just darken the color of highlights two levels more!

Step by Step Guide on Fixing Highlights at Home

Step by Step Guide on Fixing Highlights at Home

At home, you can carry out this process. We have mentioned the step-by-step guide. And this guide is also backed by most of the topmost celebs like Jennifer Aniston.

Materials Needed

You need a coloring kit that should include the 20-volume peroxide. Get hold of the latex gloves, old t-shirt, applicator, and bowl.

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Once you have collected all supplies, now you can get into the mode to fix your streaks at home. The very first step is to brush your hair. Detangle them and there should not be a single knot in them.
  2. Now, dampen your hair. Note down that the dying process is done on the dry strands but the process of fixing brassy tones; you have to dampen your hair.
  3. Prepare the mixture, add the whole tube of dye to a bowl and also add the 20-volume peroxide. It is better to use a plastic container and add both of these ingredients. Mix them until and unless the right mixture comes out.
  4. You can now apply the dye and start this procedure from roots and apply it till ends. Perform this step with the help of a brush or applicator.
  5. Let this dye remain on your streaks for 20 minutes.
  6. You can wash your hair with lukewarm water.
  7. Dry them by using a blow dryer and also apply the anti-frizz serum.

Choose the Correct Color When Fixing Highlights that Have Become Too Light

Choose the Correct Color When Fixing Highlights that Have Become Too Light

Most noteworthy, you should choose the right color when fixing the brassy or orange tone of your streaks. We have divided this section into further subheadings; you can have a look at them:

Take Help from the Color Chart and Figure out Which Shade is Best Suitable to Fix the Highlights

It is always recommended to take help from the color chart. That chart will help you know which color is best and most suitable for correcting your too-light streaks. Hold the highlighted hair, match it with the color chart picture and then decide accordingly.

Choose the shade that resembles your hair color! You might have seen that lots of color charts go from 1 to 12. The one end of the scale is the darkest black shade and the opposite end is the lightest blonde shade. If you have got too light brassy tones and they are at a level 10, then it is suggested to take them to a level 7 or 8.

Choose the Correct Color Toner

Once you have selected the shade, go to the beauty supply store and get the correct color toner. The dye and toner should be of the same brands. Most importantly, demi-permanent toners have become the most popular choice so far. They deposit the shade on your brassy streaks and do not penetrate into your hair follicles. In addition, the usage of toner will help you neutralize and counterbalance your intense hair color of yours.

Using the 10 Volume Developer

Make sure that you add the 10 volume developer in the mixture that you have prepared. This is an important piece of advice given by the pros from countries like Canada. The addition of this developer will deposit the right kind of shade onto your strands. Choose the toner of the same brand which you have considered while picking the coloring kit.

Importance of Toning when Fixing Highlights that have Become Too Light

Importance of Toning when Fixing Highlights that have Become Too Light

One should not disregard the importance of toning their hair if they have planned to correct their highlighted strands that have become too light. The implementation of the toning process will correct the highlighted strands and keep the shade and streaks even looking. It is recommended to add two parts of the developer along with one part toner. In the end, you will get a thick consistency and the mixture will come out in the gel kind of form.

Apply the toner on just the highlighted sections and nowhere else. Some prefer toning all of their hair, you can do that as well, the choice is up to you. Take hold of the application brush and proceed with this step. In addition, spread the toner by starting from the roots and then applying downwards. Divide them into sections and proceed smoothly with the process.

If you have planned to correct your streaks on 10-03-2022, do keep in mind this important device. Besides, once you have applied the toner, do not forget to rinse it off and properly comb your hair. The toner should remain applied for 20 to 30 minutes keep an eye on the process and constantly check your strands after every 2 to 5 minutes.

More Tips on Correcting Light Highlights

Below you can see more of the tips that educate you on how to correct these light and brassy in shade streaks. We hope that these tips and suggestions will work for you:

Use a Colored Dry Shampoo

Yes, we have one of the quick fixes for you and that is about using a colored dry shampoo. This tip will eventually help you correct your brassy streaks. Go on following this tip and let us know your reviews. Just spray this shampoo and get the best results.

In addition, choose the shampoo that matches the colors of the streaks. In this manner, you can even the coloring process. Spray it all over your strands and you can take the help of your fingers to rub it on your roots and ends. Now, you can do the brushing or combing. Note down that these kinds of shampoos come in shade ranges of blondes and brunettes. Thus, look for tinted dry shampoos. Before using it, shake it well and then use it.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo

If you do not feel like using a dry-colored shampoo, what you can do is to apply a clarifying shampoo for the sake of correcting your light streaks. That is also another best and top solution that you can go for! With their application, you will not only get the desired color on your streaks, in fact but all dirt and grease will also get removed from as well.

All fade highlighted strands will be removed with the use of clarifying shampoo such as head and shoulder, which is so amazing. Just use it once a week and get satisfactory results. For those who have a dry texture, it is recommended to avoid using such shampoos and seek some other solution.

Using a Dish Soap

Do you know that using dish soap might help you in getting rid of brassy streaks or highlights, yes it is true! If you do not want to go to the salon and feel like giving a fresh look to your streaks, you can do that by using dish soap. Those who have light brassy highlighted strands must follow this tip.

It is all because of the specific ingredients present in dish soap that excess pigment will get removed right away. Use this soap in a way you use a regular shampoo. After that, you can rinse them off and wash them up with cool water always.

Using a Purple Shampoo

Experts have advised using a purple shampoo if any of you want to correct the highlighted strands shade at home. This tip will immediately help you correct the brassy tone. No doubt, these shampoos have come out as a great and highly effective solution. Whenever you see that your highlighted strands have become light red or yellow or orange in shade, then use purple shampoo on them.

Its application will counteract and neutralize the brassy tones and your highlighted tint will look completely even. It is recommended to use this shampoo one time a week and not more than that. Leave it on your strands for five minutes and after that, you can rinse it off.

Taking the Much-Needed Precautions!

It is better if you opt for some of the precautionary measures for preventing your highlights from getting too light! Like, you should go for balayage instead of highlighting your hair. It all means that getting a balayage is safer and less risky. Besides, avoid bleaching again and again.

Seek advice and honest suggestion from the salon experts and they will tell you better how to make the highlights lush looking again. So, are you ready to book an appointment with a professional and expert hairdresser? You should be! On getting an expert opinion, this issue will get fixed as soon as possible.

Warnings to Keep in Mind Before Correcting your Too-Light Highlights

Warnings to Keep in Mind Before Correcting your Too-Light Highlights

There are some warnings that you should consider if you have decided to correct your too-light highlighted strands at home.

  • If you have gone for the highlighting process, then wait for 15 days, and only then you should color correct them. Taking this time gap is important and highly necessary for you. After 15 days, you can check the condition of your highlights and see whether they need a touch-up or not.
  • The dye takes around about 3 to 4 weeks to get settled, so wait for this time duration. Once the dye gets settled, then you can touch up your streaks. If you will not take this gap, then your hair will not be able to absorb further color and your whole process of re-touching up will get ruined. All in all, applying the dye, again and again, will only make your strands disaster looking and nothing less than that.
  • If you do not have any idea how to color and re-touch the highlighted strands at home, avoid doing this process at home. Perform this step at a salon. Having zero knowledge on correcting the too-light streaks will give you zero results, so avoid doing this blunder at your end. Go to a salon and give a re-touch up.
  • However, if you could not afford to go to the salon, then take advice from your friends and fellows who have knowledge on how this process goes. They might guide you a little bit and you can prevent your hair from getting a disaster.
  • Experts have always advised spending a little money to go to the salon and perform this re-touching up phase instead of doing it at home. You might not get professional and salon kind of results at home, that is why experts and salons exist to give you the perfect look. If you have minimal knowledge about this whole process, then it is a must for you to proceed with this phase at the salon.

Which Practices will Not Ruin your Highlights?

You might be wondering which those practices are that might ruin the look of your highlighted hair, here you can check out those details. These are the key and primary factors that you should keep in mind. If you want to get perfect-looking highlighted strands, keep in mind these golden pieces of advice. Any blunder in this whole process will ruin your efforts, time and money, so beware!

  • Firstly, choose the correct dye that you want to apply on the highlighted strands. If the shade does not match, then an uneven highlighted look will come out and we are sure that none of you wants to see that. If you fail to determine whether you have chosen the right color or not, seek advice from a professional or your friends who have knowledge about this area. Like, if the shade is two levels darker or lighter, then a disaster look will emerge. The overall effect and vibe of getting highlighted hair will be lost.
  • After that, you should be using 20-volume peroxide. That is enough volume developer that you need to be going for. If you will choose the higher volume peroxide, then trust us, you will ruin and destroy the look of your highlights.
  • In addition, it is on the damp strands that you should be applying the mixture. There should be no dry strands. Wet them and then feel free to apply the mixture evenly.
  • You need to wait for at least 20 minutes to let the mixture settle in it. Do not show hurry and avoid keeping the mixture for hours and hours on your hair. 20 minutes are enough and that is the time limit that you should also follow.
  • Once the mixture is rinsed out, wash them with a normal shampoo that is sulfate-free and paraben-free. Do not ever forget to wash your hair because that is an important step. If you will not do so, the chemical reaction processed by peroxide will not get cut off.


Now, you have come to know the whole process on how to fix highlights that are too light at home? Yes, so many ways are there and you can certainly follow them. While carrying out this process at home, you have to be very careful. Like, choose the correct color, always apply the toner, go with the 20 volume peroxide, and not higher than that.

There are other hacks that you can follow and they are to use dry colored shampoo, purple shampoo, or clarifying shampoos. In addition, you can correct these too light streaks at home by using dish soap. And the final solution is to perform this phase to the salon if you do not have any knowledge.

We know that too light or brassy highlights are messier and unpleasant to see. You can fix this solution by trying out these hacks. You do not have to worry and panic if your highlighted hair has become to lights, lots of solutions and tips still exist to deal with this problem.

Following these tips will dull and even completely remove the brassy effect and you will get back your lovely looking highlights again. You can share with us your experiences if you have ever corrected the highlights and what results you got! Let us know if you have performed this process at home or at the salon.

It is even recommended to tone down your highlighted strands by using a good-quality toner. Like, if you want to correct the bright blonde shaded highlights, then use an ash toner and it can be either green-tinted or blue-based. Stay tuned.

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