How to Fix a Bad Bob Haircut? (6 Possible Ways)

Are you regretting the bob haircut you just got, is the new look making you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed to go out with, or did the bob haircut not turn out the way you wanted it to look? If your hairdresser is someone who is a rookie in the field then there is a chance you might end up with a bob style that is messy, uneven, or worse too short in length to recover.

Let us uncover how to fix a bad bob haircut and discover the possible ways to overcome this haircut dilemma.

How to Fix a Bad Bob Haircut?

A woman’s hair holds high significance in contributing to her beauty and reflecting her personality. Bob haircut is known for its uniqueness, bold fashion statement, and low maintenance. It varies in styles and length, leaning anywhere between the chin and over the shoulder. The bob haircut particularly requires precision and special technique to cut and style making the hair look symmetrical to our choice and aligned with our facial structure and neck.

But this bob may end up becoming the reason you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Some of the most common bad bob haircuts are known to appear in the form of a shorter length, appearing not suitable to your face, or could be uneven and seem chopped off.

Below you can find some possible ways to help you fix a bad bob haircut and make it look more suitable to your face structure, so you can wear your hair with more confidence and appear classier and chic.

Possible Way 1: Use Hair Extensions to Make Up for the Length and Volume of Hair

Use Hair Extensions to Make Up for the Length and Volume of Hair

Did the bob cut turn out to be too short in length than you expected it to be, fear not ladies let the hair extensions save the day.

For this, you might have to go shopping for some readily available hair or check in at your nearby salon for advice. Extensions are made from either actual human hair or synthetic hair, that are manufactured from the blended fiber. They can be found in various kinds and sizes, some commonly known are Clip-in, Sew-in, Tape-in, Glue-in, and Halo extensions, these are affordable and serve as an easy fix to make your hair appear longer.

The extension can also be used to give your hair more volume and length according to your liking. Another advantage of choosing extensions is that they can also be used to add highlights to your hair since they can be found in a variety of shades. So, next time you end up with a bob too short, do not stress and use extensions to cover the hair length and volume.

Possible Way 2: Consult an Experienced Hairdresser to Fix the Uneven Bob Cut

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If the bob seems crooked or uneven, book an appointment now with an experienced hairdresser. Thanks to the internet we often try to DIY the solution to our problems, which can be beneficial in some cases but sometimes it is not a good idea. A good hairdresser has years of professional training and expertise in styling hair after years of practice.

Therefore, do not experiment or DIY to fix your hair and let the experts handle the mess.

Especially in the case of a bad bob, this haircut can be tricky and demands precision and experience. Trying to fix it yourself might lead you to end up losing more hair in length. So visit a well-known salon and let the stylist help you in fixing your haircut.

Possible Way 3: Use a Flat Iron to Remove the Natural Waves Making your Hair Seem Shorter

Use a Flat Iron to Remove the Natural Waves Making your Hair Seem Shorter

In case a bob cut turned out shorter than you expected it to be, you can use a flat iron to remove any natural waves your hair might have. Having naturally wavy hair, itself makes the hair appear shorter an inch or two. So, straightening your hair will help in making it appear a bit longer and sleek.

Possible Way 4: Use a Curling Iron Against the Unevenness of the Bob Cut

The most important feature of a bob cut is the alignment of hair. In case an uneven bob is your problem and you do not prefer another haircut or trimming your hair further and shorter to even out the bob. Then curling iron can save the day. Use it to give your hair some beachy waves or some tousled waves.

These are commonly used for bob-cut styling. You can also try some loose waves or messy waves. The reason to suggest curling iron as a possible way for fixing the bob cut is that this can help you with the alignment of the bob cut, the unevenness would be disguised making your hair seem more natural, trendy and adding volume to your hair as well.

Possible Way 5: Try Different Hairstyles to Bring Change to the Bob

Try Different Hairstyles to Bring Change to the Bob

Before the new look starts to stress you out, try to discover different hairstyling ideas. You will be amazed how different hairstyles can do wonders to your look. You can try out some cute braids such as Crown Braid, French Side Braid, Front Plait Braid, and Classic Cornrows. In styling the hair you can also add some extensions to your hair this will give your hair some volume and length to easily try different hairstyles. Some other trendy looks include a half updo or simply twisting your side bangs.

Possible Way 6: Use Hair Accessories to Style your Hair

You can always buy a trending hat or scarf to completely hide the bad bob cut, in case nothing is working out for you. But there are different hair accessories you can also use to style your hair like a lace headband, jeweled barrette, head tie, a stylish bandana, beads, bobby pins, hair bows, or bedazzled hair clips.

So do not worry you can always grow your hair just maintain a good diet and hair routine to grow those hair locks back. But find a new hairstylist or next time take a picture of the haircut you want, as a reference for your hairdresser. To save you from ending up with a bad bob cut.

How to Remove Bulk From Bob Haircut?

Removing bulk hair from a bob haircut requires skill and special techniques, which is not possible without the use of correct tools. Cutting the lower density of the hair is recommended by hairdressers to remove bulk from a bob haircut. This procedure is used to release the weight and the bulk hair that is resting underneath and creates a flattening effect without losing the hair length.

Another technique is called the point cutting method. With this method the ends of the hair are cut using the shears vertically, it helps the hair to blend better creates softness, and adds movement to the hair. Aside from these some other commonly used techniques include slide cutting technique and internal layering of the hair.

To practice these techniques, specially designed texturing or thinning shears are used to achieve the desired outlook of the hair.

How to Collapse a Bob Haircut?

How to Collapse a Bob Haircut?

To collapse a bob haircut, you need to make the hair that rests closer to your faceless dense and get rid of the bulk hair. In order to achieve this look undercutting of hair is the technique most commonly used. Following are the steps you can follow to collapse a bob haircut.

The first step you need to do is section the hair into two halves, after sectioning the hair clip one half of the hair securely, so it does not come in the way while you are cutting the hair.

The second step is to further section the remaining half of the hair. But this time you need to section the hair horizontally, right at the parietal ridge. Now again you have two sections of hair, clip the upper section securely so it does come in your way.

Next, you are left with the lower section of hair, with this section you need to lift the hair upwards and vertically. After lifting the section cut the hair horizontally about 2 to 3 inches or depending on the length of the bob.

Viola! Now you have a collapsed bob cut using the undercut method.

Note to use specially designed shears for this method for the desired look.

How to Avoid Triangle Bob?

The triangle bob haircut is caused due to similar length of hair. If you have a straight bob cut without any layers or undercutting, your haircut will give off a triangular look appearing bushy at the ends. In order to avoid a triangle bob, you need to collapse the bob. It is the procedure of reducing the density of hair that sits closer to your face.

The commonly practiced technique to avoid a triangle bob is achieved by undercutting, through this method the hair is divided into multiple sections and the lower sections that are closer to the face are cut by lifting them upwards and making the cut horizontally to release the bulk of hair which is making your bob appear triangular in shape. Following this technique and point cutting the hair vertically can make the bob look less dense and elegant.

How to Fix a Bad Short Haircut Girl?

Everyone goes through having a bad haircut. It might come in different styles, or it might be that it does not suit the facial structure. The way to fix a bad haircut is mainly through styling and accessorizing the hair.

You can add layers or bangs to bring style to the hair. If the haircut is short in length cutting it further to fix it would be difficult. In case, you can go with the pixie look then it might be possible. But if cutting it further is not an option then styling the hair using a straightener, curly iron might come in handy.

Another way is to use extensions which can help you regain the length until the hair grows back or you could always buy a hat to cover the embarrassment or use a scarf to hide the bad haircut.

Lastly, try different hairstyles using different accessories such as fancy clips, bows, hair bands to fix a bad haircut.


Every person gets a bad haircut once or twice in their life if you let an unprofessional hairdresser cut your hair. But hair can be grown back again, all it requires is a little patience and a good hair routine. So, while the hair grows back there are multiple ways to fix a bad bob haircut and overcome this stressful situation.

Firstly, change your hairdresser or consult a skilled professional for advice do not let an amateur cut or fix your hair. Try to avoid experimenting or cutting the hair yourself, since it requires years of training and technique to achieve proficiency when it comes to cutting the hair perfectly. Bob haircut itself is low maintenance so all you need to do is style it. If it is not too short for you and another cut is what you plan, then visit a good salon for a fix.

But if cutting the hair further is not an option then you can always accessorize and try different hairstyles to make them look more appealing. Styling the hair using a curling iron could give you the waves to ride off the unevenness of the bob or simply use a straightener to make the bob look sleeker.

The best fix for a bad bob that is short in size would be the extensions; you can easily buy them according to your preference as they are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.  Another easy one is to buy a trending hat or put a vogue scarf around your head to feel comfortable with the new look.

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