How To Dye Blonde Hair Brown Without It Going Green? Easy Steps

Lots of girls have faced the problem that whenever they dye their blonde hair brown color, it always turns out to be green. Do you want to know how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green? You can check out the details.

You can dye your blonde hair brown without turning them into a green shade by first preparing your hair beforehand and later on, you can color them with a brown shade. In addition, color your strands with a warmer tone, and then go with the brownish dye.

Moreover, giving special treatment to your dyed strands will prevent them from getting a greenish hue. You must use the right color protectant shampoo and always apply hydrating masks.

Why does blonde go green when you dye them brown? (Reasons)

There are lots of reasons why bring a greenish hue to your dyed blonde hair whenever you color them with a brown tone. Experts from countries like Scotland have stated the same reasons:

Reason 1: The high contrast and different pigmentation between brown and blonde

There exist a high contrast between brown and blondes. Whenever you surround your dyed blonde strands with a brownish shade, there is a chance that they will turn green. Both brown and blondes carry different pigmentation. Moreover, the brownish color comes with a red or orange base. On the other hand, the blonde color is packed with a yellow base. Whenever you apply a dark color to light tones, this problem occurs.

Reason 2: The bleaching process makes your hair green

Some celebs like Amber Heard have complained that they got greenish strands when they colored their blondes to a brownish shade. It is largely because of the bleaching process that this problem happens. This chemically treated process makes your strands more vulnerable to damage. In addition, they lose their original absorbability. Your strands become more porous which eventually provokes the presence of a green tint.

Preparing your hair before applying the brown dye on blondes (Easy Steps)

First of all, you have to prepare your strands before you start to apply the brown dye to your blonde. In doing so, no greenish tint will come on them. You can keep in mind the below-mentioned important points:

Step 1: Applying a warm brown shade to prevent turning them green

It is always recommended to apply a warm brown shade so that the color does turn green after some time. Preparing your blondes is a must and this is an effective tip that you can go for. Just fill the base color with a red or golden tone. In this way, the brownish shade will remain locked and intact for many weeks.

Step 2: Filling the blonde hair

The other way is to fill the blonde strands to prevent the presence of a greenish hue. What you can do is to fill your blondes with red or golden tones; the choice is wholly up to you. Choose the shade by first determining the lightness of your blondes. Thus, before applying the brown shade, you must fill the blonde strands. You can either utilize color filler or get ahold of a demi-permanent dye.

Step 3: Use demi-permanent dyes or colored protein fillers

If you have planned to transition your blonde shade to brown, then it is a must for you to use demi-permanent dyes or colored protein fillers to stop them from turning to a green hue. Fillers have always been a suitable pick for hair type which is more porous. These colored protein fillers keep the dye locked and hinder the green shade to come on it.

How to dye blonde hair brown without it going green? Step By Step Guide

Once you have seen that your hair is fully prepared for the coloring process, you can now apply the brownish shade to your blonde hair.

  1. First of all, you have to pick the desired brown shade. It is suggested to keep the color just one tone lighter so that the expected shade comes on your strands.
  2. On the other hand, if you wish to cover your strands with ashy brownish color, then you must pick a tone that is two tones lighter.
  3. In both cases, you have to keep the sub-tones red color. In doing so, the shade will not turn green after some days.
  4. Now, start dividing your hair into four to five sections.
  5. Take a bowl and add color and the developer. You must keep the ratio 1 to 1 and mix until and unless you get the creamy consistency.
  6. Now, you can apply the dye and avoid applying it on your scalp.
  7. Wait for 30 minutes and then you can rinse it off.

Top 3 Tips to stop your dyed hair from turning green:

We have come up with these golden tips and you must follow them if you do not want to bring a greenish hue to your brown-dyed hair:

Tip 1: Avoid washing too much of your colored hair

If you have dyed your blondes to brown, you must not wash them frequently. Remember that colored strands do not need too much washing. Once you have colored them, you have to wait for two days and then shampoo them. Like if you dyed and wash them after taking a gap of two days. Frequent washing makes the color uneven looking and brings a greenish hue as well.

Tip 2: Take special care

You have to take special and double care of your color-treated strands. Be very gentle and attentive when you wash them. You have to deep condition and oil them once or twice a week. In addition, moisturize them and go for some effective protein treatments. The coloring process makes the texture rough and dull, which is why practices like hydrating masks make the strands more nourished and no longer dull.

Tip 3: Avoid sun exposure and use shampoos meant for color-treated hair

Lastly, you should not expose your dyed hair to the sun. If you do so, the color will become light and uneven. While you go out, wear a cap or get an umbrella so that the scorching rays of the sun might not damage your colored strands. On the other hand, you should only use shampoos that are meant for colored strands. Do not use those shampoos which are not paraben and sulfate-free.

How to get rid of the green color from dyed brown hair?

To get rid of these unwanted green hues, you can follow the solutions which are written below:

  • You can eliminate the green shade from your brown-dyed strands by applying a neutral color. This practice will neutralize the greenish hue right away and your problem will be solved.
  • You can make a mixture containing tomato paste, aspirin and also white vinegar, powdered lemon, and freshwater. This hack has the tendency to color-correct your strands.
  • Moreover, you can have the baking soda and shampoo mixture and remove the unwanted green hints.


That is all about the guide on how to dye blonde hair brown without it going green! As golden pieces of advice, you must prepare your hair before coloring them. Moreover, when dying from blonde to brown, you must apply a warm color and then dye them with a brownish tint.

Coloring is all about science! You must not play with your hair and avoid experimenting as well. Transitioning them from blonde to a brownish hue, means you have gone for the high-maintenance color. Furthermore, colored strands demand more care and special treatment. You must apply oils, hydrating masks, and protein treatments to make the shade last long longer and no unwanted greens will come out!

If still there are greenish hues, you can seek some better advice from a professional colorist. Feel free to share with us your experiences if you have ever dyed from blonde to brown and whether you get unwanted green tones or not! Stay connected.

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