How To Dye Bleached Hair Back To Natural Color At Home? Step By Step Guide

Coloring bleached tones to get back your natural hair color; has become an easy task. Here you can go through the step-by-step guide on how to dye bleached hair back to natural color!

The answer is If you have bleached your hair and wish to have your natural hair color back again, you must wait for two months. Because You can not get your natural hair color back unless you dye your hair again. Remain patient! When the roots start to grow, the natural color will come back and you can cut down the bleached ends! There is no quick fix and solution and you have to wait for at least 2 months so that the bleaching effect gets gone.

In addition, dye only the bleached strands and makes them match the natural shade of your strands. We know that bleached tones are so much tough and challenging to maintain. That is why girls want to have their natural hair color come back again. Below we have highlighted more details:

Is it possible to go back to the natural hair color?

dye bleached hair back

Yes, it is possible to go back to the natural shade if you no longer want to see bleached tones. The most important thing is to show patience while you indulge in this whole process. Just let your strands grow and once the natural color will become visible, you can cut down the bleached ends. Many celebs like Natalie Portman have got back to their natural and normal hair shade.

Important things to do before coloring bleached hair back to their natural shade

There are some important things that you should keep in mind before coloring your bleached strands to their normal shade. Most noteworthy, you have to show immense patience. Do not panic and avoid showing any hurry.

Wait for 2 months

Suppose you bleached your hair, you have to wait for at least two months before coloring them. It is essential because you have to give enough time to your roots to let the new hair grow. The root’s color will give you the exact idea of what your natural shade is! Roots act as the DNA, they tell you the natural shade of your strands. They will exactly reveal which color level you can have! During this time frame of two months, your strands will grow from 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Apply hydrating masks

During the time frame of 2 months, you have to keep your bleacher hair nourished and moisturized. In addition, apply hydrating masks so that the best color and natural shade come on them. In between this time span, you have to make them as much healthier looking as you can. Bleaching has always been a harsh coloring procedure, which is why following up on these hacks is a must. Besides, use reparative oils and regularly trim the damaged end.

Stay away from using pigments, toners, or temporary dyes

According to hair experts from Russia, it is advisable to stay away from using pigments, toners, and temporary dyes during this 2 months time frame. You should not be using any kind of toning shampoo. In doing so, the natural color will not come on your strands.

How to dye bleached hair back to its natural color at home?

You can see the complete guide now and get rid of bleached tones and simply get back to your normal and natural shade. You need a dye kit and some other essentials for carrying out the coloring process.

Step 1

The first step is to brush your hair. Make sections and here you can make four sections if your hair is not too long or too short. Hold them with good-quality clips.

Step 2

Wear gloves because the next step will be to prepare the dye mixture. Take a plastic container and add dye and 20 volume developer in it. Make a smooth mixture and consistency should be up to the mark.

Step 3

Un-clip one section of your hair and apply the dye. You have to make sure the dye gets applied on the bleached strands only and you should not apply the color to the roots. The roots section has already a natural color, which is why there is no need to color them again.

Step 4

Repeat the above-mentioned step on all the sections and then leave the dye like this for an approximate duration of 40 to 45 minutes.

Step 5

When 45 minutes are passed, rinse your strands with cold water and wash them with a normal and sulfate-free shampoo. You should also opt for the post-color treatment included which comes in the kit. Apply the conditioner for 10 minutes on your dyed hair and then rinse it off.

Other ways to get back the natural hair color and get rid of the bleached tone

You can know more about the ways that help you get back your normal shade:

Use high-quality shampoos

You can use high-quality shampoos and conditioners and they will eventually help you deposit the natural shade on your hair. In addition, these shampoos fade and remove the bleached tone and manage to keep your strands in excellent condition.

Using Root Concealers

If you have to go to a function and you want to make your hair color natural-looking, what you can do is use a root concealer. It is a temporary hack that you can go for Root concealers are available in lots of shades. You can have them in red and blonde shades, and even in dark tones. Moreover, these root concealers are available in the hues like brunette, brown, and black.

Regularly trim your bleached ends

To get rid of bleached hair, one of the effective solutions is to regularly trim and cut down these bleached ends. This practice will keep your strands fresh and the color will look even as well. Moreover, you get rid of the over-processed ends at the end of the day.

Re-dye your whole hair

You can fix your bleached strands by re-coloring them! Choose the shade which matches the natural color of your hair. It is one of the quickest fixes that you can go for. The new color will definitely get match the natural tone of your strands. For better advice regarding the color selection, you can consult and have a meeting with a professional stylist first.

Get a new haircut

Apart from doing regular trimming, you can get a new haircut and remove these bleached tones from your strands. The haircutting procedure is an effective method that you should definitely go for. Both cutting and trimming help you re-gaining the original tone of your hair.

Using permanent dye

The last hack that you can go for is to use a permanent dye! Just apply it once and get back the original tone and shade of your strands without any trouble. Pick up the dye number which matches exactly and perfectly to your natural strand tone.


We hope that readers have got a clear and comprehensive idea of how to dye bleached hair back to its natural color! The process is easy to follow and you have to wait for 2 months to transform your bleached strands into the natural hair tone. In between this gap, hydrate, nourish, and moisturize your hair. In addition, use hydrating masks and regularly trim.

Cutting and trimming make it effortless for you to get rid of the presence of bleached tones. Moreover, when you enter into the process of coloring your bleacher strands, make sure to pick up the dye which matches exactly and 100% perfectly with the original tone of your hair. You can let us know which hacks you follow to get back the original tone and remove the bleached tones! Stay tuned.

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