How to Detangle Severely Matted Hair?

How to detangle severely matted hair? We have searched for the best explanation for you and here you can check it out. We know that matted strands are tough to manage and handle and detangling them seems to be a harder task to accomplish.

To detangle such messiest matted hair, it is recommended to brush them while they are slightly wet. Comb or brush them by using a good-quality conditioner. In addition, never brush these knotted parts by starting from the top section of your head and then combining them all down! Instead, it is recommended to start from the bottom. Besides, you should make a braid before going to sleep, make a ponytail if it is windy outside and brush your hair the minute you come out from the shower, that is how you can get rid of these messy and stubborn knots.

It is even suggested by the experts to use high-quality detangling products. You should never and ever rub your hair once you have showered them. Moreover, make it a practice to regularly comb and brush them. Thus, these are the best ways and simple hacks that you can try out. Let us know how you detangle your matted hair and please check out the rest of the details as well.

What is Matted Hair?

What is Matted Hair?

Giving you a general idea on matted strands! They are challenging and complex to comb if they become severely detangled. In this situation, you get these messier knots in the form of a ballgame, and combing them becomes tougher and so much frustrating and painful to do.

Do you know that many celebs like Kate Winslet have also asked for hacks and quick tips on how to get rid of this situation, yes it is true! Thus, those who have matted strands will always get severely tangled hair. But you do not have to worry now. We have quick solutions for you. You can follow them to prevent these future tangling disasters.

You have to understand that knots occur in the matted strands if you keep them loose most of the time. The repeated twists result in a lot of tangling around each strand. In addition, these knots come in the form of clumps and you enter into the most horrifying situation as to how to detangle and remove them.

If you follow the best detangling methods, then you can get rid of this problem. Brushing them regularly will also solve this problem. Making braids at night, applying good-quality conditioner will give you quick relief.

Step by Step Guide on How to Detangle the Matted Hair 

You can check out the step-by-step guide that is also recommended by experts from countries like Brazil. We all know that matted hair possesses a lot of tendencies to become tangled. So, to remove those stubborn knots, this below mentioned guide can help you:

Divide your Hair into Certain Number of Sections

Divide your Hair into Certain Number of Sections

First of all, you should divide your strands into certain numbers of sections. Making small sections will make it less painful for the person to remove these knots. Avoid detangling them at all once, if you do so, you will only get pain and no results.

Wet your Hair a Little Bit

Before eliminating these knots, it is important for you to wet your hair. Dry hair cannot be detangled, so make them damp first of all. Once they get soaked in water, the process will become quick and hassle-free.

Applying Conditioner or Oil on the Knots

Once you have made them wet, now comes the part of applying conditioner on the knots. If you think that lots of clumps are there, then apply conditioner to the whole hair. In addition, you can either use the detangling conditioner or any kind of deep conditioning product. Instead of using a conditioner, you can apply argan oil or coconut oil. Also know, Can You Use Expired Coconut Oil On Hair?

Start Detangling!

Let the conditioner or oil sit on your strands for 10 minutes. After that, you can start with the detangling process. Work on one knot at a time. Go section by section and never pull out the knots. In addition, you can run your fingers in between those clumps; this will further ease your process. Make them loose from the ends.

Use a Wide-Toothed Comb for Further Detangling

You should always use a wide-toothed comb to detangle these knots on 100% notes. Look for the comb that comes with delicate and soft teeth and avoid using a brush in this case. Comb the end sections of your hair and then move to the top section.

You are Done!

Yes, you are done now! The last step is to use a gentle brush and give a final detangling job to your matted strands. In doing so, the pattern and texture of your strands will be naturally recovered.

How to Stop Matted Hair from Getting Tangled?

How to Stop Matted Hair from Getting Tangled?

Lots of tips are there that might prevent the person from getting detangled hair. You can check out these tips and they will certainly work for you:

Making Braid before Going to Sleep

Yes, it is the best tip that you should be embracing and following. Before you go to sleep, make a braid of your matted strands and get knot-free hair in the morning. The practice of making braids will prevent your hair from getting multiple tangles and clumps. Instead, you will get a perfect wavy texture in the morning.

Making a Ponytail

How about making a ponytail for getting rid of tangles, yes you can do that! While going out during the windy day, it is suggested to make a ponytail and get the tangle-free look. Ponytails keep your hair straightener all day and you get no knots and clumps in them.

Regularly Brushing your Hair

You have to make it a compulsory practice of brushing your strands whenever you come out from the shower. Avoid making them tangled by delaying the brushing or combing practice. In addition, choose the brush that matches your hair texture,

Using High-Quality Detangling Products

Make it a practice to use high-quality and risk-free detangling products. Like, instead of using a regular shampoo, it is advisable to use a detangling shampoo and conditioner. These products bring down knots or clumps and make your hair tangle-free. For thicker strands, you should use argan oil because it is believed to be the best oil for removing knots. Conditioners also enrich your strands and prevent them from getting clumped. Moreover, use a wet brush.

Avoid Rubbing your Matted Hair with a Towel

You should never and ever make this blunder of rubbing your matted strands with a towel. Just gently and softly rub and towel dry them. If you keep on rubbing them, there is a high chance that multiple and massive knots will get appear on them. It is advised to wrap them in an old t-shirt once you have washed them out.

Stay Away from the Heat Treatments

If you really care about your hair, then make them stay away from the chemical-based and heat treatments. Such procedures only make them tangled, and packed with lots of knots. In addition, these treatments make them dry and rough and they become more vulnerable to getting knots.

Other Hair Detangling Tips to Try Out!

Other Hair Detangling Tips to Try Out!

If you had the worst and most painful detangling experience on 01-02-2022, follow the below-mentioned tips and avoid having the same experience again:

Pushing the Knots or Tangles Down

It is in a downward direction that you should push your knots. Suppose the knot is present at the root, in this case, push it down by using a good quality comb. If the knot is present in the middle section of your hair, then apply a conditioner and remove it by running your finger through it. Thus, pushing the knots in a downward direction will make them tangled-free in less time and the process will become pain-free too!

Saturate your Knots!

Saturating your knots, by this, we mean to say that you should apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing product on your knots so that clumps can get removed speedily and quickly. Apply the product on the matted and knotted sections. Moreover, you can saturate them by using oil. This practice will moisturize your knots and you will eventually detangle them without hassle.

Go for Trimming!

Knots always happen when you delay trimming your hair. If you do not want to get knotted strands, then it is recommended to trim them regularly. It is every 4 to 6 weeks that you should trim them so that your strands remain healthy. Cutting the dead ends increases the chance and probability that you get knot-free strands.

Tips to Prevent Long Hair from Getting Tangled in the Swimming Pool

If you have long hair and you love swimming, there is a chance and maximum probability that they will get tangled and knotted severely. So what to do in this case? There are some important tips that swimmers should keep in mind. Like, if you regularly go for water sports, then always cover your head with a shower cap and make a ponytail or braid.

Secure them with pins and rubber bands, in this way, they will never and ever get knots. It is suggested to make a low ponytail, make a further braid of it and secure it with the help of a hair tie. You can make side braids as well! Before jumping into the pool or going for water sports, you should apply conditioner so that you might not experience the problematic and troublesome situation of having lots of knots and clumps on your head.

Experts Suggested Tips to Detangle the Knots

You can have a look at these expert suggested tips that will surely help you in preventing the knots.

  • For preventing these knots, you should sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. In this manner, you will stay away from the messier situation of getting tangles.
  • You should be using soft hair ties for making ponytails and braids. Avoid using rubber bands because they increase the chance of creating clumps and knots.
  • Avoiding trimming will give you lots of knots and split ends. So, it is recommended to trim them regularly.
  • Split ends eventually move to the hair shaft, it is believed to be one of the major and primary causes of having tangles. So, deal with this situation accordingly!
  • You should not wear those necklaces that trap your strands and create clumps of them. Stop wearing those neckpieces that come with fine chains. They are prone to clumping your hair and snug them in the form of knots.
  • You should keep on checking your necklaces and collars that whether they are catching your strands or not!
  • If it is a very bad knot, then there is a proper way to take it out. Just cut it down by using a pair of scissors if the rest of the above-mentioned hacks are not working for you. Instead of pulling that knot and feeling immense pain, cut it down. You only have to cut off a few of the strands and make sure to cut very closely to the knot.
  • You have to be very gentle when pulling the knot. Do not apply harsh and massive force. Remain as gentler as you can. Applying minimum force will remove the knot pain-freely. But applying a massive force will further tangle the knot and brings immense pain in your head.
  • Lastly, you have to detangle wet strands of yours and never and ever remove the knot from dry hair. If you remove the knot from dry strands, it means you are bringing more damage. The wet knot can be detangled easily and speedily and that is a proven fact. The wet knot is pain-free to remove.


So, how to detangle severely matted hair? You have come to know the in-depth guide on solving this problem. Now, whenever you get messy and troublesome knots, you should try following the above-mentioned hacks. Brushing and combing them regularly, applying oil, leave-in conditioner, making braids and low ponytails will make you a tangle-free person for sure.

Before removing the knot, make sure that you fully moisturize or oil it and then take out the tangle. In addition, take out the tangles from wet hair and not from the dry strands. Stay away from the chemical and heat treatments and avoid rubbing your wet strands on the towel.

You do not have to worry now if you have matted strands, they can be tackled and managed wisely. Removing the knots has become less tiring and exhausting. You can share with us your tips as well concerning how you get rid of knotted strands. Besides, using a good quality brush and wide tooth comb play a large and important part to make your strands tangle-free, yes, it is true!

Beyond, you should keep on brushing, this way the chance of getting tangles, clumps, and messier knots will be reduced. In addition, go with the protein treatments, this will make your strands soft and smooth and they will become less vulnerable and prone to getting tangling. Avoid keeping any extensions and always use the high-end and right detangling products. Thus, this is how you can eliminate the severity of tangles at home. Stay tuned.

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