How To Correct Highlights That Look Gray? Experts Advice!

We have put up top and great pieces of advice that help you how to correct highlights that look gray. If your highlights are new, then there is a high chance that they may look and turn out into a gray hue. In addition, the presence of purple toner brings out this specific shade. This is an unwanted color that is not preferred by anyone.

If you love to flaunt blonde hair, then there are many tricks and tips that you have to follow and prevent the occurrence of gray highlights as well. It is even recommended to make use of a color depositing shampoo to get rid of the problem. Like you can either use a blonde depositing shampoo or you can apply a yellow depositing shampoo.

Below you can see more of the effective ways on how to remove gray from your beautiful and lush highlights. So, let us have a look at the details. Moreover, you need to remember that  avoid using any kind of toner on your gray highlights . If you do so, then your whole dye and highlighting are going to get ruined.

This whole piece of discussion is going to tell you why highlights actually turn gray. Besides, you will get to know what solutions to follow to remove these gray highlights. We will even serve you with the information to choose what kind of color depositing shampoos to solve the problem and issue of having gray highlights:

Why Do Highlights Become Gray?

highlights hair ash gray

First of all, you should know about this clear piece of explanation on why highlights become gray! There are many reasons and causes that bring this problem. If you have blonde hair, then these problems will commonly rise. Most importantly, these gray highlights largely and extensively appear because of toning your hair once you have bleached them.

This problem occurs because you have applied an ashy dye. Some individuals experience the problem of having highlights hair ash gray because they use toner. Lastly, the application and usage of ashy toning shampoo bring this issue too.

There are lots of salons out there that apply and use a purple toner. Here the main problem rises and comes! When the client leaves the salon, then she observes the presence of gray highlights and silver highlights. This happens because of the application of purple toner. If this gray color does not come off after 1 week, then you need to panic and get worried.

It is commonly seen that these gray or silver highlights disappear after  72 to 96 hours . You need to wait for this much time. And even if gray highlights do not come off from your hair, then go to your colorist and seek suggestions.

What To Do If Your Highlights Are Still Gray After Week?

highlights hair color ash gray

We have collected two possible solutions for you. Just have a look at their details. If your highlights hair color ash gray are still there, then choose any one of these solutions at your convenience. The first solution is to go to your colorist and ask him to correct this problem. The solution is to take off this gray color on your own at home.

Talk To Your Colorist

 The first solution that is available for you is to talk to your colorist. If the gray color does not come off and gets removed after a week, then go back to the salon and ask your colorist to solve this as soon as possible. Most of the time, professional and expert colorists fully know how to solve this problem.

They will for sure immediately and quickly recognize this problem. And may help you in getting rid of these gray highlights! That professional colorist will go for a color correction procedure. As the appearance of gray highlights problem caused because of the Hair salons blunder, it means they will not charge a single penny from you.

Take Off The Gray Color On Your Own From Your Highlights

The second solution that is available and searched for you is to remove this gray color from your highlights on your own. This is the quite commonly opted solution that is backed by Hollywood celebs too like  Jennifer Aniston . Most noteworthy, if you are performing this method at home, then remember to use a yellow depositing shampoo.

As an alternative, you can also use a blonde depositing shampoo. The application of this shampoo is going to neutralize your gray highlights. In addition, your highlights will eventually get turned into pale blonde color. In other words, you will get the exact highlight shade that you have always desired!

Furthermore, you need to use these color depositing shampoos with a lot of care and caution. As these shampoos are injected and embossed with ammonia and other developers, that is why use them with care. In addition, the purpose of using these color depositing shampoos is to bring out a greater and wider amount of pigments on your hair. Moreover, this element instantly neutralizes your unwanted highlighted shade.

The process to apply this color depositing shampoo is quite simple and easy. First of all, you have to wet your hair. After that, you have to apply that color depositing shampoo. Just leave this shampoo on your hair for around and about 5 minutes. Rinse your hair and dry them properly. Finally, you will see that the gray color is fully disappeared and gone from your highlights.

Other Solutions To Correct Highlights That Look Gray

hair too ashy after toner

As you might be aware that there are solutions that help you get rid of these gray tones from your lush and magically highlighted hair. Here we will share series of problems with you that are linked to the occurrence of gray highlights and you will get their solutions on this web page:

Hair Toning Brings Gray Tones In Your Highlights – What is the Solution?

Here you can see how to get rid of gray tones that occur because of the hair toning problem. Once you have bleached your hair, then this problem may arise in front of you. This is a very normal situation and there is a specific solution to get rid of this problem. You just have to shampoo your hair  3 to 4 times , and these gray tones will come out from your highlights and bleached hair. In other words, just shampoo and conditioner your hair with a normal haircare range. Wash them three to four times, and voila gray highlights are gone! Moreover, if you see that this process is taking time. Then instead of washing your hair on alternate days, it is recommended to wash them every day.

Ash Colored Dye Brings Gray Highlights – What is the solution?

Most probably, the application of ash-colored dye brings the major issue of having gray highlights. Like, if you have used and applied an ash-colored dye, then there is a high chance that you will get these gray tones and gray-colored highlights on your hair. A simple solution is available for you and people from any country like  Canada  can follow this solution. When you go to the salon, you have to strictly inform your colorist to avoid using ash-colored dye on your hair. This practice brings unwanted tones and this commonly appears in the form of gray highlights. To solve this problem, you can apply copper-colored dye or gold-colored dye. It is these kinds of tones that will help you in neutralizing gray tones. Moreover, to get rid of green tones and blue tones, you can apply this same solution.

Ashy Toner Brings Out Gray Highlights – What is the solution?

You need to understand that ashy toner brings out gray highlights and there is a specific solution to solve this problem. In other words, if you have used an ashy toner, then gray tones are likely to appear and come on your highlighted hair. Most importantly, toner works in the way you use a dye. To neutralize these gray tones, wash your hair again and again. Upon washing them frequently, these gray highlights will surely come off.

In addition, after  4 to 5 washes , this gray pigment is going to be expelled from your hair. Ashy toner or any kind of toner does not last much longer on your hair. Upon washing it, it will come off. If you notice that this solution does not work for you, then what you can do is bleach your hair lightly. Simply use a 10 volume developer all in cream form and get rid of these gray highlights.

Purple and Blue Toning Shampoo Brings Gray Highlights – What is the solution?

If any of you have blonde highlighted hair and gray highlights are coming on them, it means you have used a blue or purple toning shampoo. This is the major reason for this problem! It is time that you should stop using such toning shampoos. No matter, the toning shampoo is purple or blue or gray, you have to stop using them.

Moreover, if your hair is really and extremely blonde, then such toning shampoos leave gray pigments on your hair and thus ruin its whole look. The solution that you can follow is to replace your toning shampoo with some hydrating keratin shampoo. It is with the help of such shampoo that gray tones will be taken off from your hair after two to three washes.

Alternative Solutions To Get Gray Highlights Out Of Blonde Hair

blonde hair turned grey

Below you can have a look at the details of these alternative solutions. These solutions and remedies will help you how to get rid of and remove gray tones out of your blonde hair. The first one is that you can use a clarifying shampoo. In addition, you can use hydrating masks. Now, how these solutions work, below you can read out the details for your convenience:

Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Experts have advised using a clarifying shampoo to remove these gray highlights. This is an easy-to-follow solution that can correct this problem of yours. Moreover, these are strong shampoos that neutralize your gray tones. With the help of this shampoo, you can remove and take off all of the artificial gray pigments from your hair. To follow this solution, simply wash your hair with this clarifying shampoo.

Wash your hair a few times with this shampoo and see the desired results. All gray tones will be disappeared from your hair. The application of a clarifying shampoo should be done outside the shower. Sit in some well-ventilated space and wash your hair with this shampoo. Moreover, these shampoos have a strong odor, so keep in mind this element as well.

Use Hydrating Heatmasks

Rest, you can use these hydrating masks if you want to correct highlights that look gray. This is the simple solution that you can opt and go for. Make sure to use and apply a hydrating mask in conjunction with the heating element. These masks are even given the name of heat masks. They are applied twice a month. Like, if you have used this mask on  02-03-2021  for two times, then apply it in the very next month.

The purpose of using an exclusive hydrating heat mask is to remove and take off these gray highlights. Most importantly, these masks are packed with sulfates and certain chemicals. And they are here to remove gray pigment from your hair. You might be wondering how to apply these hydrating heat masks, here you can check out that one.

First of all, dampen your hair. Then apply this mask starting from the roots and finally at the ends of your hair. The last step is to put on an aluminum cap and let this mask sit on your hair for 20 minutes. After that, rinse your hair and all gray tones will come out as well.

Best Color Depositing Shampoos For Correcting Gray Highlights

You can use a Keracolor conditioner for removing and instantly correcting these gray highlights. This is an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner. Upon using it, you will see that all gray traces and hints will come out. It is suggested to use the honey color in this range.

Furthermore, you can use Celeb  Luxury Viral . This is an exclusive option for neutralizing your gray highlights. This shampoo not only renews your highlights but even pushes them not to become gray.

Rest, we have this Punky color  3 in 1 option . This is a popular color depositing shampoos that are available in traditional colors. It helps you correct and take out gray highlights from your hair. It offers a stronger depositing action.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: How To Get Rid Of Grey Tones In Blonde Hair?

Answer: It has become quite a normal thing that you end up getting grey tones right there in your blonde dyed hair. So, to get rid of this problem, there is a solution for you. It is true that whenever you go to the salon, then they usually and generally bleach your hair. And after some time, yellow tones and orange tones start to appear.

For neutralizing these grey tones, it is recommended to apply a purple toner. Just mix this tone with your shampoo and you are done. Hence, we can say that purple shampoo or purple toner is the best solution to prevent the presence of grey tones in blonde hair. This element instantly neutralizes all kinds of brassiness from your hair.

Question: How To Fix Ashy Hair At Home?

Answer: There are many ways to fix ashy hair at home. Instead of sorting out this problem at the salon, there are some home remedies that you can follow. As an example, you can make use of a clarifying shampoo. Some experts have advised you to apply and use lemon juice. The application of lemon juice is going to adjust your toner and may help you get rid of all ashy tones from your hair.

Furthermore, you can use a color remover for the sake of completely removing and taking off all ashy traces. Rest, you can go for bleach wash so that all ash tone hints may disappear from your hair.

Question: How To Make Highlights More Golden?

Answer: If you wish to make highlights more golden, then there are tips that you can follow. Like, you can mix lemon juice with a little bit of conditioner! In addition, you can apply  vitamin C  right to your hair. Some people like to make use of a saltwater solution and apply apple cider vinegar so that they can end up getting more golden highlights. Besides, you can prepare a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and hence improve the condition of your golden highlights. Some experts have suggested applying a honey and cinnamon mask to your hair. These are a few of the solutions that make highlights more golden.

Question: How To Fix Overdone Highlights at Home?

Answer: To fix overdone highlights, some possible solutions are available for you. What you can do is to put and keep the highlighting cap back on! The next step is to start taking out a few of the thick strands. On those thick strands, you have to apply the same and exact hair dye in the form of your base color.

Dye those hair strands so that they look differentiated from light and dark highlights. This remedy and effective solution will transform your overdone highlights to look more pronounced and also subtle looking. The other way to fix and correct your overdone streaky highlights is to apply a dye in the exact color right as your base color.

Furthermore, apply this dye starting from your hair roots and then taking them to the height position of your ears. These are the effective ways and methods to fix and instantly correct your overdone highlights.

Question: How to Warm Up Ashy Hair Color?

Answer: There is an easy and simple process to warm up ashy hair. You need to understand that ashy hair needs and requires more of the warm tones factor. In addition, they need more yellows and reds to warm up their look. Avoid injecting cool tones in such ashy hair types. We have seen that warm toners and color correctors as well as glosses like that of reds and goldens are effective strategies and ways to warm up your ashy hair. There are some at-home remedies that you can follow too. Like, you can use a clarifying shampoo to immediately warm up your ashy hair tones.

Question: How to Get Blue Out of Grey Hair?

Answer: For removing and taking out the blue from grey hair, it is recommended to opt for a toning technique with some pastel orange hue. The process is to apply a little bit amount of pastel orange conditioner on your clean hair. Make sure that your hair strands are wet. Once you apply this pastel orange conditioner, then quickly and immediately rinse out your hair. You need to follow this method until and unless a blue color is gone out from your grey hair. Moreover, you can apply vibrant silver conditioners for canceling out blue tones from grey hair.


It is now time to take care of your highlights and stop turning them gray! We hope that this guide has given you enough guidance and suggestions on how to correct these highlights that have actually turned gray. You can share with us what other tips you follow!

This is an unwanted color that is not liked and not preferred by anyone. The above-mentioned solutions may ease this problem of yours. We know that gray tones do not look cool and beautiful enough. To take off them, any solution can be opted by you that are above mentioned to our readers.

It is true that the presence of gray highlights is common to occur whenever you highlight and dye your hair. And if this color does not come off naturally, then seek a possible solution for this problem. There are many color depositing shampoos and clarifying shampoo options that you can go for.

Rest, feel free to give your feedback on correcting highlights that turned out gray! You can keep in touch with us so that more informative guides on hair highlighting procedures can be shared with you.

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