How to Blend Grey Hair with Dark Brown Hair at Home? (Proper Way)

Grey blending has become one of the hottest trends these days. Those who are looking for the details on how to blend grey hair with dark brown hair at home; are at the perfect place. You can embrace this color like a pro without changing it a lot. The best way to hide and fully conceal your grey strands is to intermingle them with a dark brown shade. All this process can be done at home and for that, you have to check out the details.

We are sure that merging grey strands with dark brown shade will bring a great and impressive transitioning effect into your hair. There is no need to go to a salon to give a retouch or go for professional highlights. Simply follow this guide at home, embrace this epic trend and see how it goes!

On amalgamating your greyish roots with a dark brownish tone, this practice will give you an overall natural look. It does not make your grey roots look awkward and instead you can flaunt them with confidence. There comes lots of hair blending techniques and below we have mentioned a few of them for our readers:

How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights?

How to Disguise Grey Hair with Highlights?

If you want to get rid of grey strands and want to give them a fresh look, there are two options available in front of you. The first one is to dye them with a dark brown shade or you can go with the highlights option. Those who want to go with the dye option should get a brown dye that offers full coverage and remains to be demi-permanent.

Most importantly, the person needs to go with baby lights or she can prefer having a color sweep. Celebs like Mila Kunis have also suggested blending your greyish strands in such a manner. We have seen that baby lights will camouflage your hair in the best and most natural manner.  Choose the shade of baby lights that matches the dark brown tone.

The whole process of highlighting will manage to bring natural as well as subtle effects. The minute your grey color gets combined with the dark brown shade, the overall effect looks impressive and jaw-opening and there will be no visible color lines.

Once you have done with the highlights, make sure to give a retouch after the duration of six to eight weeks. If you will not do so, those baby lights will fade away and the grey color will become a lot more visible. There are a few of the women who prefer having highlights that come with silver reflections. In this way, your strands will end up getting a multi-dimensional effect.

The same process can be followed when it comes to blending grey hair with highlights and lowlights. You can let us know whether you like to go with lowlights or highlights while camouflaging and concealing the greyish hue.

How to Blend Gray Hair with Dark Brown Hair?

As you have come to know the process of hiding your grey hue by doing lowlights or highlights! The second solution that you can follow is to cover them with a dark brown shade. Lots of women from countries like the USA have backed this solution a lot.

If going with the dye option, you have to select a demi-permanent dye. Such a kind of management deposit the pigment naturally and also for the longest time. Demi-permanent dyes do not penetrate your hair fiber, make them look glossy and shiny and oomph your greyish hues look as well. In the same way, avoid using a permanent dye if you have planned to hide your grey strands.

Picking a demi-permanent dye will always work for such a hair type. Its application will darken up the color even more and the dye will not disappear even after weeks and weeks. In addition, such dyes remain to be ammonia-free and they are generally applied with 9-volume peroxide. Alongside, this dye category brings less harsh and aggressive effects as compared to using permanent dyes.

When choosing a dark brown shade, you have to make sure that it should match with your base shade. Try preferring a high-end coloring brand because they have more variation and range at their end. The following steps can be followed when applying a dye:

  • First of all, you have to comb your hair. Take out their middle part or divide them equally into two sections. In this way, you can see grey roots clearly.
  • Prepare the dye mixture that you want to apply. Add the color and develop cream.
  • Make sure to apply that dye only on the roots up to 2 or 3 centimeters. Wait for 30 minutes and then rinse off.

How to Hide Grey Hair with Grey Highlights?

How to Hide Grey Hair with Grey Highlights?

How about amalgamating your greyish roots with grey highlights? The whole practice will bring the coolest effect. If you do not want to amalgamate your greyish roots with a dark brown shade, you can definitely intermingle them with grey highlights. This is the best alternative that you can go for. To follow this technique, it is better to hire a professional because it seems to look comparatively complex.

Merging your greyish roots with the dark brown shade, here you apply the silver highlights. But when it comes to grey highlights, you have to carry out this process with the help of aluminum foil. It completely depends on your grey strand’s color and what kind of greyish fusion you should opt for.

We can give you a general idea that if there are whiter strands in your roots, then try having highlights consisting of silver, pearl, or platinum grey shade. Those who have darker greyish strands, can have highlights containing hues of smoke or lead grey. Some roots do have a yellowish hue in them and those women can highlight their strands with shades like greyish green, purple, or blue-grey. The below-mentioned steps are followed when hiding and blending your grey strands with greyish highlights:

  • The first step is to bleach! Follow the highlights technique while bleaching your strands. It is recommended to go with the paper technique while bleaching because this practice will help you locate the highlights with ease later on.
  • Apply the bleach mixture and wait for around and about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Once the time is passed, remove the papers. Rinse off and make an application of greyish hue dye.
  • Wait for 20 minutes and remove the dye. The process is done! You have completely blended your greyish roots with a similar shade of highlights.

How to Hide Grey Hair on Brunettes?

It gets tougher when you wish to hide your greyish roots on brunettes; however, there are lots of options that you can go for! You can either full dye them or bring a lowlight or highlighting effect on them. Below you can see further details:

Covering Grey Roots on Brunettes

Covering Grey Roots on Brunettes

If you have brunettes and you wish to hide greyish roots, you can possibly do that by opting for the full coverage option. Here you will be covering greyish roots of yours. Perform this step at the salon because you will not get desired results at home. Add highlights along with your standard root color. By doing so, the grey hue will be able to get diffused.

Blending Gray Hair with Highlights at Home

How about having highlights? Yes, you can follow this trend. Instead of covering your greyish hair with a solid color, it is better to give them a lower-maintenance look, and that you can do by highlighting them. Experts have believed that highlights get amalgamated with your greyish roots in a natural manner.

Choose the shade that is darker as compared to the natural color. It is advised to go with lowlights because they will darken your entire locks. Those who plan to go for highlights, keep in mind that they will make your locks lighter and that does not look impressive.

Thus, blend your greyish strand with highlights and end up creating a multi-tonal look. This is the most recommended way of camouflaging your unwanted greyish strands and embracing an all-around and 100% more-natural look.

Preferring the Glossing Technique on Brunettes

The trend of the glossing technique is again going higher. Do you know that lots of women who have got tired of having greyish roots, gloss their roots and conceal them with perfection? So, are you ready to go opt for this gloss treatment? You should be!

Most importantly, glosses tend to remain semi-permanent. They will fade away after some time; it means you have to retouch them after four to eight weeks. If you have glossed them on 01-01-2022, a retouch of them will be done in the last week of February. Adding a gloss will certainly soften and hydrate the texture and makes your strands immensely moisturizing and 100% shiny enough. The gloss treatment brings an impressive dimension to your whole look and successfully blends 75% of your greyish hair.

Adding Cool-Toned Highlights

Adding Cool-Toned Highlights

You will indeed love the idea of adding cool-toned highlights in your greyish strands. Yes, we are talking about embracing the idea of silver highlights. This is by far the best way of embracing your natural look of yours! Simply let your greyish strand grows naturally and pops in cool-toned highlights after each interval of time. You just have to mix in and amalgamate pieces of highlights in your greyish roots and see how lovely they will come out to be.

The cool-toned effect will accentuate and boost the look of your gray strands in a more natural avatar. Thus, this is a flexible solution that you can opt for. We have been noticing a massive shift in taste, preference, and attitude when it comes to camouflaging greyish strands. Instead of changing the whole look, women try going with some novel idea.

Maintaining and Retaining Faux Gray

For retaining the natural look. What you can do is to maintain your faux grey look of yours! Just allow your natural greyish strand to grow it used to be and avoid applying any of the highlighting and dying techniques on it.

You can keep this respective color in your strands by using good-quality shampoos and conditioners. Some like to use purple-toning shampoos. In the same way, the effective treatment in the case of lowlights for brown hair going grey, you can apply a protein treatment and prevent your lowlights from going grey.

How to Blend Gray Hair with Black Hair?

The process looks tougher and harder to accomplish if you want to blend and fully camouflage your greyish and black strands. But we have one effective and easy-to-follow solution for our readers.

You should not feel bad if you have grey roots. You can still flaunt and embrace them naturally. The least you can do is to amalgamate and fuse them with black shade. By doing so, just the silver strands will be left out and you will definitely look lovely.

You should now understand that there is no right or wrong way when treating and blending your greyish strand. You can be as much creative as you can. If you think that baby lights low and highlights, silver highlights will not look good on you, blend them with the black hue.

It all depends on your taste and preference how you approach your greyish roots. For covering these grey roots in dark colors like black shade, you can follow the below-mentioned guide.

  • Most noteworthy, you have to choose the best quality color kit that perfectly blends your greyish strand right on your dark strands. Choosing the color depends on the factor of how much grey strands you have! If you have a minimum or lower volume of grays or you wish to get a more low maintenance result, it is recommended to go with the demi-permanent color option. On opting for this, you will be able to see 50 to 80% gray coverage. In addition, your roots will get the ‘stain’ salt ’n’ pepper effect without giving you a demarcation line.
  • The next step is to start saturating your roots. Take hold of a large in size tint brush and make sure to saturate every single root of yours. Reach every layer and fully cover those grays. If you want to get more best and desired results, it is suggested to add more formula during the developing process so that rich color can come on your strands. You never know your stubborn roots need a strong formulation that is why it is advised to add more formula.
  • Rinse out the tint and apply the developing color. Wait for 15 to 25 minutes and follow this process in the presence of heat. If you are preceding it without heat, then keep the color for 40 minutes. On the other hand, if you think that your strands seem to look tougher and more resistant, you can extend the time for sure. In addition, to check the results, take the end section of a tail comb and slide the color off from your roots. If any lightness peeks through in, it means the color has penetrated into your strands.
  • Once you are done rinsing your hair, apply a gloss! In doing so, your strands will get transformed from dry to softer looking. They will definitely get a lackluster finish and enhance your greyish color naturally.

Blending Grey Hair with Balayage

Have you ever thought that is it possible to blend your greyish roots with balayage, yes, it is now possible to do! If you do not prefer the idea of block coverage, you can certainly camouflage your strands with the balayage tone. This is how you can embrace the look naturally and flawlessly. Lots of women have loved this idea because this practice masks their greyish strands with perfection.

If you will go with this technique, the light shade will come on your roots and even throughout the whole strands. The balayage technique sweeps sections of highlights and manages to blend seamlessly your greyish shade. It breaks up those grey blocks of color and makes sure that they eventually and naturally look multi-dimensional. You can see that these balayage highlights blend away and camouflage grays in the best manner.

You can cover your strands with an ash greyish shade or prefer going with the cool-toned blondes. We are certainly confident that such ideas will give you a masterpiece look. Thus, cool-toned blondes make your strands effortlessly epic looking. In addition, you can further illuminate your greyish strands look by giving them shots of silver and also ice blonde effect. No doubt, it is one of the top ways, to bring a celebrating vibe into your natural grays, how amazing it is!

Go for greyish streaks and make them as much attention-grabbing as you can. Instead of hiding them, try blending them up and embrace them like a pro. Thus, you should try making your greyish hair look natural instead of giving them an artificial look. So, are you ready to go for traditional balayage? You should be


Grays have become one of the hottest topics of the town! Now, you know and fully understood how to blend grey hair with dark brown hair at home, more details are yet to come. No doubt, dealing with grey strands and blending them, seem a harder task. You can give them a full-coverage color and some prefer going with the blending technique. In the above-mentioned details, we have told you to blend and camouflage your greyish roots with dark brown, black, brunette, and balayage shade or you can introduce highlights on them.

All these techniques will make them look subtle. In addition, these techniques are gloriously and massively low-maintenance and do not need frequent salon visits. Instead, you can embrace these processes at home. Try not to hide your greyish hair and instead enhance their look naturally.

You should not feel under-confident if you have greyish roots, that is a normal thing and you should not feel low about that! Highlighting, full coverage dye, glossing treatment, applying traditional balayage technique are some of the simple ways that illuminate your grey’s look and keep them left natural as well.

You should now get ready to transition your dull strands into the gorgeous avatar. Follow the grey blending technique and let us know your feedback on it. The current era has pushed women to move towards natural hair enhancement techniques instead of giving them an artificial vibe. So, blend the greyish hue and become part of this new movement that is all about accepting your natural hair color. Stay tuned to have more updates.

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