How Often to Retwist Locs in the Beginning? Important Details to Know

The trend of locs and dreads will never and ever fade. It is loved and much followed by African countries and even at the worldwide level. Here we are going to highlight an important piece of discussion regarding how often to retwist your locs, so let us all check out the details.

The answer is simple! Retwist locs can be washed every month and no more than every six weeks in the beginning.

There is this general rule that you should not frequently retwist your locs and avoid leaving them like this! You have to remain balanced in this twisting practice. Moreover, it is suggested to retwist your locs or dreads once a month. This is the maximum time gap that you have to follow.

If you follow this practice each day, then you may damage your locs look and your locs will not be able to hold themselves properly. For the reasons that simply retwist your locs once in a month and that is enough. It is no longer tempting and suggested to make locs often and frequently.

There is a lot more to come from these dreadlocks’ side, so keep tuned with us. We have compiled a proper piece of discussion for you. Have a look at this information. You can too share with us how often or after how much tip gap you twist your locs. For more details, check out this platform and know each and everything about locs.

Basics on Locs – The Symbol of African Identity

the basics of locs


First of all, you should know the basics of locs. They are even and at times referred to with the name of dreadlocks. Some African countries like that of Nigeria have given them the name of dreads. You can either embrace this hairstyle in the form of a fashion statement. Or you can flaunt this style just for spiritual reasons.

All in all, these locks have become the true and genuine symbol of African identity. It is just because of these locs that Africans have set themselves apart. In these dreadlocks styles, there are many variations. Like, you can go for short twists or you can have rope-like strands.

In addition, you can have thick strands. If you have decided to embrace this style, then it is a must for you to wash and retwist your locs regularly. It is once a month that this routine should be followed. Never retwist them often and always take a gap of three to four weeks.

Different Styles of locs

As we have told you that there is extensive variety of locs styles and here you can know about them. One of the common and popular locs styles is cultivated style and then we have free-form style. In addition, these free-form dreadlocks manage to grow naturally. If opting for this style, then there is no need to manipulate or retwist them. For the sake of creating and making these free-form dreadlocks, you need to wash your hair first of all. After that, dry them up all in a circular manner. The next step is to separate and divide the hair clusters. You can make this separation according to the size of your dreadlocks. Make this sectioning without taking the help of a comb.

Besides, this whole processing will end up giving you free-form locs. On the other hand, cultivated dreadlocks allow you to twist them in any manner you want to! It is up to you whether you want to make single twists or double twists or you desire to make braids. You can also adopt the easy techniques of how to train hair to go back.

How Often and Frequently to Retwist Locs?

When it comes to retwisting your locs, you have to follow a specific schedule. This same practice is backed by Afro-American male actors like Morgan Freeman. It is on a periodic basis that you can retwist your hair. Just keep your locs tight and flaunt this hairstyle perfectly and ideally. Furthermore, avoid and stop retwisting your locs too frequently and every single day. If you do so, then there is a huge risk that you may get damaged locs eventually.

You have to understand that frequent twisting just makes your locs thin and not so strong. In other words, they become vulnerable to breakage problems. Frequent retwisting just breaks your hair strands and does nothing else. Hence, if you want to re-twist your dreadlocks, then follow this practice every four weeks. Besides, as your hair will start to grow and there comes maturity vibe in them, it means you need to retwist them on minimum notes. Thick locs last longer and they do not get loosen up as well.

Readers have to digest this point that all hair types respond in a different manner. No matter, you have thick hair, there is a chance that your retwisting practice may act differently and the same is the case with thin hair! If your locs fail to hold for a longer time, then it is better to consult a hairstylist. He can guide you further on how to groom as well as treat and also retwist your locs. It is in the early stages of your locs twisting process that you have to clearly determine whether a frequent or less retwisting practice is needed!

Stages of Locs to Determine How Often you Should Retwist your Locs

Stages of Locs to Determine How Often Retwist Locs

Now, you have got to know how often to retwist your locs, here we have this more information for you. As soon as you start off with the dreadlock process, you have to remain very careful regarding when to wash and when to retwist your locs. In addition, you will see progress as soon as your locs will start to grow and become mature. Those locs who become mature, harden and grow extensively, need minimum retwisting, maintenance, and washing at their end.

It even varies and differs a lot from person to person concerning how often to retwist your locs. Your hair may get locked in a month or this whole process may take a couple of numbers of months. The first stage of creating locs is the baby or starter stage. Like, you initially get baby or starter locs. The next stage is about getting teenage locs. And the last stage is having mature locs.

Most importantly, starter locs look similar in a way like we have braids and also normal twists. Besides, they look quite fresh once they appear on your hair. The second stage hinting at teenage locs is the harden locs. These kinds of locs are fuzzy and they look much messy as well. The last stage signals at mature locs. These locs are extremely long and thick. Moreover, they are fully locked and completely lie down on your scalp. It depends on your locs formation stage that how often you should retwist them. As soon as you made a transition and shift right between teenage locs and mature locs, it means you have to re-twist your dreads much less.

When to Retwist Starter Locs or Dreads?

There is this common question that is asked by people that when they should retwist their starter locs, so here is the answer for you. You have to remain patient as soon as you get starter locs. This whole process is a bit long and length and lots of points have to be taken into consideration by you. For starter locs, you can retwist them on a month. Like, if you have retwisted them on 02-03-2021, then take four weeks gap and follow the same practice. This time period is specifically meant for those people who have starter locs. Some experts have recommended and advised to even take 6 weeks gap, but 4 weeks gap is enough and much sufficient.

If you retwist your starter locs often and too much frequently, it all means and hints that you are making them a tight and easy target of breakage. There is no need to tightly retwist your locs. Just keep them in the loose form in the initial stage. Furthermore, tight and frequent practice of retwisting hurts and immensely damages your scalp as well. The best and recommended tip is to retwist this starter locs of yours once you have washed your hair. Hence, avoid putting too much stressing effect on your locs and retwist them once a month.

How Long People Can Go without Retwisting their Locs?

We have mentioned this point to you that one should retwist their locs for one time in a month. And there is another common question that how long people can go on without retwisting their locs! If you do not retwist your locs regularly, they will look highly messy and not so professional. It is essential for you to retwist your locs once or two times a month and never leave your locs like the way they are! You have to keep them looking maximum neat. There is no point in flaunting the locs if you do not maintain and take care of them.

If you regularly retwist and wash and fully maintain your locs, it means your scalp will remain healthy too. Moreover, regularly retwisting your locks helps you prevent itchiness as well. You do not experience hair loss problems. Hence, this hairstyle is not meant for lazy ones. If you think that you are quite lazy in maintaining any hairstyle, then never and ever have locs.

Key Factors that Determine When to Retwist your Locs

Key Factors that Determine When to Retwist your Locs

There are certain key factors that help you clearly decide when to retwist your locs. We can give you a general idea in this regard. Like, how fast and speedily your hair grows and how often you wash them- these key factors decide when to retwist your locs. The details of these key factors are below-mentioned for you, check out them from here:

 1- How Fast Does your Hair Grow?

If you are wondering when to retwist your locs, then this question can be clearly answered depending on the fact of how fast, heavily, and speedily your hair grows! If your hair grows fast, it means you have to retwist your locs all at a quicker and faster rate. And if your hair grows at a slower speed, then twist them on the minimum notes. In addition, new hair growth needs more set and clear direction at their hand. That is why it is important for you to properly manage your new hair and retwist them regularly.

 2- How Often you Wash your Hair?

The frequency of retwisting your locs depends on the fact how often you wash your hair. If you have starter locs, then it is mandatory for you to wash them monthly and retwist them once a month. Besides, if you have mature locs, then you wash them after 8 weeks and the same is the retwisting gap that you have to follow. All in all, whenever you wash your locs, retwist them so that they can get back to their normal professional shape. Some people do not follow any such rules and they go with the flow. You can let us know which frequency you follow while retwisting your locs!

Do Starter Locs Bring Any Kind of Itching Once you Retwist Them?

Do Starter Locs Bring Any Kind of Itching Once you Retwist Them

Yes, starter locs do give you a little bit of itching problem once you retwist them. But you will get used to this itching problem later on and this itchiness is going to soon fade away as well. Those who retwist their starter locs and they witness itchiness too, what they can do is to use tea tree oil or peppermint oil. This is an easy solution that we have recommended to you. Moreover, the application of these oils will make your scalp smoother and you can then easily retwist your locs. Furthermore, some like to treat their itchy scalp with the help of peppermint water spray. These elements reduce the itchiness problem and you can conveniently embrace your locs.

Tips to Retwist Locs

We have collected a handful amount of tips for you with respect to retwisting your locs. You can take full guidance from these tips. And if have some more tips to be shared with us, then do let us know. People having starter locs, mature locs or teenage locs, can for sure follow these tips.

1: Making and Retwisting Locs While They Are Wet

First of all, it is paramount and important for you to make and retwist locs while they are wet. In this way, it will become super easy for you to maintain and manage them. Wet locs are convenient enough to be retwisted again and again and this process does not take much time as well. On the other hand, dry locs are tougher to retwist and the whole process becomes lengthy too.

 2: Washing Locs with Little Amount of Shampoo

Next, you should wash your locs with little amount of shampoo before you plan to retwist them. Your scalp and hair has to look completely clean. If your scalp is itchy and oily and you have to wash your hair, then there is no point of retwisting your locs. Furthermore, take a little amount of shampoo and avoid taking the excessive content of it. Using too much shampoo will make your locs look oily enough.

 3: Avoid Blow-Drying your Washed Locs and Let Them Air Dry

Once you have washed your locs, you need to air dry them and never and ever blow dry them. Just towel dry them up and later on you can retwist them. If you blow-dry your locs, then there is a high chance that your locs will get instantly damaged as you have to know very well, how many watts does a hair dryer use. The simple and smart technique is to dry your locs with a simple plain towel and that is it!

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

  • How long should you wait for a retwist?

One month is the maximum gap that let the person to wait and then he can retwist his locks. Rest, you can go for this practice after 6 weeks gap as well. Normally and on average basis, it is recommended to retwist your locs once a month and that is the sensible gap period that all of you should follow. In addition, never retwist your locs before one month. This practice will make your locs too tight and they will lose their original charm and vibe for sure. So, once in a month you can be retwisting your locs and your hair will look fine for sure.

  • Do you have to retwist locs after every wash?

After every wash, if you start to notice that your locs have become loose, then you can retwist them. Otherwise, there is no need to do so! There are a few of the people out there who always retwist their locs after every wash and some avoid this practice. So, it is totally up to you! We can give you the advice that if your locs are not looking fine and you want to make them look more professional, then it is better to retwist these dreads after each and every wash.

  • What happens when you stop retwisting dreads?

When a person stops this practice of retwisting his locs, then his locs start to appear in the loosen and not so tight form. In addition, your roots portion gets unlock and your locs become eventually tough to manage. There is no point and purpose of keeping the locs if you are not retwisting them regularly. So, always retwist your locs once a month because this is a needed and mandatory practice for keeping the original feel and vibe of this style.

  • Is it better to retwist dreads wet or dry?

For getting best and consistent results while retwisting your locs, it is better to make them while they are wet. In this way, it gets seamless for you to manage your hair. On the other hand, some like to retwist their locs when they are properly and wholly dry. They are of this belief that dry locs becomes thick and hence end up giving you much well-defined locs. Hence, the choice is up to you whether you feel like retwisting your locs wet or dry.

  • Do dreads pull your hairline back?

Yes, locs do pull your hairline back. Most people have come across this major problem that locs have given them receding hairline. If you ready to embrace this hairstyle, then there is a massive chance that your hairline will be pulled back, so get ready to face this situation. Moreover, if you are already facing a hair loss problem and you are interested in having locs, then this practice will further speed up the receding hairline issue.


If you want to explore more of the details on how often to retwist locs, then keep tuned with us. Check out this respective platform and get all the needed details on locs, and tips to retwist then. And we have mentioned this point again and again in this piece of writing that you should retwist your locs once a month only and not more than that!

The repercussions and consequences that you face while frequently retwisting your locs are so much damaging. So, just retwist them one time a month and do not exceed this limit at all. Besides, feel free to convey to us how you carry this hairstyle and what retwisting techniques and tips you actually follow at your end.

For more knowledge on this topic, always stay with us. All in all, retwisting locs frequency depends on the fact of your hair growth speed, how often you wash them and at what stage your locs are present!

Lastly, stop retwisting them every single day, this may bring potential damage to them. Maintaining these locs is quite easy, you just have to understand the science hidden in them. Sooner, more of the locs updates and the latest trends in dreadlocks will be shared with you over here.

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