How Often Can I Tone My Brassy Hair?

You have got the ideal color, this is what you have always wanted, now what? After you return from the salon the whole world praised your color but it all seems to be fading after a few weeks. Reason? The brassy hair! Well here’s the question, how often you can tone your brassy hair?

You can tone your brassy hair every 6 to 8 weeks. A gap of 6 weeks or 8 is enough to use toner to neutralize the brassy strands. The toner when used after a decent gap is going to provide a healthier and shinier look to the hair.

Toners give you desirable shades once you use them in a way that is right for your hair. you know your hair and you know what is right for them. Take an opinion from your stylist to make sure you are not making the situation worse. Toners if used too frequently will dehydrate your hair. Once dehydrated your hair color is going to look bushy. No one would want that! Owie!

The toners from the best companies can help make your hair look natural, but be careful when you use them more often as they can be damaging and unpredictable. Without a doubt, the toners are useful products but the results can be a bit up in the air at times. This article is full of responses to queries regarding toner and its usage. This will also tell you how after every wash the colors change the shades and how to use toners to help solve the shade riddle. Gear up!

How long do you leave the toner on brassy hair?

How long do you leave toner on brassy hair

If you apply the toners how long you must wait? No more than 45 minutes, each brand has its time mentioned. It varies from brand to brand, and mainly depends on the intensity of the brassiness. The toner must be mixed with the developer in an appropriate ratio. Use the brush that is provided with the product. Apply gently on the areas where required.

Each company has the time period mentioned on the toner, the toner must not be kept longer than it’s mentioned as the toners are full of chemicals. The results can change with every wash sometimes. To be very safe follow the instructions on the product after reading carefully. Better safe than sorry!

Can I tone my hair again the next day?

In some cases the brassiness and shade did not get neutralized can you tone your hair again the very next day? Wait, after you have applied the toner you must wait for at least 2 or 3 days to be safe. Toners are recommended to be applied with a gap of 3 or 5 weeks at least. After dyeing your hair, when the color has set its shade, you must wait for the hair to feel normal again. The sprouting of patience is sweet!

The toners are full of chemicals that can harm your hair. Therefore to get the desired results you must not apply the toner straight away. Do not over-chemical your scalp so that it gets weakened. The longer you wait the better the hair will tolerate more chemicals.

Do not wait till the color has faded completely though!

Can you tone wet hair?

Toner can be applied on wet hair? No, wait till your hair is nearly dry. The hair can absorb liquid by one-third of its weight. Once they have absorbed what they nothing else could work more efficiently. You can wait for your hair to be just damp if you want to use toners. For better results apply toner on hair that is neither fully dry nor fully damp. Moderation is the key!

You don’t want the toner to slip off the hair, do you?

The results will be better if the toner is applied to clean hair that is not soaking wet to the point that the toner becomes excessively diluted. This will cause you to do the hair toning all over again. More time, more money it will take. Watch out!

Pros and Cons of using toners.

The hair industry is always changing. Science and tech are helping companies and researchers to change formulas making them better and best. We have many eye-catching options in front of us when it comes to hair products. When it comes to toning the hair we need to be careful. Just like other products, there are certain advantages and disadvantages for toners too. Here you will get to see both pros and cons together.


Presenting you with the benefits first!

  • The toners are used to add a natural tone to your shade.
  • A healthy and fresh look can be achieved by using hair toners.
  • Toner helps you get rid of the brassy hair and neutralize them.
  • The toner gives a good finish to your hair overall. It smoothers your hair.
  • Toners are the midway between dyeing your hair. You will not have to dye the hair again in case of brassiness.
  • It is like personalizing your hair color at home with your own hands. By applying it to the required area you can change your shade in your own way.
  • With toning comes moisturization, the moisture will automatically help your hair to shine bright like a diamond. Use a hair mask for this purpose.


When it comes to pros the cons are always there.

  • The toners are to be used very carefully. If you do not apply according to the instructions the results will be the opposite of what you demand.
  • Toners will not always have the desired results. Perhaps the shade was fixed in the first go and gets all ruined in the second. This is because every wash gives you different effects. Surprise, surprise!
  • Careful with the gap you give between the toning as the toner can dehydrate your hair.
  • You would not be able to wash the hair more often as this harms the toning and the color. Not a good idea to not wash the scalp in greasy summer.


The brassy hair can be toned after 6 weeks or 8 Weeks. This gap is suggested to maintain a safe distance as you do not want to ruin the texture of your hair with constant toning. The toners are best when you want to end those warm strands in your hair. In order to protect your hair color toning is inevitable. The effects may vary with time and company but if you carefully read the instructions on the pack it will save you time. The toning must not be done frequently but a hair mask can be used to moisturize your hair. Beware while handling toner at home.

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