How Many Watts Does a Hair Dryer Use?

We know that many of you might not have an exact answer to the question regarding how many watts a hairdryer use does! So, in this post, you can sort out your ambiguities. We have mentioned a properly packed answer for you.

A hairdryer is an important and essential hairstyling tool. It needs to be of high quality and should run on the proper wattage stats. Furthermore, there are various kinds of hair dryers that run on varied wattages and made for different hair types.

It depends on your hairdryer wattage power that how much electric energy is going to be consumed by it. Moreover, you should be keeping in mind the electrical safety aspect when buying a hairdryer.

So, let us all jump on the exact piece of discussion and see how many watts hair dryers do use. If you have any questions during this whole phase of discussion, then feel free to ask. One should have a clear idea about the hair dryer wattage limit and the outlet’s wattage limit.

And there is also this myth that the higher the wattage hair dryer use, it means the faster you will be able to dry your hair. In this same platform, we are going to reveal the details of this myth and get to know whether it is correct or not.

Now, you can see the details:

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What is Watt?

what wattage is a hair dryer

You might be wondering what is watt? Here you can easily know about it. All readers should have a complete understanding of watt before they jump on to the point concerning how many watts their hairdryer does use! Watt is abbreviated as W. This is marked and recognized as a unit of measurement of power.

With this phrase, if we are saying that how much watts are consumed by hairdryers, it means we are trying to say that how much amount of power is consumed by this hairstyling appliance.

Before you plan to buy and invest in any hairdryer, you need to have a look at that electronic product’s specs chart. It is on this chart that you can have a clear idea of its power consumption range. In addition, the chart shows details like rated power. And this box will tell you the exact information.

Hairdryers are of various and numerous rated power ranges. Like, it means different if you get a hairdryer of 1600 watts and it entirely means different if you invest in a hairdryer of 2000 watts.

There is this rule that the higher wattage power possessed by a hairdryer means it will be consuming more electric power. We can give you an example in this regard. Like, if you have bought a hairdryer that is 1,600 watts. It all means and signifies that its average power consumption on per hour basis is going to be 1,600 watts or you can say that it is 1.6kWh.

Experts have said so that if your hair dryers consume 1600 watts of power on per hour range, then it means the user has to pay around and about $0.25 for an hour. But this price range differs from one country to another. In other words, the electricity cost range differs in America and will show some other stats in Asian countries.

How Many Watts Does a Dryer Use?

How Many Watts Does a Dryer Use

There are many people out there and even celebs like Sandra Bullock who possess this belief that hair dryers use a lot of electricity and increase our bills. But this is not always true. You need to understand the complete and hidden phenomenon that hair dryers of how much watts consume how much power and how this whole process impact your energy bills!

If you are uncertain and unsure that how much power is consumed by your hairdryer, then this aspect even depends on the fact of your chosen brand. Different brands offer different hair dryers showing different watt ranges.

Most importantly, if you plan to get a hairdryer for home and day-to-day use and not for professional use, then the range of watts embossed in that average hairdryer is going to be between 750 – 2,500 watts. Furthermore, for those who want to get a hairdryer for wholly and entirely professional use, it is advised to get a hairdryer that can well reach up to 3,500 watts.

How Many Amps Does a Hairdryer Use? (Different Methods to find out)

How Many Amps Does a Hairdryer Use

So, yes, there are lots of ways with the help of them you can know how many watts your respective hair dryer uses. You can surely follow these methods and processes for the sake of knowing the wattage of your hairdryer. It is right there on the packaging box that this respective information is written and embossed.

You can have a look at your hairdryer label and instantly get to know about its wattage range. In addition, it is on the box of that dryer body that a label is printed and injected and this label informs you about the wattage of your hair dryers.

Besides, you can seek and find out this same information from the Instruction manual that comes along with the hairdryer package. Some people do not show any interest in reading that lengthy document, instead they Google this whole set of information.

Users simply enter their hairdryer model number on Google and get to be informed about its wattage power range. This is a quick and simple way to grab this information. You can extract this similar information by writing down the details on Amazon and quickly know about your product’s detailed specs.

There is this wattage measure tool as well to know how much watts are consumed by a hairdryer. However, this is not a recommended and suggested method at all, so avoid following it. Beyond, with the help of a multi-meter, you can perform this same job. Through this method, the person can easily measure the power consumption range of his hairdryer. Keep in mind that you should only follow this method if you are good and stable enough in handling electricity, otherwise, refrain from following this method.

Popular Brands and their Hair Dryers’ Wattage

Giving you quick reference details, we have mentioned some popular brand options for you and through this listing, you can have an idea of how many wattages of hairdryers are offered by them!

  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryers, their hair dryers are usually and generally of 1,600 watts
  • Remington D3190 Hair Dryer, we have seen that their hairstyling appliance is of around and about 1,879 watts.
  • The wattage range shown by CONAIR INFINITIPRO Hair Dryer is 1875 watts.
  • BIO IONIC Goldpro Hair Dryer wattage range is approximately 1875 watts.
  • BaBylissPROCeramixXtreme Hair Drye offer a watt range of up to 2,000 watts
  • Lastly, we have Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer &Styler and it runs up t1,000 watts

Do Higher Wattages Means Better Hair Dryer?

Many individuals have started to believe that higher wattages all and completely mean better and high-end hair dryers, is this all true? Here we will check out that! The selection process when choosing a hairdryer all depends on the fact and aspect that how high and low the wattage is!

This one is a wrong myth that higher wattages mean better and high-quality hair dryers. You should stop believing in this myth now. No matter, you have got a higher wattage hairdryer, it does not mean that you have ended up buying a high-end and top-notch quality hairdryer.

Most importantly, it is critical to understand that hair dryer that comes with a high wattage, it means they tend to be hotter as compared to hair dryers having low wattages.

It is seen that the hair dryer surrounded and encompassed by higher watts manages to produce more of the heat content. Furthermore, such hair dryers have more potential and a tendency to dry your hair on quick and fast notes. However, there are lots of cheap and sub-standard hair dryers that consume loads and massive amounts of power and they fail to meet and get a match with the performance standards as well.

On the same note, you have to comprehend those hairdryers injected with higher wattage, it even means that they have more radiation. We all know that the use of hairdryers causes and brings out the element of EMF radiation(Electromagnetic radiation). If you have end up buying a blow dryer that comes along with higher wattage, it means it will bring and cause more of the stronger radiation. This processing will be largely and extensively witnessed when turning on and turn off such hair dryers.

And the next aspect is that if a hairdryer is using and availing higher watts, it instantly and simply means that more power and electricity will be consumed. More watts used by a hairdryer, the more energy it will consume.

Lastly, those people using a hairdryer having high and maximum wattage, have to be careful and attentive when using such dryers. If the dryer wattage exceeds and surpasses the socket limit, then trouble will happen for sure.

Like, if your dryer uses more than and over 2000 watts, then it is important for you to check and verify your socket limit as well. If the socket limit cannot tolerate more than 2000 watts, it means avoiding using and connecting that hair dryer in that socket. Thus, if you will keep in mind this aspect, then you will be facing potential hazards at your end. This incompatibility may catch fire and also shall bring Immeasurable loss for you.

How Many Watts Does a Hair Dryer Use Per Hour?

This is an absolute fact that be it hair dryers or blow dryers, they are essential and one of the popular choices when styling your hair. But this styling tool does consume electricity and amplify your energy bills at the same time. If you check out the power rating label of your hairdryer product, then you can know how much maximum wattage it needs and how much power it consumes.

The typical wattage range of a hairdryer falls in between from 800 to 1800 watts. It depends on the model of your hair dryer that how much energy it will use. Furthermore, this energy consumption depends on the fact which hairdryer setting you are using.

Like, if you are using a hairdryer on unheated air mode, then it will be using low as 70 watts of power. And if you are utilizing a hairdryer on high heat mode, then you should know that it consumes around 1500 watts on typical and average notes. When I bought my hairdryer on 15-02-2021, I quickly looked at its label to gather and comprehend all of this information.

In order to know about the energy consumption range of your hairdryer, you can follow this method. Like, if your dryer makes use of 1500 watts and you use that hairdryer for around and about 10 minutes, it means the total energy cost will be $0.10 per kWh.

Keep in mind that if you use a hairdryer on a daily basis for a shorter span, then this practice will not be using too much energy and power. However, the extended and prolonged use of blow dryers increases your electricity bills. It is better and advised to use a hairdryer on low heat mode. This practice will not damage your heart and will also reduce your electricity bill.

Hair Type and Hair Dryer Wattages

The specific wattage range is there for a specific hair type! If you want to further explore this area, then have a look at the below-written details for your guidance! You need to choose and select that hair dryer that well matches and shows compatibility with your hair type.

Like, if your natural hair texture is extremely curly and coily, then it is recommended to have a hairdryer that runs and operates with ceramic technology. Look for the dryer option that gives out gentle as well as non-damaging heat.

For fine hair, it is better and suggested to have a hair dryer that does not run at high speeds as well as at high temperatures. In this regard, you can end up having tourmaline dryers. They are an ideal pick for fine hair people as these dryers are non-damaging.

Furthermore, for those who have thin hair, it is advised to blow dry their hair on low power notes. In other words, you should run that dryer on low heat for the sake of preventing damage.

It is true that blow-drying thick and coarse hair texture is really a tough and tiring job. So, to dry such hair type, you should get a hairdryer that runs on the powerful and maximum wattage. It should be stronger enough to dry your thick and coarse hair quickly. We have noticed that wattage of more than 2000W is sufficient and ideal for a faster hair drying job.

Moving to curly hair type, it is recommended to pick out a hairdryer that comes along with diffuser attachments. With such an attachment, you can deliver and give out 360-degree airflow to your hair.

Then we have the frizzy hair category! The ideal hair dryer type for this hair texture is to choose one that comes with infrared heat and negative ions, and it should also be installed with a high wattage motor.

Lastly, shop for a hairdryer that is packed with multiple setting options if you have already damaged hair1 Moreover, that dryer should run on the high wattage.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers 

Question: How many amps does a hair dryer need?

Hair dryer needs 15 amps and this is the maximum wattage level that is required and needed by a hairdryer. On the other hand, there are lots of hair dryers that need around and about 1,875 watts. It means that they need 15 amps of power. We have seen that the old hairdryer models consume around and about 15 – 20 amps. And the recent and latest models consume and use up to 30 amps.

Hence, hairdryers are super and extremely powerful. But they are energy unfriendly too. They use a lot of energy, power, and amps.

Question: How many volts does a hair dryer use?

There is a power rating label that is usually and generally indicated on the hairdryer product packaging. So, you can grab this information from there. All in all, this range falls in between from 800 to 1800 watts when you use a hairdryer on low. Moreover, this energy use range depends on the situation in which dryer mode you are currently using. Like the unheated air use low watts and it is generally up to 70 watts.

Question: How many watts is a good hair dryer?

A good and high-quality hairdryer is generally and commonly of 1800 watts. It is always recommended to get and pick out a dryer that should not be less than 1800 watts of power. For professional usage, you can go and have a hair dryer that shows up to 3600 watts. Hence, it is advised to have the hair dryer model that is of 1800-1875 watts as suggested by lots of celebrity hairstylists and also professional makeup artists.

Question: What is the lowest wattage hair dryer?

The best and high end lowest wattage hair dryer options are as follows:

  • BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Travel dryer.
  • Dyson Supersonics hair dryer.
  • Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer.
  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer.
  • BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer.
  • Panasonic LowNoise Ionity Hair Dryer.

Question: Why do hair dryers use so much power?

There is this commonly prevailed belief that hair dryers use so much power. This is actually true and correct! As hair dryers produce heat, it is for this main reason that they consume a lot of electricity and use so much power. The phenomenon exists in a manner that if you use a hairdryer for a shorter time period, then less power is consumed. And if used for a time frame of hours and hours, it means more power will be used and consumed by your hairdryer.

Question: How many amps does a 1500 watt hair dryer pull?

12.5 amps are pulled by a 1500 watt hair dryer. This calculation is done and processed by dividing 1,500 watts and 120 volts and then you get the answer of 12.5 amps. We have noticed that these are the maximum amps that are drawn and pulled out by a hair dryer. No matter you are running and operating the hair dryer on the maximum heat mode, 12.5 amps are going to be pulled and extracted from that model.

Question: How much does it cost to run a 1200 watt hair dryer?

If you have got a 1200 watt hair dryer, then its running cost will be 12 cents per hour. This price may vary and fluctuate from country to country. It depends on your electricity unit cost as well that how much would be the cost to run and operate a 1200 watt hairdryer. Moreover, it takes around and about 1200 watts for any hair dryer to function for 1 hour. It means that you will be needing 600 watts for 30 minutes. So, multiplying this whole usage by days in a year, one has to pay $26.92 per year with respect to hairdryer usage.


So, yes, all information is given to you! If you still have any queries on the wattage and power consumption range of the hairdryer, let us know any time. This is the detailed explanation that we have collected for you. Furthermore, now you have understood the fact how this wattage element mainly and generally affects a hairdryer.

If you love to blow dry your hair and you want to invest your money in buying a good quality hairdryer, then always get a reliable model for you. Do your complete homework and research beforehand and then decide what kind of hair dryer you should have!

You can even ask a stylist that you have got this kind of hair texture, so which hairdryer and how much wattage range will be compatible with it!

Instead of limiting yourself to just a few of the brands, there are certain factors that you have to keep in mind when buying a hairdryer and we hope that the above discussion has solved your ambiguities. Keep in touch with us and be informed about more interesting information on hair dryers.

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