How Long To Wait To Highlight Hair After Coloring It?

It is great fun to color and highlights your hair. Women all over the world love to dye their hair in varied shades. They like to look stylish and versatile. There are thousands of ways and techniques to dye your hair. But doing hair highlights is something very attractive. It has a spark and life that adds energy to a woman’s life. Even guys are now coming towards dying and changing the shades of their hair. They also like to dye their hair and style them differently. This trend is spreading like fire in a jungle.

All is set! But what about hair care? If you have done coloring your hair and want to get them highlighted, you have to wait for a while. If you possess strong and healthy hair and want to highlight them, you can go for it. But a gap of a minimum of one week is necessary to give your hair cuticle to come back to its original state. Many people complain that their hair has started to go rough ad brittle instantly after getting highlights. The question “how long to wait to highlight hair after coloring it?” is resounding everywhere these days. The reason is quite simple that we don’t wait a bit after getting our hair color and then moving to highlights. It can be damaging for our hair in the long run. We have to make it our routine to care for our hair if we want to look trendy with healthy hair.

Can I Put Highlights In My Hair After I Dye It?

Can I Put Highlights In My Hair After I Dye It?

Diversity is necessary for a balanced life. It adds passion and enthusiasm to our life. The spark of getting your hair color in different shades makes you happy and contented. And if the case is of highlighting your hair, it’s a blessing in disguise. Highlighting your hair in light or dark shades makes you feel like a celebrity. We know the history of getting hair highlighted comes far back from centuries. Even ancient Greeks highlighted their hair with the help of olive oil, ointments, and gold flakes. But in 1900 it started in our modern era to highlight our hair regularly. And now it has become the most vibrant trend.

People have some concerns about the health and care of their hair as dying and highlighting hair at the same time can be damaging for your hair. Furthermore, they are also confused about, should they dye hair twice a week or not. So, they need to get a complete guide from some expert stylist and hair specialist that whether they can put highlights in their hair after dying it.

Coloring your hair is a complete process in which bleaches and ammonia are used. In this process, your hair roots and cuticle accept a change along with all these chemicals. These artificial colors and fragrances are damage to your hair. So you have to do a lot of hair care after getting your hair colored. If you want to highlight your hair instantly after coloring, it can be done with the help of an expert or even at home. But you should be quite confident about the nature of your hair.

Highlighting your hair means you are going to decolor your hair with the help of bleach and a developer. Both these ingredients act fast to make your hair colorless. It means it can snatch the strength of your hair too. So the hair that is already weak enough by the use of ammonia and artificial color and fragrance, can get severe damage. Ammonia instantly changes the structure of the hair by lifting the cuticles and peroxides take away the original pigment of your hair.

If our hair is healthy and strong and we are too confident about them, still we should not risk them by highlighting them instantly. To wait for a minimum of one week can help our hair cuticle go back their position and our hair will start its normal activity. During the whole period, we should provide our hair with all essential nutrients including vitamins so that they can speed up their recovery. Your hair needs a deep conditioning process to get its structure back. Otherwise, the hair will become rough, dry, and straw-like lifeless.

How to Highlights Your Hair Perfectly Without Damage?

It is human instinct to look up-to-date and trendy. This instinct makes him/her adopt different fashions. Hair dying or highlighting is very common these days. We love to get appreciation from our friends and family for our new look. We can get highlights to hide our grey hair. When we get bored of our same hairstyle and look, we have to get a change. The change may occur by dying our hair in an entirely different shade or by giving them some highlights.

But dying your hair in a lighter tone is an art in itself. If we choose an entirely different and unique shade than our natural hair color, it will take too much time and careful decoloring. But a wrong selection of shade can damage your whole personality by ruining the highlights.  It can also be a case when you how urgency in highlighting your hair instantly after doing a light color dye. If we make the mistake of going two or three shades lighter than our base shade, it will not give the desired results as you want it. So instead of getting a good blonde shade, you can get an odd brass shade that is enough to make you disappointed and hesitant to move in with friends.

It Is a bad Thing to Do Multiple Dying at the Same Time?

Don’t rush to look like Halle Berry or Olivia Munn with their perfect blonde highlights! Just wait a while and don’t try to mix two entirely different processes at the same time. In the first process, you have to dye your hair in your color or a different shade. It needs to use many chemical ingredients including ammonia and developers. They make your hair follicles uprooted and disturbed. The process needs patience to get the desired results.

On the other hand, doing highlights just after dying has a chance not to give you the desired results. It may happen to destroy the color scheme you desire to get. Instead, an unwanted streak is waiting for you. All this can make you frustrated and disturbed. So to avoid this kind of frustration, you need to be patient and wait at least one week to get the best results.

Similarly, there are options that whether you will do your highlights at home or take this task to an expert stylist. It needs to be more concerned and thoughtful if you want to get your hair highlighted one after the other. Both these processes are interlinked by multiple processes that require time and patience.

Getting the Multiple Processes at Saloon

If you have made your mind to get your hair color and highlights at the same time, you need to move to a well-known hairstylist. The hairstylist will firstly inform you about:

  • The nature of your hair
  • The color that may suit your personality and facial features
  • You are going to wait for the second process for some time or not
  • Your hair needs some kind of deep conditioning for better results
  • Your hair needs some trimming and treatment after your coloring process

All these important points can change your mind or either or you can get both the processes at the same time.  By going and consulting a specialist stylist, the chances of damage will be lessened. If there is a gap between the two procedures, you should visit the same stylist next time. By knowing your hair history, he will work accordingly.

Getting the Multiple Processes at Home

Getting the Multiple Processes at Home

If someone thinks himself/herself too good to color and highlight his hair at home, then it is a great thing. But it needs complete expertise. Mere experimenting with no observation can ruin your hair. There are thousands of brands available in the market and people color their hair at home nicely. But doing the multiple processes at the same time will be a risk. You need to:

  • Choose the most popular and authentic color brand
  • Never jump from light to darker or from dark to lighter.
  • Choose one step lighter or alternate highlight color that if your experiment goes wrong, you will not bear much damage
  • Read the instructions quite carefully while preparing the mixture
  • Give proper time to coloring and then wash hair properly
  • Apply some hair care products or any conditioners to soothe your hair and getting them ready for the next procedure
  • Never try to add or lessen the described proportion otherwise the result will be harmful

If you follow the instructions then I hope that you can get good highlights at home without any risk. But make your mind that doing the highlights instantly after coloring will damage the hair and make them rough, dull, and dry. You need to trim them after some intervals so that the split ends and brittle ends may remove. Similarly, hair conditioning can save your hair from further damage.

Things to Do Getting Perfect Highlights

When you have decided to go for highlights instantly after doing the color, you should have to be a little careful. If you don’t care for the hair during or after getting the hair highlighted, you can suffer from severe hair damage and loss. There are some key points to avoid such consequences.

Go For Different Techniques and Types of Highlights

It is a fact that foils are great things to get your hair highlighted. But it has become an old-fashioned thing. It gives you the same results as ever. If you want to get some special change, there are other methods of getting highlights. Balayage and painted highlights are getting trendy these days. These types of hair highlights will have a positive impact on your personality. It may give you the energy to feel the beauties of life more closely. In Balayage, some of the roots may not get colored. But it’s not a big deal. So to avoid monotony, one should choose balayage or painted highlights.

Don’t Bleach Lighter Blondes at First

Don’t Bleach Lighter Blondes at First

It’s true blondes look cool than any other color. All other colors can be temporary but blondes have a permanent impact. But if you have dark hair color, then avoid going to lighter blondes. Try a darker shade of blonde for the first time. It will give the best results otherwise you can have to face the worse effects of going to lighter tones.

Your Base Color Is Too Important

Consider the base color of your hair if you want your desired results. Simply, you have to choose from darker to lighter. If you have a reddish base and you go for blonde highlights, its result will be an orange brassy look. It is not good to go entirely against your base color. So we have to consider it first.

Choose the Right Shades Of Blondes

Everyone knows his skin type and the color of his skin. We have to decide our hair color and the highlights according to our skin tone.  A fair-skinned girl can go for lighter blondes while a dark-skinned girl should choose a dark shade of blonde. Choosing the opposite can hurt your personality and instead of looking cool; you can damage your looks.

Make Things Clear With Your Stylist

Many of us face hair coloring issues or failure in getting perfect highlights just because of a lack of knowledge. Before going for any kind of highlights, we should inquire our stylist about the details of color and what should suit our hair and personality. Instead of arguing on the environment or pricing, your question should be about the time, hair type, shades, and the gap between the two processes. It will help you get better highlights.

You Need to Deep Condition Your Hair Between Coloring and Bleaching

You Need to Deep Condition Your Hair Between Coloring and Bleaching

It is a good thing if you get some deep conditioning before getting your hair highlighted. If it is decided that you are going with coloring and highlights one after the other, then you must have a deep condition to your hair necessarily. It will lessen the damage to a great extent. It will get your hair follicles a bit closed and related to their normal position.

Whether it is not a wise choice to do highlights after coloring instantly, but considering all the above-mentioned things and follow them the right way, we will get a nicer and prettier highlight as well the damage will lessen.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Question: Can I highlight my hair after dying it brown?

Answer: If you have dyed your hair in brown or any other dark shades, you have to wait for some time to get them highlighted. Getting your hair highlighted with dark base color like brown is not a big deal. The real thing is to get that color to settle for a while. That’s why if you give your brown hair a minimum three weeks gap, then you can find a better result. Similarly, dark coloring needs extra time to make your hair follicles relaxed and well-positioned. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your hair roots.

Question: Can I wet my hair after coloring?

Answer: Yeah! You can wet and wash your hair after coloring it but need to wait for some time. It will be great to let them dry for at least 72 hours. By doing so, you can get the best results of your hair color as well as highlights. In this period the hair follicles will settle down and the will capture the color to their full. In this way, your base color and highlights will last for a good interval of time.

Question: After coloring hair how long wait to wash?

Answer: A minimum of 72 hours is compulsory to give your hair a proper wash. If we shampoo our hair before passing 72 hours, our hair will not pick the original color and can fade out. Similarly, if we give our dyed hair its full-time period, its follicles and roots will get relaxed and capture the true color. All the hairstylists advise their clients to wash their hair after 72 hours. We should accordingly as it is better for our hair health and also for their good dying experience.

Question: Can you dye your hair and add highlights at the same time?

Answer: If you want to do hair coloring and highlighting at the same time, you can go for it too. But the thing you have to do is to separate the hair locks that you want to highlight from the rest of the hair. It can only be done with the help of a foiling sheet. You need to cover the hair locks you want to highlight. Then dye the rest of your hair with the help of an applicator. Ten we should start bleaching and highlighting the covered sections of hair to our desired shades. The procedure is a little bit difficult but not impossible.

Question: Why do salons wash your hair after coloring?

Answer: Normally salons don’t wash your hair after getting them colored. They wait for at least r8 hours to do other treatments. They recommend their clients not to wash their hair until the next meeting. But if there is multiple processing on the same day, they have to wash their hair to remove the remains of color. But they don’t use shampoo in doing so. Only lukewarm or freshwater is enough to wash your hair for the next step. Waiting for a particular time can make your hair color stay for some time.

Question: How long should you wait to use purple shampoo after dying hair?

Answer: It is wrong to use purple shampoo instantly after dying your hair. You have to wait for a maximum of 72 hours to use any shampoo whether purple or any other. Using purple shampoo can maintain your hair color for some more time but it doesn’t mean to use it all the time. If you shampoo your hair with purple shampoo, it can change the original color of your blondes. You can use purple shampoo after every month for better results.


Ok, guys! What a fruitful debate on hair coloring and highlighting! After this discussion, it has become easy for us to understand that how long to wait to highlight after coloring your hair. Coloring and highlighting are a science. It should be treated in its ways. If we try to handle coloring and highlighting according to our choice, it can be a severe hair issue for us.

We know that hair is one of the most care-demanding parts of our personality. It can be adorned by doing different style, making various cuts, and coloring it differently. All this needs our full attention and care.

Similarly highlighting our hair immediately after coloring is possible if we have healthy hair. But still, we should have to follow the proper hair care before and after trying to highlight our hair by multiple processes.

Another most important thing is the choice of color. We have to choose sensibly and wisely according to our complexion and personality. We need to go for nearer most shades for better results. If we act upon these steps, we can get the sensation of a fully highlights hair like that of Serina Williams.

Allice Smith

Allice Smith is a hair care lover when she was a teenager. Her major was a beauty when she was in college. She is a makeup artist. Now she is also a writer for our website. She writes a lot of haircare posts with very actionable tips.

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