How Long Does Manic Panic Last?

Multiple girls have asked this question from us, how long does Manic Panic last! So, let us check out the answer!

The Manic Panic dye lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. On the other hand, some of its dyes last longer and some washed out quickly. It depends on your hair length, texture, kind of shampoo, and conditioner you use which determines how long the color will last.

If you have planned to use the Manic Panic dye, you must read out these details to know which color lasts longer and which fades away in one wash:

How Long Do Manic Panic Dyes Last? Important Details to Consider!

manic panic on dark hair

Experts have come up with many factors which determine how long the color will stay:

Bleaching makes the dye long-lasting

It is believed by the colorists from countries like Ireland that bleaching makes the color last longer. Bleach absorbs the color more and more and hence increases its lifespan. If you have not bleached your strands before coloring them, the colorant will not be much fade-resistant.

The dark color lasts longer

Even celebs like Jennifer Aniston have backed the fact that dark colors last longer as compared to the lighter colored dyes. In the dark tone category, we have reds, purples, and also greens. And in the lighter tones, we have blues, grays, as well as pinks. There is this general assumption that dark colors are pigmented and stronger. They remain 100% fade-resistant and are not easy to remove in one go.

Frequent washing prevents the dye to last longer

Some girls have this habit of frequently washing their hair and in doing so, the dye fails to remain longer. If you have colored hair, you must not wash them often. Experts have advised using color protectant shampoos so that the dye does not bleed and fade away.

The thickness and growth rate of your hair let the dye last longer

Alongside, it is assumed that the thickness, rich texture, and growth of your hair push the color to remain longer. If the strands are not rough and dryad look hydrated and moisturized, the shade will remain intact for a maximum number of weeks.

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Which Manic Panic Dyes Do Not Last Longer?

The light colors and pastels do not survive longer. Suppose you have picked this brand and you have picked their lighter tone category, all those colors will fade away quickly. Under this category, you will have silver stiletto, amethyst ashes, blue angel, sunshine, creamsicle, and a sea nymph. Let me also share you video from youtube for your better understanding.

So, the lighter colors fade away and get removed from your strands after 4 weeks. If you apply a lighter tone on 03-04-2022, it will be washed away after four weeks. The same results will happen if you have picked the pastel tone.

Which Manic Panic Dyes Last Longer?

The intense colors of this brand last longer. Here you will have mystic heather, rockabilly blue, after midnight, smoke screen, green envy, and cotton candy tones. These are the stronger colored tones. They are packed with intense pigmentation and last longer. Note that these colors last for 6 to 8 weeks because they are more fade-resistant.

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How To Make The Manic Panic Dye Last Longer?

how long does manic panic last on brown hair

If you want to keep the dye surviving for a sufficient number of weeks, you can follow these tips:

  • Keep the dye for 1 to 3 hours and not for 30 minutes

Yes, that is a strong and valuable tip that you must follow. If you wish to apply the Manic Panic dye, make sure that you leave it on your strands for 1 to 3 hours and not for 30 minutes. This is a semi-permanent colorant and there is no harm and risk in following this time limit. Leaving it for approximately 3 hours will be able to transfer the pigments and deposit the tint with perfection.

It is claimed by the brand that the dyes of Manic Panic not only deposit the color, they even condition your hair. That is why keep them like this for 3 hours! These are risk-free dyes because they do not have parabens, peroxide, and ammonia.

In fact, they are packed with proteins and infused with a large number of restorative properties. Your strands will remain heavily moisturized, nourished, and strengthened. Leave the tint for three hours will bring out more volume and a super smoother texture.

  •  Wash hair after 3 days

If you do not want the colorant to fade away quickly, then there is another effective tip that you have to follow. Experts have advised washing your hair after 3 days. This is a suitable time gap that prevents the color from fading and bleeding. It will surely last longer! Avoid washing your strands every day. In this way, the tint will drain and get removed.

  •  Use the best quality hair products

For color-treated hair, you have to use the best quality products. Buy the color protectant shampoo and conditioner and avoid buying the cheap quality products. Before buying a product, carefully read out the details of the labeling. Choose those products which are sulfate-free and parabens-free.

  • Use a shower cap and hairdryer once the coloring process is done

To make the dye survive for a lengthy time, it is recommended to use a shower cap and dryer the minute you are done with the coloring process. The more heat your colored strands will receive, the more fade-resistant they will become and the color will not bleed in the future. Just use the dryer and shower cap for 10 minutes and set the pigment

  • Wash the color-treated strands with cold water

You must wash them with cold water! This is a golden tip that we are recommending to you. The colder the water, it will eventually be better for your dyed hair. Coldwater does not allow the pigment to get escaped and makes the pigmentation stronger day by day.

How To Make The Manic Panic Dye Fade Fast?

Now, you can see the tips on how to make the dye fade fast:

  • Use a color remover or clarifying shampoo. These products remove the colored pigmentation from your strands.
  • You can apply lemon juice, this is a DIY hack.
  • Keep your hair under the sun and the color will start to fade away.
  • Frequently wash your strands and the color will bleed and gets removed.
  • The mixture of dishwashing liquid and vinegar can also work for removing the colorant.


Thus, that is the simple answer we have for our readers on the question, how long does Manic Panic last! For 4 to 6 weeks, the dye last. The color can remain longer or fade quickly depending on which hair care products you use, how you take care of them, the length, volume, and texture you have, the base color, and whether you have chosen the light or dark tone for coloring.

Overall, light and pastel tones fade quickly. Their pigmentation is not that much stronger. And the darker intense tones remain fade-resistant and last for more number of weeks.

Thus, the Manic Panic dyes survive for one to 2 months. It is a semi-permanent dye, that is why it will surely fade away and remove with time. You can re-apply it again if the shade starts to become lighter or uneven. Stay tuned.

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